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Shipping App Shopify - Which Is The Best Choice?

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Importance of shipping apps with Shopify merchants

As you get started with your online business on Shopify, there are a variety of key features and factors to consider like store’s designs, advanced shipping rules & regulations, policies, payment methods, etc. Among those things, the shipping method is a feature you should highly concentrate on since it is among the most crucial factors of customer experience.

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It may sound simple but shipping is the factor that customers pay close attention to when choosing your business or the competitors’ businesses. According to a recent study from Statista, up to 63% of online shoppers do not proceed to checkout due to the high shipping cost. 

 recent study from Statista

Source: Statista

Moreover, clients may not be interested in your shipping options, or the delivery time. All of these factors contribute to the demand for Shopify shipping apps in order to help merchants operate and manage their shipping system better off.


Shopify Shipping App - the necessary shipping management for Shopify merchants

As per the issues mentioned above, Shopify merchants will need to have the assistance of a shipping app to help them fulfill all of the shipping requirements & conditions for perfecting the customer experience. 

Shopify Shipping App is designed to support Shopify merchants with everything they need in terms of shipping aspects, include:

  • Forming a shipping slip
  • Assisting order management with simple dashboard
  • Offering various shipping options matched with each nation/ market
  • Order tracking and order shipping management to clients in real-time 

Shopify has plenty of shipping apps available; which is somehow a challenge to pick up the suitable option with your business.

In this article, we will analyze and present the top 5 best shipping apps shopify with the highest scores in terms of the number of reviews, the app store rating, key features and pricing on Shopify. Furthermore, remember to read till the end to receive useful tips & tricks on how to select the appropriate shipping app for your Shopify business, as well as how to avoid certain types of shipping app problems.

Top-rated Shipping App Shopify with numerous good app reviews

Overview of the Shopify shipping apps

As introduced earlier, there are a lot of available shipping app shopify available, causing confusion and difficulty for Shopify merchants to select the high-quality ones. In order to narrow the list and pick up the best shipping apps for Shopify, there are a few crucial factors needed to be fulfilled. 

In the analysis below, we have chosen 3 main characteristics to analyze and judge the best Shopify app for shipping, consisting of Key Features, Pricing, Customers reviews and ratings. These elements will be the appropriate indicators to point out the shipping app that matches with the user's expectations in terms of quality and reputation.

Let’s take a closer look at the information below and explore the best Shopify app for shipping. You may discover your dream app that helps you fully control your shipping operation on Shopify.

Top 5 shipping app Shopify with top reviews and ratings


 ShippingEasy Youtube

Source: ShippingEasy Youtube

Among the list of best shipping apps for Shopify, ShippingEasy obtains its own position. This is considered the best shipping app for Shopify small business. ShippingEasy supplies merchants with powerful customization tools for controlling orders and managing the automation for tracking & shipping labels printing service. Also,ShippingEasy provides fully-equipped inventory management with various advanced functions that many other shipping apps do not have. 

The registration takes a few minutes to complete as you will need to fill the forms with certain credential information. You can have a free 30 day trial before moving on with the paid plan later on if you want to keep using this shipping app.

a free 30 day trial 

Source: ShippingEasy App

Key Features

Key Features

Source: ShippingEasy Shopify App Store

  • Email marketing: 

ShippingEasy integrated email marketing function with their system, allowing users to set up automated emails (skipped cart reminders, requests for product review/ product recommendations) to promote client’s shopping habits. Moreover, whenever a consumer puts an order, ShippingEasy handles the notification and email marketing campaign.

  • Real-time order tracking: 

Customers can automatically receive tracking information about their orders at ShippingEasy. Notifications/ confirmations are also sent to client’s emails. 

  •  Discounted shipping rates:

Users are likely to receive appealing discount rates up to 50% or higher if they have a FedEx or UPS account. Also, there are other discount options for specific circumstances to help shoppers even save more money on shipping rates.

  • Swift Order Fulfillment:

ShippingEasy responds quickly to your shipment/ order. The procedures are fully automated. As a result, the order is completed as soon as feasible. The program allows you to handle orders from numerous marketplaces in one spot.



Source: ShippingEasy Shopify App

ShippingEasy offers users with 4 main pricing plans:

  • Starter plan: 25 shipments available per month, Discounted USPS and UPS shipping rates, Powerful automation. 
  • Growth: $19.99/ month, 200 shipments available per month, Starter plan functions. 
  • Basic plan: $29.99/ month, 500 shipments available per month, Growth plan functions + Flat Rate Green pricing. 
  • Plus plan: $49.99/ month, 1500 shipments available per month, Basic plan functions + unlimited users.

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Users can have up to a 30-day free trial before having to choose a specific plan to work with ShippingEasy.

Customers reviews and ratings

ShippingEasy Shopify App Customers reviews and ratings 

Source: ShippingEasy Shopify App

Tii May 2023, ShippingEasy received 598 reviews on Shopify app in total, with the dominant of 526 5-star reviews, while the number of 1-star reviews is 35. The overall rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars. Below is the latest review from a merchant for ShippingEasy:

“I have been using Shipping Easy since 2015 on a different platform … It takes time to setup ShippingEasy to the level it's set for my shop, but it's time well spent”.

Overall, many users show love and are still in use of this Shopify free shipping app due to its convenience, reasonable price, multi-functions, and time-saving for shipment service. 



Source: Easyship website

The name of this Shopify shipping app is conversed with the previous app we reviewed (ShippingEasy). However, both of these apps share the same base as they are the cloud-based shipping management & technology platform. Easyship provides all types of solutions to your shipping needs, including order tracking, customers email notifications, print shipping labels generation, automatic packaging, etc. 

After clicking on the “Add app” button, you will be processed to the registration page where you can link your current Shopify account with Easyship.

Easyship App 

Source: Easyship App

Fill in the registration form to continue the process.

Fill in the registration form to continue the process. 

Source: Easyship App

Finish the registration and you will be redirected to the main Easyship dashboard for service experience.

Finish the registration and you will be redirected to the main Easyship dashboard for service experience. 

Source: Easyship App

On the left navigation bar, you can explore and make use of certain functions like Manage Shipments, Pickups, Connect (connect to your Shopify store), Couriers, and Product Listing.


left navigation bar

Source: Easyship App

Similar with other Shopify apps, users can receive the email notifications after finishing the registration process. Certain useful features will be introduced through this email notification as well.

email notifications after finishing the registration process 

Source: Easyship App

Key Features

Key Features 

Source: Easyship Shopify App

  • Full shipping management: 

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The main function of Easyship is to let users have full control over their shipment activities. The empowerment includes print shipping labels generation, automatic fulfillment and updates on order status, top shipping carriers, etc. The whole shipment process can be handled and manipulated at one place within a few clicks on the Easyship app.

  • Automatically tracking and returns:

This app lets users see the full shipping journey through specific tracking pages for different orders. Specifically, users will receive an automatic email notification with detailed time and tracking information, along with other relevant credentials. 

  • Real-time shipping rates calculation: 

Easyship enables customers to select their wanted shipping options based on the real-time shipping rates they calculate. Suggestions for the optimal, best-valued option will be given to users. 

  • Various discounts from partnerships with major carriers: 

By connecting to more than 250 carrier services around the world, Easyship users can offer massive discounts/ coupons for their shoppers. 



Source: Easyship Shopify App

  • Free package: 50 Shipments, 1 Users, Unlimited Sales Channels (integrations), Email & Community Forum Support, Import Tax & Duty Calculation & Documentation.
  • Plus package: $29/ month, 500 Shipments, 3 Users, Free package + Display Live Rates at Checkout, Branding tracking, shipping labels + packing slips, Live Chat.
  • Premier package: $69/ month, 2,500 Shipments, 5 Users, Plus package + Phone Support, Multi-Box Shipments, Return Management.
  • Scale package: $99/ month, 5,000 Shipments, 8 Users, Premier package upgraded.

Users can have a 14-day free trial before having to choose a specific plan to work with Easyship. Especially, the annual payment of each plan can provide users with discounts up to 20% overall.

Customers reviews and ratings

 EasyShip received 379 reviews on Shopify app

Source: Easyship Shopify App

Tii May 2023, EasyShip received 379 reviews on Shopify app in total, with the dominant of 312 5-star reviews, while the number of 1-star reviews is 36. The overall rating is 4.1 out of 5 stars. Below is the latest review from a merchant for Easyship:

“ Have been using EasyShip, happily, for over a year - until they out of the blue changed it to where printing on a 4x6 label is no longer free, and is now a part of their $30 subscription package.”

While the score is not very impressive, many users still prefer using this app due to its friendly-design platform, and the ease of use. 

AfterShip Order Tracking

AfterShip Order Tracking 

Source: AfterShip website

Based on the massive number of excellent reviews (with more than 3k 5-star reviews available) on Shopify app, AfterShip is currently among the best Shopify shipping apps for Shopify merchants. AfterShip constantly updates everything you need to know about your shipment like automatic tracking, shipment stage, unexpected issues, etc.

The 1st experience with AfterShip is much simpler than the 2 shipping apps above as when you click the “Add app” button, your Shopify account will automatically be linked with the AfterShip app. You can quickly make use of the app right away after adding it into your Shopify store.

1st experience with AfterShip 

Source: AfterShip App

On the left navigation bar, you can see that AfterShip is filled with a variety of functions such as Tracking, Returns, EDD, Shipping, etc. to support your shipment management. Select the service you would like to work with to continue the usage process. 

 Select the service you would like to work with to continue the usage process.

Source: AfterShip App

Remember that certain features require users to add other AfterShip apps besides AfterShip Order Tracking app, so if you want to use those functions, please click on the “Add app” button to proceed.

please click on the “Add app” button to proceed. 

Source: AfterShip App

In case you need assistance, refer to the Help center button at the bottom of the left navigation bar, where you can refer to multiple sources of assistance like Live Chat, FAQs, etc.

Live Chat, FAQs, etc 

Source: AfterShip App

Key Features
  • Shipment secure: 

Currently, AfterShip safeguards the freight with InsureShield, a well-known insurance business. When necessary, the insurance policy is adaptable, advantageous, and swiftly implemented.

  • Routing optimization: 

Easyship allows users to optimize the best routing for your shipment. This can not only boost the shipping time but also minimize the shipping cost. 

  • 24/7 shipment tracking: 

The whole process of product shipment to clients will be tracked on Easyship system 24/7. The brand is compatible with more than 900 courier brands globally. Tracking code & file orders are automatically generated and sent to clients. 

  • Returns/ revenues management: 

All of your returns/ revenues can be tracked in one spot. The site provides a quick filter and search option, and refunds may be initiated automatically or manually approved.


Pricing aftership 

Source: AfterShip Shopify App

  • Free plan: 50 shipments/ month, Order lookup, Branded tracking pages, 24/7 live chat support, 800 + courier integrations, 7 Standardized order statuses. 
  • Essentials plan: $11 per month, 100 shipments/ month, Free plan + Email & SMS notifications, CSV import & export, Shipping performance analytics. 
  • Pro plan: $119 per month, 2000 shipments/ month, Essentials plan + Dynamic/ Multilingual tracking pages, Klaviyo integration. 
  • Premium plan: $239 per month, Pro plan + Transit times report, AI Predictive EDD, On-time shipments report, Custom domain for tracking pages.

Users can have a 7-day free trial before having to choose a specific plan to work with AfterShip Order Tracking. Especially, the annual payment of each plan can provide users with discounts up to 18% overall.

Customers reviews and ratings

Customers reviews and ratings 

Source: AfterShip Shopify App

Tii May 2023, AfterShip Order Tracking received nearly 4000 reviews (3834 for specific) on Shopify app in total, with the dominant of 3.1k 5-star reviews, while the number of 1-star reviews is only 199. The overall rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars. 

Below is the latest review from a merchant for AfterShip:

“I'm happy to hear that you found the app to be great, with fast and helpful support, and that it was easy to use. It's always great when technology can make our lives easier and more efficient! If you need any further assistance or have any other questions, feel free to ask.”

By receiving a large number of Shopify shipping app reviews, AfterShip Order Tracking remains as the top-leading shipping app presented in Shopify app market.



Source: ParcelTrackr

Tracktor is a professional shipment tracking Shopify app with a highlight feature is the real-time order report. Like Aftership, all tracking credentials/ flows are updated in real-time and shown on an easy-to-use dashboard. Customers can easily track orders online without having to create or log in their Shopify stores/ accounts.

The use of Tracktor is a bit different from other Shopify shipping apps as you can use this app right on your Shopify store dashboard. 

Tracktor App 

Source: Tracktor App

On the other hand, when viewing the integrations area, you can notice that Tracktor creates partnerships with several apps and services like Klaviyo, OrderlyEmails, Shopify Flow so that clients can install and use more functionality available. 

Tracktor App 1 

Source: Tracktor App

You can customize your own tracking page by pressing the “Tracking Page Editor” button. There are certain key points to put into consideration here like Layouts, Theme, Progress Bar Color, etc.

Tracktor App 2 

Source: Tracktor App

Key Features

Tracktor Shopify App 

Source: Tracktor Shopify App

  • Real-time tracking: 

Users can receive accurate updates on the current status of shipment. With more than 1,000 shipping carriers being supported, Tracktor lets you know where your order is at any moment.

  • Mobile-friendly design: 

Many clients prefer using this app due to its friendly design on mobile devices.

  • 24/7 customer support: 

Tracktor provides support to clients anytime and anywhere they need, with quick response and helpful solutions to tackle their issues.



Source: Tracktor Shopify App

  • Free package: 75 orders per month, Access to 1500+ Carriers, Tracking page on your domain, Shopify Email & SMS Integration.
  • Starter package: $9.99/month, 300 orders per month included, Free package + Customizable branding & white labeled, Product upsells on tracking page, CSV Export.
  • Essential package: $39.99/month, 2,000 orders per month included, Starter package + Translated carrier messages, Custom order statuses, Delivery Reporting
  • Advanced package: $99/month, 6,000 orders per month included, Essential package + API Access, Premium Data Sources

Users can have a 7-day free trial before having to choose a specific plan to work with AfterShip Order Tracking. 

Customers reviews and ratings

Customers reviews and ratings 

Source: Tracktor Shopify App

Tii May 2023, ShippingEasy received 723 reviews on Shopify app in total, with the dominant of 661 5-star reviews, while the number of 1-star reviews is only 18. The overall rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars. 

Below is the latest review from a merchant for Tracktor:

“Great support from Daniel. Also the app has a lot of great features which allows those without coding experience get things done.”



Source: Shippo website

Similar to the target market of ShippingEasy, Shippo is established as an end-to-end shipping app to serve small & medium businesses. It is also among the best shipping apps for Shopify small business as users can have access to over 85 carriers at the most reasonable prices possible. 

In order to be able to use this app, users are required to finish the 4-step registration process as below. You will need to spend a few minutes finishing the registration stages to proceed.

Shippo Shopify App 

Source: Shippo App

After finishing the registration, you can access Shippo to support your shipment management from scratch.

Key Features
  • Automation From Top-to-Bottom:

Shippo has automated most processes before, during and after the shipment. Several automatic services that Shippo execute include shipping print labels, order detail synching, customer’s order/ form generating, etc.

  • Visible tracking:

Shippo allows users to track and view shipment details on Shopify at any time you like. You and your customers can have the most up-to-date information on the current status of your orders, and approach the shipment process if any issue occurs. 

  • Giant discounts from various carrier services:

With more than 80 carriers available, you can receive mind-blowing discounts that help you save a lot of money. For instance, you can save up to 90% when using a USPS carrier for shipment service. Most of the time, users can enjoy the free shipping offer with those giant discounts.



Source: Shippo Shopify App

  • Starter plan: No monthly subscription fees, No per label fee with default carriers, 50-90% off USPS, UPS, DHL Express & FedEx, Email and Live Chat
  • Professional plan: $10/ month, Free 30-day Trial, All of the Starter Plan carrier discounts and dedicated support, A branded customer experience, 5 users available.
Customers reviews and ratings

Customers reviews and ratings 

Source: Shippo Shopify App

Tii May 2023, Shippo received 530 reviews on Shopify app in total, with the dominant of 410 5-star reviews, while the number of 1-star reviews is relatively high with 63 in total . The overall rating is 4 out of 5 stars, which is not really a good rating. 

Below is the latest review from a merchant for Shippo:

“App was easy to use but found that I was charged when I thought I was on Starter Plan and I haven't used the app for a while because they don't allow Royal Mail as a postal service. They won't allow a refund either. Not happy with this.” 

Conclude: Which is the best choice among those 5 above?

As per the analysis above, here is our arrangement of the top 5 shipping app integrated with Shopify, according to the number of 5-star reviews & ratings, from the best to worst:

  • 1st: AfterShip (3.1k)
  • 2nd: Tracktor (661)
  • 3rd: ShippingEasy (526)
  • 4th: Shippo (410)
  • 5th: Easyship (312)

When considering the number of 1-star reviews, the ranking has a bit shiftment as below:

  • 1st: AfterShip (199)
  • 2nd: Shippo (63)
  • 3rd: Easyship (36)
  • 4th: ShippingEasy (35)
  • 5th: Tracktor (18)

Regarding the overall ratings, here is the final result:

  • 1st: Tracktor (4.8)
  • 2nd: AfterShip (4.7)
  • 2rd: ShippingEasy (4.7)
  • 4th: Easyship (4.1)
  • 5th: Shippo (4)

Depending on the reviews & ratings analysis above, the best choice for shipment management app so far is AfterShip. Many Shopify merchants have left excellent reviews for the app as it helps them a lot with the shipment management.

Besides AfterShip Order Tracking, you can pick up any choice among the Shopify free shipping app, Shopify international shipping app, or paid shipping app Shopify, as long as they can bring you the best services with competitive prices. The reviews and ratings are just a means of comparison, so you may need to consult other sources to truthy find out the app that most fits your business.

If your business is small and do not have too much money to invest in a high-quality shipping app to support your Shopify store business, consider using free shipping app shopify first to manage the basic aspects of your shipment system, then upgrade to a higher version like Shopify international shipping app to extend the service line for optimizing your shipping operation.

How to choose the right Shipping App Shopify for your business

Considering your business's unique needs

You may need to classify your business’s unique needs in order to know which shipping feature is needed to add in the shipment system. Each type of product/ service requires different shipping conditions, couriers, terms, etc. so it is critical to understand your business deeply.

Main factors to consider while choosing a shipping app Shopify

Key Features

It is extremely crucial that your choice of shipping app shopify should match with your business. You should make a list of the key features that you need to best manage the shipment system. Some key functions like automatic function, order tracking, shipping labels generation, email notification, customer code generation, etc. should be included in the shipping app you plan to use.

Customer Support

There are different circumstances that your shipment can’t be delivered to clients (being damaged, canceled, late delivery, etc.). To deal with those unexpected issues, you should choose the Shopify shipping apps with good customer service (live chat 24/7, quick response, insurance policy, refund/ return procedure). 

Pricing Plan

Not all shipping apps for Shopify can offer you a free plan for trial, while other shopping apps include a free plan but with limited features only. As a result, you should look deeper into the pricing plan to see whether the main features you need belong to the free plan or paid plans. 

Reviews & Ratings

Before buying a product/ service, you would most likely want to consult other people’s opinions to know what they think about it. After researching yourself to find the appropriate shipping app on Shopify, you may need to check out other people’s experiences with the app on Shopify.

Shopify makes the checking process easy as they display the shipping app reviews & ratings right on the description page. Previous app users usually left reviews on their experience, either positive or negative reviews. You can view either 1-star reviews and 5-star reviews to analyze the pros & cons of each app. 

Reviews & Ratings 

Source: Shopify App Store

Overall, the more ratings a shipping app shopify has, the more precise the average overall score is. You can base on this score to see whether the app is performing well or not.


Through the analysis above, we have walked through the top 5 reputable Shopify shipping apps, along with some tips & factors on choosing the appropriate shipping app for your business. Make sure you have noted down the crucial pieces of information to assist your choosing process for the best shipping apps effectively. 

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