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6 Inspiration-Worthy Mother’s Day Campaigns In 2024

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Gone are those days when Mother's Day was just a Hallmark holiday. It's always been a time to celebrate mother's love and care with gratitude, gifts, and surprises. Now, it has also become a significant commercial potential for brands and businesses worldwide. Especially for eCommerce brands, Mother’s Day campaigns present an amazing opportunity to connect with their target audience on an emotional level, build loyalty, and watch sales amplify.

As an eCommerce store owner, beginner, or experienced, navigating through this special day and delivering messages that capture the hearts of your customers can seem challenging. But don't worry! In this blog, we will talk about the six recent and best Mother's Day campaigns to celebrate Mother’s Day and how you can leverage these brilliant ideas for your own brand. After all, it's for the extraordinary woman we call Mom.

Why Mother's Day Campaigns Matters

Importance of Mother’s Day campaigns

Source: Canva

Being in the eCommerce industry, you might already know that Mother's Day is a major marketing event for brands and the perfect opportunity for you to create something truly special, which is brand loyalty.

There are undoubtedly millions or even billions of Mother's Day campaign ads that are released every year on TV, social media, websites, and more, But how many tuck your heartstrings? We bet just a handful.

Even then, on Mother's Day, people spend a lot on gifts, and in 2023, customers were spending $274.02 per person, which is the highest in history! We are talking about over $35 billion being spent on Mother's Day in 2023. So the opportunity is big, and so is the demand, and it is just a matter of time. With the right Mother's Day campaign tactics, you are away from getting a piece of this.

When setting up your Mother's Day campaigns, there are a few things you must do:

Know Your Shoppers

Understanding your customers, especially moms, is key. So tap into your website data and understand your audience, the regions, their age group, etc. You can shape your campaign accordingly to match their interests and preferences.

Offer Special Deals

Mother’s Day special discounts

Source: Socital

For your store's Mother's Day campaign, you need to go beyond the norm.

Offer exclusive Mother's Day discounts and bundles with a special message to boost sales. The best way to do this is to highlight your products as thoughtful gifts for the special moms in your customers' lives. You can offer these discounts through special codes, like in the image above with “JUST4HERSALE” as the offer code for Mother’s Day sale.

Make Social Media Your Friend

Social media campaign for Mother’s Day by Simon and Schuster

Source: Social Insider

Social media promotion is gaining a lot of attention these days, so don't miss out on leveraging this platform to your benefit. Create engaging visual content that captures your viewers and converts them into your loyal customers. To gain more attention to your Mother’s Day campaigns, you can run contests and challenges or use unique hashtags related to Mother's Day.

Nudge to Say Thank You

The North Face’s social media campaign for Mother’s Day

Source: Social Insider

Your campaign's ultimate goal is not a single sale but to position your brand as one that can connect emotionally with people truthfully and build a loyal customer base for life. Your first step to success for Mother's Day campaigns is to express gratitude for moms. Urge viewers to take action to say thank you to their mothers with the help of your brand. The North Face did an amazing job with this idea for their 2020 Mother’s day campaign on social media.

Now that we have covered the basics, it’s time to gain some inspiration.

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6 Best Mother's Day Campaign Ideas For You In 2024

Let’s explore some of the best Mother’s Day Campaign ideas for your campaign in 2024:

1. Zomato | Mazoto

Source: YouTube

Zomato, a food delivery brand operating in India and UAE, decided to take a unique turn with their brand on Mother's Day campaign. The brand renamed itself Mazoto in a video to showcase and emphasize the importance of Ma (mother) coming first.

The video showcases the app as a food delivery platform exclusively created for mothers. In this Mother's Day campaign, the interface looks and performs almost like Zomato's, but Mo(m)dified to function exclusively for mothers. The video also showcased unique discount codes like CLEANROOM25 for 25 percent off on your food order.

Here are some of the best features of this video we loved:

  • The sassy tone and puns included in the conversation in the video showcase some of the popular phrases and sentences commonly used by mothers in India.
  • The 'Chief Mother Officer' is a fresh twist to the CMO title.
  • Highlighting that food is a mom's way of showing love, the video made sure you can't order fewer than two rotis in one section.

In short, this Mazoto ad by Zomato really captured their target audience's minds in no time! This campaign garnered over 60,000 views just on YouTube and was reshared on multiple other platforms and news channels.

Here's what you can take away from this campaign:

  • Creativity and cultural relevance matter: Zomato's transformation into Mazoto for Mother's Day showcased the power of creativity and cultural relevance.
  • Humor and personalization drive engagement: The use of humor, evident in the sassy tone, puns, and amusing discount codes like CLEARNROOM25, added a personal touch to the campaign.
  • Tailor campaigns to your audience: Zomato's understanding of its largest audience, the Indian viewers, played a crucial role in the campaign's success.

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2. Upwork: Motherhood Works

Source: YouTube

"What makes them a great mom also makes them a great hire."

This tagline of Upwork's Motherhood Works ad was probably what made this ad all the more special to all mothers out there. What led to this ad was the fact that over 1.6 million talented moms left work in 2020. The campaign nudged every employer to bring them back! All they have to do is post a job on Upwork with #motherhoodworks and invite skilled moms to apply.

A working mom who took a break from their career could now join the thriving gig economy with the help of Upwork. Mothers can simply sign up on the website and receive the necessary support from Upwork's partners as a token of appreciation for their hard work. Fill out the form to get more details.

Upwork created this campaign to celebrate, empower, and support moms in their professional journey.

A few things that really stood out for us from Upwork’s ad campaign are:

  • Mothers with the required skills could easily find relevant jobs online.
  • The ad showcased real-life video clips of different moms with their children. This builds an instant connection with the viewers, especially mothers who are looking to make a comeback to their professions.
  • The overall video emphasized one single message, which is to push mothers to pursue their dreams and get back on their feet with a job that comes to them.

As an entrepreneur and an online store owner, what you need to take away from Upwork:

  • Offer Something Invaluable: The Upwork campaign highlights the unique and valuable skills that mothers possess, emphasizing that what makes them great moms also makes them great hires.
  • Empower and Reconnect: Similar to how Upwork actively helps in the re-hiring of mothers, businesses should consider initiatives to empower and reconnect with their target audience.
  • Build a Supportive Community for Your Brand: The campaign goes beyond job postings. eCommerce store owners should learn the value of building a supportive community around their brand.

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3. Coach Mother’s Day Campaign

Coach’s Mother’s Day campaign featuring Tommy and Cathy Dorfman

Source: The Fashionography

Coach's "I Got It From My Mom" campaign takes a sentimental approach to Mother's Day, celebrating the enduring influence of mothers as mentors, muses, and style icons. The campaign features brand ambassadors Jennifer Lopez, Tommy Dorfman, Noah Beck, and Jessica Kelly alongside their mothers, showcasing intergenerational bonds and shared passion for fashion. It was a heartfelt approach to Mother's Day, effectively weaving together themes of family, style, and brand identity.

A few of its key features include:

  • The campaign visuals evoke a warm and familiar atmosphere through a set resembling a family living room.
  • Each pairing showcases coordinated outfits, highlighting the shared sense of style between mothers and their children.
  • The campaign features celebrities from different backgrounds and family dynamics, ensuring a sense of inclusivity and relatability for a wider audience.
  • While celebrating family bonds, the campaign subtly integrates Coach handbags and accessories, showcasing them as aspirational pieces that connect generations.

Overall, Coach's Mother's Day marketing campaign stands out for its heartfelt approach to Mother's Day, effectively weaving together themes of family, style, and brand identity. Here's what you can take away from this:

  • Emotional storytelling: Consumers connect with brands that tell meaningful stories, especially those that resonate with personal experiences like family relationships.
  • Intergenerational marketing: Targeting multiple generations within a family can expand your reach and create a broader customer base.
  • Product placement in relatable settings: Showcasing your products in everyday scenarios helps consumers envision themselves using them, making them more desirable.

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4. Housing Bank: Perfect Gift

Housing Bank’s interest free Mother’s Day campaign

Source: Housing Bank

Talk about simplicity, and one of the very first Mother's Day campaigns we could think of was the Housing Bank's 2023 Mother's Day ad. For Mother's Day, you don't see many over-the-roof mesmerizing ads or even any advertisements from financial institutions. After all, what can they offer, right? Housing Bank's "Perfect Gift" stands out for this very particular reason. Its focus was on alleviating the financial pressure of gifting during a special occasion.

But how?

By offering interest-free installments on luxurious gifts like gold, jewelry, and high-end watches, the campaign caters specifically to a desire to spoil Mom without breaking the bank.

Some of this marketing ad campaign's best features:

  • Interest-free installments for up to six months remove the burden of a large upfront payment, making luxury gifts more accessible.
  • Collaborations with local and international stores provide a diverse selection of high-quality jewelry and watches, ensuring there's something perfect for every mom's taste.
  • Customers can easily use their existing Housing Bank credit cards to make purchases in-store, online, or through phone and SMS.
  • The campaign positions Housing Bank as a supportive and understanding partner, valuing its customers' desire to celebrate special occasions like Mother's Day.

Thinking of how you can implement Housing Bank's winning strategies for your own Mother's Day 2024 campaign?

  • Create tailored solutions for specific occasions: Cater to the unique needs and desires of customers during holidays and special events.
  • Offer financial support options: Offer flexible payment plans or discounts to make your products more accessible and appealing.
  • Make Partnerships and collaborations: Partner with relevant businesses to expand your product offerings and reach a wider audience.

5. Grab's Last-minute Mother's Day Gifts

Source: YouTube

It's true that some (perfect) gifts can take time. With the clock ticking down to Mother's Day, many struggle to find the perfect gift.

And with the solution came Grab! South Asia's largest super app offering a wide range of services decided to take a humorous twist for their 15-second long Mother's Day video ad. The campaign portrays real-life scenarios of last-minute scrambling and then seamlessly yet quickly transitions to showcasing the ease and convenience of finding and delivering gifts through Grab's platform.

Key features of this ad include:

  • The video captures the stress of last-minute gifting for mothers in a humorous yet relatable manner.
  • The app is positioned as the one-stop shop for last-minute gifting, from flowers to cakes to a complete suite of services, for the super moms out there.
  • The video highlights the instant gifting idea. This emphasis on speedy and reliable delivery is offered by Grab.
  • Despite the comedic tone, the campaign ultimately emphasizes the importance of showing Mom appreciation, adding a heartwarming touch.

As an online business, here's what you can adopt from Grab's campaign:

  • Humor as a marketing tool: Well-placed humor can engage viewers, make your brand memorable, and create a positive association with your offerings.
  • Focus on user experience: Streamline your platform or service to make it easy and efficient for users to achieve their goals, especially within tight timeframes.
  • Don't forget the emotional connection: While offering practical solutions, remember to tap into human emotions and evoke positive feelings associated with your brand.

6. Servewell #MaAiByServewell

Servewell #MaAiByServewell campaign

Source: Servewell

Personalization plays a big role in customizing Mother's Day gifts. In fact, the personalized gifts market is projected to grow to an estimated 34.3 billion U.S. dollars. Servewell's #MaAiByServewell takes up this route for their latest campaign. As mothers are masters of juggling, time management, and problem-solving, Servewell wanted to create something that helps them do things they usually need their children's help. We are talking about using social media, smartphones, etc., which could be of big help to them, considering mothers don't ask much in return for all their contributions.

This campaign features:

  • Each #MaAiByServewell plate boasts a unique QR code. Scanning it unlocks "Aaj Kuch Naya Parostey Hain," a YouTube playlist of bite-sized audiograms (2 minutes!) guiding moms through everyday tech tasks like managing their smartphones, navigating social media, and even ordering groceries online.
  • Mothers can now master video calls with loved ones, share memories on Instagram, or connect with online communities.

Wondering how you can take inspiration from this campaign?

  • Celebrate mom's uniqueness: Just like #MaAiByServewell highlights mothers' valuable skills, showcase your products' ability to cater to different moms' needs and personalities.
  • Empower mothers through knowledge: Offer bite-sized tutorials, how-to guides, and live sessions to empower your customers to use your products confidently.
  • Build a community, not just a customer base: Create a space for online interaction, sharing tips, and nurturing a community around your brand.

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Celebrating Mother's Day In 2024: Pro Tips for Every Entrepreneur

Factors to consider when planning your mother’s day campaign

Source: Canva

You got the inspiration, and you want to take your brand's Mother's Day marketing campaign to the next level. While it may seem super easy from the outside, there are a few "must-know" pro tips to undertake if you want your campaign to succeed. They are:

  • Cultural Relevance and Creativity: Zomato's Mazoto demonstrated the impact of cultural relevance and creativity. You can infuse this into your campaign with elements that resonate with your audience's culture and employ creative storytelling to capture attention.
  • Empowerment and Skill Recognition: Take a page from Upwork's playbook and celebrate the unique skills of moms. Highlight how your products empower and support, emphasizing the multifaceted roles mothers play in daily life.
  • Sentimental Storytelling: Coach's family-focused campaign showcased the power of emotional storytelling. Craft narratives that connect with your audience on a personal level, emphasizing family bonds and shared values. Remember, emotional bonding is the best kind of bonding!
  • Simplified Gifting Solutions: Housing Bank's "Perfect Gift" campaign simplified the gift-giving process. Offer hassle-free solutions such as interest-free installments, making it easier for customers to reach out to your brand, make a purchase, and express their appreciation for their mothers.
  • Last-Minute Convenience: Grab's campaign focused on last-minute convenience. Ensure your offerings cater to procrastinators by providing quick and reliable solutions, highlighting ease and speed.
  • Personalization and Empowerment Through Knowledge: Servewell's #MaAiByServewell personalized gifts and empowered moms with tech skills. Offer personalized products and encourage your customers with knowledge using bite-sized tutorials or interactive sessions. Little gifts within a gift are the perfect surprise!

Wrapping Up

As Mother's Day approaches, ensure you put in all your best efforts to ensure all elements of your campaign align with your expected outcomes. Use this guide to gain the inspiration you need to create remarkable Mother's Day campaigns that captivate each and every user for life. Happy Mother’s Day!

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