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12 Shopify Successful Stores That Are Dominating the eCommerce Game

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eCommerce is a fast-paced world. While there are so many eCommerce platforms that are emerging to satisfy the needs of online retailers, Shopify has proved to be a game-changer in empowering entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into thriving online businesses.

Starting an online store for the first time is an overwhelming process, and Shopify aims to take that away with its user-friendly interface and powerful tools. It is the powerhouse of over 4.12 million eCommerce sites (source: builtwith), and this number is expected to increase.

Shopify has helped many businesses rewrite the rules and redefine what it means to thrive in the online marketplace. And in this blog, we will uncover the secrets behind 12 Shopify successful stores, exploring their unique strategies, innovative product offerings, and impeccable branding that have propelled them to the forefront of the e-commerce landscape.


12 Shopify Successful Stores That Are Dominating

Here are 12 Shopify successful stores that are totally worth following:



Image Credits: kith

KITH is an American fashion and lifestyle brand that has gained significant recognition for its distinct niche, impressive product range, and unique selling points. The store primarily focuses on high-end clothing, apparel, and accessories catering to urban and contemporary fashion enthusiasts. With a carefully curated selection of brands and collaborations, KITH has established itself as a go-to destination for fashion-forward individuals.


The store uses a custom Shopify theme with high-quality imagery for maximum visual appeal. With a lot of focus on white space, the website successfully drives attention to its products. Apart from this, the full-width banner images are a great way of bringing in colors and a unique style to the homepage.

The website's sleek and modern design, combined with visually appealing imagery, creates an immersive shopping experience. The brand's emphasis on exclusivity and scarcity also contributes to its popularity, as customers are motivated to make purchases quickly to secure the exclusive items. KITH's niche focus on streetwear and high-end fashion, along with its diverse product range and commitment to exclusivity, has propelled its success in the competitive eCommerce landscape.

Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch

Image Credits: taylorstitch

Sustainable and responsible fashion is at its top of the line, and brands like Taylor Stitch are the epitome of success when it comes to sustainable clothing brands for men. Taylor Stitch is a classic clothing brand for men that has carved out a unique niche in the fashion industry by offering high-quality, timeless menswear with a focus on sustainability.

Founded in 2008, Taylor Stitch has built a reputation for its commitment to craftsmanship, durability, and environmental responsibility.

Taylor Stitch 2

Image Credits: taylorstitch

The store's product range encompasses a wide variety of menswear essentials, including shirts, jackets, pants, and accessories. What sets Taylor Stitch apart is its dedication to using sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing practices. They prioritize natural fibers such as organic cotton and responsibly sourced wool. This emphasis on sustainability resonates with a growing number of consumers who are seeking fashion that is both stylish and environmentally conscious.

The store's custom Shopify theme and branding further contribute to its success. Taylor Stitch embodies a classic, rugged aesthetic with shades of brown and blue, with white space that appeals to men who appreciate timeless style. The website design reflects this theme with its clean layout, rustic imagery, and storytelling approach.

Taylor Stitch caters to a specific audience and aligns with their values clearly, establishing itself as a trusted and successful brand in the fashion industry.

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Charles Simon

Charles Simon

Image Credits: charles-simon

Want to give your luxury traveling luggage the premium look it needs? Then Charles Simon's handcrafted and design-driven luggage and accessories are something you can consider.

This remarkable Shopify store was founded in 2014 and has carved a niche for itself in the world of luxury watch accessories. With a sleek and sophisticated online presence, the store offers a wide range of high-quality products designed to enhance the style and confidence of modern gentlemen.

At Charles Simon, you can explore an extensive collection of meticulously crafted products, such as watch rolls, briefcases, stands, and boxes, and handmade designer luggage with uncompromising devotion to design, quality, and aesthetics.

Charles Simon 2

Image Credits: charles-simon

The store uses a Prestige Shopify theme, highlighting timeless elegance and sophistication. The clean and minimalist design allows the products to take center stage. The use of high-quality visuals and user-friendly navigation enhance the overall shopping experience, making it effortless for customers to find their desired items and make informed purchasing decisions.

One of the unique selling points of Charles Simon is its commitment to exceptional craftsmanship. Each product is carefully handmade using the finest materials, ensuring the utmost attention to detail and durability. The store's dedication to quality shines through in the exquisite designs and impeccable finishing of its products, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and confidence in every purchase. Moreover, the possibility of personalizing the products elevates user experience and attracts customers who value quality and style.



Gymshark is a popular and highly successful Shopify store that has made a name for itself in the fitness apparel industry. As a prominent player in the athleisure market, GYMSHARK caters to fitness enthusiasts and athletes, offering a wide range of high-quality workout gear, clothing, and accessories.

The store's niche lies in its commitment to providing stylish and functional activewear specifically designed for gym-goers and individuals leading an active lifestyle. The product includes leggings, sports bras, shorts, t-shirts, hoodies, and gym bags. Each product is crafted to perfection to meet the demands of intense workouts, ensuring optimal comfort, flexibility, and durability.

The store's custom theme reflects its dedication to fitness and self-improvement. The website features sleek and modern aesthetics with an emphasis on vibrant imagery showcasing athletes and workout routines.

Gymshark 2

The brand's success can be attributed to several factors. The consistent focus on high-quality products ensures customer satisfaction and encourages repeat purchases. Moreover, the brand's active engagement on social media platforms has facilitated a strong online presence and increased brand awareness. This successful Shopify brand also collaborates with fitness influencers and celebrities, has enhanced its credibility, and expanded its reach to new audiences.



Image Credits: bioliteenergy

Now, let's talk about a successful Shopify store that is outside the field of clothing or fashion. BioLite is a personal scale energy products brand for cooking, charging, and lighting. It offers a wide range of products that merge advanced technology with sustainable principles. Their flagship product, the BioLite CampStove, stands out as a prime example of their ingenuity. This portable stove harnesses the power of fire to generate electricity, allowing users to charge their electronic devices while cooking food or boiling water.

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BioLite 2

The store uses the Stiletto Shopify theme for its clean and nature-inspired look and feels with a refreshing vibe. The seamless user experience, coupled with informative content, allows customers to explore their wide range of products and effortlessly embrace a greener lifestyle.

The brand strongly emphasizes the importance of access to clean energy for all and is 100% climate neutral certified. Overall, BioLite's success as a store addresses the growing market demand for eco-friendly and portable outdoor gear.



Nutriseed is a plant-based health brand that sells juice cleanses and diet and weight loss supplements. The brand is known for its wide array of health foods, superfoods, supplements, and detox products that are completely plant-based and of the highest quality. Nutriseed exclusively caters to the vegan community and health-conscious customers who wish to move to organic and natural products as supplements.

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What sets Nutriseed apart from its competitors is its complete transparency in the products they sell. Right from the ingredients to how each of the products benefits one's health, all the information is clearly visible to the customers. They emphasize using organic and sustainable ingredients, free from additives or artificial flavors.

Nutriseed 2

Nutriseed uses a custom Shopify theme for a refreshing and invigorating shopping experience with its vibrant photography and visually appealing layout. With a focus on health and wellness, the store provides a quick and easy drop-down style navigation menu with clear headlines so that customers can find what they are looking for quickly and easily. The high-quality imagery against the whitespaces helps attract visitors' attention to the product, encouraging more purchases.

One key aspect that contributes to Nutriseed's success is its focus on customer engagement. The store's unique selling points lie in its emphasis on supporting customers' overall well-being and providing them with holistic solutions for a healthy lifestyle. And the 250,000+ customers are a testament to this.

MJ Lifestyle

MJ Lifestyle

MJ Lifestyle is a thriving women-owned CBD and plant wellness brand offering a wide range of products designed to create the necessary balance for optimum health. The store sells its own brand, as well as other women-owned brand products, that focus on different aspects of female health, including fertility, sleep, mood, memory, appetite, inflammation, and immunity. The product range is vast and appeals to a broader audience.

What makes MJ Lifestyle a successful store is its focus on quality, aesthetics, and customer experience. The store prides itself on collaborating with other renowned CBD brands and artisans to offer unique and exclusive products that elevate their Lifestyle.

MJ Lifestyle 2

The store uses the Expanse Shopify theme for an inviting interface and a smooth user experience. The website also showcases an eclectic range of products, stylishly curated content, and a visually appealing aesthetic, making it a haven for wellness enthusiasts seeking a sophisticated shopping experience.

Additionally, MJ Lifestyle places a strong emphasis on educating and empowering its customers. The website's home page, as well as the dedicated 'Learn' section, provides valuable information about hemp and THC, responsible consumption, and the benefits of CBD. This approach fosters a sense of community and trust among their customers, positioning MJ Lifestyle as a trusted authority in the industry.

Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner is one of the most popular cosmetics brands in the world, and it is also a Shopify store. The store sells high-quality makeup products for women and kids. The products range from lip kits and blushes, to toners and body wash., catering to a diverse customer base. With a strong emphasis on bold and trendy beauty looks, Kylie Cosmetics has carved out a niche as a go-to destination for those seeking glamorous and fashionable makeup.

Kylie Cosmetics's enchanting online shopping experience is the result of a custom Shopify theme. With its sleek design, luxurious aesthetics, and glamorous imagery, the website immerses users in a world of elegance. The large grid-style product pages are definitely worth mentioning as it provide users with a clear product view without having to click on each product to view it in larger resolution. Navigating through the site is a piece of cake, and the user experience is elevated by informative product descriptions and a convenient shopping interface.

Kylie Cosmetics 2

The brand's signature product, the lip kits, gained immense popularity upon their launch, featuring long-lasting liquid lipsticks and matching lip liners. What sets Kylie Cosmetics apart from other makeup brands is its unique selling point. Kylie Jenner's celebrity status and strong social media presence have played a significant role in the store's success. Her large following and influence on platforms like Instagram and YouTube have helped generate buzz and create a sense of authenticity and credibility around the brand.

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Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova

You might be familiar with this fashion and lifestyle brand. Fashion Nova is one of the top Shopify stores, and is an affordable clothing brand that has taken the fashion industry by storm with its trendy clothing and unique marketing strategies. With a focus on fast fashion, Fashion Nova caters to young women, men, and kids who crave affordable yet stylish clothing options. Their product range includes dresses, tops, jeans, jumpsuits, activewear, and accessories, all designed to embrace the latest fashion trends.

One of Fashion Nova's unique selling points is its commitment to inclusivity. They offer a wide range of sizes, from XS to 3X, ensuring that women of all body types can find fashionable pieces that make them feel confident. Moreover, their clothing is known for its curve-hugging fits, emphasizing and celebrating women's natural curves.

Fashion Nova 2

The store uses a custom Shopify theme to showcase its bold and stylish clothing options. The theme is, however, extremely simple and focuses largely on high-quality product images against a white background with bold typography. The overall vibrancy and trendiness of the stores exudes confidence and individuality.

The brand has millions of followers across platforms like Instagram and collaborates with popular influencers and celebrities to promote the brand and its products, generating buzz and driving traffic to its online store.



Ruggable is a renowned online store specializing in innovative and stylish rugs. Their niche lies in providing customers with rugs that combine both practicality and aesthetics. Ruggable's standout feature is its patented two-piece system, which includes a machine-washable rug cover and a non-slip rug pad. This unique design allows customers to easily remove and wash the rug cover whenever needed, making it a game-changer for those seeking hassle-free maintenance.

The store uses a custom Shopify theme for a modern and minimalist layout and a contemporary look. Navigating through their user-friendly interface provides a seamless browsing experience, allowing customers to easily find and purchase stylish and practical rugs.

Ruggable 2

The store offers an extensive range of rug designs, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Each design is made to order, and customers can find traditional and vintage patterns to modern and abstract motifs. The rugs can be customized for the size, color, and rug pads. The commitment to quality craftsmanship ensures that their rugs are durable and long-lasting. This, coupled with the convenience of machine-washability, sets them apart from traditional rug retailers. Ruggable prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering a risk-free trial and a generous return policy.

Papier HQ

Papier HQ

If you are a fan of art and stationary, then you might have heard of Papier HQ. This exceptional online store caters to art and stationery lovers. With its captivating range of products, Papier HQ has established itself as a leading destination for those seeking high-quality stationery items with a touch of elegance and uniqueness.

You can explore their exquisite collection of notebooks, journals, planners, greeting cards, custom art frames, and more that are crafted to inspire creativity and encourage personal expression. Each product showcases a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, making them ideal companions for individuals who appreciate the beauty of abstract and modern art.

Papier HQ 2

Papier HQ uses the Reformation Shopify theme for its minimalist aesthetic, with a touch of playful sophistication. Its elegant color scheme and tasteful typography create a visually appealing and modern look. The thoughtful layout also enhances the user experience.

The success of Papier HQ can be attributed to its ability to tap into the growing demand for personalized stationery. Customers can customize their notebooks, journals, and greeting cards with their names, initials, or personal messages, adding a special touch to their stationery collection or making thoughtful gifts for loved ones.



BOSKEMPER is a female-owned and run label based in Melbourne that sells luxury clothing for women. You can find a wide range of distinctive pieces designed to cater to the modern individual's style and taste. These products are designed to inspire women to feel confident and empowered. At BOSKEMPER, you will find elegant and one-of-a-kind dresses, jackets, tops, and bottoms, everything that suits a fashion-forward shopper.

The biggest attraction of this brand is the 'on-demand shopping' option. This unique proposition aims to reduce waste within the fashion industry by producing clothes on customer demand (pre-order). Customers can get their products within 8 weeks of placing the order and be satisfied with the minimal wastage it has caused in due process.


Boskemper leveraged the Spark Shopify theme for its online store, creating an artistic blend of modernity and elegance. The full-width banner images with high-resolution images and videos are a stand-out feature of this store. The homepage features everything the store has to offer in a nutshell, with an immersive navigation experience.

BOSKEMPER's success can be attributed to its ability to stay ahead of fashion trends, its commitment to responsible fashion, and its dedication to exceptional customer service.

4 Tips You Need to Know to Build a Successful Shopify Store

To build a successful Shopify store like the above, you need to do careful planning and execution. So, here are 4 tips to help you get started on your path to success:

Choosing the Right Products

Selecting the right products is vital for the success of your Shopify store. Don't shy away from conducting thorough market research to identify trending or niche products that have a demand in the market. Look for unique selling points and competitive pricing to differentiate yourself from other online stores. You can even consider dropshipping or working with reliable suppliers to ensure timely order fulfillment.

Optimize Your Store's Design

A visually appealing and user-friendly store design is ubiquitous for attracting and retaining customers. Choose a well-designed Shopify theme that aligns with your brand identity. Customize the layout, colors, fonts, and imagery to create a cohesive and professional look. Ensure your store is mobile responsive since many customers shop using their smartphones.

Implement Effective Marketing Strategies

Marketing plays a crucial role in driving necessary traffic and sales to your Shopify store. Utilize various channels such as social media, content marketing, influencer collaborations, email marketing, and paid advertising to reach your target audience. Develop a consistent and compelling brand voice to engage customers and encourage them to make a purchase. Leverage Shopify's in-built analytics and data to track your marketing efforts and optimize your strategies over time.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

You cannot ignore the importance of building a loyal customer base. To make this happen, you need to offer excellent customer service by responding to inquiries promptly, providing accurate product information, and resolving issues efficiently. Consider adding live chat support, a comprehensive FAQ section, and clear return/exchange policies to enhance the customer experience. Encourage customer reviews and testimonials to build trust and credibility.

Remember, building a successful Shopify store takes time and continuous effort. Monitor your analytics, adapt strategies based on customer feedback, and always strive to improve the overall shopping experience for your customers.


Each of these 12 best Shopify stores are unique and successful in their own realm. With their innovative approaches, niche products, and strategic branding, they have set themselves apart from the competition.

These successful Shopify stores have leveraged the power of Shopify's platform to create seamless and visually appealing online shopping experiences for customers. By understanding their target audience and delivering high-quality products, they have built trust and loyalty, resulting in impressive sales and growth. These success stories serve as inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the e-commerce industry. So, why wait further when you can start an online business with Shopify today?

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