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Newest Shopify Discount Code & Support Program (Always-Updating)

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The worldwide impact of COVID-19 has been less devastating in late 2022 but consumer behavior has undergone dramatic and lasting changes after years of pandemic.

We’ve been wondering a lot about the effects of everyone shifting to buying things online, where physical contact is non-existent.

In case you don’t know, this is exactly what a 100% e-commerce-driven world looks like. 

So we're here with you taking eCommerce game to a whole new level together by introducing some really generous offers.  


01. The Newest Shopify Discount 

Update. Dec 28, 2022. The offer has expired.

This is a brand new initiative brought to you by PageFly, in collaboration with Shopify: 14-Day Free Trial, then 100% Off Your First Month. 

This is a limited deal, so grab it while it's hot.

Basically, you just need to open a Shopify store using the link above. After the standard 14-day free trial, you get 100% off your first month with Shopify.

Simply put, you have 44 days using Shopify for free.

The next step is to make the most out of this deal. Check out a few resources to get your ecommerce business take off as fast as possible:

02. Get Funding From Shopify With Shopify Exchange Program

Do you know: New Shopify merchants can qualify for funds ranging from $200 all the way up to $500.000, depending on the nature of business. 

This is the premise of Shopify Capital - a special lending program for qualified eCommerce business. 

Shopify capital

Just like a normal bank, the Shopify Capital program doesn’t just give out money to anyone in need. To get funding from Shopify Capital, you must meet the following criteria: 

  • Your store is located in the US (but only a few selected states), Canada or the UK. 
  • Your business has a low risk profile
  • Your store has Shopify Payments or a third-party payment provider enabled
  • Your store processes a certain amount of sales

Shopify typically offers loan amounts at a minimum of $200 and a maximum of $1,000,000.

Like mentioned above, if you’re eligible, Shopify will notify you via email and only then can you apply for funding.  

Shopify Capital Eligibilities

From here on, the procedure is very simple: 

  1. From your Shopify admin page, go to Settings > Capital.
  2. Click View funding offers.
  3. Compare the 3 funding options Shopify gives you, then click Request beneath the one you want. 
  4. In the Review and accept terms dialog, review the Terms and conditions, click Accept terms and you’re good to go. 

For more details about this program, check out our deep-dive article explaining every aspect of this program: Shopify Capital: How Does It Work? 

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03. How To Get Discounts For Shopify Themes or Shopify Apps

Most new merchants start with choosing a Shopify theme. 

A Shopify theme is a template that determines how your online store will appear to the customers. Themes have different styles and layout options to design and structure your web pages and product categories.

On Shopify Theme Store, you can find both premium and free Shopify themes available on the Shopify store.

shopify themes

But can you get a discount code for Premium Theme?

The answer is likely no, since premium themes are often created by different theme providers, so it's very rare to catch a discount from theme. 

What's about discount code for apps? You asked. The good news is it's much easier to get discount codes from the most popular apps on Shopify app store. You'd just need to be an PageFly users to use it. 

pagefly perks

Here are are your 02-step process

  • Step 01: Sign up to be PageFly users. Free Plan is available with PageFly, so you can rest assured there is no risk involved. Sign Up HERE
  • Step 02: Go To PageFly Perks page where you can find a special collection of discounts, extended trials and more from Shopify's most popular apps. 

04. Shopify Discount & Plan FAQ

4.1. Is Shopify safe?

Shopify has spent a huge amount of money on the security services it uses to protect merchants, stores and the personal info they hold. Shopify reviews their security protocols thoroughly and often, and any updates that are needed are rapid and universal. Of all the eCommerce solutions, we consider it to be the safest.

4.2. Can I Get The "100% First Month Off" Discount If I Have Already Opened A Shopify Account? 

Unfortunately you can't. 14-Day Free Trial + 100% Off Your First Month is only applicable to new Shopify signups only. 

That being said, if you're planning to open multiple Shopify stores, this is a good opportunity to cut down on startup cost. 

4.3. Does Shopify protect buyers?

In short, no. Shopify has no obligation to protect the customers of stores in its platforms. While we may call them ‘Shopify stores’, Shopify actually owns no part of any store and therefore has no responsibility for the actions of the store owners. This is fairly standard for all eCommerce solutions, but whether it placates disgruntled buyers is another matter.

That being said, Shopify provides a comprehensive support service to ensure no one is left behind. 

 There are no less than 05 channels through which buyers can find help from the platform:

  • Live Chat - Available 24/7 for all merchants. Quality of service varies between support agents, but is very good on average.
  • Email - Also available 24/7 and taking on average over 24 hours to respond. Better for big queries that don’t particularly require fast action.
  • Documentation - Thousands of written articles with clear step-by-step processes and embedded videos.
  • YouTube Channel - A large library of videos, though only a small portion is modelled on support and they’re uploaded rather sporadically.
  • Shopify Community - A huge forum with, at present, around 750,000 members and 850,000 posts. Merchants can search the community for similar problems to see if there was a resolution, whether that resolution was from another community member or from a specialist Shopify ‘Guru’.

4.4. Can you get scammed on Shopify?

Well, you can get scammed anywhere, unfortunately, and Shopify is no exception. However, while there is no protection for buyers, there is a little bit for sellers.

If you run a store in the U.S and are using Shopify Payments, you’re entitled to Shopify Fraud Protect. This, for a small fee per transaction, will reimburse you for any disputed transaction with a customer as a result of a fraudulent chargeback.

4.5. Is It Possible That Shopify Introduces New Discount/Supporting Program In The Future? 

theoretically, yes. We've been working with Shopify continuously to bring new discount and coupon to merchants. So you just need to bookmark this article and visit it from time to time to get updated on the newest deal. 

05. Shopify Education Resources

The Shopify Blog provides a pool of reads for you to sharpen your skills and your understanding of the market.

shopify blogs

Additionally, as a future business owner, you’ll probably be interested in looking at current events from a more in-depth and entrepreneurial perspective.

Head over to Shopify Learn and learn all the things valuable to your new business.

Essential learning to start your business

shopify learn

The courses

shopify learn course

No matter your profession, there’s always something you can take away from the course list, especially during the time where “when you come out of the storm, you won't be the same person who walked in” is the talk of the town (boy, you know what ‘storm’ I’m talking about).

A glossy certification I got from one of the courses.

Shopify Certificate

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