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Is Maker Shopify Theme Worth The $320 Investment?

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A boring and uninspiring online store fails to captivate customers, leading to low sales and revenue.

Even if you want to create an online store like the bigger and more popular brands out there, the cost and the expertise required to build and design a store like that is a serious concern, especially if you are new to the eCommerce world.

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Shopify has gained popularity in the eCommerce business by making the process of starting your own online store easy. 

And thanks to the Shopify Themes store, no coding expertise or design skills are required to make your website look like a dream come true. 

While the theme store offers quite a variety of themes for all kinds of businesses, a few stand out from the others, like the Maker Shopify theme. And if you have been trying to figure out whether it is a good choice for your online store, you have come to the right place. 

In this blog, we will learn about the Maker Shopify theme in detail, assess its pros and cons, and understand if it's one of the best available Shopify themes for your store. Let's begin!

Maker Shopify Theme: What Is It Like?

Maker Shopify Ttheme

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Shopify themes are at the top of the industry for a wide range of reasons, including their professional designs, mobile responsiveness, easy-to-use interface, SEO-friendliness, and of course, the possibility of integrating with numerous third-party Shopify apps for offering a seamless experience to your customers. 

The Maker Shopify theme is no exception with its warm and welcoming design elements, and easy drag-and-drop blocks and sections to customize pages in your online store, without any special coding.

With customizable product and collection page layouts, in addition to the well-designed blocks for images, text, products, and much more, this Shopify theme can make store designing a cakewalk for you.

Maker Shopify Theme: Who Created It?

 Who make maker theme

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Maker theme is created by the Troop Themes, a creative design team based out of Canada, that is responsible for four of the best Shopify themes - Beyond theme, Maker theme, Emerge theme, and Blockshop theme. All the themes created and developed by the Troop Themes aim to deliver the best possible eCommerce experiences for merchants. 

The Maker Shopify theme is a stunning theme option for creative entrepreneurs who want to showcase their products uniquely and, at the same time, use the products for visual storytelling. The sleek and polished aesthetic, along with the flexible customization options, suit your brand's style. 

Maker Shopify Theme’s Exclusive Styles

The Shopify Maker theme allows online store owners to create a unique and professional-looking storefront effortlessly. With a lot more focus on minimalism, simplicity, and functionality, the Maker theme can satisfy a brand's need to showcase its products and services in a rather engaging yet distinctive manner.

And this is made possible by the three distinctive style options the Maker Shopify theme offers. Let's explore each of them to help you make the best choice for your online store.


Maker fashion style

As its name suggests, the Fashion style is more suited for a fashion-related eCommerce store that wants to grab its customers' attention using eye-catching imagery supported by ample white space. 

The homepage comes with a full-width banner image and header that can be customized to highlight your brand's latest collection or sales. 

While the overall layout is customizable with different colors, typography, and design blocks, the subtle and simplified use of colors in the Fashion style with striking images can bring out the essence of every product, leaving customers in awe. 


Bloom style makerThe Bloom style is a lot more feminine and elegant in design, making it a great option for stores selling products that are classy, sophisticated, and minimal in nature, such as cosmetics, personal care, or even home decor. 

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With softer color shades and delicate yet bold fonts, the Bloom style of the Maker Shopify theme creates an airy and calming feel for anyone visiting your online store, pushing them to browse through your website easily and make purchases. 

This style, too, comes with multiple homepage layouts to choose from depending on your products and brand style so that you can showcase your products in the most ideal manner. The full-width banner image and header, as well as the promo banner, is something you can see as an option in all three styles.


Maker Luna style 

The Luna style looks similar to the other two styles, with just a slight touch of moodiness that helps create a visually contrasting feeling while shopping. The Luna style focuses on high-quality imagery with bold and warm color palettes for accent colors and edgy fonts. The layout is similar to the other two styles, with numerous customization options. 

The Maker Shopify theme and all its styles come with reimagined grids and powerful design settings to customize and configure a unique branded look for your store. In the coming section, we'll look into its key features to better explain how these elements and options can take your store to the next level. 

Is the Maker Shopify Theme For Everyone?

Let's be honest, not all themes work out for all kinds of businesses. And if you are wondering whether the Maker Shopify theme will work for the type of products you are selling, here's your answer.

As we discussed the Maker theme styles, we now know that it is definitely suited for businesses in the fashion industry, such as clothing stores, jewelry, personal or skincare care, cosmetics, shoes, etc.  

At the same time, the Shopify Maker theme is also ideal for high-volume stores that process a high number of transactions in a given period of time, with a focus on image and text-based content, as its editorial-inspired design can complement the store's blogs and other content very well and even supports a visual brand storytelling approach. 

For example, if you’re running a meal prep and delivery service or selling kitchen pottery, or handmade plates and mugs with a focus on food blogging to drive more visitors to your store who are interested in buying as well as reading your content, then this theme will suit you. 

So if you fit any of the above categories, then the Maker Shopify theme could be a good choice for your store. 

You can find the theme here → Shopify Maker theme.

Another important criterion to determine whether the Maker Shopify theme is for everyone is through the price. The Maker theme is a premium Shopify theme that is priced at $320, with an unlimited free trial. 

The price is indeed on the higher end and could work well for a few emerging brands but not all. 

However, the free trial is truly beneficial to understand the theme's compatibility with your brand style, and the store looks before deciding. You'll only have to pay for the theme if it fits the store and when you decide to publish the store pages with the theme. But this cost can be seen as a one-time payment as it also comes with free unlimited theme updates. This benefits you with all the future features and fixes Troop Themes introduces for the Maker theme without paying anything extra, as well as a non-expiring license to use this theme on your store for as long as you like.

7 Standout Features of Maker Shopify Theme

Here are some of the main features of the Maker Shopify theme that you should know of:

Brand Video Banners

Brand Video Banners Maker 

The Maker Shopify theme features brand video banners that allow store owners, such as you showcase their brand story and products through high-quality videos. With flexible video sections for demonstrating your latest seasonal collections or for a new campaign, this feature will enhance the overall viewing experience and engage and interact with customers in a memorable way. The banner size can be adjusted to fit the page and view in full-length, like in the image above, and set to autoplay with or without sound. 

Predictive Live Search

Predictive Live Search 

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This feature makes it easy for customers to quickly search and find their products when they are directly typing what they are looking for in the search bar. 

However, unlike the predictive text feature, this one enhances discoverability by displaying search-related content quickly and efficiently, saving time and effort from the customer's end and improving their overall customer experience with the store. 

The feature works for products, pages, as well as blog content. 

Editorial Inspired Blogs

Editorial Inspired Blogs

Maker Shopify theme features an editorial-inspired blog layout that enables Shopify merchants and store owners to publish engaging content related to their brand or products, to attract not just customers but also new audiences who are looking for information and expert understanding of your product niche rather than make a purchase. 

A loyal set of an audience like this from your informative and compelling content can be turned into a potential customer base in the future. The customizable sections and layouts make long-form content more engaging and interactive, a must-have and a creative option for new and upcoming brands. 

Mega Menu

Mega Menu


Image Credits:

With the Maker Shopify theme, Shopify store owners can create a customized mega menu using multiple drop-downs that display product collections or subcategories of the product right from the homepage, making navigation easy. 

The menu can be customized with different fonts, colors, and elements, and even high-quality images can be used to direct customers to product pages if the product collection is limited.



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This feature is a must-have for fashion brands to stand out from their competition. The lookbook feature allows one to showcase their products through shoppable galleries or collections, with inspirational ideas for stylishly combining one or more products for a striking look. 

These lookbooks can be created using high-quality images or videos and can be added to your product page, collection page, or even home page easily.

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New arrival page

Add Ingredients or Nutritional Information

Add Ingredients or Nutritional Information 

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Selling specialty food, skincare products, or food supplements online? Then this feature is definitely helpful for you. You can effortlessly add ingredients, nutritional information, allergen information, and more for your items on the product pages. 

This type of detailed information is necessary while dealing with products that cater to a specific set of customers, especially if it is healthcare-related or food related, and for pure transparency for building trust with your customers. 

Fluid or Flexible Grid Layouts

Fluid or Flexible Grid Layouts

Flexible and fluid grid layouts can help you stand out from other regular-grid websites due to their unique and dynamic representation. The reimagined grids in the Maker Shopify theme let you create and customize grids as per your promotions or campaigns to gain customer attention.

 With the customizable design settings, you can add these grids to the sections you prefer while providing a clean and organized look to the page. Furthermore, this helps display the products and product collections in an eye-catching manner, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Pros & Cons of Maker Shopify Theme

Here are a few a things you (pros and cons) that you need to know before purchasing the theme:


  • The built-in styles and color palettes make it easy to add colors of your choice to different sections and design pages as needed. 
  • The full-width banner images and headers give the web pages a cinematic and interactive look.
  • The multi-level drop-down menu makes it possible to view a large variety of products and makes navigation easy for the customers.
  • The three different styles offered by the Maker Shopify theme are versatile and customizable, making them a great option for different types of businesses.
  • The editorial-style blog feature makes journaling and blogging easy and also a great way to attract a new set of audience. 
  • The theme provides additional support documents for many features to ensure its customers can fully use them for the price they are paying.


  • The price of the theme is on the higher end. Though it offers many features and customization, the price might still seem high, especially for a new brand that doesn't need to exploit all the features. 
  • In times of concern, you can always contact their support. However, do not expect any immediate response as there is no live chat option. Responses can be expected to come in within 24 hours and sometimes more via email. 

Maker Shopify Theme’s Performance In a Nutshell

Before we wrap up, let’s analyze one more critical aspect of a theme: its performance. Many themes might seem good-looking but can affect your store’s performance, resulting in a delay in loading, not displaying the pictures on time, poor mobile experience, and so on. 

So, we’ll analyze the performance of a store that uses the Maker Shopify theme to better understand the performance it delivers.

Maker Shopify Theme’s Performance 

Image Credits:

Here's a snapshot of the website performance of a skin and hair care brand, Bonbodi, from Google PageSpeed Insights. The desktop performance is above average, so you can expect your website to deliver a good customer experience from laptops and desktops. The loading time of the desktop website was also quick, with no delay in loading the imagery or animation. 

Maker Shopify Theme’s Onpage 

Image Credits:

On mobile 

Image Credits:

On the flip side, the mobile performance of the theme doesn’t seem so satisfactory, though the other critical factors such as the accessibility and SEO are optimal. The theme is, however, 100% mobile responsive, and the performance can sometimes change from brand to brand. So, check all the boxes and optimizations to ensure your theme delivers the best at the end of the day.

Here’s a quick view of the mobile-optimized look of the Maker Shopify theme:

mobile view You can also check out the theme’s usage statistics here → Maker Shopify theme’s usage statistics.

Maker Shopify Theme’s Review

The Maker Shopify theme has over 96% positive reviews, with around 70 reviews, meaning most merchants have had a pleasant and good experience with the theme. Let’s take a look at some of them to understand what they liked and did not like about the theme. 

 Review 1Review 2Review 3Review 4

Another Shopify theme created specifically for fashion brands with high page speed performance and stunning design is the Blum theme created by Sales Hunter Themes. The theme has many features, and if you want to learn more about the Blum theme, check out this blog → Blum Shopify Theme Review.

Shopify Stores That Nailed the Maker Theme

Here are two stores that use the Maker Shopify theme to its best:



Image Credits:

Whxte is a jewelry brand with a limited collection of rings, bracelets, etc., for women. It has a modern and sophisticated design with gradient-like images for added aesthetics. 

The homepage features a full-width banner image with scrolling text below it, giving the whole website the 90s look and feel. The typography is simple and bold, with high-quality imagery of the products and lookbooks for inspiration. Also, the use of whitespace and simple navigation enhances the user experience.


 Kem page

Image Credits:

Kem is a skincare and beauty care brand that features a clean and elegant design with a mix of dark and contrast color palettes and a focus on simplicity. The homepage has a full-width banner image, rotating text around the logo, and scrolling text, giving the entire homepage a pop-style look and feel. 

The font is clean, bold, and easy to read, with a multi-level navigation menu and high-quality images. The homepage also features a full-width banner video, making the whole shopping experience a very engaging one.


Coming to the big question, as the title of this blog says - “Is Maker Shopify Theme The Perfect Choice For Your Online Store?”. Yes, if you fit the specified criteria mentioned in this article. 

But is it for everyone? Maybe not. While choosing any theme, you need to ensure you can utilize its design features to elevate your store’s looks and enhance its overall performance. The Maker Shopify theme satisfies the above requirements and brings out an eccentric factor in the stores built with the theme.

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