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Shopify buy button - solution for selling your products on any website or blog

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If you are struggling to find effective solutions in optimizing sales and understanding the dynamics of checkout, this blog is for you. We’re looking for answers to help customers have a much more streamlined and effortless shopping experience. Through this process, we figured out that one of the best ways to improve sales is to make the check out process quicker and easier using the Shopify buy button.

With the “Buy” button, customers can skip the cart entirely and go directly to the checkout page. That makes the purchasing time quick and easy. 

The buy button in Shopify is not only used by online store owners, but by bloggers, artists and influencers too. They’re merchants who want to run an e-commerce business by selling products under their name. If their other websites have more traffic than their online store, the “buy button” can be the savior. Leading prospective buyers directly to checkout pages.

Below you will find all the relevant information about the Shopify buy button.

    What is the Shopify buy button?

    According to Shopify’s own definition, “Shopify buy button lets merchants generate an embeddable product card and checkout that can be placed on any type of website”. “Shopify generates the embed code which allows you to present your products exactly how you want.” (Source:

    Although there are many ways to define this tool, it’s easy to understand that the buy button on Shopify is a plugin that you'll be able to embed on your Shopify products / collections or on any blogs / websites. It can show product pictures, descriptions, and prices, all while letting customers purchase products without leaving the website. It also  appears on all updates to a product’s details that you added into your product in your Shopify admin. In your external sites, the button helps you create a shortcut that allows customers to see and purchase your products directly from your site without going to a separate page to finalize their order.

    For example, you’re selling cosmetics. You’re an influencer as a beauty blogger too. You write a blog post on Wordpress about the steps to have beautiful skin with a skin-care regimen using your products. When somebody reads the blog post, they can choose to buy your products by clicking on the purchasing button that you embedded in your blog. They can directly order without ever having to leave the blog to come to your store.

    Even better, you can create the buy button sales channel in all Shopify plans. You can also use this button to create checkout links. Then, you can share it through an email campaign, direct message, or social media post to the customers.

    Last but not least, the Shopify buy now button can be tracked from your Shopify admin. When customers order your products, you can find it in your Dashboard.

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    The Shopify buy button

    How to set up the buy button Shopify on your website or blog?

    After learning the benefits of Shopify’s buy button, I would like to show you how to create the button or embedded cart by adding it to your Shopify store. We're going to go through the steps of adding in the purchasing button which lets you then embed your products on other websites or blogs and actually have people be able to purchase from there.

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    Carefully read the steps below to get a deeper understanding: 

    Step 1: Sign in your store dashboard as Shopify admin

    Step 2: Choose sales channel

    Hit this plus sign for sales channels and it will pop up a display for us to choose from so we're just going to click the Buy Button. We're going to click “Add”/ “Plus”.

    Choose sales channel

    Now the buy button sales channel is installed which you can always get back to in this left-hand menu by clicking on the Buy Button.

    The buy button Shopify location

    Step 3: Click Create a Buy Button

    Then, you can choose what you want to show on your external websites or blogs: Product and/or Collection.

    If you just want to choose specific products to embed into your site, select the first choice here:

    Create a Buy Button for a product

    If you want to show the entire product collection to embed into your site, choose the second element here:

    Create a Buy Button for a collection

    Step 4: Edit the buy button Shopify style as your favorite demand

    You can choose different colors for your button, background, text, the cart panel and where the button link to checkout. After that, click “Next” to generate embed code.

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    Step 5: Get your buy button live

    By copying code and pasting it into the HTML editor of the webpage where you want to display it, you can have the button live on your sites.

    Copying code of the buy button

    For example, I want to add the purchasing button of my production collection into the end of my blog. I choose the code of the blog and paste the code I’ve copied at the end of coding content.

    Pasting the code of buy button into your site code

    This enabled me to get the product list with the buy button on Shopify. Then, you can do the same with each site where you want to add the button you created. You just have to open the HTML editor of the sites where you want to display the Buy Button and add code. Refer to Adding Buy Button code to HTML.

    The blog with buy button

    On the other side, you can directly design a “Buy Button” or “Add to Cart” button on any page without coding knowledge. I suggest using Shopify elements - Product Add To Cart or Button elements which are the available function of the PageFly app -- a useful page builder, and partner of Shopify.

    Five ways to sell on your websites or blog by using Shopify buy now button

    The birth of the buy button or Shopify “buy now” button, in particular, is revolutionary for bloggers, artists, writers, influencers, and others who aren't running full-fledged e-commerce businesses, but want to sell a handful of products. In the past, there was no solution that allowed them to sell on their website or blog.They had to set up an online store that was different from their main websites or blogs. The separation of sites interrupts the potential for a seamless shopping experience.

    The Shopify “buy now” button is not only a call to action button to potential customers, but also makes the purchasing process easier for shoppers by taking away the complex process of clicking to a separate page. Now, everyone can easily add e-commerce to any websites or blogs by embedding a single buy button or collection of products. Here are several ways that you can use the Shopify Buy Now button to sell more.

    • Adding products to your landing page: As we mentioned above, you can add and sell your products in any landing pages by embedding the generated code. You can choose and drop the button at any sites of your choice.
    • Selling directly in your sidebar: For example, you have an attractive blog with your audience, who can be your potential customers. You can now directly sell your single products in your blog sidebar. Shopify buy now button is an easy way for you to start without building an entire online store.
    • Selling directly in your content: The button can be customized by adjusting the color, size, and other features of the button which matches your site's theme. Doing it this way, you can easily launch your new product on your blogs.
    • Taking the advantage from error pages: It might be strange to hear, but a well-designed error page can be beneficial to your business. While 404 pages sting – you can add a buy button directly onto your 404 page to keep visitors interested and make a sale instead of losing them. Bea creative with your wording!
    • Selling on any platform: In the early stages of your business, if you aren't ready to open an entire store, you can sell on any platform by using the button. They may be Squarespace, WordPress, Tumblr, Wix or Weebly. 

    Thus, these are five different ways you can use the Shopify buy button to sell more. You can easily learn and find the suitable way for your business.

    Advantage and disadvantages of buy now button through Shopify buy button examples

    The following will highlight Shopify buy button examples to discuss more about the pros and cons of buy now button. 

    Based on the Shopify Buy Button Usage Statistics from, there are 18,458 websites using this button which includes location information, hosting data, contact details. In total websites, there are  currently 2,836 live websites and an additional 1,598 domains that redirect to sites in this list, 15,622 sites that used this technology previously. Much like Shopify localization, most of the sites use the button places in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

    The Shopify Buy Button Usage Statistics


    To be more intuitive, let's take a look at an example of a buy button on our store. In the blog post about T-shirts, we have added the purchase button of a T-shirt at the bottom of the blog. This will encourage customers to immediately select the product, view the cart and checkout without having navigation to our sales page.

    The Shopify buy button example

    From the statistics and observation of some cases about the purchasing button examples, we understand the benefits and limitations of using the Buy button in selling products.

    The advantages of the buy button Shopify: 

    The embedded button can create a connected user experience. This button permits customers to purchase products on external sites in a straight line without interrupting their experience. It opens up new methods to sell your products in any external sites or blogs which gets a lot of traffic. Therefore, you don’t have to redirect people to your Shopify store to make a purchase.

    Moreover, this use of the button will make the demand to migrate all your content over to your Shopify store disappear so that you don’t lose your search ranking, presence, or traffic.

    Lastly, the success of the Shopify button can be measurable by the analytics tools that Shopify provides you.

    The disadvantages of the buy button Shopify: 

    There is a disadvantage of the button that is it doesn’t integrate with Shopify apps. For example, you have to modify your products by other apps, the change will be just added directly into your Shopify dashboard. It will not add to the purchasing button that you’ve embedded to your sites before, if you don’t directly change information in the Shopify dashboard as a Shopify admin.

    In these cases, please make sure to test the buy button if you use other apps to modify your products. On the other side, you might redirect visitors to your Shopify store because the button typically works only with the default Shopify product details and customization.

    What should we do now?

    By now, you should thoroughly understand the buy button which is easily embedded to any websites or blogs to help everyone sell their products. It can be really useful if the merchant already has an established external site that gets a lot of traffic. You don’t need to shift all product’s information from your separated store to your sites if you want to add an e-commerce component to your websites.

    Through our guideline above, you can easily integrate your products to any platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Tumblr, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace,  and Blogger. You should keep in mind the limitations of the purchasing button and try to promote its advantages to get the highest benefit.

    Now you have all the solutions and advice to begin selling products on your own websites and business. Why not apply the Shopify Buy Button directly on your websites and blogs to increase sales from now on?

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