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Alchemy Theme Honest Review: Is It Really Worth the $300 Investment?

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An online store's design can be quite challenging. Make sure it is visually appealing, has an effective layout, and is simple to navigate. However, you also want to make sure that it is user-friendly so that customers will return. Fortunately, there is an Alchemy theme that can make managing it easier.

This article will focus on the Alchemy Shopify theme, one of the best themes on the market for Shopify themes.

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Alchemy Theme Overview:

What is the Alchemy Shopify Theme?

The Alchemy theme, was created by the CLean Canvas team, allows you to present a clear picture of what your restaurant or cafe looks like as well as the products you sell by elegantly and simply displaying a variety of goods and services from across the website.

The theme offers options for performance and speed, and it is extremely SEO-friendly.

Alchemy is an OS2 theme that presents your goods, tales, and brand in a quick and contemporary manner.

This is perfect for smaller shops that feature premium product photography.

Alchemy also features full-width header images, block-style production planning, a home page gallery, and in-menu promotions.

It costs $300 to purchase this theme. Before purchasing this theme, you can test it out for an unlimited period of time to decide if it's a good fit for your online business. Only after you publish the theme to your website will the team request payment.

About Clean Canvas Team

A design and development company called Clean Canvas has over ten years of experience assisting companies to succeed online. They are equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to assist you in reaching your professional objectives.

Their team of experts created a variety of themes, including Alchemy, Showcase, Masonry, Symmetry, Expression, and others, all of which are excellent for any online store. There are templates for everything, including online shops and clothing boutiques.

Who is the Alchemy Theme for?

Alchemy is perfect for restaurants and the food industry because of its attractive data presentation and big images. Due to how lovely the exterior design is, you may even use it without making many changes. Alchemy, on the other hand, can be completely tailored to your preferences and brand identity.

Alchemy is the ideal website design if you want the best Shopify sports theme for your modest online store.

Alchemy Shopify Theme Styles

The three main theme types that Alchemy offers are Modern, Sharp, and Clean.

Three pre-built demos for the Alchemy theme are included and are simply installed with a few clicks. These demonstrations are intended to give you an idea of the theme's capabilities and how it can be altered to suit your particular requirements.

1. Modern


The Modern demo, which includes all of the theme's essential features, is the first demo. It can display a lot of goods, which is crucial for retail stores, clothing stores, and accessory stores.

For those who want a timeless appearance for their store, the Modern style is ideal. It has a simple layout with lots of white space so your products can stand out. This design works best in establishments that sell high-end, opulent goods.

2. Sharp


The Sharp demo is the second one. You can create a premium store for your brand using this demo.

For stores that want to stand out, the Sharp design is ideal. With striking colors and patterns, it has a more daring design. This design works best in shops that sell hip or avant-garde goods.

3. Clean


The Clean layout is the final design. Although the layout is more simplistic, it is very stylish and appealing to the eye.

For shops that want to create an ethereal vibe, the Clean style is ideal. It has soft colors and delicate details. This style works best in stores that sell whimsical or romantic goods.

You can modify each of these demos to meet your unique requirements. The Alchemy theme is definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a theme that is simple to use and customize.

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Top 5 Alchemy Shopify Theme Features

Alchemy makes it simple to design a pixel-perfect shopping experience that is tailored to your marketplace.

This package comes with SEO, speed, performance, sections that are customizable, advanced product filters, and much more.

A custom-coded, expensive website can be avoided in favor of a template thanks to the numerous customization options provided by this Alchemy theme.

It comes loaded with features right out of the box to help you make the most of your possessions.

For shops that want to provide the best possible customer experience, the Alchemy theme is a fantastic shopping resource. The theme comes with a number of features that enable companies to tailor their shopping experiences to their customers' preferences.

The alchemy theme's primary features include:

  • Introduce a multi-level drop-down bar to make it easier for customers to navigate your shop.

multi-level drop-down bar

  • Extremely responsive layout that looks great on any device. (gif or video)
  • A number of pre-built layouts and sections to help you get started quickly.
  • Easy set up customization options to create a unique look for your shop.
  • Support for Shopify's powerful eCommerce features.

Being a clean and modern theme, the Alchemy Shopify Theme is ideal for any online store. The theme is completely responsive and has a variety of features that make setting up and customizing your shop simple.

Where can you download it on the Shopify Theme Store?

You can find its Shopify store here.

To start using the Alchemy Shopify theme, you need to log into your store admin. From there, go to the Themes section. 

If you want to use and customize the vantage theme on your Shopify store, you need to add it to your admin. To be able to do so, follow these steps: 

  • Visit the Alchemy Shopify Theme on the Shopify theme store
  • Click View demo store if you’d like to see how the theme looks in action 
  • If you like what you see, click Try theme to add it to your store 
  • Go to Shopify admin > Online Store > Themes 
  • You will see the vantage theme listed here 
  • Select an Action you’d like to take on the theme – this is where you can preview and customize the theme

Now at this point, the customizations you implement entirely depend upon the type of products you’re selling, your target audience and your goals.

Start your amazing online store with Alchemy Theme

Build Home page

Preview Video in desktop version: 


Preview Video in mobile version:


With the Alchemy Shopify Theme, you can rearrange rows on the home page - Display items, blog entries, or promotional materials in just about any sequence using rows that can be customized.

Showcase products

You can showcase images at the image gallery section.

It's also called the gallery of product pages where you can put high-resolution pictures of your products in a separate product gallery.

Showcase products

Showcase blog posts

I love how they collage the blog posts. It's just very creative to arrange it in a way your customers won't have to swipe left and right to see more blogs..

Sticky header

As you move down the page, you can keep menus fixed to the top of your page as you scroll down, and more.

You can enable transparent header where a full width section is shown at the top of the page, e.g. hero banner or slideshow. A great option to design your header.


Display a variety of brand or product photos on your main page.

Showcasing the announcement bar, promotional content banners, and slideshows in any order using customizable rows, add depth and impact with high-resolution imagery like this.


Text scale

You can simply adjust the size of the text here.

Text scale

Stock badge

This badge tells how many items left in your stock which can urge customers' decision making faster.

Stock badge

Product videos

By including a YouTube/Vimeo video link, you may tell your narrative.

Product videos

Payment icon

It's great to show different payment methods at the footer area.

Payment icon

You can check out how we tested this theme here for desktop and mobile version.

Build Product page

Preview Video in desktop version:


Preview Video in mobile version:

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Product Recommendation

Great to suggest similar and related products to cross-sell at the product pages.

Product Recommendation

Merchandising Animation Color Swatches

A great theme design in showing different variations of the product with easy set up.

Merchandising Animation Color Swatches

Must say it's a clean, modern design that is perfect for high volume stores on Shopify platform.

Build Collection page

Preview Video in desktop version:


Preview Video in mobile version:


Select which collections you want to display at the collection page

Build Collection page

Alchemy Theme's Pros and Cons

One of the most well-liked Shopify themes is Alchemy, created by Out of the Sandbox. Although it costs a little more than some other themes, it has a ton of features and is very customizable. Let's examine some of the pros and cons of using alchemy.


  • One of the most complete in terms of features and functionalities
  • Really user-friendly and intuitive
  • The theme support team is really helpful and quick to respond, you can get support here

theme support team

  • The Clean Canvas website has a wealth of resources for solving technical issues
  • Fast load times: they got 98 over 100 for their page speed score, which is incredible speed for a desktop version.

Fast load times


  • You can create a unique look for your store using the many customization options available
  • The theme is responsive, so it will look good on all devices.
  • It includes several built-in features, such as social media integration and support for multiple currencies


  • This theme is quite pricey
  • There is no 24/24 support in case of urgent issues
  • The theme can be difficult to customize if you're not familiar with HTML/CSS

customize with HTML/CSS

  • Low speed performance for mobile

Low speed performance for mobile

Alchemy Shopify Theme - Rating

Alchemy has never had a bad review on its Shopify stores, so this situation is not by chance. Alchemy enables retailers to close the gap between them and their customers by allowing them to tell their stories through videos on YouTube or Vimeo using high-resolution photos.


The theme has 52 reviews on the Shopify themes store with no negative reviews, and every single one of them is favorable, indicating complete customer satisfaction.

Following are some of the most recent comments from clients:

"This is a great theme and one of the most complete in terms of features and functionalities. I have compared it with other 3rd party themes of Shopify before purchasing it. Very easy to use and intuitive. And the theme support team are extremely responsive and helpful when I have a query or issue."

"Clean Canvas: a place where you are sure to get a lot of information for your technical problem. They are quick, well prepared, and kind, and answer you back at every single question with incredible speed. I think I am not going to buy a Shopify Theme from anyone else anymore."

"I've been using this theme for a couple of years now. I'm impressed with the updates and the support team has been great! Courteous, quick communication. :)"

"I love this theme and I'm satisfied with my purchase. It has such a slick minimal design, and the interface is quite intuitive. I've been able to do and edit everything myself, while it still looks quite professional. Also, anytime I have had an issue, I have received great and thorough support from the support team. So I definitely recommend this theme."

"Extremely happy with the theme and service provided so far, with very sleek and professional templates that will reflect the standard of products and service I provide to customers. Support documents are easy to follow, short, and direct. If I had needed to reach out the team has responded within 24 hours which is great when you want your online business to be right."

Top 3 Alchemy Themes live stores


RAEN is a handcrafted eyewear from the Golden State. Check out how they maximize all the features that Alchemy Shopify theme offers.


homepage of RAEN

Product pages

product page of RAEN

Introductory video

Introductory video

2. Damaged Society

They opened our first store in Derby in 2012 with the aim of bringing you all of people's favorite brand and merch which people can't find anywhere on the high street.


homepage of Damaged Society

Product page

product page of Damaged Society

3. DeltaG Keltones

Its mission is to enhance human performance, cognitive function, and general health. Global’s revolutionary ketone ester, deltaG®, was developed over many years in a collaboration between the University of Oxford and the National Institutes of Health.


homepage of DeltaG Keltones

Product page

product page of DeltaG Keltones

Is Alchemy a Good Shopify Theme?

Alchemy is a fantastic option if you're looking for a different theme that is jam-packed with options and features. With a homepage slider, product carousels, social media integration, and more, it has everything you need to launch your online store.

You can alter the look and feel of your site to better reflect your brand thanks to Alchemy's extensive customization capabilities. Additionally, the theme comes with thorough documentation and developer support if you need assistance getting started.

Alchemy is a great theme if you're looking for a thorough Shopify theme that will provide you with everything you need to start selling online.


We've been using Shopify for quite some time and used quite a few different themes, but none compare to 2.0 Alchemy for clean code and fast load times. This is definitely worth the $300 Investment!

Alchemy really impressed us in the end. It's a fantastic option for anyone seeking a simple, modern design that's simple to customize. Our questions were promptly answered with no trouble thanks to its excellent customer support. We wholeheartedly endorse Alchemy if you're thinking about using it for your Shopify store.

Alchemy is a fantastic Shopify theme, in our opinion, for anyone looking to launch an online store. Due to its high degree of customization, simplicity of use, and abundance of features to help you create the ideal shopping experience for your consumers, it is one of the best Shopify themes currently available.

Finding a theme that is intended to sell is crucial for that. Fortunately, there are many Shopify themes available that offer a fantastic user experience right out of the box such as Blum Theme, which is made for brands especially in the fashion industry with high page speed and stunning mobile design.

By the way, let us know here via if you'd like assistance choosing a theme for your store or need assistance testing a Shopify theme. We'd adore to assist!

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