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Reach The Best Shopify Customer Service In 2024 With Expert Tips

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Over two million websites have relied on Shopify to run their online business only in the US. It’s fair to say that Shopify is like the rockstar of e-commerce platforms. There are many factors contributing to its success. One of which would be the 24/7 Shopify Customer Service.

Whether you're choosing a design template, linking your store with external applications, or mastering its SEO, the support is always within your reach. In this article, let’s discover how Shopify runs its customer service and what is the best way to ask for this service.

Shopify Support: A Comprehensive Approach

As e-commerce continues to surge both locally and globally, Shopify’s strategy for customer service has fully embraced its community. It starts from the company’s commitment to support users in various regional areas.

Specific Contact Information For Regions

Shopify's support system features localized contact numbers designed to offer merchants a regional approach to customer service. These numbers link Shopify users with an expert support team adept at addressing issues relevant to each distinct market. This guarantees solutions that take into account regional specificities.

Exceeding expectations, Shopify offers tailored services for merchants who speak languages other than English, demonstrating a commitment to inclusivity. This approach helps overcome language obstacles, supporting the prosperity of global sellers. It stands as evidence of Shopify's strong customer support system that cares for each member within its varied merchant base.

Cross-Border E-commerce with Shopify Support

Shopify provides merchants with the required Shopify merchant assistance and Shopify technical help because it recognizes the particular difficulties associated with international trade. This infrastructure handles payment gateways, customs, and local laws. It gives sellers the confidence to enter new markets because Shopify offers a dependable support network.

Availability Across Various Platforms

Committed to a comprehensive approach to customer service, Shopify has developed a support network accessible through multiple communication channels. Whether preferring a personal touch with phone support or looking for guidance through social media, Shopify offers several options to its users

Shopify’s Commitment to User-Focused Support

Shopify's unwavering commitment to customer-centric support is fundamental to its success. Every engagement, whether through the Shopify phone support or online contact options, reflects their dedication to delivering a consistent, empowering, and satisfying experience for users.

Shopify Customer Service: All Contact Methods

contact support shopify

Source: Shopify

For those asking, “How can I get in touch with Shopify?” it's important to know that their specialized team is ready to assist you. The 'Contact Us' page is organized with distinct sections such as ‘Send us an email,’ ‘Chat with us,’ or ‘Request a callback,’ making it easy to navigate. This setup ensures that merchants, regardless of their familiarity with Shopify, can effortlessly locate the right support option

Contact Method


Best Use For

Expected Response Time

Request A Callback


Instant telephone assistance for pressing questions

Varies based on each case

Send Us An Email

24/7 via email submission

Ideal for in-depth questions that don't require immediate attention.

12-48 hours

Chat With Us


Instant solutions and prompt advice

Within minutes

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Expert Tips For Phone Support

If you live in the US, you may reach Shopify at 1-888-746-7439, while its foreign customer care lines are as follows:

  • United Kingdom: 0800-808-5233
  • Australia: 03-8400-4750
  • New Zealand: 07-788-6026
  • India: 000-800-100-5786
  • Malaysia: 1800-80-6678
  • Singapore: 800-181-1121
  • Indonesia: 007-803-651-0008

Expert Tips For Live Chat Support

  • Visit the Help Centre for Shopify.
  • Select "Contact Support."
  • If prompted, log in
  • After describing the problem, click Proceed.
  • To speak with a human, you might need to battle the robot helper for a long.
  • When prompted, select "Get help."

Shopify Help Center and Community

When seeking support from a company, we often think first of emailing or making a phone call. However, consulting those with firsthand experience can often be more beneficial. This is where the Shopify Community and Shopify Help Center come into play.

Shopify Community

Essentially, the community is a vast online forum boasting more than 900,000 members and over 1.15 million posts. In this space, you can dive into discussions about Shopify's apps, designs, and, for the technically inclined, its variety of API (Application Programming Interface) integrations. The forum is fully searchable, offering answers to virtually any question one might have about operating a Shopify site.

The advantages of the sizable and engaged Shopify Community go far beyond the capabilities of the standard Shopify assistance chat services. This dynamic environment offers more than simply a Q&A repository; it fosters idea exchange, collaborative issue-solving, and collective knowledge-based growth. By enabling users to develop an ongoing live exchange of e-commerce knowledge, it revitalizes the purpose of Shopify's live customer support sessions.

shopify community

Shopify Help Center

On the other hand, the Shopify Help Center serves as the ecommerce platform's repository of knowledge. Similar to the Shopify Community (the open forum previously mentioned), the Help Center is an online self-help tool. This implies that, in contrast to utilizing live chat, phone, or social media support, you are tasked with finding answers on your own, without direct assistance from a Shopify representative. It is now integrated with a virtual assistant to better navigate users’ questions.

shopify help center

Source: Shopify Help Center

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Best Use For

Expected Response Time

Help Center

Always available online

Self-help options for common questions and instructional guides


Shopify Community

Open 24/7 for user communication

Support among peers and shared experiences from fellow merchants.

Based on each case

Social Media Support With Expert Tips

Recognizing the varied online behaviors of its users, Shopify has broadened its presence to include social media, enhancing its comprehensive support network. This strategy positions Shopify on platforms where its customers are most active, guaranteeing assistance is always just a few clicks away.


Reddit stands as one of the top online platforms globally, beloved by many. What makes Reddit so appealing? The answer lies in its subreddits, which provide outstanding information and useful content accessible to everyone at no cost.

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reddit shopify

Source: r/Shopify

This is the official forum created by Shopify in 2011. There are now 219,000 active users on the forum. You can make a post and ask the Reddit community about several things related to Shopify. Some fundamental tags are Shopify General Discussion, Orders, Marketing, and Point of Sale.

Expert Tips

There are other useful forums for Shopify merchants to seek support. They are specifically created for certain needs of users:

  • r/reviewmyshopify (25,000 members):

Visit this subreddit to have your Shopify store evaluated and receive recommendations on enhancing your brand's presence

  • r/ecommerce (440,000 members):

This subreddit provides insightful and candid conversations to improve your online selling skills. Engage with this community to receive assistance with various aspects of running eCommerce sites, including marketing, SEO, products, checkout processes, conversions, and more.

  • r/dropship (430,000 members):

Become a member of this subreddit to explore the world of dropshipping from an entrepreneurial perspective.

  • r/entrepreneur (3,2 million members):

This subreddit is the premier forum for entrepreneurs on Reddit, offering a space for business owners to seek feedback on their business models or enhance their operations through insights shared by others.


Facebook users enjoy a seamless experience as well. Although the official fan page Shopify hasn’t updated any new posts since 2022, their community is still active.

  • Shopify Experts:

shopify expert facebook group

As implied by its name, this Facebook group connects you with numerous Shopify experts who can assist with any problems related to your Shopify store. For those looking to market their store or products, reaching out to the group's admin or moderator is an option.

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  • Shopify Dropshipping Community:

shopify dropshipping community

This group is a community where members exchange case studies, and success stories, and also stimulate engagement through questions and advice. Conversations within this group provide insights on optimizing your Shopify store for both local and international sales.


support shopify twitter

Sending a tweet to @ShopifySupport goes beyond simply casting words into the online abyss; it serves as a strategy for swift public interaction. Shopify's agile social media crew is on standby to tackle your queries, furnish you with Shopify contact details, and assist you through any challenges. This contemporary approach to customer service aligns perfectly with the expectations of today's digital-savvy consumers.

Expert Tips

support shopify twitter

Other than @ShopifySupport, there are several other fundamental Twitter accounts for Shopify merchants to follow. They represent official Shopify sources for updates and discussions related to Shopify developers, Shopify Plus, and the Shop app.


Quora is synonymous with queries and responses, offering a space where inquiries on any topic are welcomed. For those managing a Shopify store, it's a straightforward resource for clarifying any uncertainties.

Simply enter your question and submit it. Just like that, you'll soon have the answers you need.

quora shopify

Source: Quora


If you're someone who learns best through visual aids, there are plenty of video tutorials available covering a wide range of topics, from initiating your store setup to personalizing your theme. This method is incredibly beneficial for visual learners.

youtube help center

Other than the Shopify Help Center, there are also the Learn With Shopify 498,000 subscribers, and the official Shopify channel with 422,000 subscribers.

In-person Customer Support

Regarding holistic customer support, while live chat and online forums offer significant benefits, the unmatched value of participating in an event face-to-face to gain firsthand insights cannot be overstated.

Shopify Events

shopify events

Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic momentarily made us lose sight of the importance of such interactions. Therefore, consider visiting the Shopify Community Events page to discover upcoming events near you. Whether it's a workshop aimed at launching your Shopify store, or a session offering seasonal e-commerce advice, there's a wide array of opportunities available for everyone.

Shopify Webinar


Source: Shopify Webinar

Naturally, if you've found the predominantly online format of events over the past year and a half to your liking, attending a webinar could be more your style. Shopify offers a selection of pertinent webinars that are open for free registration and occur daily. These are:

  • How to migrate from Etsy to Shopify Webinar
  • Getting Started with Oberlo HELP CENTER
  • Getting Started with Shopify (Support)

Shopify Plus Support: The Advanced Solutions

Shopify Plus support stands as a testament to the commitment of large-scale merchants, providing specialized features designed for high-volume operations. It links premium members to superior customer service, focusing on quick reaction times and expert assistance.

Shopify Plus Academy

shopify plus academy

The Shopify Plus Academy is a digital education platform offering unique learning materials to merchants subscribed to the Shopify Plus plan. This initiative features self-paced online courses aimed at enhancing knowledge about Shopify Plus, e-commerce strategies, and technical setups.

Shopify Experts & Shopify Plus Partners

shopify plus partners

The Shopify Plus Partner Program includes service partners selected for their technical proficiency, offering solutions designed to support your rapidly expanding business. There are now 3 types of services offered:

  • Service Partners: curated for their technical expertise to migrate, integrate, develop, and expand your business
  • Certified App Partners: work seamlessly with Shopify Plus to customize your online store
  • Industry Experts: Collaborate with specialists who possess deep knowledge of your industry—thoroughly and completely

Advanced Benefits of Shopify Plus



Advanced Benefits

Top Priority Assistance

Prompt assistance without having to wait

Quick problem-solving to ensure business continuance

Easy Access to Professionals

Committed representatives with in-depth expertise in Shopify

Excellent effectiveness in managing intricate requirements and providing customized solutions

Tailored Follow-Ups

Individualized post-assistance to guarantee full resolution

Improved relationship and understanding between Shopify and merchants

In fact, Shopify Plus contact channels provide an unmatched support ecosystem. Every touchpoint is made with the greatest level of service in mind, whether it be through a priority email queue or a dedicated hotline.

Shopify Plus-associated merchants may relax knowing that their customers are receiving better service from support staff who are aware of and sensitive to the needs of large-scale businesses. Shopify's commitment lays the groundwork for businesses to feel more confident as they pursue market leadership.

How To Choose The Right Approach

Selecting the ideal Shopify customer service channel tailored to the specific requirements of your issue – and your business – is crucial, as not every channel offers the same level of service.

  • Phone support:

Best for urgent concerns: perfect for situations requiring quick resolution, such as a website outage or issues with payment processing.

Direct human interaction: if you value in-the-moment communication and a personal touch, this improves phone support.

  • Email Assistance:

Moderate urgency: non-urgent situations that can wait a little bit can be handled with email help.

Detailed explanations: Email is a great tool for sending documents or outlining complicated issues.

  • Real-time chat:

Fast responses: Live chat is ideal for receiving prompt solutions to straightforward inquiries or small problems.

Multitasking can be helpful if you want to carry on working while you're awaiting an answer.

  • Social Networks:

Public visibility: social media works well for issues that need to be brought to the public's notice or when you wish to communicate in an open

Community involvement: If you want to interact with Shopify's community and obtain feedback from other users, social media networks are also a good fit for you.

Shopify Forums and Help Centre:

  • Help Center

General questions: If you're looking for information, self-help tools, or community perspectives, Shopify's Help Centre is the best place to go.

Non-urgent issues: those that can be independently explored and don't require immediate attention.

We've compiled our expert recommendations below on the most suitable Shopify customer support options to pursue, based on the urgency and type of problem your Shopify store is facing.

  • Consideration of urgency: Assess the speed at which you require help. Immediate concerns might necessitate the use of phone or live chat options, whereas less pressing matters could be resolved through email or discussion boards.
  • Communication preference: Reflect on your favored way of communicating. Are you inclined towards instant dialogue (phone/live chat), prefer delayed responses (email), or enjoy engaging publicly (social media)?
  • Issue complexity: More intricate technical challenges might need the expertise of specialized support, whereas basic questions are typically manageable via email or discussion forums.
  • Privacy considerations: Ensure you are at ease with discussing your issue in a public setting like social media before choosing it as your preferred channel.

Key Take Away

  • Find the fastest ways to get in contact with Shopify customer support to minimize delays and take care of problems quickly.
  • Discover the ins and outs of making the most of the several Shopify support avenues.
  • Experience the ease of having solution-focused assistance at your fingertips with Shopify customer service chat.
  • For quick access, compile the most important Shopify customer support phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Recognize the benefits of customizing your Shopify helpline experience with personalized support.
  • Take advantage of the extensive Shopify Plus assistance offered to make sure your questions are always answered.


Above are the expert tips and a comprehensive understanding of the various support channels Shopify offers, the rich resources of the Shopify Community, and the advanced features of Shopify Plus. Merchants can tailor their approach to customer service to fit the unique needs of their business.

Whether you're dealing with urgent technical issues, seeking to enhance your store's functionality, or simply looking for advice on best practices, Shopify's multifaceted support system ensures that you're never alone. Embrace these strategies to optimize your use of Shopify's customer service and propel your e-commerce venture to new heights in 2024.

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