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How To Come Up With A Cosmetics Shop Name In 2023

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Are you about to launch a cosmetic brand and you’re looking for a cosmetics shop name?

More than most niches, the name you choose for your cosmetics shop has a huge impact on what people think about your brand.

Cosmetics products help people look and feel their best. For most people, it improves their mood and their self esteem. And as a result, they are picky about what products they use and trust. This is why having a name that stirs up positive emotions within your customers is important.

Coming up with the right name is not a straightforward task. But this article will provide you with the tips and examples you need to easily come up with catchy cosmetic business name ideas.

Let’s begin!


Importance of a good cosmetics business name

Here are some of the reasons why you should invest time in finding the right business name for your cosmetics shop before you launch your brand.

1. It helps you make a good first impression

With a cosmetics brand, your business name is the first thing customers notice. It’s essentially the cornerstone of your brand.

cosmetics business name


A good cosmetic shop name invites customers and prospects to check outyour brand online to see what offers you have for them. Kylie Cosmetics is an example. The company’s name has so much in-built brand affinity due to the popularity of its founder, Kylie Jenner.

So, fans of Kylie Jenner are usually compelled to visit the store’s website and see what new offers are in store (no pun intended).

2. It tells people what your brand is about

Your cosmetics shop name doesn’t have to break down what your brand is all about. But good cosmetics company names should hint at the value proposition you offer your customers.

For instance,Dove is a popular cosmetics brand. And through its name, customers can understand that the brand is all about cleanliness and pureness.

Another example isCovergirl. Covergirl specializes in facial and eye beauty. Looking at the brand’s name, it is easy to understand the promise it’s making to its customers.

3. It differentiates your products and services from competitors

The right cosmetics shop namedifferentiates your brand from that of your competitors. That’s why you should consider who your target audience is before you decide on a name.

You need to ask yourself if your customers will relate more with a traditional-sounding name that projects durability and trust or a modern name that promises innovation.

Also consider the price point you want to sell your products for. An exotic name will immediately convey to your audience that your brand is about luxury.

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100 cosmetics business name ideas

cosmetics business name


Beauty BlendsPurely Beauty Fresh FacesGlam StyleSushinna
No More DullnessSheer HydrationMadonna Lips FlawlessClub Glamour
Beauty LabGlam BarSmooth TonesKosmiseKaleo
Guru ContourAmber MakeupThe Real HighlightRare MomentsPrismatic
Look SharpVanity ShadesBeauty CastleBeauty WingsLuxe Skin
Sensual VibeGlamour CityVenusTemple BeautyLuring Makeup
Soap And GlossSoap And BloomBeauty  BoutiqueRose BlushGlamgia
Cosmetic StarPremier ProductsProject SalonsDolce VitaNative
Dixie LipsSoothe By NatureCosmo BlushEcosy Glamit
AdorificKari SokoAmoreRolle BeautyLa Palme

Tips for choosing a great cosmetics shop name

Take note of the following tips for choosing a cosmetics shop name that helps you stand out from the competition.

1. Make sure that your business name aligns with your market

Customers will be interested in cosmetic brands that have names they can relate with. That is why you should ensure that you understand your market before naming your brand, and then choose a name you know will pique the interest of your target audience.

There are different examples of this happening in real life.

For instance, if you want to launch a brand in the luxury beauty space, you might want to choose a name or language that projects a sense of elegance. Abstract names and foreign names do a good job in projecting an image of luxury.

Another way to look at it is by aligning your brand’s name with your target audience gender.Beard Club goes straight to the point by choosing a name that aligns with their market.

2. Pick a name that stands out from the crowd

The ecommerce cosmetics industry is a very competitive one. In the face of this competition, you want to choose a name that can turn heads even when it is mentioned in passing. 

cosmetics business name


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Avoid names that are obscure. No one remembers obscure names, meaning that you miss out on valuable opportunities for word of mouth marketing.

To further break that down, one way to make your business sound obscure is to name it after yourself. Unless you are a “Kylie Jenner” in your niche, chances are most people will need to look you up in order to understand who you are and what you do.

You won’t stay top of mind because your name isn’t popular enough to pull in an audience.

So, choose names that fit your overall brand image and are also memorable for the customers you want to attract. This interview episode on Shopify Masters with Tomi Gbeleyi, founder of MFMG, showcases how your brand’s values can influence its name and drive your business forward.

3. It is usually better to go with an evocative company name

An evocative brand name is a type of name that allows you to highlight your brand’s positioning and personality without saying what your brand does. It is a powerful tool for differentiating your brand from competitors and forming an emotional connection with your target audience.

One reason why evocative names are so powerful for cosmetic brands is because they stir up feelings in your customers. 

For instance, a name like “Amore” from the table above does not say what the brand’s product is about. But it immediately projects a sensual image that tells the customer what to expect from the product.

4. Choose a name that is visually striking

A good cosmetics business name doesn’t only have to be pleasing to hear. It also has to be pleasing to see.

Take L’Oreal for example. The cosmetics giant name does not only sound aesthetically pleasing, it also looks good on the eyes when viewed on a screen.

loreal cosmetics business name

When brainstorming for shop names, be sure to check that your choice is visually striking too. Cosmetics is all about aesthetics and your name should look as good on paper (and screen) as it does when spoken out.

5. Use PageFly’s business name generator

When you are short on name ideas, a cosmetics company name generator like PageFly’s can serve as a source of inspiration.

PageFly’s business name generator gives you a list ofShopify stores based on your search requirements. This tells you the type of names that work in your niche and what you should do to stand out from the crowd.

Analysis of real life cosmetics store names on Shopify

1. Makeup for Melanin Girls (MFMG)

MFMG is a Shopify brand that exclusively focuses on cosmetics products for women with darker skin tones. The brand was born out of a need to help women with darker skin tones find beauty products they feel comfortable using.

And as you can see from the brand’s name, it does a good job of calling out its target audience and letting them know what value they will receive from visiting the website.

2. Kylie Cosmetics

This store needs no introduction as it is founded by well-known American beauty influencer–Kylie Jenner. While it’s not easy to brand a business using the founder’s name, Kylie Cosmetics works because Kylie Jenner is already a household name.

People who know her already know what she is into. And they know what to expect from her brand.

3. Thrive Causemetics

Thrive Causemetics is another Shopify brand whose name holds deep meaning. More than an eCommerce brand, Thrive Causemetics is a movement.

And the brand’s promise is to donate to communities and help their “cause” “thrive”, for every product you purchase.


1. How does PageFly’s cosmetics business name generator work?

PageFly’s smart brand name generator tool helps you find inspiration by providing you with instant name suggestions. You can get started with the following simple steps.

Note that the names provided are that of real stores powered by Shopify. They are not meant to be used as your brand’s official name. Instead they should serve as inspiration for you to find catchy cosmetics business names.

2. What are some popular cosmetics brand name

You will find a few examples of cosmetics brand names for your inspiration below.

  • Benefit Cosmetics
  • Clinique
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • Estee Lauder
  • bareMinerals
  • Thrive Causemetics

3. How do I come up with a cosmetics business name?

Cosmetics brand names are all about aesthetics. Do you want your brand to come across as luxurious, classy, or affordable? That’s a question you must answer first before thinking of a brand name.

Think about the people you’ll be selling to and the type of products you’ll be selling to them. PageFly’s Shop Name Generator can provide you with some inspiration but generally, your cosmetics business name should be:

  • Easy to pronounce: You customers will remember your brand and drive in referrals more often if they can easily recall what your shop’s name is.
  • Defensible: Make sure the name you choose should be available in the countries you want to conduct business in. Check that your preferred domain name is available and also make sure that there are no legal infringements.
  • Enduring: Choose a name that will readily accommodate new strategies and products. You do not want a name that leaves trapped in a box when it’s time to expand your business.

4. How do I come up with a catchy cosmetics business name?

Catchy business names are memorable. If you are looking to come up with a few catchy cosmetic business names, the following tips should help you.

  • Use mashups
  • Abbreviate
  • Tweak the spelling
  • Use words that rhyme

5. Is the PageFly cosmetics business name generator free?

Yes, PageFly’s cosmetic business name generator is free to use. You can run as many searches as you like. It also doesn't have to be in the cosmetic niche. You can run searches in any industry and niche.

6. What are examples of cosmetics businesses on Shopify?

The following are examples of cosmetics companies powered by Shopify's platform.

  • Dr. Squatch
  • Melt Cosmetics
  • Truly
  • Dolce Vita
  • Lume
  • Native
  • Alo Yoga

7. What is the difference between a cosmetics line and a cosmetics business name?

A cosmetics line is a collection of cosmetics products produced by a brand. This line might focus on a specific cosmetic–like lipstick or eyeliners. It could also offer different cosmetic products that emphasize a specific social value, for instance, clean ingredients.

A cosmetic company name on the other hand is what the brand is called. Your brand can have its own cosmetic line. You can even have multiple cosmetics lines. For example, bareMinerals has a product line called SKINLONGEVITY and another one called MINERALIST.

8. How do you avoid picking names already chosen by other cosmetics brands?

In order not to go through the stress of brainstorming for a name, only to find out that it’s being used by another cosmetics brand, there are a few things you can do.

  • Do a basic search on Google to see if some else is already using your proposed name. You can also check industry-specific publications to confirm.
  • Check domain availability. A website is crucial to a business in this age and you want to ensure that a domain for your desired business name is available.
  • Protect your name by registering it quickly. Even if no one uses it now, you have no guarantee that the name will remain available unless you lock it down.
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