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Be Yours Shopify Theme - An In-depth Review

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Having a superb Shopify theme can help to boost your business with many advanced features and greater customizability. There are many options and the Be Yours Shopify theme is one of the critical choices.

However, as a merchant you might wonder is this theme worth it or can it really help to increase conversions. We’ve got you covered!

💡 We meticulously evaluate Shopify themes and apps based on our hands-on experience. Read more about our comprehensive review process and methodology.

This detailed review will walk you through adequate information and insights before you invest in this Shopify theme.


Be Yours Shopify Theme Overview

What is the Be Yours theme?

Released in 2022 by RoarTheme, Be Yours is a versatile and paid Shopify theme that can seamlessly adapt to a wide range of businesses.

be yours shopify theme

The theme is a good pick for merchants who are into the minimalist style. In addition, it features an array of pre-designed styles, tailored to complement different aesthetic tastes and branding approaches.

The Be Yours Shopify theme offers a range of features that make it a powerful solution for any online store. If you value a mobile-friendly interface, fast loading speed, and full support for the latest OS 2.0, Be Yours is an excellent choice. It inherits these features from the popular Dawn theme.

The theme also introduces more distinctive features to boost conversion, including interface customization, cross-selling, and rapidly responsive pages.

Who should use Shopify Be Yours theme?

As mentioned earlier, the Be Yours Shopify theme is designed to cater to various business types across different industries. Therefore, it is the go-to option for merchants seeking a minimalist Shopify theme that stands out.

However, Be Yours theme holds particular appeal for certain sellers due to its specialized features. If you are one of bellow merchants, this theme is an ideal choice for you:

  • Dropshippers: This theme is an excellent choice for dropshippers because it offers powerful customizability. Be Yours Shopify theme comes with pre-designed styles that can be tailored to match the aesthetics of various product lines, making it easier to present products in an appealing way.
  • Physical Store Owners: For merchants operating brick-and-mortar stores and venturing into the online market, this theme facilitates a smooth transition. It is because the theme provides many features to run both physical and online stores, such as the cart and checkout function that supports in-store pickups.
  • Quick Setup Needs: Some businesses require a quick setup due to time constraints, such as seasonal, pop-up stores or those launching a new product line. Shopify Be Yours theme is perfect for these situations as it has minimal setup steps, allowing for a rapid launch.

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How much does Shopify theme Be Yours cost?

Theme is also an investment that a Shopify merchant might consider to drive more conversions to their online store. Regarding the cost of Be Yours theme, it is available at a one-time charge of $320.

This comprehensive pricing plan makes it easy for any business sizes to have the unlimited access to the impressive suite of features and advantages of the theme such as:

  • Complimentary lifetime updates
  • Access to a document and ticket system for customer support
  • Enhanced SEO capabilities

In addition, Be Yours theme offers an unlimited free trial period. This means you can test and customize the theme extensively before making a decision to purchase. The trial period lasts until you decide to publish the theme to your store and pay, allowing ample time to ensure it meets your business needs and aesthetic preferences.

Be Yours Theme Features

In this section, we'll highlight the features that set the Be Yours theme apart from other Shopify themes.

These features are strategic elements integrated into the theme design to ensure visitors to your online store don't just browse, but are converted into actual paying customers.

Be Yours theme Shopify presets

A compelling unique design is instrumental in driving more traffic and enticing customers, and Shopify Be Yours theme presets are designed to serve this purpose.

These presets allow merchants to vividly see how the Be Yours theme's features can be applied across different products, layouts, and color schemes. There are five distinct presets, each with a unique and up to date aesthetic:

  • Beauty: This preset creates a captivating atmosphere by utilizing soft, natural light tones that align perfectly with its clean layout.
beauty preset
  • Trendy: Radiating vibrant and dynamic vibes, this preset captures the spirit of youthful enthusiasm.
trendy preset
  • Peace: The Peace preset is minimalistic and devoid of vibrant hues, instead embracing calming and fresh green shades found in nature.
peace preset
  • Sweet: This preset is designed to create an engaging, delightful, and memorable shopping experience for visitors.
sweet preset
  • Dark: With a black background and tones, this preset creates a professional and luxurious look, making it ideal for high-end retail or luxury goods.
dark preset

The Be Yours theme provides these presets as examples for viewing purposes. By clicking 'View demo store', you can preview your chosen preset. If you click 'Try theme', the default 'Beauty' homepage will be downloaded, irrespective of the preset you've selected.

If you prefer a theme with a different preset's homepage, such as Peace, Sweet, Dark, or Trendy, you should contact a supporter. However, ensure your theme is not in trial mode because this mode doesn't allow for preset changes on your store's website.

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Cart and checkout

The checkout process is a critical facet of the customer journey and can significantly influence your sales. The Be Yours Shopify theme has ingeniously designed its cart and checkout cart functionalities to enhance the customer experience and optimize conversions.

We have built a Shopify store using Be Yours theme to further analyze its functions. Here are some features that we have tested on the theme customization to see how it works and what merchants can adjust.

Firstly, quick buy allows buyers to jump into delivery information without viewing cart. Hence they can save more time on the checkout process. Merchants can easily turn it on by choosing show dynamic checkout buttons. Then the Buy it now button will appear on product pages.

quick buy function

On the other hand, the slide-out cart provides will show up when someone hits the Add to cart button. Customer can view what they have in their cart without needing to navigate away from the current page.

slide out cart

Adding cart notes also help increase customer satisfaction. This function is available in cart page so buyers can note down their requirements for the order and then checkout.

cart notes function

Merchants also can add sticky cart, so customers can put the products into their shopping cart wherever they are in the product pages.

sticky cart

Marketing and conversion

To maximize your store's potential, you may want to focus on both marketing and conversion. Shopify Be Yours theme provides sufficient functions to engage, improve customer satisfaction, and increase sales.

Using Countdown Timer, merchants can generate urgency for limited-time offers or products with low stock, prompting immediate purchases. With Be Yours theme, you can add image, countdown time and message, and button.

countdown timer

Merchants can increase revenue using cross-selling. This feature will promote related products to customers, increasing basket size and revenue. Suggested products will be all items under the same category with one in the shopping cart. You can change the heading for a stronger message.

cross sell

Be Yours theme also have blogs function, so store owners can leverage content marketing to engage customers, increase SEO traffic, and establish your brand's voice.


Age Verifier on Be Your Shopify theme will work as an overlay. This can assure compliance with age restrictions on certain products, enhancing credibility and trust. On Be Yours theme, store owners can smoothly edit age verifying message and button.

age verifier

With Product Badges, specific features or promotions for your products, such as 'sale', 'new', 'hot', etc can attract more user to see your items and more likely to add to cart. Product Badges can be text, percentage or value.

product badges


One of the key aspects for any online store is its merchandising capabilities, and the Shopify theme Be Yours excels in this area with these features.

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Color swatches give customers a real view of your product's available colors, leading to informed decisions. You can simply turn this option on Product grid section.

enable color watches

A slideshow is a great way to showcase products or features in an engaging manner. Slideshow section can be simply added and modified with Be Yours theme.


Store owners can offer a variety of product options such as sizes, colors, or types for a customized shopping experience with Variant picker. Moreover, these options can be selected as buttons or dropdown list.

product options

Product discovery

To ensure a smooth navigation experience across product pages for your customers, the Be Yours Shopify theme comes with a set of interactive features regarding product discovery.

Providing a comprehensive navigation structure, a mega menu can accommodate multiple options, sections, and categories. Moreover, merchants can add images to make the menu more appealing.

mega menu

Under Product grid section, sellers can leverage the Product Filtering and Sorting feature to empower customers to customize browsing experience by sorting and filtering products based on their preferences.

filter and sort

Under the same Product grid section, Recently Viewed feature can save your revenue by reminding customers of their browsing history, prompting them to revisit and purchase previously viewed items.

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Our Take: Is Be Yours Shopify Theme Good?

In this part of our Shopify Be Yours theme review, we offer valuable insights from a store owner perspective, which include the advantages and disadvantages of the theme, the speed test and theme support test. This key information will help Shopify merchants to make an informed decision.

Pros and cons

From a merchant's perspective using the Be Yours theme, there are several advantages and disadvantages. These views are based on individual selling experiences and needs that pertain to store performance.



  • Easy setup and navigation: It requires no coding skills or complex settings to connect theme to your store, even connect to an embedded app into the theme.
  • High customization: The theme offers a variety of customization options, making it adaptable to different brands and product lines.
  • Comprehensive feature set: Be Yours theme is feature-rich, from product discovery to checkout, to merchandising and marketing.
  • Mobile responsive and fast loading speed: The theme is designed to provide optimum customer experience on small screens with high loading speed.
  • High initial investment: The theme charges $320 and it can be a little bit high for small businesses.
  • Ineffective live chat: Although Be Yours theme has a dedicated and trusted support team but the live chat service takes too long to respond.

Page speed test

Page loading speed plays a pivotal role in shaping the user experience and, consequently, affects your store's sales. Be Yours theme users have often lauded its efficient loading speeds.

To provide a deeper insight, we conducted a speed test on our demo store using the Be Yours Shopify theme with PageSpeed Insights.

The results were commendable for desktop usage, with an impressive overall performance score of 91. The Largest Contentful Paint time, which shows how rapidly the main content of a web page loads, clocked at only 0.6 seconds.

speed test result on desktop

However, the mobile version could benefit from some enhancements, as it scored a total of 59. The main content of the store took a bit longer, almost 3 seconds, to load.

speed test result on mobile

Customer support test

The Be Yours Shopify theme offers customer support primarily throughhelp documentation, a ticket system and they have added live chat support recently. Merchants can conveniently search for manuals and solutions to common problems via their documentation. In this part of the review, we will delve into the workings of Be Yours theme's ticket system and live chat.

We encountered an issue with our Shopify store and a promotional page created with PageFly. The landing page functioned normally with the Dawn theme, but encountered problems when we switched to the Be Yours theme. Consequently, we submitted a ticket via RoarTheme's site.

To submit a ticket, users are required to fill a form asking for personal information, a description of the issue, the store URL, and the store password (if it is protected).

submit a support ticket

It took about 30 minutes to receive a response from the support team. Overall, the supporter was helpful and strive to provide the best assistance possible within that time frame.

support answer

Conversely, we initiated two conversations via the chat window on the Be Yours support page. However, the live chat support was not as effective as the ticket support.

During our initial chat, which started at 9 AM (GMT+7), there were no support agents available. We were then prompted by the automatic chat system to fill out a form. After a long wait, a supporter reached us.

first live chat support

On our subsequent attempt, it took more than 30 minutes to receive a response to our question after they read. This response time is not very efficient for live chat support.

second live chat support

What Merchants Say About Shopify Be Yours Theme?

The Shopify theme Be Yours is a top-rated template that enables merchants to design their online stores and utilize features to enhance conversions. The theme has received a 98% positive rating with 333 reviews on the Shopify Theme Store.

be yours theme review

Despite a few bugs mentioned in some negative reviews, most reviews applaud:

  • Outstanding customer service.
  • Aesthetic design and versatile usability.
  • Useful features including upselling, video support, multilingual options, and more.

Store Examples Using Be Yours Theme Shopify

You can learn more insight by taking a look at several stores using the Be Yours theme. Here are some examples that are highlighted on Shopify Theme Store and what they have done to improve their stores.

house doctor

Leveraging the Be Yours Shopify theme, house doctor, a home decor merchant, has crafted a visually engaging site.

house doctor store in be yours shopify theme

The aesthetic vibe and comprehensive mega menu are standout features that enhance user navigation.


JOJA CANDLES showcases a minimalistic design through the Be Yours theme, focusing on product highlights.

joja candles store in shopify be yours theme

Their effective use of sales badges on selected products draws customer attention and encourages purchase behavior.


every&one utilizes the Be Yours theme to present an amazing user experience with simplicity and interactive content.

everyandone store in shopify theme be yours

The inclusion of customer testimonials adds credibility and enhances the overall customer experience.

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We hope that this review has provided you with valuable insights to make an informed decision about the right theme to elevate your online store and boost sales. Specifically, you now have a comprehensive understanding of the Be Yours Shopify theme and its potential impact on your business.

While the initial cost may seem high, the unique features, impressive loading speed, and one-time payment structure of the Shopify Be Yours theme make it a worthwhile investment. Whether you're a dropshipper, a brick-and-mortar store owner transitioning to online sales, or a fan of minimalist design, this theme is tailored to meet your specific needs.

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