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Colors Shopify Theme Review: Top Features, Pricing, And Use Cases

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Shopify has become the top selling platform for millions of e-commerce businesses worldwide, with A-list celebrities like Kylie Jenner and David Beckham establishing their online stores with Shopify.

However, with so many businesses using this platform, standing out from the crowd can be a real challenge, and that’s where stylish and attractive themes such as the Colors Shopify Theme come into play.

This article reviews the “Colors” Shopify theme, exploring its top features, pricing, and use cases.


What is the Colors Shopify theme?

The Colors Shopify theme is a modern and intuitive design that enhances the look and feel of your Shopify store. Developed by Small Victories, this contemporary theme elevates your store’s visual appeal and overall aesthetics with its unique features and meticulous attention to detail.

colors shopify theme

Source: Small Victories

This Shopify theme is responsive on both mobile and desktop, accommodating shoppers' preferred devices for online shopping.

Colors’ features are also customizable so you can edit the color settings, color schemes, color palette, font size, and font family of your Shopify store or website, giving you more options when it comes to designing your Shopify website.

The Colors Shopify theme also gets regular updates such that buying the latest version of the Colors theme would give you access to all of Shopify’s new features.

Who Should Use The Colors Theme?

The Colors theme is designed to showcase visually rich and immersive content. This theme is an excellent choice if your brand relies heavily on visual elements and storytelling.

For these brands, the theme provides a visually appealing layout that can help convey their unique identity. The Colors theme is also optimized for longer-form text sections to support brand storytelling, allowing you to share your brand’s history or tell captivating stories about your products. Who should use this theme?

Colors Shopify theme

Source: Pexels

Fashion and Accessories Stores

Fashion and accessories stores need to use a theme that emphasizes visual appeal, and the Colors theme provides just that.

With the Colors theme, these stores can enhance the overall aesthetics of their online store and showcase their products in a visually compelling way.

You should see All Things Rainbow, a UK-based style and fashion brand, for insight into how your fashion and accessories store would look using the Colors theme.

Beauty Stores

Beauty Stores

Source: Beautimate

The Colors Shopify theme is perfect for online beauty stores that need a product-centric theme to ensure their products stand out.

This theme ensures that products are neatly organized in categories and mega menus for easy shopping. Beautimate, an online beauty store, is proof of the elegance of the Shopify Colors theme.

Sports and Recreation Stores

Sports and recreation brands need a lot of space to display their products to ensure that the features of each product are visible. This is a need that the Colors Shopify theme caters to.

The Colors theme also allows you to customize your Shopify website to ensure it aligns with your brand color scheme and identity.

One website that uses the Shopify Colors theme to display sporting products in an attractive way is Backcourt Pickleball.

Grocery Stores

Brands like Craft Gin Club have shown how well the Colors Shopify theme can work for grocery stores. From product categorization to search functionality, Colors make it easy for Craft Gin’s customers to find their favorite gins in the store.

If you run a grocery store or sell a specific food and drink brand, you should consider using the Colors theme.

Arts and Craft Stores

Arts and craft online stores must be just as visually appealing as the products sold on the website. As an arts and crafts seller, your prospective customers will judge your art's beauty based on your website's look.

Using the Shopify Colors theme ensures you have a stunning and attractive Shopify website, which is why brands like Topatoco are using the Colors theme.

Colors Shopify Theme Styles And Features

Colors’ styles and features make it attractive to users with visual elements and layouts that every e-commerce store needs.

Colors Theme Styles

Colors has three styles (or presets) carefully crafted to evoke specific emotions and cater to various design preferences. They are pastel, fluor, and generic.


Pastel features soft and muted hues that create a calming and inviting atmosphere. This preset is well-suited for stores selling handmade goods, organic products, or items geared toward children.


Pastel is also a great choice for stores that aim to offer a serene and gentle shopping experience to customers.


Fluor is minimalist, making it perfect for fashion stores that prefer a clean and sleek aesthetic. The default color schemes of this preset are white, gray, black, and cream, creating a sophisticated monochromatic look. The product display in this preset is horizontal, allowing for easy product transitions and comparison of items.



The Generic preset is a versatile, user-friendly theme style that vertically presents products. Each product in the Generic preset is given ample space to capture the customers’ attention, allowing them to explore and engage with the product offerings seamlessly.


This style is particularly well-suited for stores with a diverse range of products or wishes to highlight each item’s individuality and uniqueness. Also, showcasing products vertically provides an immersive shopping experience that encourages customers to explore and discover the full extent of the store’s offerings.

Colors Theme Features

The Colors theme has several simple yet effective features that make a big impact. They include the following:

Cart and Checkout Features

Colors Theme Features

Colors Shopify theme provides a range of features that enhance a seamless shopping and checkout experience. Here’s a list of the key features that enable this:

  • Cart Notes
  • In-Store Pickups
  • Pre-Order
  • Quick Buy
  • Slide-Out Cart
  • Sticky Cart
Colors Theme Features

Source: Pexels

Cart Notes allows shoppers to add special information relating to their order on checkout. So your customers can include how they would like their orders to be packaged or if they would like faster delivery.

The theme also supports "In-store pickups", allowing customers to collect their purchases from your physical store conveniently.

For products available for pre-order, the theme seamlessly integrates "Pre-order" functionality, enabling customers to reserve items before they are officially released.

Colors Theme Sample Store

The "Quick Buy" feature of the Colors theme streamlines the purchasing process by allowing customers to add products to their cart without leaving the current page.

The "Slide-out cart" provides a convenient and visually appealing way for customers to review their selected items without interrupting their browsing experience.

Colors Theme Product Page

Finally, the "Sticky Cart" feature ensures that the cart remains easily accessible and visible to customers as they navigate the store.

Marketing and Conversion

Apart from the engaging shopping experience it provides, Colors theme is optimized to ensure quality leads and enhanced conversion rates. The features that enable this include:

  • Blog
  • Customizable Contact Form
  • In-Menu Promo
  • Product Badges
  • Stock Counter
Colors Theme Blog

Colors Theme offers a comprehensive suite of features to support users’ digital marketing. For example, the built-in "blog" feature allows store owners to post engaging and informative content on their Shopify website.

A preview of each blog post is also on the homepage making it more accessible to website visitors.

informative content

Source: Pexels

contact form

This amazing Shopify theme also comes with a "customizable contact form" for Shopify businesses to gather relevant customer information efficiently. You may also use this form to ask website visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.


Colors also has an "In-menu promo" feature so you can display irresistible offers like “Free shipping and returns on orders above $100” at the top of your website.

collection page

The "product badges" on Colors highlight important details or promotions, catching customers’ attention. These badges can be used to specify sold out products or even hot selling products.

The Colors theme also has a "stock counter" feature that provides real-time information on product availability.


For effective merchandising, Colors Theme offers a variety of profitable merchandising features which includes:

  • Animation
  • Image Galleries
  • Color Swatches
  • Image Rollover
  • Image Zoom
  • Product Tabs
  • Slideshows

"Animation" and "image galleries" showcase products in an engaging and visually appealing manner.

This theme supports "Color swatches" that allow customers to view product variations or options by selecting different colors or patterns.

image zoom

Colors also has "Image rollover" and "Image zoom" features, which help store visitors examine intricate details and textures of products by just clicking on the plus (+) sign on the product image for image zoom or on the forward arrow (>) for image rollover.

Thames and Hudson

Source: Pexels

product tabs

Users also have access to "product tabs" that can be utilized to organize and present comprehensive information about products, such as specifications, shipping details, care instructions or sizing charts.


"Slideshows" can be created to showcase featured products, promotions, or seasonal collections.

Product Discovery

Product Discovery

Your store’s visitors can only convert if they are properly served with the items they want most. Colors theme ensures every user finds what they need with its product discovery features. They include:

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Collection Page Navigation
  • Search Functionality
  • Mega Menu

"Breadcrumbs" offers a clear and intuitive navigation path for customers, displaying the hierarchy of pages they have visited within the store.

navigation path

The "collection page" forms part of the menu and it allows customers to easily browse through different product categories or collections, providing a seamless and organized shopping experience.

collection page

This theme also has enhanced "search functionality" and "mega menu" features that ensure that website visitors find the products they need without stress.

Pros And Cons Of Shopify’s Colors Theme

Pros of Shopify’s Colors Theme

  • Minimalist design: The minimalist design of the Colors theme allows for a neat shopping website and it gives website visitors a feeling of luxury. Colors’ minimalist design also supports fast load times and as a result, store owners can make SEO gains and boost sales.
  • Attention to detail: The Colors theme showcases a meticulous attention to detail in its design. Every element, from typography to spacing and layout, has been carefully considered to create a beautiful look that draws visitors in.
  • Fast user support: The support team is very responsive and usually responds within minutes of receiving your query and in rare cases, within 24 hours. 
Fast user support

In this interaction, the support team responds after just 20 minutes of our initial query.

  • Attractive product pages: The ease of navigation of the Colors Shopify theme makes product pages even more appealing, as it gives users a distinctive product view.

Cons of Shopify’s Colors Theme

  • Paid theme: You’ll need to shell out $210 to add the Colors theme to your Shopify store. However, it gives you value for your money as the theme offers features that aren’t available with free templates.
  • Complicated stock display system: The stock display system is difficult to manage, especially for less experienced online sellers and this could result in customer dissatisfaction.
  • Functionality may be improved: While Colors has extensive features and supports a good range of functionalities, it could still be better. Users often have to redo their entire website whenever they update their theme.

Examples of Stores Using the Colors Theme

These stores using the Colors Shopify theme will certainly make you appreciate the beauty of this minimalist and yet detailed Shopify theme.

Oryx Designs

Oryx Designs

Oryx Designs is a luxury brand that sells incense to premium customers like celebrities. This online store leverages Colors’ minimalism to create a perception of luxury to its website visitors.

Beauty & The Goose

Beauty & The Goose

Beauty and the Goose is an arts and décor brand that uses Colors theme to make its products more accessible to website visitors. The minimalism of this design speeds up page loading speed and drives focus to the brand's product, making each product stand out.

Reesa Bobeesa

Reesa Bobeesa

Reesa Bobeesa is an online jewelry store that leverages the Colors theme’s in-menu promo to encourage prospective customers to buy more from the website.

Using soft colors and slightly blurred images, the website evokes a fairytale feeling that brings a relaxing approach to jewelry shopping.

Afters Ice Cream

Afters Ice Cream

Afters Ice Cream uses the Shopify Colors theme for their online ice cream store to create an aesthetically pleasing shopping website. Using the captivating design elements and features of the Shopify Colors, they seamlessly showcase their delectable treats enticingly.


Shopify Colors theme is a versatile, intuitive, and responsive theme perfect for your online store if you want to showcase your products in a visually appealing form and tell your brand’s story in a unique way.

Priced at $210, Colors has several amazing features from Cart Notes to its drop down menu, customizable contact forms and in-menu promos to give your customers an immersive shopping experience.

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