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Shopify Abandoned Cart Email: 6 Ways To (Successfully) Recover Lost Sales

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I. What Is An Abandoned Cart Email?

A Shopify abandoned cart email is an email strategically sent to people who visit your Shopify store, add products to the cart but leave without completing the purchase. There are many reasons why people would abandon their carts without completing the purchase. 

Usually, Shopify abandoned cart email are automated using email marketing software that is available as a plug-in in the Shopify marketplace!

In addition to good email marketing software, you need to have many abandoned cart email strategies set in place to combat abandoned carts.

II. 6 Ways To Success with Shopify Abandoned Cart Email

Sending abandoned cart email might sound a little complicated but don’t worry, it’s not! You will get the hang of it by the end of this blog.

01. Create attractive Email Templates

Let’s face reality, although people tell you that it’s not always about the package but it always zeroes down to that. You need to have visually appealing designs to attract the attention of the subscribers.

sttractive email template

Aesthetic email are an excellent way to re-capture the attention of your lost customers.

A brand-focused and beautiful abandoned cart email is the most effective way to reclaim lost customers. You'll be able to convey exactly what they're looking for and persuade them with well-thought-out designs to make that purchase.

In addition to attracting them, using a quality approach in which you display the abandoned cart item will encourage the reader to take the desired action, such as clicking on the CTA button.

And a good email template will have CTAs at the right place or it will allow you to drag and drop where you want it to be.

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02. Personalize Everything

Personalization is the key to winning the lost customers and increasing sales in no time. You need to let your potential customers know that you care about them and that they matter to your brand. So send out exclusively personalized abandoned cart email.

Personalizing an email should start with mentioning their “name” and that will make a huge difference. 

When you do mention their name in the subject line, make sure you write an interesting one. Don’t forget that when it comes to email marketing or any marketing for that matter, it is important to stand out from the crowd.

Subject lines like the following will appeal to the subscribers.

Hey, Sameera! <product name> is sad that you forgot to get them!

“You left something behind, Laura!”

Keep your email personal and interesting at the same time!

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personalize abandoned cart email

03. Write An Amazing Copy

What are the components of an effective marketing email? A catchy subject line, excellent copy, and eye-catching images are all essential. 

write an amazing abandoned cart email

An excellent copy opens up many opportunities. So take great care to ensure that all of your marketing materials are compelling, and never take things lightly when it comes to copy. 

Furthermore, because of the purpose of an abandoned cart email, it should be much more than just a reminder about the product that was left behind. 

Try everything from sounding witty to being direct. But make sure you suggest similar products for them that they might prefer over the one they left behind.

And never forget to create a sense of urgency with the subscribers. Let them know how many of the left behind products are in stock. In addition, add a coupon as a bonus too!

04. Schedule Those Abandoned Cart Email

Shopify abandoned cart email are effective only when you send them at the right time. And you should send them a series of abandoned cart email with the right intervals in between them. Remember, timing is everything in abandoned cart email.

If you wait too long to send those abandoned cart email, you will risk losing the interest of the customers. And on the contrary, if you send those email too quickly and too often, your brand might risk coming across as salesy.

Here’s what we believe is the right way to time the abandon cart email:

  • Send the first abandoned cart email, one hour after the customer abandoned the cart.
  • Send the next one after 10-12 hours.
  • Send the final one after 24 hours.

You get three chances with abandoned cart email to get the lost customers, and it’s up to your email template, copy, timing, and personalization!

schedule abandoned cart email

05. A/B Test Email Campaigns

This is just a thumb rule in Shopify email marketing: always A/B test email campaigns. The best thing about A/B testing is you will know which subject lines give you higher open rates; which copy and email template gives you higher conversion rates! 

The data is handed to you on a plate and it is easy to understand the performance of your email campaigns.

You can A/B test just about anything in your email: subject lines, email templates, CTA, and copy! 

So A/B test your Shopify abandoned cart email and know what works for you!

A/B test email campaign

06. Set Up Automation

Manually sending Shopify abandoned cart email is just next to impossible. It would just be time-consuming and you will not achieve the end result you want. 

  • Get the right email marketing tool that has email automation. 
  • Automate the abandoned cart by creating workflows/recipes as we call it.
  • Make sure you end the workflow when they make the desired action.
  • And set the time interval as we discussed earlier.
  • Put in the right condition to restart the workflow when the cart is abandoned again.
  • Save the automated email and activate your automated abandoned cart email and keep getting back lost sales!
set up email automation
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    III. 4 Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Email Examples

    01. Rudy’s Abandoned Cart Email

    If you take a look at this abandoned cart email by Rudy’s, it carries everything that an alluring Shopify abandoned cart email should have. It takes a very minimalistic and basic approach by using an email template that makes the product images and descriptions stand out.

    The email starts with an eye-catching copy that reminds the subscriber that the ‘free shipping’ is about to expire. This succeeds in giving the Fear Of Missing Out phenomenon to your potential customers.

    It also features the product images, details, and a clear CTA to allow the subscriber to take an action. Plus, it gives out a coupon code to give the extra nudge they need to make a purchase.

    Rudy’s has also given social proof and by doing so has increased their credibility with the customer. 

    In addition to all this, they have used a witty copy like ‘Don’t put this off like a software update”, which is something very relatable and it will not fail to catch the eyes of the subscribers.

    Rudy’s abandoned cart email

    Overall, this Shopify abandoned cart email is easy on the eyes and difficult to ignore!

    02. Only Curls’ Abandoned Cart Email

    Munio’s abandoned cart email

    Although this abandoned cart email by Only Curls is quite different from Rudy’s, it features everything that you need in an attractive abandoned cart email.

    It has a personalized message to the reader thanking them for visiting their online store. This creates solid communication between the brand and the audience. As you can see that their message is longer than your usual abandoned cart email, which exudes a friendly image.

    Only Curls not only reminds the product left behind on the cart, but it also suggests other products that specific buyer might be interested in.

    And they have rounded the email off by flaunting the ratings they acquired from their customers. Adding reviews to your abandoned cart email showcases the credibility of the brand.

    Overall, this is the epitome of a personalized abandoned cart email with personalized content and product suggestions!

    03. Munio’s Abandoned Cart Email

    Munio’s Abandoned Cart Email

    This abandoned cart email is one of our favorites. It is a combination of Rudy’s and Only Curls’ abandoned cart email. It has the best of them both. 

    It starts right off the bat by giving the subscriber a 10% off on the product abandoned on the cart. And it succeeds in giving FOMO by mentioning that the offer will expire by midnight. 

    It also personalizes the email by mentioning the first name of the subscriber and tries to gain the loyalty of the customer by telling them that they have saved that product just for them.

    Isn’t that what we all want? We want brands to make us feel special and not just one of their hundreds of customers. We want them to take the extra mile to keep our interest. And that’s exactly what you should do for your customers.

    Make them feel like they are one in a million and you are ready to take that extra step to get them back!

    04. Adidas’ Abandoned Cart Email

    Adidas’ Abandoned Cart Email

    Adidas never disappoints when it comes to email marketing, and it has brought the best to this abandoned cart email too! Adidas has stuck to its minimalist black and white brand colors in the email template and that has put the spotlight entirely on its product. 

    Take a look at their copy, it cleverly asks the subscriber what happened and why they left an amazing product without completing the purchase. 

    The email itself makes that one product left behind as the focal point of the email. It makes the product all the more alluring! In addition to that, they have highlighted User Generated Content by adding real testimonials in the email. 

    Adding UGC to your email makes the product value higher and will gently push the potential customers to make the purchase without a second thought. 

    IV. How to set up abandoned cart email in Shopify

    The very first thing you will need to do is finding the best Shopify abandoned cart email tool at Shopify’s marketplace. After you do so, you can directly integrate with them with one click. And the best thing is most of these email marketing plug-in tools have an easy migration process. So you can upload your email list in no time.

    The next is, you need to set email automation for abandoned cart email. That’s right. It’s impossible to send email manually whenever a person abandoned their carts at your Shopify store. As a small to medium business, I don’t think you have the time nor the resources to put this much effort into just sending email.

    Plus, email automation works when a particular action is taken by the website visitor and you just need to create an email workflow on when and what to send to whom.

    So, set up abandoned cart email automation recipes and let the magic happen!

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    It’s a Wrap!

    Shopify abandoned cart email can be your biggest blessing if done right. So make use of these tips to use abandoned cart email to boost sales for your Shopify store. And just sit back, relax and let the automation do all the work for you!

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