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Best 20 Shopify Marketplace Apps to Get You Winning in 2024

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Are you a busy store owner juggling multiple roles as a manager, and a marketer, as well as being the operator of your business? Are you considering Shopify marketplace apps to optimize your store and increase sales? The process of picking the app for you can be challenging and time-consuming for many businesses.

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To help you with the workload, we have assessed app store ratings, reviews, key features, and prices for numerous marketplace apps on Shopify. As a result, we were able to shorten the list, which now contains the best 20 Shopify apps that you can choose from. Every app on this list has been carefully selected to meet a variety of business needs, giving you access to a wide range of features that are tailored to your objectives. Whether your goal is to increase sales, improve customer engagement, or streamline operations, our carefully chosen collection offers a range of solutions catered to distinct facets of your online business.

Through this list, we hope you will be able to decide on the most effective and suitable marketplace app that will help transform your business for the better.


01. What Is A Marketplace?

A marketplace, or a multi vendor, is a platform that features products from an unlimited number of independent sellers and has a single direct and easy checkout process. Its function can turn any online store into an online marketplace that allows merchants to find buyers and create sales more easily, as well as control and manage sales, paperwork, and order shipments through an individual control panel.

A well-known example of a marketplace platform is Amazon, where sellers from all over the world showcase their products to a larger base of customers.

What Is A Marketplace

02. Why Merchants Should Build A Multi Vendor Marketplace On Shopify

As highlighted earlier, the integration of a multi vendor marketplace within your Shopify ecosystem serves as a strategic move to amplify traffic and streamline sales processes. Well, through venturing into the Shopify app marketplace, merchants gain the advantage of tapping into an expansive customer base, significantly augmenting the likelihood of discovering potential buyers who are genuinely interested in your products and poised to make a purchase.

For the owner of the multi vendor online store, you will receive a flat fee, or commission, for every order you receive through the sellers. It can be calculated based on a fixed amount from each sale, independent of the total cost of the sold product, or based on the rate in the percentage of the product value.


03. Steps To Get You Started With The Shopify Marketplace

The Shopify Marketplace Kit takes advantage of Shopify's reliable foundational technology stack and extensive commerce expertise to deliver a powerful toolkit for accelerating your marketplace development process. Marketplace Kit, a well-crafted collection of APIs, webhooks, and user interface components, enables you to accelerate the creation and enhancement of your marketplace.To build a marketplace site, the site owner first has to create a Sales Channel app for the marketplace through API programming and development.

After having the app, any merchants who wish to participate in the platform can then install it within their Shopify stores, which grants access to their product details. Next, they can choose and publish the products they want to sell from their stores. The main Channel app will collect all the selected products and details into the central channel and display them on the marketplace platform.

To customize your multi vendor store, consider using page builder apps such as PageFly with 100+ high-converting templates to make your site stand out from others. You can also check out our article on how to implement those templates effectively to improve the conversion of your page.

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Best Shopify Marketplace Apps to Get Your Shopify Store Winning in 2024

Shopify multi vendor marketplace apps enable you with the functionality to offer unlimited sellers a way to access your site’s backend without having any control over it. As a result, vendors can add, edit, and remove products from your site easily. The apps can also calculate the commissions and how much the site admin should pay vendors for site usage.

01. Multi vendor marketplace

  • This is one of the most popular Shopify marketplace apps on the Shopify App Store. This app provides a great tool to turn your shop into a fully functioning marketplace. It helps with the process of adding vendors and keeping track of their sales. Vendors (or sellers) can create a profile and collection page for themselves that contains a wide range of products. The merchants (or admin of the site) can set different commission rates for each individual vendor, or choose to have a global commission that applies to all.
    mutil vender marketplace
  • Key features:
  • Facilitate unlimited vendors: turn your eCommerce store into a Marketplace platform like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, etc.
  • Add unlimited products: there is no limit to how many products a seller can add, which gives customers more options and eventually increases sales.
  • Ratings: 4.6-star (721 reviews)
  • Price: start at $10/month. 15-day free trial available
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    02. CedCommerce eBay Integration

    • Connect your Shopify store to eBay and manage listings, orders, and inventory from a single location: your Shopify store. Customize product and order settings, add custom templates to your listings, and ensure accurate currency conversion. The app allows for simple product management and variation handling. You also save time by having real-time insights into the app's ongoing and completed activities.
      CedCommerce eBay Integration
    • Key features:
    • Manage eBay listings with almost real-time product synchronization
    • Automatic order, shipment, and cancellation sync simplifies eBay orders
    • Create eBay listings in bulk by using custom settings tailored to your needs
    • Flexible price, inventory, and title templates can be used to improve eBay listings
    • Manage multiple eBay accounts from a single location
    • Ratings: 4.8-star (1097 reviews)
    • Price: free to install

    03. eBay Link

    • In addition to seamlessly facilitating sales for Shopify vendors on eBay Australia, eBay Link goes beyond basic Shopify marketplace integration by offering a streamlined and efficient experience for merchants. This innovative app automates the listing process by showcasing your Shopify products directly on eBay Australia, creating a cohesive and synchronized online presence for your business.
    • One of eBay Link's standout features is its integrated order fulfillment mechanism. Upon a successful sale on eBay Australia, the entire order fulfillment process seamlessly transpires within your Shopify store. This means that inventory management, order tracking, and customer communication are all centralized within your familiar Shopify environment, providing you with a unified platform to manage your e-commerce operations.
      eBay Link app
    • Key features:
    • Allow vendors to make changes to products on eBay Link for optimization
    • Real-time syncing to display correct product inventory on eBay
    • Create product groups for shipping to enable different shipping charges for different products
    • Ratings: 2.3-star (32 reviews)
    • Price: start at $19.95/month. 30-day free trial available

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      04. CedCommerce Walmart Connector

      • This integration provides a simple one-click migration option that ensures a seamless transition from any application. Connect a Shopify store to Walmart seamlessly, taking advantage of a feature-rich integration that ensures 100% real-time synchronization and efficient bulk catalog management. This is one of the best Shopify multi vendor marketplace apps to increase sales and profits for online businesses.
        CedCommerce Walmart Connector
      • Key features:
      • Open for both U.S. and international sellers
      • Upload one product at a time or in bulk with ease
      • Easy to manage order and inventory
      • 24/7 Live chat to support vendors
      • Ratings: 4.8-star (621 reviews)
      • Price:Starts at $19/month, with a 14-day free trial

      05. CedCommerce Etsy Integration

      • One of the highly-rated multi-vendor apps is Etsy Marketplace Integration. The principle of this app is to minimize manual efforts and maximize automation. The app supports all variants and complete syncing for seamless and effective management.
        CedCommerce Etsy Integration
      • Key features:
      • 100% successful syncing of products and inventory from Shopify to Etsy.
      • Get live Etsy listings into the app and duplicate them on Shopify.
      • Personalized order management. Orders can be shipped with or without tracking.
      • Product profiling based on category, attribute, and shipping information
      • Listing Optimization Service with professional guidance to increase product visibility
      • Support: the app provides 24/7 support to merchants with zero cost
      • Ratings: 4.8-star (1692 reviews)
      • Price: From $19/month. 7-day free trial available
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        06. Omnivore for Marketplaces

        • Omnivore is a leading Shopify marketplace app in Australia and New Zealand. The app helps sellers with listing and selling products on marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Catch, Kogan, TheIconic, and Trade Me
        • The app automatically creates and updates your chosen marketplaces’ listings, as well as sends you back the orders for fulfillment. All listings, stock levels, and orders are synced with your Shopify store
          Omnivore for Marketplaces
        • Key features:
        • Marketplace Listing automation: automatically create listings on marketplaces and ensure real-time syncing with the Shopify store to help with inventory management
        • Order fulfillment: Orders from Omnivore are sent back to Shopify to fulfill through existing processes
        • Optimize and change product data: changes to product data can be made directly in Omnivore without having to change it in Shopify
        • Ratings: 4.4-star (26 reviews)
        • Price: starting from $74.95/month. 30-day free trial available

        07. OMNA | Sell on Lazada & Shopee

        • OMNA helps Shopify store owners simplify multi-channel retailing by automating inventory sync, order management, and product listing on major marketplaces such as Shopee and Lazada. Omnichannel management solution connects your Shopify store, saving you time and increasing your reach.
          OMNA | Sell on Lazada & Shopee
        • Key features:
        • Inventory sync from Shopify to Shopee and Lazada in real-time
        • Import orders from Shopee and Lazada into Shopify
        • Status updates are performed automatically
        • Connect existing marketplace listings to Shopify products using SKUs
        • OMNA's omnichannel management solution will help you streamline your e-commerce operations
        • Orders, inventory, and product listings are all managed from a single dashboard
        • Ratings: 4.2-star (3 reviews)
        • Price: starting from $18/month. 14-day free trial available

        08. Multi Seller Marketplace

        • Multi Seller Marketplace allows you to turn your eCommerce stores into a functioning marketplace with multiple vendors and reach more customers.
        Multi Seller Marketplace
        • Key features:
        • Convert your Shopify store to a functioning marketplace
        • Separate seller panels that help sellers manage existing products and orders
        • Store admin can manage sellers, product reviews and more through master admin panel, along with other store settings
        • Ratings: 3.1-star (17 reviews)
        • Price: $199.99/month. 30-day free trial available

        09. CedCommerce Wish Integration

        • If you want to connect your Shopify store to the Wish marketplace easily in a short amount of time, the Wish Marketplace Integration app will provide you with a smooth experience automating your selling process and improving performance, therefore, your business can operate strategically and expand quickly on Wish.
        CedCommerce Wish Integration
        • Key features:
        • Potent statistics management: real-time  synchronization feature helps you manage orders and inventory seamlessly and effortlessly
        • Advanced order management: orders made on Wish will be fetched and created on your Shopify store for easy fulfillment and control
        • Scale up your sale: increase product visibility and boost sales with product boost feature
        • Ratings: 4.3-star (157 reviews)
        • Price: free plan available. 10-day free trial available

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          10. CedCommerce Newegg Connector

          • If you want to sell on marketplaces without all the hassles, the Newegg Connector app could be a great choice for you. After the app connects to your eCommerce store, you can import all the products that you want to the marketplace. With just a few clicks, you can list your products on your Newegg Business and Newegg US accounts, customize their information, and sync the orders made in the app with your store.
          CedCommerce Newegg Connector
          • Key features:
          • Juggling- and manual-free: inventory, orders, and shipments are automatically synced between the platform and your Shopify store for hassle-free management
          • 24/7 support: unlimited expert training all-day everyday
          • Save time and money: effective handling and real-time updates help save money, time, and efforts
          • Ratings: 3.8-star (21 reviews)
          • Price: free plan available. 10-day free trial available

          11. CedCommerce Sears Integration

          • The CedCommerce Sears Integration streamlines the handling of your products and order management on the Sears Marketplace. It supports both the FBM and FBS Sears programs, enabling sales through an authorized Sears Channel Integration Partner. The automation process on Sears Marketplace facilitates order acceptance and fulfillment initiation. Achieve real-time synchronization for product information and inventory in a single operation, even with a large number of SKUs. The app allows for the simultaneous upload and update of single or all products at once.
          CedCommerce Sears Integration
          • Key features:
          • No juggling and manual work: all sales operations are automated, so you don’t have to worry about the tedious, manual work for your store
          • Multilateral 24/7 support: account manager assistance and unlimited expert training anytime you need
          • Save time and money: effective handling and real-time updates of the listings saves time, money, and efforts
          • Ratings: 2.8-star (26 reviews)
          • Price: starting from $50/month. 15-day free trial available

          12. CedCommerce Fruugo Integration

          • Fruugo Integration is rather more exclusive than other apps, since it is only recommended for businesses approved by Fruugo. Once you install the app, you can import all or desired products and customize them on Fruugo. The orders and shipments will be synced between your Shopify store and Fruugo.
            CedCommerce Fruugo Integration
          • Key features:
          • Hassle-free product listing: easy listing with product variants. To sell your products on Fruugo, you will need to map them
          • Real-time synchronization: near real-time synchronization of inventory, price, etc. between Fruugo and your Shopify store helps provide a seamless experience and effective management
          • Auto order management: automate inventory and order management process between the app and your Shopify store
          • Ratings: 4.9-star (211 reviews)
          • Price: Free

          13. Best Buy Canada Integration

          • This app is developed to help Shopify merchants to sell their products on Best Buy Marketplace seamlessly through their Shopify Account. You can easily sync your products, pricing, and inventory from your Shopify store to the Best Buy Marketplace
            Best Buy Canada Integration
          • Key features:
          • Multi-location warehouse management allows you to manage inventory according to location
          • Reduce product prices on Best Buy CA to attract more online shoppers
          • Set an in-app inventory limit and receive a low stock alert before the stock runs out.
          • Ratings: 3.3-star (17 reviews)
          • Price: starting from $49/month. 7-day free trial available

          14. CedCommerce Bonanza Channel

          • Bonanza Channel is a platform that promotes relationships development between merchants and customers, and creates sales from there. It enables Shopify businesses to list their products on Bonanza, as well as managing inventory, order, and shipment easily and directly from your Shopify store.
          CedCommerce Bonanza Channel
          • Key features:
          • Bulk product upload. A single click can transfer your chosen catalog to Bonanza, creating a hassle-free and seamless experience
          • Fetch orders from Bonanza as soon as they arrive at your Shopify store
          • Information syncing between your Shopify store and the app allows you to have consistency across all platforms and better management of your business. Instant notification for the updates also helps to create a seamless experience for the sellers
          • Ratings: 4.4-star (62 reviews)
          • Price: starting from $40/month. 7-day free trial

          15. Automate Your Sale

          • This app automates your product inventory and order synchronization, as well as giving you full control over the products you sell on Bol marketplace. It allows you to manage your marketplace orders the same as your Shopify orders.
 Automate Your Sale
          • Key features:
          • Stock automation and order synchronization for FBB or FBR orders
          • Stop losing sales by managing Bol orders in your Shopify store
          • Instant sales management with near real-time synchronization of updates, product inventory and prices between Bol and your Shopify store
          • Ratings: 4.6-star (11 reviews)

          Price: starting from $34.95/month. 30-day free trial available

          16. InfiPlex OMS

          • The InfiPlex Inventory & Order Management System (OMS) simplifies the handling of shipping and inventory across multiple marketplaces directly through your Shopify store. The InfiPlex OMS seamlessly links your Shopify store with external marketplaces such as Amazon SP-API, eBay, Groupon EDI, Overstock, Wayfair, and Walmart. It effortlessly transmits orders to your Shopify store, enabling centralized management within the Shopify platform.
          InfiPlex OMS
          • Key features:
          • Manage all your orders from various marketplaces directly from your Shopify store. This includes setting daily reorder points for all stock-keeping units (SKUs)
          • Seamlessly connect to a wide range of marketplaces, including Walmart, Walmart DSV, Houzz, and more.
          • Orders are seamlessly integrated into your Shopify store for processing. Our app offers inventory management for up to 500 products, and for additional capacity, feel free to get in touch with us.
          • Ratings: 3.0-star (3 reviews)
          • Price: $50/month. 14-day free trial

          17. ShipTurtle Marketplace Creator

            • Establishing a marketplace presents an excellent opportunity to expand your product listings, enhance conversion rates, and increase the average order value (AOV) without the burden of inventory management and associated risks. Employ Shipturtle to automate your Multi-Vendor Marketplace, streamlining processes such as syncing vendor stores, importing product catalogs, order dispatch, tracking information synchronization, and payout management.
              ShipTurtle Marketplace Creator
            • Key features:
            • Vendor Dashboards with real-time Vendor Website synchronization: Catalog, Orders, and Products
            • Rate API, Labels, Tracking, NDR, Pickups & Returns - 100+ Shipping Integrations
            • Automation rules allow you to process 100s of orders in minutes, as well as bulk shipping and invoicing.
            • Ratings: 4.7-star (49 reviews)
            • Price: from $29/month. 14-day free trial available

            18. CedCommerce Catch Integration

            • CedCommerce Catch Integration was created to help Shopify merchants streamline their selling operations on the Catch marketplace. It has features that allow Shopify stores to easily reach new audiences. It enables merchants to optimize their selling operations, as shown below.
            • CedCommerce Catch Integration
            • Key features:
            • Sellers can sync orders from the Marketplace and create them on Shopify
            • Create inventory templates for a group of products and edit or update product information
            • Real-time synchronization keeps merchants up to date and prevents overselling and underselling
            • Ratings: 4.4-star (89 reviews)
            • Price: free plan. 10-day free trial available

            19. Multi‑Store Sync Power

            • Sync Power automates the process of ensuring that your inventory is consistent across all stores. When there is a new order, refund, cancellation, or restock, the app automatically updates inventory in stores. Sync Power also allows you to synchronize products and collections across stores.
            • Multi‑Store Sync Power
            • Key features:
            • When there is a change, it updates product fields in all connected stores
            • Connect locations within linked stores and sync inventory on a location-by-location basis
            • Excellent 24-hour support
            • Ratings: 4.6-star (125 reviews)
            • Price: free plan. 7-day free trial available

            20. Onport | Marketplace&Dropship

            • The Onport Platform provides robust support for the success of Marketplace and Dropshipping models by fostering connectivity through forward-looking automation. This enables Retailers, Brands, and Marketplaces to efficiently establish, launch, and expand their online businesses.
              Onport | Marketplace&Dropship
            • Key features:
            • Manage inventory and curate product catalogs
            • Sync and split orders to the appropriate vendors
            • Determine the most cost-effective shipping rates
            • Manage Vendor Commissions and Reports
            • Ratings: 4.4-star (23 reviews)
            • Price: free to install


            We hope you found our guide on the best Shopify apps for the marketplace to get you winning in 2024 useful.

            A larger customer base, a higher chance to be seen and chosen, and more profit are in the way when you use these marketplace apps. As a result, we strongly recommend you to choose an app listed above and use it to its full potential to open up new opportunities for your business.

            And if you want to build a high-converting landing page for your multi vendor store, check out this article about all the tips and tricks to help you with it.

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