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How Quantity Breaks Can Boost Your Shopify Sales In 2024: A Deep Dive with Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks

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Innovative strategies are crucial in the competitive e-commerce space.

One approach to Shopify store owners is applying the quantity breaks.The use of this concept can greatly increase sales and customer satisfaction.

This guide helps you unlock the full potential of this strategy, brought to you by Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks – an app that has already generated $70M worth of sales for 15K Shopify merchants in just the past 1.5 years (and still counting)!


Understanding Quantity Breaks

Definition and Basics

Quantity breaks, in the world of e-commerce, is a pricing strategy where customers get discounts when they buy more products. This model can be broken down into tiers, for instance:

1 unit sells at full price per unit.

2-3 units sell at a 10 % discount per unit.

4-10 units, there is a 20% discount on each unit.

Customers are encouraged to raise their volume of purchase in order to take advantage of higher savings, thanks to this kind of promotion.

Example: Imagine you're selling coffee beans. 1 pack costs $ 15 but if a client purchases five packs, they pay only $12 per pack.

Quantity breaks in Shopify store using Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks.

Example: Quantity breaks in Shopify store using Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks.

The Psychology Behind Quantity Breaks

Quantity breaks are psychologically very effective.When customers feel they are getting more value for their money, it is likely that a purchase will be made.

This strategy taps into 2 key psychological principles:

Perceived Value: When customers realize that purchasing larger quantities lowers the price per unit, they view this as a chance to get more worth for their cash.This idea of saving money can be more attractive than the product itself.

Scarcity and Urgency: Through tiered pricing, you also create a sense of scarcity and urgency.For instance, 'Limited time offer: ‘Buy more and save more!’ The adoption of this strategy activates FOMO in customers, prompting them to purchase items by bulk.

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Quantity Breaks – A Business Case

Increasing Average Order Value

Quantity Breaks are a powerful way to increase your average order value in the Shopify store.This strategy encourages customers to purchase more items per transaction in order to win discounts, thus transforming a potential single item purchased into two or even multiple.

Example: Imagine a shop dealing with organic skincare products.Under normal circumstances, a customer would purchase one moisturizer that costs $30.With quantity breaks, the offer could be: 2 for $55 or 3 for $75.As customers see the benefit of buying more to get a discount, they often choose the higher quantity – thus boosting your Average Order Value (AOV).

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Inventory Management

Quantity breaks can be a useful tool in inventory management, especially for products that are overstocked or seasonal items and perishable ones.By speeding up the sales of these products, you make sure that your inventory stays fresh and keeps down holding costs as well as prevents unsold stock.

Example: If you have a surplus of seasonal goods such as holiday-design candles then offering quantity break discounts can also help to clear your stock much faster.

Customer Retention and Loyalty

A good strategy for winning more customers and making regular business from them is offering better deals through quantity breaks.Providing value consistently builds a relationship with your customers, increasing the likelihood that they will return for future purchases.

Example: A person who purchases fitness supplements is likely to go back to a store providing discount on buying in bulk, and the reason for this being clear – because they save money with their regular buys.

Implementing Quantity Breaks in Shopify

Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks is the #1 app that you can use to implement quantity breaks.It makes your customers feel saving and at the same time it increases your revenue.

Step #1: Install ​​Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks

Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks

Step #2: Install the template and use the discount code PAGEFLY20 for 20% off.

use the discount code PAGEFLY20 for 20% for off kaching bundle quantity break app

Step #3: Customize your discounts (size of discounts, colors, text, etc.)

Customize your discounts (size of discounts, text, etc.)
Customize your discounts (size of colors)

Step #4: Press “Publish” and start tracking the results!

Press “Publish” and start tracking the results!

For achieving maximum benefits of quantity breaks for your Shopify store, we suggest that you visit this guide: Unlocking the Full Potential of Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks.This resource gives all the needed recommendations and best practices, so you can ensure a successful implementation of this powerful strategy.

Using Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks with PageFly

Integration of Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks with PageFly is an effortless procedure that can transform the way your Shopify shop operates.This is one powerful combination that enables you to apply effective quantity break strategies, improving both the user experience and increase in potential new sales.

Some easy steps help to initiate this integration: after you have downloaded the Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks app, then log in within your PageFly account.

For complete integration between two apps, make sure to read the full article here.This resource serves as your door to accessing all the benefits that quantity breaks can offer in your Shopify store using PageFly.

Strategies for Maximizing Impact

Pricing Strategies

To make quantity breaks attractive to customers and maintain a profit for your company, effective price strategies are necessary.

Example: If you sell handmade soaps, perhaps you can set the price at $10 each.A tiered pricing structure could be: 3 for $28, 5 for $45 or buy 10 and get it at $85.This incites the customers to buy more, as they believe that they are getting a better price while at the same time maintaining profitability on each sale.

Actionable Steps:

  1. Take pricing from competitors to understand how much customers might be willing to pay.
  2. Try out various pricing structures in order to determine the most successful ones.
  3. Compare different pricing strategies by using A/B testing.
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    Marketing Tactics

    Promoting your quantity breaks effectively will greatly improve their effectiveness.

    Example: An email campaign that highlights the advantages of purchasing in bulk may attract customers to a coffee shop selling beans online (e.g., Stock Up and Save on Your Favorite Coffee).In a similar way, posts on social media regarding cost savings and convenience of buying in bulk can drive traffic to your website.

    Actionable Steps:

    1. Send tailored emails to customers interested in eligible products for quantity breaks.
    2. Use attractive visuals and persuasive copy to feature quantity break deals on Instagram or Facebook.
    3. Make sure your quantity break offers are prominently visible on your website especially in product display pages and at the check-out points.

    Analyzing & Adjusting

    Constantly analyzing and fine-tuning your quantity break strategy is important in optimizing its effectiveness.

    Example: A sports equipment retailer could discover that quantity breaks on certain products do not win expected sales.By processing customer feedback and sales information, they would be able to change the tiers or items offered in a package so that they are more appealing by satisfying demand.

    Actionable Steps:

    1. Monitor the sales performance of items with quantity breaks closely.
    2. Get and analyze customer feedback frequently to know their point of view towards your offers.
    3. Use analytics to point out patterns and trends, then adjust your quantity breaks based on it.

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      Case Studies and Success Stories

      Case Study #1: Venom Scents ($334,450 in Added Revenue)

      Venom Scents product page

      Through their strategy, Venom Scents reached a great milestone.Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks were also used by them, which not only improved average order value and brought an impressive sum of $334,450 more in additional revenue.

      Case Study #2: Koala Super-Grip Phone Cases (432,682$ In Additional Revenue With Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks)

      Koala Super-Grip Phone Cases product page

      Innovative super-grip phone cases creators, Koala adopted a new approach to generate income.Deeply connecting their customer base, they used the Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks app for discount bundling.

      The outcome? Total additional revenue of $432,682 showing how strategic discount bundling works.Koala’s journey serves as one of the best cases in terms of harnessing every bit of e-commerce potential.

      Case Study #3: Lulia Exclusive Fashion & Lifestyle (Additional Revenue: $77,854)

      Lulia Exclusive Fashion & Lifestyle priduct page

      Lulia, which provides unique fashion and lifestyle products, successfully used the Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks app.However, their approach to strategic product bundling led them to generate an additional $77,854 in revenue.

      Additional Case Study: $78,000 On Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks Success for Jordan

      Case Study: $78,000 On Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks Success for Jordan

      You can read this article to learn about the powerful method that allowed Jordan to increase his revenue by as much as $78,000 with Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks.

      This case study looks at successful strategies and methods Jordan used to boost sales and profit margins.To get a comprehensive look at Jordan’s achievements and to learn how you can apply similar success in your own business, check out the full story by clicking here.

      Advanced Tips & Tricks

      Segmentation and Targeting

      Quantity breaks can be enhanced if you are able to effectively segment and target your customer base.

      Example: For a sports shop, there will be two main customer groups; professional athletes and casual fitness enthusiasts.Giving quantity discounts on high-performance gear aimed at professionals and more basic equipment for casual users will make your offers as appealing as possible to each segment.

      Actionable Steps:

      1. Your sales data along with your customer analytics will help you identify different segments within the base of customers.
      2. Make special quantity break offers attractive to the needs and buying patterns of each segment.
      3. Promote these offers directly to the relevant customer groups using targeted marketing strategies, such as segmented email lists or target ads.

      Seasonal and Tactical Uses

      It is often effective to strategically use quantity breaks in different seasons or for other business purposes.

      Example: A beauty products retailer could have promotional sales of special bulk prices on sunscreens during the summer months and moisturizers in winter.Similarly, for very overstocked items or products close to reaching their expiration dates discounts on volume purchases can quickly and effectively free up the inventory.

      Actionable Steps:

      1. Plan your quantity break strategies based on seasonal frequency of shopping trends and holidays.
      2. Manage inventory levels, especially for seasonal or overstocked items and make use of quantity breaks.
      3. Make your offers during peak shopping periods like holidays, back-to-school sales and Black Friday.


      As we’ve discussed in this detailed guide, the proper use of quantity breaks on your Shopify store comes with a variety of advantages.With significantly increasing your average order value and effective inventory control, the benefits are easy to understand and quantifiable.

      Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks, along with the power of PageFly, provide a dynamic duo for Shopify store owners that simplifies technical setup and boosts sales.

      By using appropriate pricing strategies and innovative promotional tactics, while constantly evaluating your approach and making changes when necessary, you can maximize the benefits of quantity breaks.


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      If you want the highest impact on your sales, read the guide line Unlocking the Full Potential of Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks about how to fully take advantage of using Kaching Bundle Quantity in your product page.

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