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PageFly 2.16.0: Growing Support For Japanese Merchants & Integration with PayWhirl Recurring Payments

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We have gone a long way since PageFly 2.16.0, check out the latest version of PageFly: PageFly V3 - Built For Tomorrow of eCommerce 


The determination to be boundary-defining (literally and metaphorically) is one of the core values we hold dear. 

In our continuous mission of making eCommerce effortless and empowering the good people across borders to build their own online businesses, the PageFly team is happy to announce that PageFly the landing page builder app is now available in Japanese. 

I. PageFly 2.16.0: Japanese PageFly Is Now Available. 

By switching from the default language to Japanese in PageFly Settings -> User Interface, Japanese-speaking users now can enjoy working on a native app UI. 

Japanese PageFly app UI

Easily accessible in Settings

Everything, from page editor, page list, to dashboard, can now be quickly translated to Japanese, with just a single click!

PageFly page editor in Japan

Everything is now in your mother tongue 

Not only in the App UI, but Japanese is also available in the app listing page. With this improvement, we have hope to reach customers in the Japanese-speaking countries in a genuine and honest way. Languages will no longer be a barrier between users and our product. 

PageFly app listing in Japanese

For more detailed information, checkout:  PageFly User Interface and Settings

II. Integration With PayWhirl Recurring Payments

The latest projections suggest that by 2025 the global ecommerce subscription market will be worth $246.6 billion.

The Subscription Economy Index (SEI), which tracks subscription businesses on the Zuora platform, reveals that subscription businesses grew revenues approximately five times faster than S&P 500 company revenues (18.2% versus 3.6%) and U.S. retail sales (18.2% versus 3.7%) from January 1, 2012 to June 30, 2019.

Shopify has also shown their growing support for the Subscription model with the release of their own Subscription API back in October 2020. So it's all good news for retailers looking at transforming to a subscription business model.

and here comes another good news - PageFly is now integrated with one of the most popular Subscription app - PayWhirl Recurring Payments.

PayWhirl Recurring Payments makes it easier to create, manage, and sell subscriptions or other types of recurring payment plans through Shopify's native checkout. 

Before using this element, you have to install the PayWhirl Recurring Payments app to your store and configure all options in the app and then come back to PageFly to use the element(s) for the corresponding product(s) you want.

PayWhirl Recurring Payments element comes in 1 variation.

How to access the PayWhirl element

Step 1: Click on the Add third party elements icon

Step 2: Scroll down to the SUBSCRIPTIONS section. Select the PayWhirl Recurring Payments

Step 3: Drag and drop it to the page canvas

subscription app

Note that this element must stay inside the Product Details element. And make sure that you have the Product Variant inside the Product Details as well. (Therefore, you need to have a Product Details element before).


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