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20+ Ways To Find The Best Clothing Brand Name Ideas in 2023

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In today's world, starting an online business has become increasingly important for entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners. With the rise of the internet and digital technologies, the potential for success in the online world has grown exponentially. 

The world of fashion and clothing is one of the most rapidly changing industries. With the rise of the internet, starting an online clothing business is an exciting venture for entrepreneurs of all ages. With the increasing demand for unique and personalized clothing, the potential to start and grow an online clothing business is tremendous. 

There are various factors to consider when starting an online clothing business, including web design, customer service, marketing, and more. However, the most important aspect of starting an online or an offline business is its brand name. Coming up with a memorable and catchy clothing brand name can be difficult due to the vast market competition. 

But don't worry, we have got you covered! In this blog, we'll discuss some of the best ways to find creative and unique clothing brand name ideas in 2023. So continue reading.


Why Is A Creative Brand Name Important In The Clothing Business? 

A creative brand name is important in the clothing business and its growth because it allows customers to recognize and remember the brand easily. And that’s just the beginning. It helps reap so many more benefits. Here are a few of the reasons why a good clothing brand name can help you with your business:

  • Stand Out From the Competition

A creative and unique clothing brand name can help you stand out from the competition by creating a memorable identity and a stronger connection with customers. It can also help you differentiate your brand from others and make it easier for potential customers to find and remember your brand. 

  • Brand Loyalty

A good clothing brand name is essential in establishing brand loyalty, as it helps to create a strong and recognizable identity that customers can associate with. The brand name should be easy to remember, creative, and reflective of the values and image of the company. Additionally, it should evoke positive emotions and be unique to stand out from the competition. 

  • Attract New Customers

A recognizable brand name can help customers remember the company and help them make decisions when choosing clothes. A creative clothing brand name can create an impression of quality, trustworthiness, and appeal. It can also attract new customers by creating an image of the brand that resonates with potential customers.

  • Build a Professional Image

A brand name can help to build a professional brand image by communicating a specific message to customers. For example, a clothing brand name that implies a sense of luxury, sophistication, and quality can help to project a professional and polished image. 

  • Unique Selling Point

A clever, creative name that stands out from other brands in the industry can differentiate itself from others by creating a unique selling point. This could include having a distinct style, offering exclusive designs, focusing on high-quality materials, providing specialized customer service, or offering competitive prices. 

If you want to know more about clothing brand names and how popular brand names have come into play, check out this video below.

10 Best Clothing Brand Name Ideas For Inspiration In 2023 

Like finding the perfect brand name for your clothing business, finding the right eCommerce platform is essential when starting a new business because it can make or break the business's success. An efficient and user-friendly eCommerce platform can help create a seamless online shopping experience for customers, leading to more sales and higher customer satisfaction. 

Shopify is one of the most popular and probably the perfect eCommerce platforms for starting a clothing eCommerce business because it offers a wide range of features to help you build, customize, and grow your store quickly and easily. It is a highly secure platform with excellent customer support, making it ideal for entrepreneurs with little technical expertise. 

Shopify is the best choice for kickstarting your eCommerce journey because it is an affordable solution that makes it easier for small businesses and entrepreneurs like yourself to get their clothing businesses up and running quickly. A good eCommerce platform combined with quality products, good marketing efforts, and an outstanding name can do wonders for your business. 

So, to ace your clothing brand name, let's look into some of the best clothing brand name ideas out there for your inspiration in 2023.

1. Fashion Nova

fashion nova landing page

    Image Credits

    One of the most well-known clothing brands online is Fashion Nova. This LA-based Shopify apparel powerhouse has more than 25 million social media followers, with trendy apparel for women, men, and kids.

    The store's content is extensive, with sections including "Shop the Look," "Customer Favorites," and an interesting blog targeted at the collection's target audience.

    The brand name is simple yet captivating. By including the term "fashion," people can easily identify the brand as a clothing brand.

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    2. Bee Inspired

    bee inspired landing page

      Image Credits

      Bee Inspired stands out because of its unique and innovative designs as well as its bold and modern branding. The brand is also committed to creating quality pieces with unique custom fabrics made in-house. 

      The name "Bee Inspired" inculcates curiosity among users and definitely stands out with inspiring collections. What started as a streetwear clothing brand in 2013, flourished into successful bedroom brand through the founders footballing connections. The name conveys a sense of motivation and enthusiasm that the brand tried to inculcate through its products.

      3. Goodfair

      goodfair landing page

        Image Credits

        Goodfair is a thrift shop with a significant emphasis on sustainability to encourage conscientious consumerism and give customers a simple way to find fashionable secondhand apparel online at a reasonable price easily.

        It is a good brand name because it conveys a sense of fairness and quality. It suggests that the products and services offered by the brand are of high quality, reliable, and ethically sourced. The name also implies that the brand is committed to providing a good experience for its customers.

        4. Jaded London

        Jaded London landing page

          Image Credits

          Jaded London creates trendy apparel for both men and women by drawing on the gritty urban culture of London. The brand's eye-catching designs are prominently shown on Instagram, focusing on affordability and fresh designs. 

          The website design and font style support the premium clothing brand image they have built with vertical scrolling and high-definition images on white space. In addition to the overall idea of being economical, the brand name gives a luxury feel to its customers. It implies a sense of style and sophistication, while also conveying a feeling of edginess and rebellion.

          5. BLACKTAILOR

          BLACKTAILOR landing page

            Image Credits

            The BLACKTAILOR exclusively specializes in cargo pants. Their products are made based on keeping in mind the customers who will use their products and are made with the highest quality possible. Their brand name is unique and stands out from others because it combines two words often associated with fashion and style: black and tailor. The name implies that the clothing is tailored to fit the individual and that it is stylish and fashionable. It also suggests that the clothing is made with quality materials and craftsmanship.

            6. Urban Industry

            Urban Industry landing page

              Image Credits

              Urban Industry is a unique clothing brand that focuses on creating stylish, high-quality clothing for the urban lifestyle. The brand is committed to creating both fashionable and functional clothing that caters to the needs of the modern urbanite. The brand also strives to create unique designs that are inspired by the city and its culture, making it stand out from other clothing brands. Their clothing brand name is inspired by their clothing style and is easy to remember.

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              7. Concepts

              Concepts landing page

                Image Credits

                The brand's designs are modern, edgy, and bold, designed to help people express themselves and stand out from the crowd. It is a great choice for those who are looking for fashion that is both stylish and unique. The single-word brand name is easy to pronounce and remember giving the idea of clothing focused on multiple concepts. 

                8. Black Halo

                Black Halo landing page

                  Image Credits

                  Black Halo is another Shopify clothing store that sells fitted dresses, business attire, and evening wear for women. The website features  appealing images and accessible CTAs, making it an easy browsing experience for any user. 

                  The brand name conveys a sense of mystery and sophistication, keeping with the brand's stylish and sophisticated clothing. Additionally, the name inspires a sense of luxury and exclusivity, making it attractive to potential customers.

                  9. True Classic

                  True Classic landing page

                    Image Credits

                    True Classic offers simple and minimalistic clothing meant for comfortable wear. A straightforward navigation menu highlighting its different categories of clothes gives the customers an idea of what they can expect from the brand on its homepage.

                    True Classic is a unique brand name because it combines two words representing timelessness and quality. The word "true" implies authenticity and reliability, while "classic" implies timelessness and quality. Together, these two words create a powerful brand name that conveys a message of trustworthiness and high-quality products.

                    10. mnml

                    mnml landing page

                      Image Credits

                      The brand MNML is known for its contemporary, minimalistic designs and quality craftsmanship. The pieces are designed for both functionality and style, creating a timeless look that is perfect for any occasion. 

                      MNML has a unique brand name because it stands out from the crowd. It is a combination of modernity and simplicity, both concepts emphasizing minimalism. The name is also short and memorable, making it easy to remember and recognize. 

                      These are some of the best clothing brands on Shopify with unique names for clothing brand name ideas. However, you might need to look into more such brand names to get a better idea. So, what’s the best way to go about it? Use Shop Name Ideas by PageFly.

                      Shop Name Ideas by PageFly

                      Simply enter the industry of your desire and the sub-industry. For example, for the business niche, you can choose apparel and any sub-industry of your choice, such as athletic, casual, etc. Once you have chosen that, click on ‘Generate shop name,’ The tool will generate different Shopify clothing brand names for ideas. 

                      This generator will give you 20+ brand names in one shot, and you can generate more ideas based on your sub-industry. This will give you enough more inspirational ideas for clothing brand names through some of the top brands. 

                      13 Creative Ways To Come Up With Unique Clothing Brand Name Ideas In 2023 

                      Clothing Brand Name Ideas

                      Image Credits

                      Using the Shop Name Ideas generator by PageFly, you can see several popular brands with creative names. But to use it fully, you need to leverage creative ways to come up with your own unique clothing brand name after you have an idea of what kind of name you want to go for. So here are 25 creative ways you can come up with unique clothing brand name ideas in 2023: 

                      1. Use a play on words: Take a word related to your product or service and create a pun or play on words. For example, a shoe store could be called "Sole Mates."
                      2. Use a combination of two words: Take two words that are related to your product or service and combine them. For example, a toy store could be called "Toytopia."
                      3. Use a metaphor: Take a metaphor that relates to your product or service and use it as your shop name. For example, a clothing store could be called "The Wardrobe." 
                      4. Use an alliteration: Take a word related to your product or service and create an alliteration. For example, a jewelry store could be called "Gleaming Gems."
                      5. Use a foreign word: Take a foreign word related to your product or service and use it as your shop name. For example, a coffee shop could be called "Café Cappuccino." 
                      6. Use a color: Take a color related to your product or service and use it as your shop name. For example, a clothing store could be called "Blue Boutique."
                      7. Use a location: Take a location related to your product or service and use it as your shop name. Look for words or phrases associated with the location that could be used in the brand name. Consider how the location's history and culture can be used to create a unique brand name.
                      8. Use a person's name: Take a person's name related to your product or service and use it as your shop name, such as "Ralph Lauren."
                      9. Use a number: Take a number related to your product or service and use it as your shop name. You can use the number in the name itself (e.g., "3M"), create a numerical pun (e.g., "7-Eleven"), or use the number to represent something important to your brand (e.g., "24 Hour Fitness").
                      10. Use an acronym: Take an acronym related to your product or service and use it as your shop name, such as H&M.
                      11. Use a misspelling: Take a word related to your product or service and misspell it. For example, a toy store could be called "Toys R U."
                      12. Create a portmanteau: A portmanteau combines two words to create a new one. Think of "brunch" (breakfast + lunch) or "smog" (smoke + fog).
                      13. Incorporate a mythological reference: Ancient gods, goddesses, and heroes can be a great source of inspiration for a brand name—for example, Nike (the Greek goddess of victory).

                                              5 Tips To Keep In Mind While Coming Up With A Brand Name 

                                              Now that you have some inspiration and ideas to develop your own clothing brand name, keep a few things in mind to ensure your new business journey runs as smoothly as possible and you avoid choosing an already-existing name. So here they are:

                                              • Research Your Competitors​​

                                              A great way to come up with a brand name for an online store is to research your competitors. Check out the names of stores similar to yours, and look for aspects that make them stand out. This will help you come up with a name that stands out from the competition as well are rule out any names that already exists. 

                                              • Make It Memorable

                                              One of the most important aspects of a brand name is that it should be memorable. Try to pick words that are easy to pronounce and spell. Additionally, try to avoid picking words that are too long or complicated. 

                                              • Consider Your Target Audience

                                              When coming up with a brand name for your online store, it is important to consider your target audience. Your brand name should appeal to your target market and make it easy for them to identify your store. 

                                              • Keep It Short and Simple

                                              A brand name should be short and simple. Longer names can be difficult to remember and spell, so it is best to keep it to a few words. Additionally, try to avoid using too many strange words or spellings. 

                                              • Consider Your Brand Image

                                              When creating a name for your online store, it is important to consider your brand image. Your name should reflect the type of business you are running and align with your values and mission.


                                              In conclusion, there are many ways to find the best clothing brand name ideas in 2023. From researching current trends in fashion to utilizing online tools, and other creative ways, as we discussed, you can create a unique and memorable name for your clothing line. However, the most promising solution to come up with clothing brand name ideas is to use a brand name ideas generator such as PageFly. With the right strategies in place, you can create a successful clothing brand that stands out in the competitive marketplace.

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