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Top 10 Best Kickstarter Products: Inspiration for your Shopify Product Page.

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What if you have a great idea, are ready to start your business but on a limited budget? is a popular solution which popups in the head of entrepreneurs.

This site solves the problem of getting funds to build your product and execute it in real life. But hang on… How do we connect the Best Kickstarter product page listing with the Shopify product page of your store?

Well, in this post we’ll carefully select the most popular products that got funded and see how owners “sold the product” with only long a form sales landing page.

When building the product page you can take a look at 30+ Shopify product page articles written early. It’ll give you more insight and ideas to build product pages for your Shopify store. So now, let’s explore the Best Kickstarter product from our collection.

01 - Yomee - The World’s First Automatic Yogurt Maker

Yomee - The World’s First Automatic Yogurt Maker

One clear and obvious thing is all product listing has a great video explaining how the product works and how it can benefit you. Just take a look at Yomee - yogurt maker ;).

benefits - heart health

In the first seconds of video, you can see that the product can help with Heart Health, Gut Health, and Bone Health. And following this part, there is another part emphasizing on the fact that not all yogurt is equal, so that’s a problem that needed solving.

benefit #1

And the problem will go further when it gets complicated to make home yogurt. The overall contrast of all things needed to have to make the yogurt is a big challenge.


The product video concept goes further with “voila” the solution :). Simple yogurt maker solution pops up.

yomee device and apps

The solution is not only coming from the technical part but the software app as we see made for iPhone. The app also connects to your phone with content recipes for making yogurt and combining it with other products. As a result, we’ll have a delicious end product. 

Another thing to take into account is that the purpose of the app is to keep the retention of existing customers. By releasing new recipes, the customer should return to the product’s blog and learn more about how to benefit from it. Cross-selling “capsules” becomes much easier.

app recipes

Ok then, let’s get back to the product item listing on Kickstarter. We’ve seen via the video the problem and solution concept. All brief details are summarized in 1:32 video. Some details might be missed and to fully understand the yogurt solution there is a content part including text, gif/static image.

how it works

02 - Join The Luxury Watch Revolution - Filippo Loreti

filipppo loreti watches

03 - Bold Dress Shoes Designed To Get Compliments

bold dress shoes

04 - The Best Do Anything/Wear Anywhere Performance Shirts

performance shirts

05 - The Ultimate Travel Shirt by Bluffworks

ultimate travel shirt

06 - PAKA - The Alpaca Wool Sweater

paka wool sweater

07 - Wiral LITE | The Easy Cable Cam, For Impossible Film Shots

wiral lite film shots



09 - Innergie 55cc: The smallest power adapter for everything

The smallest power adapter for everything

10 - Misen Cookware

Misen Cookware


Looking at these listings, I became excited, and it gave me the curiosity to explore further with 8 additional examples of great product pages. They're carefully selected, and one key criterion to choose them is that they are 100%+ crowdfunded. It means there is enough funds for the fabric product and execution in real life.

When you look at these examples, turn on your speaker & watch the video first. After that, read the contents of the Kickstarter listing. In that way, you can understand better how the product maker builds the visual content.

Rare Craft Matcha Green Tea from Japan

Rare Craft Matcha Green Tea from Japan

TeaSquares: Tea Infused Energy Snacks

TeaSquares: Tea Infused Energy Snacks

EOZ Air - World's Most Advanced True Wireless Earphones


Dango Products | P01 Pioneer Bifold Wallet & Pen

Dango Products | P01 Pioneer Bifold Wallet & Pen

The BackStrong Chair Fixes How You Sit. Let it do the work

The BackStrong Chair Fixes How You Sit.

Fresh MOGICS Donut & Bagel - New Upgrades, Special Editions

Fresh MOGICS Donut & Bagel - New Upgrades, Special Editions

Exciting pocket-sized Gold Pan catches gold for you

Exciting pocket-sized Gold Pan catches gold for you

TreePod: A Spacious Hanging Retreat

TreePod: A Spacious Hanging Retreat

We’ve been going through 15+ product page item listings from the crowdfunding website We hope these examples and proof of being funded 100% helps you in creating your best Shopify Product page. If you’re just getting started with the business you can try the crowdfunding Shopify themes (free) from Shopify called Jumpstart.

Next, after you install the Shopify theme, you’ll have to build the product page. There are 2 ways to do that. The first way is using your store’s homepage to showcase the product and its benefits via Themes Section.

In the beginning, this might be the right decision since traffic will come to the home page mostly. However, in the long term, it won’t benefit you, and you’ll have to showcase your product on the Product Page accordingly.

section shopify theme customizer

So, the second way to showcase the product is the Product Page. However, the issue is Shopify only allows you to put the strict default content type like the product image, quantity number, description, sharing and “add to cart.” The screenshot below you sees it’s from the Jumpstart Shopify theme. The settings of the product page itself are very limited.

So what if you want to add more content to sell the product to the customer? Doing that will be tough. You could purchase the premium Shopify themes directly from the store, but it’d cost you at least $150+ / time.

section shopify themes - product page

The next noticeable thing will be finding a solution, and it’s a Shopify App that can help you to customize the content for the product page. PageFly advanced page builder app helps you to build highly customizable Shopify pages quickly with drag and drop technology.

With PageFly you can easily build content-rich Shopify product pages and convert visitors better. The flexibility of PageFly is executed via the way you make the product page.

  1. Build the product page as the home page. You move beyond “themes section” and have more freedom with content presentation.
  2. Use the existing product page to build the content. You re-use the current Shopify Product page and just build the additional content.
  3. Start from scratch - build the Landing Product Page. This approach is designed for Facebook and Google Adwords advertisers.

Like the example below, it’s building the Product Page from scratch and using it as the landing page for ads. It has many content sections showcasing the product details and benefits to customers. It’s easily executed via the drag and drop mechanism from the left bar and property settings of the right column.

Now, it’s your part with execution to start building Shopify Product page.

Good luck on your entrepreneurial journey!

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