Top 4 best apps on Shopify - Best apps for Shopify stores in 2020 to increase your sale.

Top 4 best apps on Shopify - Best apps for Shopify stores in 2020 to increase your sale.

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1. Best “place to sale” app on Shopify

Google channel:

Getting more sales can be finding more places to advertise and sell your products . With billions of people actively searching for something everyday, the Google sale channel is a “cannot miss” for any merchants who wish to expand their business to a broader targeted customer.


  • Run paid smart Shopping campaign to promote products in Google platform. 
  • List product for free on Google Shopping tab (for merchant selling in the US only)Google Channel on Shopify apps store

Basically, Shopify has integrated to sell on many other social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Google. The Google channel app is an extension that lets merchants interact with Google ad platforms without signing up on both sides. By using the app, it will allow you to pick out products and start advertising it on Google platforms and reach millions of active shoppers on Google.

However, there are some requirements that your store must have in order to set up ads with Google Channel:

Pricing plan: 

Using Google channel is completely free for Shopify merchants, however, you do have to set your own daily budget if you create any ads campaign with Google ads through this app. 

On the other hand, being able to set your own budget and test out different products and strategies is a major advantage for newbie merchants since it takes time to test and develop an effective strategy for your products.

Plus the Google channel is now #1 of the top list sale channel integration on Shopify which means it is proven to be an effective channel for sellers.

2. Best Shopify apps for sale and marketing: PageFly

PageFly main page

PageFly is one of the world-leading Shopify apps that help you create beautiful stores and landing pages with ease through a simple drag and drop system. PageFly does not require you to do any complex coding to make a stunning store and retain your potential customers with high conversion rates and in turn bring more sales to your store. Furthermore, all the pages you have created are mobile responsive and still compatible with tablets and desktop.

PageFly top #1 crosssale & upsale

In fact, PageFly is #1 in the top Upselling and cross-selling apps on Shopify.

PageFly Top #1 in email marketing

The app also sits on top of the Email marketing apps section. With over 55,000+ trusted global customers and a 97% rating when it comes to satisfied customers, PageFly is  one of the best page builder apps on Shopify.


  • Page building
  • SEO utilization
  • Social media intergration
  • On page product reviews

Beside helping you with building landing pages for your stores, PageFly also helps you with store URL customization inside the app itself.

PageFly Page editor

In other words, PageFly has combined 3 major features (attractive landing page, URL customization and marketing enhancement) which greatly contribute to your sales figures into 1 place where you can optimize them with ease.

Another competitive advantage of PageFly is that they  offer an insightful blogs series which will help beginner and advanced users to acquire more in-depth knowledge about how to get started and grow with eCommerce.

PageFly Yotpo intergration

Furthermore, PageFly also did not neglect to include a product reviews element on their pages by partnering up with product review apps like Yotpo or so that merchants just have to register to 1 app but get benefits from the 2 apps in one go.

Finally, you can check out PageFly demo store to see what a complete page will look like with PageFly.

Pricing plan:

PageFly Pricing plans

The best thing about PageFly app is that you can try it out for free if you just want to mess around with your store and figure out what page optimization option will work best with your store. 

3. Best trust and security app: Ultimate Trust Badge

Getting customers to buy your products is hard without a visual guarantee of trust for your stores. That is why a trust and security app is essential to a professional store.

The Ultimate Trust badge will help you solve this problem.


Adding trust badges to gain trust from customers.

Top trusted badges app


Trusted badge

A simple add to cart button may not be enough to gain your customer’s trust. As a result, adding a badge of a well-known payment of your choice for your stores like Paypal or Apple Pay will more likely  get the job done. Of course, before adding the badge of your choice, you have to make sure that your stores already have that payment option to avoid any misleading report from your customers.

You can also visit the demo store which is using the Ultimate trusted badge app to experience for yourself.

Pricing plan:

Ultimate trust badge is free to install and try.

4. Best customer support apps:Whatsapp chat & share

Whatsapp on Shopify appstore

To increase your sales, why not make the user experience  quicker and easier to solve your customer’s needs by directly chatting with them through their phone while they are browsing your store?


Directly chat and support the customers through Whatsapp chat integration on Shopify stores.

Basically the app allows a chat box to appear on your store and when people click on it, they can chat directly with store owners or supporters through their Whatsapp account.Snapchat app gif

You can visit their demo store to experience first hand.

Pricing plan:

The What’s app chat & share app is totally free and very easy to use.


In summary, in this article, you have discovered 4 of the best apps to increase your sales figures with a Shopify store. 

  • PageFly for design landing pages and marketing.
  • Google Channel for selling on Google Shop.
  • Ultimate trust badge helps you put up trusted badges from well-known payment systems to gain trust from customers.
  • Whatsapp Chat & Share to enhance interaction with customers through in-store chat.

Stay tuned for our new blog post on eCommerce with Shopify and if you don’t have a Shopify account yet then why not try it for free for in 14 days, it's free, and who knows maybe selling online will be your full-time job someday.

If you already are a merchant of Shopify, check out how to optimize conversion rate best practice to set deeply understand to further expand your sale figures.


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