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Transforming Cart Abandonment into Loyal Customers

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Have you ever wondered why despite having a great store, products, and marketing campaigns, some visitors even if they fill the cart just leave your website? According to some statistics, almost 70% of shoppers abandon their carts. How can you leverage cart abandonment recovery to establish a loyalty program? Through this blog, we'll explore some tips to shift from customers abandoning their carts to turning them into loyal advocates for your brand. It's not just about transactions; it's about building a community, one cart at a time.

Simplify and Recover: Enhancing Onboarding with 1-Click Social Login

Enhancing Onboarding with 1-Click Social Login

Cart abandonment frequently comes when potential customers are prompted to create an account - as first impressions matter, the onboarding experience significantly influences the customer's journey. Conventional account creation processes can be complicated and annoying, causing potential customers to abandon their carts.

With 1-Click Social Login, you eliminate the need for extensive forms, confirming email, and creating passwords, delivering a smooth and trouble-free onboarding experience. Customers can effortlessly sign up or log in with just one click, using their existing social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Gmail account, or even LINE. This streamlined process not only makes the onboarding experience better but also helps in cart abandonment recovery, providing instant access to customer information for future retargeting efforts.

With the Ako Marketing App, you can enhance your customer acquisition and conversion strategy further by integrating allowing you to convert visitors efficiently.

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Implement AI-Powered Recommendation

Implement AI-Powered Recommendation

Source: BoostCommerce

Imagine a scenario where your customers aren't just browsing; they're on a personalized exploration, guided by intelligent recommendation types that understand their preferences and desires. BoostCommerce takes the lead in enhancing customer shopping experiences by delivering engaging and tailor-made suggestions, from related products to trending items and must-have accessories.

Their AI doesn't just recommend; it learns and evolves with each interaction, ensuring that your customers discover products that resonate with their unique tastes.

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conventional search

Source: Boostcommerce

This level of engagement doesn't just boost conversions; it forges a deeper connection between your brand and your customers reducing cart abandonment since you are providing them with what they are looking for. ⁤Regular search engines struggle with complicated searches based on keywords. ⁤⁤But Semantic Search does things differently by using Contextual matching. ⁤⁤This makes search results more accurate and relevant, especially when customers looking for specific and detailed information using longer phrases. ⁤

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Abandon Carts Recovery with Retargeting

Abandon Carts Recovery with Retargeting

Source: Akohub

Reviving potential customer connections and catching those on the verge of purchase to hit that "buy" button – that's the magic of our standout retargeting campaigns!  Despite being budget-friendly compared to other ad methods, the secret sauce lies in the thoughtful mix of research and strategic planning. Ako Marketing app has a user-friendly funnel designed to make the retargeting journey. It all starts with  "engagers" – the customers discovering your store through Facebook posts, liking, or visiting your fan page. These customers are transitioned into prospects, riding the wave of interest. As brand awareness grows, they smoothly transition into website visitors, curiously browsing your Shopify store to get the lowdown on your products. Next stop? The product page, and if all goes well, a cart filled with products.  It helps your business craft campaigns that match your vibe, align with your budget, and flex diverse ad styles. For a deeper dive into the retargeting universe click here to get more insights.

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Triggering Emails – Crafting Strategic Engagement

Klaviyo app dash board

Implementing marketing automation through trigger emails, especially for cart abandoners, is a game-changer. Personalized templates, free from the spam folder, become powerful tools for re-engagement. Having your customers engaged and informed about rewards, discounts or benefits will help you build a connection with them. Using tools like Klaviyo and Akohub can assist in seamlessly tracking your customers' progress and enhancing their overall experience. By linking Akohub's CRM and Klaviyo you can personalized the email notification by triggers such as new loyalty members, loyalty tiers, upgrade or downgrade tiers and more.

Having this mix ensures that your triggered emails are not just sent but are crafted strategically, leveraging customer data to create unique and memorable content that prompts action and solidifies customer loyalty.

Web Push Notifications

Web Push Notifications

Source: PushOwl

Besides having email campaigns, SMS messages, abandoned cart emails, and retargeting ads, we have an additional tool for you to give it a try: web push notifications. ⁤Web push notifications are friendly, attention-grabbing messages that can reach your subscribers even when they're not actively browsing your website. ⁤⁤They are concise, impactful, and impossible to overlook. ⁤⁤This is where PushOwl comes into place as the ultimate web push notification app for Shopify stores. ⁤⁤It helps you to send exciting updates about your store or implement automated abandoned cart reminders that effortlessly bring back those shoppers who may have left their carts behind. ⁤⁤

Cultivating Lasting Customer Loyalty and Advocacy

Cultivating Lasting Customer Loyalty and Advocacy

Creating brand loyalty and customer advocacy is key to your store's success. Did you know that people are seven times more likely to make a purchase when a friend recommends it? Just think about when was the last time you purchased something without reading or asking for recommendations. By making the deal better and adding bonus points, you can make it easier for you to grow your customer base and save money on acquisition costs.  Having a customer loyalty program it's not just about transactions; it's about building relationships that last and driving your business forward. Akohub VIP Tiers add a fun and rewarding twist to your loyalty program. Just picture this: the more your customers engage or make those extra purchases, they are not just customer - they are climbing through exclusive VIP tiers, unlocking coolers, and more exciting rewards along the way that you can customize in the app. It's like a journey of appreciation, starting with basic perks for their first steps and leading to top-tier benefits for your most dedicated fans

Throwing VIP member rewards into the mix adds a touch of class to your customer loyalty program. It's your way of saying: the more you invest in our brand, the more goodies you get in return.


To turn abandoned carts into a loyal community needs a good strategy. Implement onboarding with features like 1-Click Social Login and AI-driven recommendations. Set up a retargeting campaign, push notifications, and trigger emails for re-engagement. Introduce VIP Tiers for escalating rewards, fostering a connected community. In today's business world, it's not just about the product a loyalty program is needed for lasting relationships and business growth. It's about creating a bond where loyalty results in exclusive rewards, ensuring increased investment leads to delightful surprises.

About Akohub

Akohub provides an all-in-one Shopify loyalty retargeting app - Ako Marketing to foster the growth of Shopify stores. The Ako Loyalty Program enhances customer retention with VIP Tiers and various points-earning opportunities like Referrals, Signups, Reviews, Birthdays, and 1-Click Social Login. Key features include seamless points redemption at checkout, Instagram Automation for shoppable messages, a CRM Dashboard for deeper insights, and the Ako Marketing Funnel to boost retargeting conversions while reducing ad costs. Feel free to try it from the Shopify App Store!

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