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09 Steps To Create An Amazing Shopify Contact Us Page

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Shopify is a popular all-in-one ecommerce platform that allows you to build and develop an online store within a short period of time - even if you have little know-how about technology, marketing or design. 

To perfect your Shopify store, you should add a Shopify contact us page. Its indispensability is worth being discussed. Maybe you’re in the process of creating a page or you are likely to build it before long. 

Anyway, this article will be helpful and promises to bring you an optimal way to create an amazing Shopify contact us page and it may give solutions for some questions you have during your page building process.

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What is a Shopify Contact Us page?

                                                           Source: Hobbe 

A Shopify contact us page is one out of the top four most important pages needed for your website, besides the homepage, about us page and blog. 

The contact page typically provides a link between sellers and buyers. Instead of sitting down with them for a few minutes to analyze and resolve their problems, a contact page enables visitors to reach out directly to the store owner or other responsible people via some information contact provided on the website. 

Always there is a reason behind someone visiting your Shopify contact us page. They might get stuck when seeking the information for returns and the exchange policy, or need more detailed product information, as well as your business location or opening hours. 

Why Is Shopify Contact Us Page Essential?

You may have a thought of how important a Shopify contact us page is. We are going to use the following post to gain a deeper understanding about this type of page. 

First of all, it can be said a Shopify contact us page will be an ideal opportunity for establishing trust between businesses and customers. Once clients reach out to your website and send you a message or make a phone call, it means that they truly want to understand more about your product or service before making any purchase, especially new customers. This will be the best time for you to build a relationship with them; that is the reason why you should be encouraging and kindly do your utmost to support them. The more you communicate well with clients, the more trust they will give your brand. 

Through listening to some worries or problems they are having, you are able to understand more about their needs and find out a specific way to assist them. Catching customer psychology is key to success in the process of building relationships with customers. More importantly, this will generate a positive effect on business growth in the future. 

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A great Shopify contact us page can gain trust from new customers. Any worries about product damage, shipping delays or other things will be relieved when they believe there is a place for them to reach out if these problems happen.

Besides the significance of Shopify contact us page in building trust for new clients, it also maintains loyalty from existing customers. These customers are the ones who have previously purchased or used your products or services and you are definitely trustworthy enough to them. 

This can be illustrated by an example of one client who purchased a replacement part for his refrigerator air filter from your store. Unfortunately, when they received and installed it, it seemed to function improperly and he still did not have a refrigerator to use. 

So how does a Shopify contact us page work for this case? At that time, he was frustrated and was searching for your store contact to get help. This will be your responsibility as well as a great chance for you to understand the client's issue and reassure him that you would try your best to deal with his problem in a short run. 

More importantly, supporting clients in a timely manner might reduce the percentage of those who leave your business and never return as well as the number of negative reviews for your products or service.

Last but not least, a Shopify contact us page is a great way of providing recommendations with a goal of contributing to business improvement and growth. Through all the requests for help you received, you’ll be able to figure out what you need to do on your site to fit customer needs. 

Whatever it is, a complaint or a compliment, it should be taken into consideration for future investigation. It all makes a valuable contribution to business development such as improving products or services, measuring customer satisfaction, and providing a better shopping experience.

What Information Should Be Included In A Shopify Contact Us Page?

Add your full store address and phone number 

A lot of online businesses don’t add their full store address because most customers purchase online. However, you should add all your local addresses since some buyers want to purchase directly from a brick-and-mortar store rather than via your website. Furthermore, providing a store address allows people to exchange products quickly rather than relying on delivery. 

Adding a phone number is a must because it will be one of the fastest ways for customers to connect your businesses. You should be creating a proper click-to-call tag so people can call instantly. 

Provide a live chat box

Another way for customers to connect with store owners is chatting via live chat box. Making a traditional phone call may be a challenge for many big businesses with a large number of customers. With live chat, you will be able to assist them directly and calm down some irritated customers for a better shopping experience and build a steadily better relationship. 

Furthermore, via live chat, you can speed up the checkout process as well as increase the conversion rate. This point can be illustrated when a customer wants to know more about the features of your product and consider if it will be the right choice for him. Your advice would be valuable at this time to help them make a decision since through communication they can understand about your service. Supporting customers instantly will increase the customer satisfaction as well as turn the visitors into buyers.

Add a contact form

Henka Contact Us Page

Source: Henkaa

Some business owners wonder why they should not just add an email address instead of a contact form while it equally gets your job done. However, clients see the convenience in filling in a contact form rather than writing an email

A contact form is a valuable source of feedback for your business. You can receive comments from clients about your product or service quality, enabling you to understand customers' insight as well as improve their experience on your website. 

It also reduces spam when you use a live chat function. Showing your email address on your website is basically begging for spam. 

Other advantages of a contact form are information control when a visitor is required to fill all the information before submitting the form; and improving consistency when all the information is provided in the same way. 

Other information may need

Contact Us Page Information

Source: Harrisfarm

That being said, you could also add an email address if you’d rather allow certain customers to appeal to you in more detail about their problems. Make sure to set up a separate troubleshooting email address for this. 

Moreover, adding buttons to link with your social accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram gain more trust from customers.

Shopify Contact Us Page Tips

Shopify eCommerce contact us pages should:


  • “[Be] easy to find so a visitor can quickly get in touch should they need it.
  • Explain why someone should contact them, and describe how they can help solve their visitors' problems.
  • Include an email and phone number so visitors can quickly find the right information.
  • Include a short form using fields that'll help the business understand who's contacting them.
  • Include a call-to-action to provide visitors with another option if they choose not to complete the form.
  • Showcase the company's thought leadership, whether that's by including a list of recent blog posts or articles about the company in the press.
  • Link to active social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to give visitors a way to engage with the business.
  • Redirect to a thank you page that explains when and how you'll be contacting them and links to helpful content and resources.
  • Are creative and memorable so visitors associate contacting your brand with a positive or funny memory.
  • Show off what your brand does so visitors and potential customers can get a sense of the work you do before they even get in touch.
  • Avoid unnecessary fields and words so your page remains as straightforward and simple as possible — no fluff!”

    [source: Kolowich, 2018]

    Examples of Great Shopify Contact Us Pages


    This Shopify store sells high-tech, design-centric indoor gardens. The thing is, they’re only available through pre-order right now, so I chose this contact us page ‘cause I’m sure it’s getting used A TON by prospective customers.

    EDN store Contact Page

    They’ve kept things simple for sure. They just included a contact form for users to fill out and reach out to them. It might seem like not enough, but I believe it’s strategic.

    Number 1, they’ve included a “your favourite plant” field which really relates to their brand and kind of puts you at ease as though they’re really showing an interest in you as a person.

    Number 2, at this stage in their business (pre-order only), they absolutely want to avoid being inundated through other channels while they focus on manufacturing the product to ship out. This form allows them to receive inquiries from one place while still building a lead list and engaging with consumers.

    Death Wish Coffee

    Here’s an old favourite from our Shopify FAQ page list. I love the bold personality and strong branding that this Shopify brand brings to the table. Though they lack an instant contact channel at this time, they’ve included their email, telephone, address, hours of operations and loads of access to need-to-know information.

    Each one of these buttons connects to all the necessary info a visitor might need, encouraging them to seek the information themselves before contacting the company, but still letting them know they can be reached.

    Death Wish Coffee contact page

    How To Make A Contact Us Page On Shopify 

    If you are considering how to build a Shopify contact us page, here is a solution for you. 

    This is the instruction in words. If you would like to watch it on video. Please scroll down to the end of this section.

    1. From Shopify admin > navigate to Online stores > choose Pages 

    2. Click Add page 

    step 1

    3. In the Title box, fill in the Title that you want to set such as Contact us or FAQs

    4. In the Content box, type a text that you want to appear above the Contact form
    For example: Please wait for me a few minutes, I will be back soon or you can add your contact information.
    Otherwise, this is optional, you can leave it blank.

    5. In the Template section, choose

    Selecting this template will automatically create a contact form on your contact us page.

    6. Click Save


    You need to add a navigation to your Shopify contact us page to make it visible

    1. From Shopify admin > go to Online store > Navigation

    Navigation In Contact Page

    2. Choose the type of menu you want to link the Contact page

    Choose Menu Type

    3. Click Add menu items > Type your page title in the Name box

    4. Open the Link box > Pages > choose the Contact page you've created > Add 

    5. Then Save

    Save Contact Us Page

    In order to see your page, click the eye icon beside Online store > you'll be direct to the page

    However, building a contact us page becomes easier than ever before with PageFly Advanced Page Builder. It has more than 50 attractive templates for all page types, helping customers a lot when setting up a website. Additionally, one of the main reasons that clients are really impressed with PageFly is the drag-and-drop feature for simplifying the page building process. 

    Therefore, you just need some clicks and a bit typing for creating a great contact us page with PageFly. A lot of amazing features are waiting for you to explore. 

    Let's have a try now!

    How to use PageFly to build a great Shopify contact us page?

    Here are the instructions in words. If you would like to watch it on video. Please scroll down to the end of this section.

    1. After you added PageFly app from, go to Shopify admin > Apps > choose PageFly 

    Step 1 Using PageFly Editor

    2. You can quickly create a contact page by click the [+] button or Create a page button

    Step 2 Building Contact Us Page

    3. The Page Setting board appears, in Page Title box >  type your Page title such as Contact us

    4. Choose Regular Page in Page Type section

    Step 3 Building Contact Us Page

    5. Scroll down to Page Layout and Page Optimization 

    In Page Layout section > you can choose Hide or Show Header and Footer (please read the message on the left side of the page for more information)

    In Page Optimization > select Enable lazy load images to boost your page loading  speed or Disable to load all images on the first time page loading

    Step 5 Building Contact Us Page

    6. Click Next > choose Template for your Contact page by filtering Industries and Types 

    7. After finished > Next

    Step 7 Building Contact Us Page

    8. Once PageFly editor is open. Edit it by adding element from left sidebar > After finished, Save and Publish it

    Why is a Shopify contact us page important for mobile users?

    All of you acknowledge the convenience of using smartphones or tablets rather than laptops or desktops because of the faster and easier communication between businesses and customers.

    According to data from Shopify and You, in the 3rd quarter of 2019, the number of traffic and orders on Shopify stores via mobile devices has increased dramatically compared to the same quarter in 2018, from 71% to 81% and from 67% to 77% respectively.

    From these statistics, it can be stated that the proportion of mobile users shopping on Shopify accounts for two thirds of total users. 

    Therefore, building a Shopify contact us page for customers using mobile devices plays an integral part in the success of an online store. This could be explained by its practical necessity to visitors since they can easily contact you via your phone numbers, email addresses or a Live chat box, especially when they need an instant solution for their problem. Make sure that your phone numbers and emails are in text so that customers can tap to call and copy to share with others quickly.

    What Shopify apps will be helpful for creating a Shopify contact us page?  

    Using third-party apps is a great idea for perfecting your Shopify contact us page. 

    In this section, I will give you some recommendations for top-rated Shopify apps. I hope it will do wonders for you in creating your Shopify contact us page.

    1. Contact Form

    Contact Form App

    If you do not have experience in coding and you are having trouble in making a contact form, then no worries, Contact Form was made to help remove your worries about this challenge. It offers you an abundance of features to customize your form fields, backgrounds, email templates, and so on. You can use custom CSS code, 99 customizable fonts, add custom fields, and more. Another great feature is Google reCaptcha integration with the purpose of protecting your website from spam and abuse.  

    2. Easy Contact Form

    Contact Form Tool

    Another option for you is Easy Contact Form. Your visitors will be impressed with stylish and professional contact forms. It also offers a lot of amazing features such as adding custom fields and departments with embed or stand-alone options. 

    3. Form Builder

    Form Builder Tool

    If you are struggling to find a solution for boosting leads to your store, then don’t miss a chance to try this app. It was created to relieve your stress about this problem. Form Builder gives you an easy way to gain more newsletter subscribers and increase your wholesale network. It is not necessary for you to learn about coding or hire a huge website developer team or sales team.  It allows you to create custom contact forms, quote forms, wholesale forms and more, within just a few minutes. You are highly recommended to connect Mailchimp to your form sign up so you can get back to customers quickly.

    4. Tidio Live Chat

    Tido Live Chat Tool

    If you are seeking for a tool that helps you to improve customer service quality and boost sales, Tidio Live Chat would be a good choice. With the great feature of getting all the communication from live chat, messenger and email, it saves you time from having to frequently switch channels. The faster you give a response to customer requests, the more satisfied customers will be. It takes you less than 30 seconds to add it to your Shopify store - what are you waiting for? 

    5. Live Chat, ChatBot, Cart Saver

    LiveChat App

    Before we go to our conclusion, I would like to recommend another great app and hopefully it will do wonders for your page building  process. It’s called Live Chat, ChatBot, Cart Saver. Surely when you read its name, you may have a thought about what it does to help you when creating a contact us page.

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    Like the above mentioned app, this one also provides you with Facebook messenger integration so using this app so you can easily reply to customer's requests from messenger. 

    Furthermore, Live Chat, ChatBot, Cart Saver helps you to save carts with a goal of reducing cart abandonment rate as well as proactively contacting customers who may have gotten stuck at the checkout. 


    The Shopify contact us page makes a great contribution to business growth mainly through supporting customers in a timely manner and listening to customers’ opinions.  You  are highly recommended to take some above-mentioned Shopify apps into consideration for creating an amazing contact us page. Enjoy


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