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MEET GO RIDE - the Amazing Shopify Services Agency from Japan

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The determination to be boundary-defining (literally and metaphorically) is one of the core values we hold dear  PageFly. 

In our continuous mission of making eCommerce effortless and empowering the good people across borders to build their own online businesses, the PageFly team has recently released our Japanese version.

Japanese is now available for both App UI & app listing. With this improvement, we have hope to reach customers in the Japanese-speaking countries in a genuine and honest way. Languages will no longer be a barrier between users and our product. 

Japanese App Listing

Pulling off this feat would be much more difficult, without the genuine and heart-to-heart support from our amazing partner from Japan - GO RIDE. 

GO RIDE is a digital creative agency consisting of marketers, designers, creators and engineers based in Japan and Los Angeles. They are authorized experts and have been lending a great hand to merchants who are either new to the business or looking to scale up their operation. 

GO RIDE service

GO RIDE offers support and services in: 

  • Build and manage ecommerce websites (including photo/video production)
  • Prototype a mobile/web app
  • Create a corporate website
  • Analyze activities in a data-driven way
  • Conduct other digital marketing activities

With the same common ground - both PageFly and GO RIDE aspire to empower eCommerce merchants worldwide, GO RIDE - with their goodwill and kind heart, has introduced PageFly to a lot of Japanese merchants - getting PageFly the much-needed exposure in our localization progress. 

GO RIDE is also dedicated to giving back to the ecommerce communities - with GO RIDE NEWS they write excellent, value-filled blog posts on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to: Shopify Best Practices, Marketing Knowledge, eCommerce Knowledge - even go as far as to make all blog posts available in both language - Japanese and English. 


Now, if you have not noticed, the Japanese eCommerce market is growing fast, like really fast! According to data from Statista: 

  • Revenue in the eCommerce market in Japan is projected to reach US$112,465m in 2021 and US$143,279m by 2025, caping on an annual growth rate of 6.2%
  • The market's largest segment is Food & Personal Care with a projected market volume of US$28,952m in 2021.
  • The latest survey in 2020 shows that Japanese consumers are spending more money online, from an average of approximately $238 in 2018 to $305 in 2020.  The number of households who purchased products/services online increased from 36.3% to 42.8%.  

These are clear evidences of the steady growth of the Japanese B2C eCommerce market. So expanding and penetrating Japan market is a sensible step for any business looking to scale up or expand. 

And Now you know who to call. 

GO RIDE homepage

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