TOP 30+ exclusively selected Shopify Product page collection for your inspiration

TOP 30+ exclusively selected Shopify Product page collection for your inspiration

Selling online for the most Shopify merchant starts with the product page. In this blog post, we’ll take the review 30+ Shopify product pages that catch customer’s attention. What information to put there? How should it look like from the design point? Which Shopify apps to choose for building the product page that sells well? Besides, we’ll take a closer look at 03 attractive eCommerce product pages to get inspiration. Let’s move on…

Now, let’s start with analyzing in details 03 product pages selling different stuff. The first product page based on Shopify is Sharkbanz brand selling shark deterrent bands.

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    1. Case 01 -
    2. Case 02 - AllBirds Shoes
    3. Case 03 - Rumi Spice
    4. 25 Shopify product pages for different niches
    5. Final words

Case 01 -

Visit this Sharkbanz Shopify product page

The first product page in our deep review analysis is from Sharkbanz brand. As we see right now, the concept from top to bottom is a quite simple. Standard part is the product image gallery on the left and product description on the right. In the description area the title and short introduction to the product with outlines of benefits. Going next you might ask it’s all for the product description? Nope, going further we’ll find other things supporting the selling point of products.

Featured in the press is the powerful way of persuading the customer that it’s “popular product.” The product content creator featured banners from popular news websites. You can see CBS News, Popular Science, USA Today and other news media.

In addition, since the attention of a buyer is triggered the shop provide further Call To Action with “More Info” section containing “How it works”, “Things to know”, and for sure “Testimonials”. The simple direction is what I love on this product page.

When you click on one of those links, it’s opened in a new browser tab. Thus, you won’t lose the current product page, and when you are ready to buy, you can switch back to the existing tab and consume the product.

You might be asking how did this Shopify merchant build up the following section? Well, the solution is the simple. There are plenty Shopify apps available on the store to make Shopify product page. For example, PageFly page builder app can build this and more complex layout. All the content part that goes after standard product description (which belongs to the Shopify theme part) is built up with Shopify app.

In reality from the content design point there are following sections: Title, Image gallery, Title, Image with Text and Title again.

“Things to know” part has been with a long form page concept explaining an important component of the product. I’ve recorded the GIF image so you could view the whole layout of that page quickly. By default, Shopify page doesn’t allow you intuitively build such layout. If you know a little bit coding with HTML/CSS, you can create such concept. However, if there is no coding skill, you’ll need Shopify app to build that page. PageFly can do that quite quickly by dragging and dropping workflow.

Another factor to take into account is the internal linking from SEO point of view. When you link pages to each other, you keep the user to stay longer on your website. Thus it affects to the session duration and tells Google that it’s a good signal.

Case 02 - AllBirds Shoes

Visit AllBirds Shopify product page

Like the previous example mentioned the beginning of the product page is a quite similar. You can see the standard concept with image gallery on the left and product description with the function to choose product’s variation and attributes on the right side. Plus, above the CTA “Add to cart” there is the link with “sizing guide.” The image quality is a quite good and reflects about the serious manner from this Shopify merchant to convert users better. However, let’s scroll down to see more details about the product. The small arrow icon is the direction for that.

That’s interesting stuff, the section with Instagram photos to showcase the product in a different environment. An excellent way to show how the product is used and where. When you click on the banner, you would see the pop-up window and details of that photo shot.

Scrolling further we can see simple and custom made icons with short 1 - 2 lines of product features. It’s simple and quite easy to build actually. By default with any Shopify theme you cannot do that: create sections based content layout for the product page. However, with Shopify page builder app you can easily achieve that, and you can do it yourself without hiring professional developers. One more thing this part deserves the attention. The image covers the drawing part if icon, as for text it’s the HTML coded text. For example “lightweight and breathable”. It’s a quite important from SEO point of view. Google bot see 02 things: image and text. In many cases, I’ve noticed that the store owners put text in the picture itself and it has less SEO value. Further affecting to the Google page ranking. Small details but matters...

The section after features is about the product statement. In my opinion, the text color should have the dark color because the image itself is already a quite bright.

In fact, it’s the simple section part containing Icon with Text and image.

Pre-final section part is about cross-selling other products directly related to the primary product. What I like here the author did “product connecting” like “related products” in a non-standard way with a little but the customized layout with CTA “Shop replacement insoles.”  

That last thing and it’s about CTA going to the brand page About Us.

The About Us page of AllBirds brand also deserve our attention. The page layout has been built with “story telling” concept. I’ll leave you here to discover yourself how this page looks great and create “trust” for us with this brand. The trust will affect the purchasing decision.

Case 03 - Rumi Spice

Visit Rumi Spice product page

In the case with Rumi Spice tea I see a good point with differentiating the image gallery part by placing thumbnail images on the left then the main image go after. One noticeable thing that differentiates this Shopify product page from two previous one is the “Contact Us” sticky button at the bottom. It’s good, and you know why? Some product types require the consultation before buying and in this case the Shopify merchant gives the direct way for clarifying all questions before buy.

The content's concept section is a quite simple, but effective from the product benefits presentation. As you can see the product is positioned at the center with surrounded by 04 main advantages containing the icon, title and text paragraph.

Let's scroll down then we'll see just the background image with the product and paragraph text. Great contrast with presentation image and content on the limited layout space.

Just a little bit down and two more content section telling about social support to the manufacturer. By purchasing this great in quality product, we also support society and doing things for a good reason.

25 Shopify product pages for different niches 

Next, you’d find great product page inspiration collection with websites based on Shopify. The website differentiates from each other by niche topics and design. Whether you’re looking for topics such as electronics, nutrition, service, fashion, handmade and other, you’ll find the example that could inspire you to build own product page for Shopify.

#1 -

1 - Allthingsrealestatestore

#2 -

#3 -

#4 -

#5 -

#6 -

#7 -

#8 -

#9 -

#10 -

#11 -

#12 -

#13 -

#14 -

#15 -

#16 -

#17 -

#18 -

#19 -

#20 -

#21 -

#22 -

#23 -

#24 -

#25 -

#26 -

#27 -

#28 -

Final words

Well, we have touched over 30 examples of Shopify product pages. The final, clear thing here is the store owner invest in the most important page - Product Page. This page matters a lot because it gives information to the user to decide with buying decision. Even when you drive paid ads traffic, you’d think about the product first because it converts better comparing with other pages. With Shopify apps solutions available on the market right now, PageFly advanced page builder app might be a great start to build your product page.

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