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Is Wokiee Shopify Theme The Best Multipurpose Theme?

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Wokiee Shopify Theme is a multipurpose and highly rated Shopify theme on Themeforest with thousands of satisfied merchants. Multipurpose means that the theme should be aesthetic, boast the conversion rate, bring great user experience, and be easily set up at the same time. In the bustling e-commerce world, getting all those points to your current ecommerce store would be a great competitive advantage.  

However, can a theme be that multi-functional? In this guide, we will explore the Wokiee theme in detail to analyze whether it is the best multipurpose Shopify theme for merchants like you!

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A Thorough Overview Of Wokiee Shopify Theme

wokiee shopify theme review pagefly

Source: Themeforest

Latest Version: 24 August 2023

Updated by: P-themes

Price: $79

Rating: 4.89 stars (486 reviews)

WOKIEE Shopify Theme is beyond a usual theme. Besides giving a polished online presence, the Wokiee theme allows users to choose from a variety of designs made for particular kinds of inventory. Numerous designs that are ideal for companies selling clothes, electronics, sports equipment, furniture, books, and much more may be found!

Target Audience

It is an effective tool for design. Whether you are a small and medium-sized business to scale growth or a start-up looking for a quick set-up, Wokiee can all serve your purpose. This is a multipurpose theme that works flexibly for a variety of industry niches.

Behind The Scenes At Wokiee Shopify Theme

wokiee shopify theme p-themes developer

Source: P-themes

The Wokiee theme was created by the talented P-themes, a renowned theme development company. They are also the creators behind some other popular Shopify themes: Porto and Woodmart. No matter what industry you are related to, P-themes promises to craft a high-quality theme with ecommerce functionality. They also created detailed documentation to smoothen the user experience.

You can purchase the Wokiee Shopify theme on Themeforest, a popular marketplace for website templates and themes. Since it's a premium theme, it comes with many unique features and designs that distinguish it from other Shopify themes. We'll go over these in more detail in the sections that follow.

Pricing Plans

wokiee shopify theme pricing plans

Source: Themeforest

  • Regular License at $79: Most of the features, including graphics, 3D, themes, code, and flash, are covered by this package. A Regular Licence is required if the final result, including the item, will be provided free of charge to the end user.
  • Extended License at $3950: In the event that the final user must pay to utilize the product, an Extended Licence is necessary.

It is also crucial to note that the above pricing plans are subject to 6-month support services by the P-themes team. Users will have to pay an extra fee for the developers to support customers for a 12-month period.

Diverse Prebuilt Layouts For Users To Boost The Setting-Up

wokiee shopify theme layouts

Source: Wokiee Demo Store

The Wokiee Shopify Theme embodies modern design with adaptable layouts. An assortment of inner page templates, each intended to present your products in the best possible way. Wokiee theme’s functionality has everything you need, from captivating category pages that guide buyers through your inventory to specific product displays that highlight key characteristics. More than that, it includes other crucial sections like the custom product tabs, custom pages, and a custom size guide table.

86+ Layouts For Homepage

wokiee shopify theme layout for homepage


For each business, Wokiee offers an amazing selection of website designs. All businesses, whether they deal with fashion, electronics, sports, health, books, flowers, or cuisine, may easily and quickly build a premium Shopify theme that features their products.

With more to come, it boasts an extensive library of 86+ homepage layouts! You don't need to worry, though, because Wokiee Shopify theme demonstrations will appear fantastic on all kinds of screens, regardless of your sort of business.

8+ Templates For Product Pages

wokiee shopify theme layout for shop pages


The product page is the most important page of any online business. It includes all of the characteristics and details of a single product to address any questions a client may have about it. As a result, it is vital for store owners to create powerful product pages for their modern web stores.

7+ Variants For Collection Pages

The collection page is the area of your Shopify store that displays a list of every product that is visible within a collection. Your clients can discover new things they were unaware of when you organize related products into collections.

This may result in their extra purchasing of the things or finding something entirely new that is ideal for their requirements! The more collection page variations you have, the more creative you can be with your product presentations.

Budget-Friendly Premium Theme
Blum equips your store with premium features like blazing-fast speed and mobile-first design, all at an affordable price.

Wokiee Shopify Theme Demo: A Theme With Multipurpose Features

Right from the start, Wokiee has propositioned itself as a multi-functional featured theme. You can check their live store demo on their official page Wokiee Demo.

To save you time, we will not go through all of their features, but analyze the most critical functions: to optimize customer experience and generate sales conversion rate.

Elevate Online Shopping Experience

Every customer loves a great shopping experience. According to McKinsey, 76% of customers are irritated by companies that do not meet their customer’s shopping experience. This is when the Wokiee theme shines.

  • Mega Menu

wokiee shopify theme mega menu feature

Source: Wokiee Demo Store

A cutting-edge feature of e-commerce websites is the megamenu, which displays multiple options in a two-dimensional dropdown menu at once. Site navigation is effortless and user-friendly with the help of a mega menu.

  • 3D, VR, Youtube videos

wokiee shopify theme 3D feature

Source: Wokiee Demo Store

You may add YouTube videos, embedded videos, and 3D models to the product pages of your theme by using the Wokiee Shopify theme. They are all efficient and powerful techniques to persuade a potential customer to make a purchase.

  • AJAX Search

wokiee shopify theme AJAX search feature

Source: Wokiee Demo Store

Visitors can filter products with the Shopify Wokiee theme's cutting-edge AJAX without reloading pages. AJAX is an abbreviation that stands for XML and Asynchronous JavaScript. It is the most innovative internet application technology. It enables data interchange with a server and updates the webpage without requiring a page refresh.

  • Color, Size, Material Swatches

wokiee shopify theme color swatch feature

Source: Wokiee Demo Store

Visitors may easily and quickly select from all the various colors, sizes, and materials of a single product thanks to Wokiee's great swatch features. The material swatches, for instance, will save customers from doing any additional navigation or page reloads to get the exact product they're looking for. This function saves time for your online visitors by making navigating your store easier and more convenient.

  • Size Guide Table

wokiee shopify theme features review

Source: Wokiee Demo Store

A customed size reference table is essential if you sell fashion items since it allows customers to see a range of clothing sizes and select items that fit their body type. Fortunately, Wokiee comes with a size guidance table that you may alter as needed.

Boost Conversion Rate

The ultimate goal of any online store is to convert the shoppers into customers. Let’s take a closer look at how the Wokiee theme helps increase your business sales.

  • Sticky Bar

wokiee shopify theme add to cart bar feature

Source: Wokiee Demo Store

Add to cart bar: This ensures that crucial information about a product remains accessible to customers as they navigate through your store. The bottom of the page is where it is located. Another term for it would be "sticky footer." It aids in focusing customers' attention on the right items.

wokiee shopify theme product sticky bar

Source: Wokiee Demo Store

Besides, the Product Sticky Bar: It is a crucial component of the Wokiee theme and most likely an exclusive one as well. This guarantees that clients will always be able to access important product information while they are browsing your store. This dynamic feature "sticks" important information to the top of the page or screen, including the "overview" of the product, specifications, and Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Real-time Notification

wokiee shopify theme feature

Source: Wokiee Demo Store

To increase sales conversion when managing an online store, you must comprehend the behavior of your customers and instill a sense of urgency throughout the purchasing process. This is exactly what Wokiee's real-time feature does; it shows you how many users purchased a particular product on the website in real time.

  • Quick View

wokiee shopify theme quick view feature

Source: Wokiee Demo Store

With this quick view feature of Wokiee, reloading the page is not required to display the product details. By selecting the "eye" icon and looking over the details, customers can save time and make quicker purchase decisions. This is a crucial and cutting-edge functionality that every modern online Shopify store should have.

Budget-Friendly Premium Theme
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  • Google Rich Snippet Tool

wokiee shopify theme google rich snippets feature

Source: Mythemeshop

You can improve your search engine ranking with the Google Rich Snippet feature included in the Wokiee Shopify theme. With the use of this Google Rich Snippet tool, Google will effectively index your material. You won't even need any extra SEO tools to get your website well SEO optimised if you use this theme to build your Shopify store.

  • Five Different Blog Types

wokiee shopify theme features review

Source: Wokiee Demo Store

Even if it's not the primary function of a Shopify web store, the blog feature offers you a lot of options to increase sales in many ways. Excellent blog pages are essential if you want to increase audience engagement by sharing more about your products while simultaneously enhancing SEO performance or humanise your business by writing entries in a distinctive way. You will find five different blog page variations in this premium Shopify theme to help you create beautiful blog pages.  

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4 Stores Using Wokiee Shopify Theme


wokiee shopify theme store examples

Source: Basmatik Website

Basmatik is a clothes design and printing brand from Turkey. The choose Wokiee theme to embrace their fashionable and modern website. Visit their online store, we can recognize they are utilizing many critical features of Wokiee theme. From the quick product view on the homepage to the sticky add-to-cart bar on product page. The brand’s website appears great both aesthetically and functionally.


wokiee shopify theme store examples

Source: Liquido Website

Liquido is a sports equipment brand from Italy. With the Wokiee theme, their online store shows up in white background and expressive sports photography. Besides the great layout, the online store brings a cutting-edge shopping experience with the AJAX search.

Alexopoulos Ceramics

wokiee shopify theme store examples

Source: Alexopoulos Ceramics Website

Alexopoulos Ceramics is a ceramic accessories brand from the Greek. Wokiee proves their versatile layouts can meet any design style with this website. The design here brings a minimalistic and elegant vibe, which expresses the brand identity. From the hero section, customers may also be impressed by the video showcasing their process of craftsmanship. This is also a great feature of the Wokiee theme.


wokiee shopify theme store examples


Another example of a clean and minimalistic design that Wokiee can create is Decaar. This is a cosmetic brand from the European country Lithuania. The website design focuses on a large photograph background and close-up video. This is enabled by Wokiee’s power to design with embedded video.

Wokiee Shopify Theme: Is It A Fast Theme?

No matter how multifunctional the theme is, it is still crucial whether it is fast or not. The speed of a theme can also be affected by several factors. Yet we still tried running some tests on Google Pagespeed Insights for actual stores using the theme. Overall, the page speed on both mobile and desktop are quite good. However, the performance score is not so high. Some of the fundamental indexes are the largest contentful paint, cumulative layout shift, and total blocking time.

Alexopoulos Ceramics Online Store

wokiee shopify theme pagespeed pagefly

wokiee shopify theme pagespeed pagefly

For the desktop version, the overall performance score is 59, while for the mobile it only reaches 34. The speed index scores when using the desktop and mobile are respectively 2.8 seconds and 9.6 seconds. Though the theme claims to be one of the best mobile-first websites, smart phone users might face slow page speed when accessing the website.


wokiee shopify theme pagespeed pagefly
wokiee shopify theme pagespeed pagefly

The performance seems to be better with a minimal and simple online store. The scores of desktop and mobile for Decaar are 82 and 53 respectively. Even the speed index is also slightly higher than in the previous store. The speed index data for desktop is 2.6s and this score for mobile is 7.4s.

What Users Say About Wokiee Shopify Theme

wokiee shopify theme review

The average review score for Wokiee now is 4.89 out of 5, a pretty high score. Most of them boast about the premium features, customization, flexibility and customer support. You can take a look at some of them here:

wokiee shopify theme review
wokiee shopify theme review
wokiee shopify theme review

Wokiee Shopify Theme: Who Is It for?

wokiee shopify theme small and medium merchants

Source: Wokiee Demo Store

  • Entrepreneurs with niche products: Wokiee's adaptability enables you to showcase your goods in a powerful way if you're an entrepreneur with a unique product line. Its modifiable design features guarantee that the distinctiveness of your store is evident.
  • Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs): who want to have a strong web presence. No coding experience is required thanks to its user-friendly interface, and its wealth of features gives you all you need to create a polished and eye-catching online store.
  • Retailers with diverse inventories: Wokiee's automatic image resizing and several layout options make it easy to manage diverse collections and provide customers with a cohesive and enjoyable shopping experience if your inventory spans a wide variety of product categories.
  • Arts and crafts business: Wokiee's design-forward approach, combined with features such as Slider Revolution and material swatches, allows users to create a visually appealing storefront that expresses the brand's artistic taste.
  • High-end businesses: Wokiee is a suitable alternative for premium stores that need a sophisticated presentation to match their premium offerings. The theme's capacity to produce a luxurious user interface enhances the brand's visibility.

Our Expert Opinion

From our point of view, the Wokiee Shopify theme is widely praised for its flexibility, comprehensive feature set, and excellent design options, making it a top choice for multiple types of online businesses including:

  • For dropshipping stores: Wokiee claims itself as optimized for dropshipping with many features supporting high-volume dropshipping stores. For instance, the theme has an advanced mega menu and AJAX search, which helps ease the process of filtering a large quantity of products. In terms of product merchandising, it also allows customers to make pre-orders.
  • For one-product stores: Wokiee also has a lot of layouts designed specifically for single-product stores. They contain sections and content blocks that are optimized for highlighting your one-product media.
  • For various industry niches: The theme allows you to choose from a huge variety of skins. Regarding popular industries, it has skins for fashion, sports equipment, food, books, and jewelry. At the same time, there are skins for more niche products such as handmade, antique, and tattoo salons. The list still includes many other industries.

Which Shopify Theme Is Best?

It’s hard to decide which Shopify Theme is the best, however, we try to make a comparative analysis with other themes to find out. These four Shopify themes: Kalles, Electro, Minimog, and Wokiee 2.0 are all high-quality themes with great features. Below are some more aspects to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each theme:





Wokiee 2.0


Suitable for first-time eCommerce merchants

No coding knowledge required

Minimalistic yet modern design

Life time supports

Product specification with intuitive hotspots

Mobile-first design

No coding knowledge required

Various color schemes and typographies

Versatile collection of page layouts

Multipurpose features: elevate the shopping experience and conversion rate


Not much

uniqueness in layouts

Most of them are created to give a hassle-free experience in creating storefronts.

Made for the

electronics industry.

Its design

may not be suitable for stores

outside these categories

Require learning curve for users due to the overwhelming features

Requires learning curve for users

Only support in 6-month






If you still cannot find a suitable theme for your ecommerce store, have a look at our premium curated Shopify themes at Sale Hunter Themes.

What Shopify Theme Is That

PageFly Shopify Theme Detector

It’s crucial to keep up to date with the most trendy theme in the market. Yet some people might find it hard to know where and how to find their favorite theme. To solve this problem, PageFly has a Shopify theme detector tool that can be used as a web extension.

All you have to do is add and enable the extension, and that’s it. It might take 5 seconds depending on your internet speed to get the exact information of your desired themes.


After a comprehensive analysis of the Wokiee Shopify theme and its features, it is evident that it meets all the criteria of a great multifunctional theme. The theme covers versatile design layouts and immersive shopping experiences to conversion rate boosting. Besides, other capabilities such as integrating with 3D and video content, and getting real-time notifications can contribute greatly to business growth.

On the other hand, some users may find the extensive features overwhelming and the speed still needs to improve. Still, the overall experience proves that Wokiee provides a user-friendly platform with great customization and flexibility. For businesses seeking a multipurpose and conversion-focused Shopify theme, Wokiee should be at the top of the consideration.

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