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10 Best Shopify Beauty Themes to Check Out In 2024

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50% of consumers create an impression based on the website's design.

It is a significant number of website visitors you do not want to lose because of a poor storefront. Having a good eCommerce website is beyond the products you sell.

Especially for a beauty store, the first impression that can make or break a potential customer's decision lies in the website theme, which plays a vital role in all of the above. This is where visually stunning and functional Shopify beauty themes come into play.

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They provide a framework you can customize to reflect your brand identity, showcase your products beautifully, and, ultimately, convert visitors into loyal customers. In this article, we will explore a curated list of the best Shopify themes for beauty and health brands in 2024 that are both free and paid. So let's get started!

5 Best Shopify Themes for Beauty Brands In 2024

Shopify Themes for Beauty Brands

Here are our top 5 Shopify beauty themes that will elevate your store's ambiance.

  • Blockshop

Blockshop landing page

If you are looking for a modern and luxurious look and feel for your Shopify beauty store, then Blockshop is a fantastic choice. This theme is not just designed for high-end brands but also for those stores that process a large number of transactions. This also makes it capable of any large inventory or high-volume stores. The theme has a quick setup feature and is designed to support visual brand storytelling.

The theme also comes with four presets:

  • Beauty
  • Adorn
  • Summer
  • Deli


  • Optimized for mobile with many features to improve customer engagement, and purchase flows, and to drive sales and revenue.
  • Promotional features to push your best-selling and latest products, discounts, and sales to increase revenue.
  • Enhance the checkout experience with features such as cart notes, in-store pickups, and a quick buy option.
  • Use age verification, countdown timers, and product reviews to build trust and encourage purchases.
  • Make it easy for customers to find what they're looking for with features such as breadcrumbs, enhanced search, and mega menus.
  • According to the theme reviews, the support team is friendly and quick in response.

Pricing: $360 (one-time purchase)

Best suited for: Luxury brands who want to deliver a high-speed performance with a touch of classic and elegance. Perfect for makeup brands, luxury clothing brands, jewelry brands, etc.

Stores that Use Blockshop Shopify Theme

  • Real Techniques
Real Techniques landing page

Real Techniques is a vibrant and colorful website that uses the         Blockshop theme. This beauty store sells makeup products, including makeup brushes, puffs, etc.

Some of the most attractive features of this store include its quick loading, attractive visuals, high-resolution images, and product review options. Since the store sells most of its products through other websites, customers can choose their preferred store with the CTAs from the product page.

  • Vantage

vantage theme

Vantage by We Are Underground isn't your average theme. It's the perfect conversion-focused theme designed for beauty brands of all sizes. It lets you be free and creative when showcasing your products. Plus, it is minimalistic and clean for brands focused on simplicity. Moreover, with many product and collection-focused sections, you can create a visually engaging shopping experience that highlights the best of your brand.

The theme comes with five presets, and they are:

  • Clean
  • Dark
  • Simple
  • Bright
  • Light


  • Numerous product and collection sections that help you present your beauty brand with stunning visuals.
  • Designed for sales, Vantage prioritizes user experience and product discovery to drive sales and average order value.
  • Effortlessly integrate your online store with physical locations using the built-in store locator.
  • Use countdown timers and product badges for time-sensitive promotions.
  • Features such as the sticky navigation of the Vantage Shopify theme keep essential elements such as menus and carts always accessible, maximizing browsing efficiency.

Pricing: $250 (One-time purchase)

Best suited for Vantage is ideal for beauty stores of all types and sizes, especially those with extensive inventories, frequent promotions, a physical presence, or a global audience.

Stores that Use the Vantage Shopify Theme

  • Floralia Living
Floralia Living store

This elegant Shopify store is a skincare and beauty brand that sells a wide range of products, including oral hygiene, makeup, cleansers, serums, and even home fresheners. The overall website is simple, and the browsing experience is smooth. Features such as quick buy, quick view, and recommended products of the Vantage theme make the overall shopping experience remarkable.

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  • Sense

Sense theme

Did you know that over 71,000 Shopify stores use the Sense theme? This Shopify theme blends vibrancy with a fresh color palette and simplicity with soft gradients and curved elements. The best part of the theme (apart from the fact that it is free) is that Sense goes beyond aesthetics. It lets you showcase your products in detail with features such as galleries, product videos, and comprehensive descriptions.  

The theme doesn't come with any additional presets.

Other features:

  • Extremely user-friendly with minimal setup steps for a fast launch.
  • For a smooth checkout experience, you can use cart notes, quick buy, and even implement an in-store pickup option.
  • Features such as product reviews, promo banners, and cross-selling can help achieve maximum conversion.
  • Integrate testimonials and FAQ sections to build trust and transparency with your customers.
  • Ensure effortless browsing with a mega menu and advanced search functionalities.

Pricing: Free forever

Best suited for: Sense is perfect for beauty brands seeking a visually appealing, high-energy, and conversion-focused online store. This includes makeup or skincare, hair care, and clothing brands.

Sense Theme in Real-life Stores

  • Dollyhair
Dollyhair page

Dollyhair, as the same suggests, is a doll hair brand that uses the Sense theme to add a unique energy to its store. With bright colors and top-notch visuals, your customers will surely have an intuitive experience. The store also features quick buy, image rollover, and even a direct checkout option using Shop Pay.

For more details about this theme, check out: Sense Shopify Theme

  • Iris

Iris page

Next on the list we have is Iris by Mana Themes. This theme blends elegance and functionality, creating a beautiful and user-friendly online store for your beauty brand. Comes with over 30 customizable sections and a focus on mobile optimization. What truly makes Iris stand out is its "sophisticated simplicity" approach.

The subtle animations and an elegant design guide visitors through your store effortlessly.

Here's a glimpse into what Iris offers:

Iris offers a plethora of features to make your beauty brand stand out, including:

  • Visual comparisons allow customers to compare products side-by-side. Countdown timers generate excitement around new launches.
  • Organized subcollections ensure a clutter-free shopping experience.
  • The theme is optimized for long-form text sections.
  • You can also keep your customers engaged with the built-in event calendar, allowing you to showcase upcoming promotions, workshops, or product launches.
  • Iris also offers a suite of conversion-focused features such as back-in-stock alerts, product badges, sticky headers, etc.

Pricing: $300 (One-time only)

Best suited for: Iris is the perfect theme for beauty brands seeking a sophisticated and feature-rich online store that prioritizes both aesthetics and conversions.

Iris demo store

This theme is relatively new, so you may not find many stores using this. However, the features of the theme are advanced and promising. With the unlimited free trial option, you can try the theme before purchasing it.

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Say goodbye to generic designs and embrace uniqueness with the Shine theme. Craft an online store that perfectly aligns with your vision and goals.

  • Pipeline

Pipeline theme

Pipeline by Groupthought is another popular and feature-rich Shopify theme designed to elevate your luxury beauty brand. This theme seamlessly blends high fashion looks with advanced functionalities, ensuring a beautiful and user-friendly online experience for your customers.

Presets of the Pipeline theme are:

  • Clean
  • Bright
  • Dark
  • Light


  • Utilize subcollections to categorize your offerings.
  • The theme also comes with a drag-and-drop interface with pre-made starter templates, allowing you to effortlessly create custom "About Us," "Team," and "Contact" pages that reflect your brand identity.
  • It is made for mobile, and the store looks stunning and functions flawlessly on desktops, tablets, and smartphones, keeping your customers engaged regardless of their device.
  • Other recommended attributes of the theme include customizable contact forms, in-menu promos, and pre-order options.

Pricing: $360

Best suited for: TheShopify Pipeline theme offers the perfect blend of elegance, functionality, and features specifically tailored to the needs of luxury beauty brands. Hence, it can be used in any store, including clothing, food, beauty products, etc.

Stores Using Pipeline Theme

  • Marnella
Marnella store

This macaron and biscuit store is the epitome of a luxury food brand, thanks to the Pipeline theme. You will love the slide-out cart and recommended product options, as the store offers a fuss-free browsing experience with tons of white space usage and high-resolution imagery.

5 Must-See & Best Shopify Health and Beauty Themes

Best Shopify Health and Beauty Themes

Many brands offer products focused on both health and beauty, such as skincare infused with health benefits or nutritional supplements that enhance appearance. A Shopify theme that works for both beauty and health products is essential to cater to this trend. Here are five themes with features that cater to both sectors:

  • Cello

Cello theme

While Cello by Webibazaar Templates boasts a name suggesting a tech and apparel focus, its true strength lies in its versatility. This theme offers a beautiful and feature-rich solution for beauty and health brands as well.

Features include:

  • Advanced search functionalities help your customers effortlessly find the beauty and health products they're looking for.
  • For brands with a brick-and-mortar presence, Cello integrates seamlessly with your in-store operations.
  • Cello's distinctive cart drawer elevates user convenience and keeps them engaged throughout the checkout process.

Pricing: $260 (One-time only)

Best suited for: Cello offers a compelling combination of elegance, functionality, and features. This makes it an excellent choice for beauty and health brands.

Brands Using Cello Theme

  • EfectoGlow
EfectoGlow store

This skincare and K-beauty brand uses the Cello theme to accentuate the website with stunning typography and vibrant yet calming colors. Some features include the quick buy option, slide-out cart, and image rollover.

  • Minimalista

Minimalista store

Another new theme in the list is Minimalista by Segment. It offers a stylish and high-performing theme for Shopify health and beauty stores. Its minimalist aesthetic with a standout dark mode puts your beauty products in the spotlight.

Minimalista comes with five presets, as follows:

  • Graphite
  • Quartz
  • Sapphire
  • Aquamarine
  • Citrine


  • Showcase products with high-resolution images, captivating videos, and before-and-after sliders.
  • Effortless browsing with infinite scroll, mega menu, and advanced search functionalities.
  • Drive conversions with features such as product filtering, variant pickers, and a unique shipping reward tracker.
  • Built to handle a large number of transactions, ensuring a smooth shopping experience.

Pricing: $380

Best suited for: Beauty brands seeking a sleek, sales-focused online business with a bold visual identity.

Since the theme is new, trying it out before purchasing it is always a good idea. Minimalista comes with an unlimited free trial, and you only need to pay if you decide to publish the store with the theme.

  • Crave


Crave, a free Shopify theme by Shopify itself, is a colorful, bold, and energetic theme ideal for health and beauty brands. The bold colors and playful shadows grab attention, showcasing your brand's unique personality.


  • Optimized for on-the-go shoppers with an uninterrupted mobile experience for browsing and checkout.
  • Showcase your beauty products with high-resolution images, captivating galleries, and video support.
  • Tailor the layout to match your brand identity without needing any coding expertise.
  • Ensure effortless browsing for your customers with a user-friendly mega menu.
  • Boost sales with features such as recommended products and promo banners.

Pricing: Free

Best suited for: Budget-conscious beauty and health brands seeking a fun, mobile-optimized online store with easy customization.

Real-life Stories Using the Crave Shopify Theme

  • As I Am
crave theme demo store

This skin and hair care brand has utilized the Crave theme's bold color palette and layouts to create a nature-friendly outlook on the website.

Product layouts are clean, with image rollover features and high-quality images of the products against whitespace for maximum detailing. The quick add-to-cart, product reviews, and detailed product information help customers make informed buying decisions.

  • Igloo

Igloo Theme

Igloo by IT-Geeks offers an "Arctic-inspired" design for a clean, conversion-focused online store. Shopify merchants like you can streamline the purchase experience with one-click product addition.

Moreover, the theme presents cool and warm colors, helping you choose the preferred color for your store without compromising the theme's elegance.

There are three presets:

  • Cool
  • Clean
  • Glow


  • Enable customers to find what they need with search suggestions, filters, and sorting options.
  • Boost revenue with features that recommend additional products at checkout, increasing average order value.
  • Sell age-restricted beauty products (e.g., retinol) with built-in age verification.
  • Igloo ensures a seamless browsing and buying experience on all devices.

Pricing: $320 (One-time purchase)

Best suited for: Clothing, health, and beauty brands, as well as home decor brands seeking a clean, conversion-focused store with easy navigation, upsell features, and global reach.

Shopify Businesses Using Igloo Theme

  • Kleinsport


Kleinsport is an athleisure and nutrition-based multi-brand store. Using the Igloo theme, the store gives out an artic-like feeling with ice-blue color shades and image and video slideshows. You can also spot features like a slide-out cart, recommended products from the same category, and a mega menu from the Igloo theme.

  • Combine

Combine theme

Combine by Krown Themes is an elegant theme for Shopify stores in the health and beauty niche. It comes with built-in features such as countdown timers that empower you to run exciting time-based promotions and boost sales. The Combine theme can also handle a large number of transactions seamlessly, ensuring a smooth shopping experience during peak seasons.

Presets include:

  • Objects
  • Beauty
  • Books
  • Restaurant

Other features:

  • Increase average order value with features like product bundling, upsells, and cross-sells, encouraging customers to purchase more.
  • Parallax Vertical Slider allows you to showcase your brand story, products, and promotions in a captivating way.
  • Customize the theme to your exact brand identity with over 25 sections, flexible design options, and a variety of customization features.

Pricing: $360 (One-time purchase)

Best suited for: Perfect for any Shopify store looking for advanced functionalities, including a bundle of products to increase average order value, sales, and revenue.

Stores Using Combine Theme

  • Cändle
Cändle landing page

Cändle is a Shopify store that sells sophisticated, fun, and quirky candles.

The Combine helps bring out its harmonious blend of elegance and functionality, mirroring the essence of the brand. The store also lets you checkout directly with ShopPay, and you can even see features like promo banners and image slideshows on the product page.


And there you have it! Ten Shopify themes that are excellent for customizing your store and giving it a desirable look and feel. Before you purchase any theme (unless it is free), explore the free trials offered.

Also, if you see any Shopify stores and want to know their theme, you can use a Shopify Theme Detector, as the one PageFly offers.

You can also check out the demo stores, see how they function, and imagine your brand brought to life. With all these variety of themes catering to different budgets, aesthetics, and functionalities, you're sure to find the perfect match to elevate your customer experience and watch your sales go up.

So what are you waiting for? Start your free trial today and unlock the full potential of your beauty brand with a stunning new Shopify theme!

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