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The Canopy Shopify Theme: An In-Depth Look at its Fit for Your Online Store

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One of the biggest advantages of being a Shopify merchant is the access to numerous paid and free themes from the Shopify Themes store. The theme store has got it all, covering a wide range of industries, styles, and features a store owner would need to make their store stand out. We cannot ignore the fact that a theme plays an important role in an eCommerce store. It can make your store look stunning and attract customers instantly.

At the same time, the wrong theme can make your store look unappealing and confuse your visitors, leading to a loss of sales. While there are many Shopify themes to look at, we are going to look at the Canopy Shopify theme, a popular Shopify theme, and explore its fit for your online store. Let’s get started.

Canopy Shopify Theme: What Is It Like?

Most often, store owners resort to free themes, as paid Shopify themes range between $200-$300 in most cases. A few store owners even hire a developer to customize their store, which costs 10x times more than buying a paid theme.

While the free Shopify themes come with power-packed features, the paid themes are created by keeping in mind the exclusive needs of the merchants, by theme experts, with additional features and styles.

Shopify themes are known for three things primarily: 

  • Aesthetics
  • Functionality
  • Customization

At the same time, most if not all of the Shopify themes are mobile-friendly or mobile-responsive themes, which is of absolute importance in the eCommerce industry, due to the rise in mobile shoppers. Apart from these, Shopify themes come with an easy-to-use interface, so as a merchant, you don’t have to worry about hiring a developer on top of purchasing the theme.

Canopy Shopify theme is no different from this. It comes with an elegant and neat look and feel with features that can not only improve the appearance of your Shopify store, but also boost the shopping experience for your customers with predictive search, flexible sections, and many more.

The Canopy Shopify theme is built for high-volume stores with large carts and inventories. This theme is suited for any industry with large catalogs, be it food, clothing or beauty care, Canopy theme has all the prominent functionalities to guarantee a smooth experience for your site visitors customers. The prominent search bar, visible side cart, and advanced product filters are just some of the features that are aimed to easen the purchase process.

Canopy Shopify Theme: Who Created It?

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Canopy Shopify theme is created by Clean Canvas, web designers based out of the United Kingdom. They have over 30 Shopify themes, and some of the popular ones (apart from Canopy) include Enterprise theme, Boost theme, and Showcase. Clean Canvas has been supporting Shopify merchants with their beautiful themes since 2019, and have done some outstanding work for brands. You can read more about them here.

Clean Canvas also provides complete theme guides for their users to customize their store with the theme effortlessly. The Canopy theme is perfect for any store that prioritizes aesthetics, user experience, and flexibility.


Exclusive Styles Offered by Canopy Shopify Theme 

Canopy themes come in five different styles. They are as follows:

  • Natural

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The Natural style offered by the Canopy Shopify theme embraces lighthearted and warm color tones to bring out an earthy feel. This gives the Shopify store a natural and rustic feel. The colors include shades of green, beige, and brown, with subtle textures. This makes the images pop out, making the store look elegant and versatile. The header of the theme showcases a bold green color to highlight the search bar, followed by the navigation menu. The always visible side cart feature of the theme is also included in this style.

The Natural style is most suited for brands that sell organic or eco-friendly products in skincare, health supplements, or even handmade crafts and fashion. This is because the style brings out a calming feeling in the viewers, which is great for establishing a connection with a sustainable lifestyle.

  • Light

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The Light style is similar to the Natural style with a color palette of beige and white but brings out a more vibrant look by replacing the earthy green with fun blue. The style gives out a fresh and airy feel, making the products stand out.

The header comes with a search bar followed by a drop-down style navigation menu for easy surfing. The theme focuses on simplicity, making it great for a variety of stores, including fashion and clothing stores, home decor stores, tech and electronics stores, or any other store that wishes to showcase a modern yet sleek aesthetic.

  • Fresh

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Like the name suggests, the Fresh style exudes vibrancy and energy, bringing out a citrusy aesthetic with a lively color palette and bold accents, and modern typography. The theme boasts shades of brown, orange, yellow, and beige to create a contrasting look and feel, giving the customers a zesty and fun shopping experience. It is perfect for stores that sell vibrant, youthful, and trendy products such as cosmetics, food, activewear, accessories, or lifestyle goods.

The contrasting headers, side cart, and high-quality imagery are a few things that really stood out for us. The Fresh style brings a dynamic and modern feel to your online store, capturing the attention of trend-conscious customers.

  • Elegant

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With a fine touch of sophistication and refinement, the Elegant style from the Canopy Shopify theme is the perfect theme for creating a sense of luxury. With an ample amount of whitespace, the theme combines bright and light color tones, elegant typography, and clean lines to create a rich and elegant appearance. This style is well-suited for high-end fashion brands, jewelry stores, premium home decor, or any store that aims to project an aura of exclusivity and luxury.

  • Glow

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Minimal colors and maximum impact. That's what the Glow style is all about. While the other themes played around with dark and light color tones, the Glow style focuses on a single dark color and leverages the white space to create a truly outstanding storefront.

Stores that want to give their products the utmost importance can use this style to do so. With full-width video and image banners and sticky headers, the Glow style is perfect for stores selling home goods, furniture, or lifestyle products that have a story that speaks for themselves. Vibrant and high-definition images against the white background give customers a clear vision of what they can expect from their purchase. At the same time, Glow style creates a welcoming experience for customers looking for products that enhance their sense of comfort and well-being.

Evaluating the Canopy Shopify Theme: Is It the Right Fit for You?

The Shopify themes store makes it easy to filter themes that suit your industry or needs. But that doesn’t make it a good fit for your store. Determining the suitable Shopify theme for your store is imperative. It can drive in and drive away customers. So, is the Shopify Canopy theme a perfect fit for your store?

The Canopy theme is designed specifically for drop shippers. This means the theme fulfills all the requirements and features a drop shipper would need to run a successful online eCommerce store. Since it is aimed at stores with extensive inventories, the theme’s features that support SEO, speed performance, etc., enable you to easily compete with other big retailers.

The Canopy Shopify theme is suited for fashion and beauty brands, including jewelry, clothing, and skin care. It is also suited for high-volume home decor or furniture stores and grocery and fast-food stores. While particular theme styles support many different types of stores, including electronics stores, store owners might have to evaluate all the features it supports before deciding.

You can find the theme by clicking this link here → Canopy Shopify Theme.


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Coming to the price, the Canopy theme is priced at $300, which is undoubtedly a pricy choice for smaller brands. However, we compared two more Shopify themes with similar features, quick setup, and high volume themes like Beyond and Emerge. Both these themes are priced at $320 each, which is slightly more than the Canopy theme. However, the features are similar, with a few exclusive ones for the Canopy theme.

Hence, it is most suited for bigger stores with large product collections. The cost is justified by the features it offers, which we will dig deeper into in the next section. If you are still confused about the theme, the unlimited free trial can help you make a better decision. The theme comes with a quick setup, and you can experience the theme to its complete potential in the trial and only have to pay when you publish the theme to your store.

6 Unique Attributes That Set the Canopy Shopify Theme Apart

Amazon-Inspired Header

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 The Canopy Shopify theme features an Amazon-inspired header design that enhances the user experience for both store owners and customers. This full-length and sleek header is not just user-friendly but also provides easy navigation and quick access to essential elements of the website. 

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Taking inspiration from the navigation style of Amazon, the Canopy theme helps store merchants improve customer engagement and streamline the browsing experience. The dropdown style navigation menu on the header, coupled with the contrast and bold typography, catches customer attention in seconds, increasing customer satisfaction and a higher likelihood of conversions.

Infinite Scroll

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Want to go all in with your home page or product page? Then the infinite scroll feature from the Canopy theme is the solution. Seamlessly display hundreds of products for your customers without having to go from one page to another. Visitors can browse through product collections without having to wait for new pages to load. If it's your home page, your customers can get glimpses of your product catalog, best sellers, lookbooks, and much more. 

This feature is, however, more effective on product pages if you have a large collection to showcase. This improves the customer experience by eliminating the need for page navigation and providing a continuous flow of products. Moreover, this feature encourages customers to explore more products, increasing the chances of discovering items they might be interested in and driving higher sales for the store merchant.

Mega Menu

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The mega menu option allows store owners to create visually appealing and organized navigation menus. It helps create a comprehensive list of product categories, subcategories, and other relevant links in a dropdown format, making it easier for customers to explore different website sections.

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This feature also improves the customer experience by providing clear and intuitive navigation, reducing the time and effort required to find specific products or information. Most importantly, this feature helps store merchants showcase a wide range of products and maximize customer engagement.

Conversion-Focused Cart

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The always visible side cart and sticky header feature was particularly unique to see in a Shopify theme, though not exclusive. This is the theme's conversion-focused strategy, which makes this feature a game-changer for online store owners. You can cross-sell or upsell products from your cart by showcasing related or complementary products to customers during the checkout process.

Moreover, store owners can incorporate promotional content directly within the cart page. This means that you can highlight special offers, discounts, or limited-time deals to entice customers to take advantage of these incentives before finalizing their purchase.

Customizable Contact Form

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A contact form helps customers reach out to you and merchants to reach out to their customers to solve queries and other related problems. As a merchant, you need to collect the right amount of information to cater to their needs. That's where a customizable contact form feature comes in.

Rather than having the regular contact form fields, you can customize your contact form to collect the required information from your customers. The custom fields can collect order numbers, product details, or specific questions. By obtaining essential details upfront, store merchants can provide more efficient and personalized customer support, leading to faster issue resolution and increased customer satisfaction.

Trust Badges

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Trust badges have become a critical part of eCommerce today. They are proof of authenticity, and customers rely on them to identify genuine sites. Shopify Canopy theme includes built-in trust badges that can be displayed on the website. These are icons or seals that signify the security, trustworthiness, and credibility of an online store.

By prominently displaying trust badges, store merchants can instill confidence in customers and alleviate any concerns they may have regarding payment security, data privacy, or product quality. You can include SSL certifications, secure payment icons, industry awards, or customer review ratings as trust badges using the Canopy theme.

Apart from these, the Canopy theme offers tons of unique features, including dynamic checkout buttons, press coverage, faceted filtering, product media, and third-party app integrations for providing your customers with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

Pros & Cons of Canopy Shopify Theme

Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of the Canopy Shopify theme that you should know of:


  • The theme comes with a versatile and elegant design that can elevate the visual appeal of your online store. The Amazon-inspired header and balanced colors, with striking typography, are a few highlights.
  • The extensive customization options can help you personalize your store and align it with your brand guidelines. You can customize every aspect of the store, from the colors to fonts to the sections and other elements.
  • The theme comes with a quick and easy setup. This means that Shopify store owners can customize their stores without hiring any developer.
  • All of the features of the Canopy Shopify theme are aimed at easing the shopping experience of a customer.


  • While Canopy offers a range of customization options, some advanced features may require additional paid apps or custom development. 
  • The theme price and features make it only suitable for high-volume stores.
  • Canopy is a popular theme, which means that many other online stores may be using it. While customization options can help differentiate your store, there is a possibility of similar-looking websites within your industry.

Canopy Theme Performance and Reviews

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No matter how good the theme looks, it should perform well in terms of speed and functionality. This also means your store should load fast on mobile devices and desktops. In order to test the speed of the Canopy theme, we ran its demo store on PageSpeed Insights, and here are the results: 

Insights on desktop preview for Canopy:


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Insights on mobile preview for Canopy:


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The overall performance and speed of the Canopy theme on the desktop are outstanding. On the other hand, the performance on mobile devices was mediocre and could be improved. A fast-loading and mobile-friendly theme, such as the Blum theme, can be a good alternative for merchants who aren’t satisfied with the Canopy theme’s performance.


The Canopy theme has got 120+ positive reviews. Take a look at some of them below:

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The Canopy Shopify Theme Done Right: Stores That Excel

Here are some stores that have nailed the Canopy theme:

Workout For Less

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Workout For Less is an affordable workout gear and equipment brand. The Canopy theme has given the store a clean and modern design making it a visual treat for fitness enthusiasts. It gives immense importance to its products, and with the accurate usage of whitespace, the product images and videos catch the eye of the customers easily. The mega menu makes it easy for customers to browse through different product categories and purchase their favorite products.


Image Credits 

Purilley is a bath and body care brand that is entirely dedicated entirely to feminine hygiene, wellness, and body care. The website uses pink tones to highlight the brand identity, with adequate white and subtle color tones. The sticky header makes it easy for customers to go back to the home page or product collections pages. The image rollover features provide customers with a brief look at the products without having to click on the product and open them completely. 

Appleton Sweets

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Appleton Sweets is a candy and confectionery store that utilizes the Canopy Shopify theme to bring out a vibrant and engaging shopping experience for its customers. The bright and contrasting colors, with bold typography, create a lively and modern look and feel at the store. The store also features the Amazon-inspired header, providing easy navigation and quick access to various candy categories. It also offers a store-pickup option seamlessly at its checkout.


In short, the Canopy Shopify theme proves to be a compelling choice for a wide range of online stores looking to create a visually stunning and highly functional e-commerce website. The theme is a versatile option for all high-volume retail stores and has all the features to attract sales and establish a strong online presence. So, if it checks your needs, go ahead and try the Canopy Shopify theme and improve the overall customer experience and satisfaction in no time!

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