Is The Shopify Vantage Theme Worth The $300 Investment?

Is The Shopify Vantage Theme Worth The $300 Investment?

You must create an outstanding first impression for your Shopify stores.

Undoubtedly, it could be frustrating to choose something so vital very early on in the preparation stage.

To make things simpler, ask yourself these questions: If you were to visit your online business as a customer, what would it feel and look like? How would the website look? What components will there be, and how will you search for and browse items? How will the items and product categories be included on the home page?

In this piece of write-up, we have thoroughly gone into a detailed review of the Shopify Vantage theme in assisting you to decide whether this Shopify Vantage theme is right for your Shopify stores.


Shopify Vantage Theme Overview:

What is the Shopify Vantage Theme?

Vantage Shopify theme was created by the We Are Underground team, who are known for their innovative and revolutionary Shopify themes such as Drop, Fashionopolism, Mr. Parker, Testament, Icon, and Foodie.

A contemporary, high-end Shopify theme with features geared toward conversion focused theme, Vantage. Vantage is designed to help merchants to visually tell stories about their products using large imagery (photos & videos).

This Shopify Vantage theme also emphasizes presenting your product and collection sections stylishly and with as much artistic flexibility as is practical for your station. In order to help visitors in finding products quickly, the Vantage Shopify theme has also mastered the art of product discovery features for both small and large catalogs.

The theme code is extremely adaptable and can be changed in numerous ways. Vantage is also jam-packed with fantastic features that you will undoubtedly enjoy.

Nonetheless, the image zoom works similarly to a magnifying glass, allowing customers to get a closer look at your products. This is important because the more information you can provide about your products, the higher your chances of conversion.

The Vantage theme is intended for high-volume stores that process a large number of transactions in a given period physical stores, allowing for easy and seamless scaling. Vantage is a multi-purpose Shopify theme that is best suited for Single Product stores.

Who is the Shopify Vantage theme for?

The Vantage Shopify theme was designed for people who want to prioritize content.

The Vantage Shopify theme works best for items like fashion, clothing, food, drink, electronics, custom products, art, photography, luxury goods, outdoor gear, sportswear, beauty products, automatic machinery, health and wellness products, and more.

The best Shopify themes for conversion, food and drink, sports, and clothing stores.

Shopify Vantage Theme Styles

The Vantage Shopify theme is unquestionably one of the best-designed themes with the best customization options. The theme also includes a sizable number of conversion- and design-boosting features, along with more than 5 uniquely conceptualized presets/demo stores. Examine these presets carefully to determine whether the theme satisfies your needs.

Vantage Shopify Theme is available in 5 exclusive presets/demos – Clean, Light, Simple, Bright & Dark, each catering to regaling a specific set of eCommerce requirements

1. Clean Preset

This Shopify vantage theme is great for summer travel content with fresh and clean design theme code.

clean preset

2. Light Preset

A conversion focused theme that scales for small and large catalogs. You can make customisations for cosmetics, beauty and health product collections.

light preset

3. Simple Preset

This Shopify vantage theme is good for visual storytelling with simple and classic textual styles. You can go for the fashion category with this one.

simple preset

4. Bright Preset

Showcase images easily with this theme preset. Your products can be highlighted and presented in a blazing way.

bright preset

5. Dark Preset

Another great visual storytelling theme code but in a dark color scheme.

dark preset

Top 3 Shopify Vantage Theme Features

Color swatches: On a product page, color swatches can be displayed as vibrant buttons. In the end, these offer visitors to your store a more entertaining, accurate, and engaging way to view various colored products. Additionally, it is easier to use than scrolling through a drop-down menu.

light preset

Source: Vantage theme demo

Products review: Your sales will increase if you add product reviews to your store and product pages because customers will be more inclined to buy your products after reading positive reviews from other customers. As customers see testimonials and images posted by actual people to support your brand, they also help to build customer trust.

clean preset

Source: Vantage theme demo

Image zoom: Enhance your store's usefulness when showcase images in full-screen, adding esteem and expanding potential revenue.


For more detailed reviews and tutorials of Shopify paid and free themes, check out:

Where Can You See The Demo and Download Shopify Vantage Theme?

You can find its Shopify store here.

To start using the vantage theme, you need to log into your store admin. From there, go to the Themes section. 

If you want to use and customize the vantage theme on your Shopify store, you need to add it to your admin. To be able to do so, follow these steps: 

  • Visit the Vantage Theme on the Shopify theme store
  • Click View demo store if you’d like to see how the theme looks in action 
  • If you like what you see, click Try theme to add it to your store 
  • Go to Shopify admin > Online Store > Themes 
  • You will see the vantage theme listed here 
  • Select an Action you’d like to take on the theme – this is where you can preview and customize the theme 
bright preset

Now at this point, the customizations you implement entirely depend upon the type of products you’re selling, your target audience and your goals. 

Shopify Vantage Theme's Pros and Cons


The fact that many of the sales-promoting components are included in the base template is one of Vantage's appeals. Vantage, for instance, provides a sticky menu for desktop users, a pencil banner for site-wide promotions, and a clearly visible cart icon for mobile users.

Since there is an icon at the top of the page on mobile that opens the search page when tapped, the search function on mobile is also superior to some of our other options here (a secondary search bar is in the mobile menu). It is unquestionably a better arrangement than having it on the menu.

Additionally, the product flags that come with this theme—corner banners for new, on-sale, sold-out, etc. products—do a good job of highlighting the differences between various categories on the website. This makes it easier for customers to quickly see what has changed since their last visit for stores that receive a lot of repeat business.

Last but not least, Vantage displays the cart icon in the center of each mobile page, which is great for websites where multiple-item purchases are frequent.

You can use drag-and-drop sections and blocks to create custom pages throughout your store without special coding. This theme has flexible, well-designed blocks for images, products, video, quotes, and more.

Free support and free theme updates to all future versions.


Vantage's lack of drop-down options in the upper menu and the size of these drop-downs, which make the menu on desktop much more challenging to use than one of the larger menus. Furthermore, featured products cannot be uploaded into the drop-down menu on Vantage.

The cost is not that cheap so you must think carefully whether this is suitable for your Shopify stores.

Low page speed score in mobile version and desktop.

page speed score in mobile version
page speed score in desktop version

Source: PageSpeed Insights

Customer Reviews About Shopify Vantage Theme:

"Great clean theme! The team at We are Underground have been great and easy to work with. Richard and Kaytee provided great support for us on all our needs!" - Raceline Wheels

"Sophisticated and straight forward, it works as a beautiful frame for all of my work. Thank you to Tiffany for so quickly helping me understand and edit crucial functions on my site!" - Stephanie Lake Design

"I was quite happy with my purchase until I realized they do not add an H1 to the frontpage and they charge 99$ to do it on their own theme missing an important feature for SEO purposes." - Dressing Responsable

Source: Theme Reviews

Start your amazing online store with Shopify Vantage Theme

Build Home page

Two distinct styling options are present in the home segments: full-width and narrow versions.

It contains sections with a distinctive design that are supported by hero slideshows or videos.

Possibilities for flexible customization are supported by a strong menu section that includes a mega menu, search bar, announcement bar, logo, icons, and more.

vantage theme export

There are multiple columns and image-based in-menu promotions supported in the menu section.

A separate section of the home page features brand logos.

dark preset

Supports multiple distinct sets of product and collection showcase sections on the home page.

vantage theme export

Strong imagery, transition effects, product & sales badges, size information, color swatches, and other free support the product listing.

Settings for displaying customer reviews, endorsements, FAQs, newsletter signups, and other content.

vantage theme support

includes a sophisticated footer section with support for a variety of elements, such as a currency and country selector.

light preset

View the vantage theme template for homepage here:

Desktop View

 Mobile version


Mobile View


Build Product page

It supports a variety of product page designs with distinctive product media styling

Rollover, slideshow, zoom, and galleries are among the image transition effects supported by product media.

vantage theme export

Product reviews, high-resolution images, product videos, tax and discount information, color swatches, and product tabs are all features of conversion-friendly page designs.

vantage theme export

Delivery information, Sticky cart, and more are included. Also, it includes areas for various-sized promotional banners

Placements for featured products, collections, and blogs are also available on product pages.

vantage theme export

Build Collection page

Includes a full-width header supported by images and photographs

Includes a strong slide-out filter and sorter with all contemporary filter factors.

Product display options include list- and grid-based displays.

High-resolution images, transitional effects, product zoom, size options, color swatches, discount details, badges, and other features are supported in product listings.

Supports easy previous and next segment navigation while supporting pagination on the collection pages

Contains a wide range of sections for highlighted blogs, products, and collections, as well as advertising banners. 

Top 5 Shopify Vantage Theme stores

1. Matador

Sales Revenue: $245k+

Matador was founded in 2014 with the intention of bringing knowledge of the outdoor industry to the pursuit of travel. Real gear, designed to help you experience more adventures.


Matador homepage

Product Page

Matador product page

2. Aloha Collection

Sales Revenue: $251k+

A single bag, a common goal, and a Kickstarter campaign served as the foundation for ALOHA Collection. ALOHA Collection was on its way with a handshake, $2000 for each person, and a little bit of magic. In addition to starting a successful business with ALOHA Collection, Rachael and Heather have also grown a global 'Ohana.

Their goal is to encourage travel, adventure, healthy and active lifestyles, and to Share the ALOHA. This can be seen by their theme selection and content presentation on their Shopify store.


Aloha homepage

Collection Page

Aloha collection page

Product Page

Aloha product page

3. Marigold & Grey

Sales Revenue: $255k+

The full-service artisan gifting company Marigold & Grey specializes in creating unique gifts for weddings, business events, client appreciation, and other special occasions. When designing welcome gifts for her own destination wedding in 2012, owner and founder Jamie Kutchman Wynne realized the need for the company.


Marigold & Grey homepage

Product Page

Marigold & Grey product page

4. Raceline

Sales Revenue: $123k+

Since 1996, Raceline, a family-owned shop, has led the industry in the design and production of wheels for off-road, street, and track use. Raceline, which was established more than 20 years ago as a producer of specialty wheels for the off-road racing market, draws inspiration for its entire product line from its love of performance. Raceline provides aftermarket wheels in a variety of styles and fitments for passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs, and UTVs, all with performance-driven technology and exceptional quality.

Along with Raceline Billet, Raceline Forged, Raceline UTV, Kansei Wheels, Nomad Wheels, and Mobelwagen Wheels, Raceline is a member of the Allied Wheel Components family of brands.


Raceline homepage

Collection Page

Raceline collection page

5. Eating Evolved

Sales Revenue: $180k+

Since 2012, their goal has been to create delicious chocolate without making any exemptions. No avoiding steps. ingredients that are pure, organic, and ethically sourced. precise mixtures that combine flavor and function.


Eating Evolved homepage

Product Page

Eating Evolved product page


A modern Shopify theme with cutting-edge design layouts is Vantage. The theme also receives excellent marks for design, customization, and conversion. The theme's pages load quite okay, but they could use a little more mobile friendliness. The $300 spent on this theme is definitely worthwhile. Test it out!

Many owners of online stores search for a "pretty" template that fits their sense of style when it comes to Shopify themes. There is nothing improper about that, but keep in mind that the goal of your e-commerce site isn't to appear appealing. Your website must generate sales.

Finding a theme that is intended to sell is crucial for that. Fortunately, there are many Shopify themes available that offer a fantastic user experience right out of the box such as Blum Theme, which is made for brands especially in fashion industry with high page speed and stunning mobile design. You can position your site for success right away by using the conversion rate optimization (CRO) elements you now know to look for.

You must then test and tweak your theme if you want to really improve your ecommerce results. Effective CRO testing can quickly transform your store from good to great by increasing sales or more!

By the way, let us know here via if you'd like assistance choosing a theme for your store or need assistance testing a Shopify theme. We'd adore to assist!

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