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Shopify Showcase Theme: An In-Depth Review and Analysis

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Did you know that over 38% of website visitors stop engaging with a website due to its poor design or unattractive layout? That is a lot of sales and revenue a business is losing. 

As eCommerce businesses grow, the competition in the market becomes fierce. To tackle this competition and stay at the top, you need to stand out one way or the other. The attention span of customers is short (like really short). That means you probably have a few seconds to get their attention, and if you miss out there, the chances of getting them back are almost impossible. 

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The first and foremost way of catching your customer's eye is through your website design and, eventually, the performance of your website. And the only way to ensure these two are top-notch is by using an effective theme, and we are talking about Shopify themes. 

One of the most popular Shopify themes out there is the Shopify Showcase theme, and if you want to learn more about it, you are in the right place. We will analyze the theme in detail so that you can make an easy choice. So let's start.


Shopify Showcase Theme: A Complete Overview

 Shopify Showcase Theme

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In order to succeed as an online store in a fast-paced industry, you need a professional-looking website that speaks out loud about your brand identity and values. A website theme not only gives your store a striking exterior but also defines your store's performance. The Shopify Showcase theme has beautiful and bold design features and drag-and-drop sections for an easy set-up experience. 

There's more to this Shopify theme, and we are going to look into each of them in depth to understand if the Shopify Showcase theme could be the theme for your store. 

Shopify Showcase Theme Creator

Clean canvas 

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The Showcase theme is created by Clean Canvas, a premium Shopify themes development company from the UK. They have created 20+ Shopify themes, all of them which stand out on their own for unique features, stunning color palettes, and layouts. Their wide theme collections are sure to satisfy the needs of all types of eCommerce businesses. 

The Shopify Showcase theme is one of their best creations that help brands showcase their products in the most unique and exciting manner. The highlight of this theme is that you can customize it further and get all the assistance you need by getting in touch with their support team. 

Shopify Showcase Theme: Styles

With the Shopify Showcase theme, you get five different styles to choose from that can help create a unique and visually appealing online store. Whether you're looking for a minimalist and modern look or a bold and colorful design, the Showcase theme has got you covered. 

  • Native

Clear canvas Native 

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The Native style is a minimalist and modern design that puts your products as the face of the brand. The style features a clean white background with bold and funky typography. Let your products do all the talking with high-quality product images and full-width banner images and videos, and create a sophisticated and streamlined look using this style for your website.

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  • Betty

Clear canvas Betty 

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If your store sells elegant and classy items that need a more subtle color palette as well as contrast and colorful headers and accent colors, then the Betty style of the Showcase theme is a good choice. With full-width banner images, transparent header bars, and a centered navigation menu, this style can bring out a brand's personality in the most memorable way.

  • Luna

 Clear canvas Luna

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The Luna style of the Shopify Showcase theme is a modern and elegant design that exudes sophistication through its dark accent colors and image-focused layout. The product images are given a lot more priority with large grids for a cleaner and more organized look while driving your customer's attention to the products. It is perfect for any business that wants a chic and timeless look and feels for its website.

  • Beard

Clear canvas Beard


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The Beard style features a rustic and masculine design suited for businesses that sell products aimed at men. The accent colors include shades of brown, beige, and gray, giving it a rustic yet luxurious look. You can make the most of the grid layout with a rough and textured background and high-quality product pictures that align with this style for a completely rugged and outdoorsy feel. 

  • Mila

Clear canvas Mina


Image Credits

The Mila style highlights a feminine and whimsical design for businesses that are more aligned with the selling of luxury-looking as well as minimalist products. The color palette includes pale and warm colors complimenting the products you are selling. The cursive font style adds a charming and whimsical touch to an online store.

Shopify Showcase Theme: Is It For You?

Now that we have explored the different styles of the Shopify Showcase theme, you may wonder if it's the right choice for your online store. But we are yet to get there, as in the coming section, we'll be diving deep into some of the most enterprising features of the theme. But if you are in a hurry to figure out what type of stores the Showcase theme best fits, continue reading. 

The Showcase theme by Shopify suits high-volume stores, which means a store that processes a large number of transactions in a given period of time. It is also perfect for stores that heavily rely on artistic or unique products, which means boutiques, designer wear, craftspeople, and artists can use this theme to its full potential while creating a truly unmissable first impression with your customers. It is also ideal for smaller catalogs due to the focus on product photographs. So if you belong to any of the above categories, you can definitely benefit from this theme. 

If you do not belong to the above category but still wish to check out the product, you can still do so with the unlimited free trial option from the theme. The price of the theme is $300, which is indeed on the higher side, making it unsuitable for most startups. 

However, the price comes with numerous features which can help you create an effective store. You only have to pay this amount once you decide to publish your website with the team. They also have a strong support team, so in case of any queries, you can always reach out to them. The expected response time is between 24-48 hours.

You can view the theme and purchase it by clicking on this link → Shopify Showcase theme.

Shopify Showcase Theme: Top Features

Here are some of the best features of the Shopify Showcase theme:

1. Multi-level Menu

Multi-level Menu 

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The multi-level menu feature comes with a stylish overlay window that makes navigation easy for your customers. This feature is particularly helpful if you have a large inventory or variety of products that you want your customers to browse through quickly, as well as efficiently without any struggle. 

2. Sticky Navigation

Sticky Navigation 

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The sticky navigation feature of the Showcase theme keeps your menus stuck to the top of your page as you scroll down, making it easy for customers to access your menus no matter where they are on your page.

If you have a lot of content on your homepage or a large product inventory that the customers can browse through, this specific feature will let you move from one page to another or one collection to another easily without having to scroll all the way up. 

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3. Optimized for Larger Images

 Optimized for Larger Images

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By now, you know that the Shopify Showcase theme prioritizes beautiful photography for promoting sales as well as increasing the overall aesthetic of the store. You can showcase high-resolution product imagery throughout your store in different sections and layouts to capture the interest of your customers. 

4. Home Page Video

Home Page Video 

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The Showcase theme's homepage video feature helps convey your story to your customers by featuring a YouTube or Vimeo video with a cover image on your home page. This helps create an engaging and memorable introduction to your brand and products. Customers can be persuaded to connect with your brand emotionally, resulting in more sales and brand trust. 

Adding the background video is fairly easy on the Theme Editor. Check out thia Loom video to know how: Background video for Showcase theme.

5. Fullscreen Product Gallery

 Fullscreen Product Gallery

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Apart from the high-resolution product images and mega menus, you can take your whole product show-off to a whole new level with the Showcase theme's fullscreen product gallery feature. Showcase products in a stunning and immersive fullscreen gallery, enabling customers to take a closer look at the crucial detailing of your products if you are selling products like jewelry, clothing, etc. 

6. Lookbooks


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Want to give your customers some inspiration? Lookbook is the answer! Most customers appreciate brands that help them style the products they purchase to achieve the best look possible. And what better way to do this than lookbooks? With this feature, you can create a visually stunning collection of products that showcases your brand's style and identity. This helps you create a curated experience for your customers and, in turn, helps increase sales by nudging them to complete the look by purchasing more than one item.

 Shoe Lookbooks

Image Credits

7. In-menu Promos

 In-menu Promos

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If you want to draw your customers' attention to the latest sale or a new collection, you can easily do so right at the menu. When your customers use the drop-down menu to navigate through the store, they can also see the new promotions and sales. The in-menu promo feature helps increase sales and encourages customers to explore more products and offerings.

Shopify Showcase Theme: Pros & Cons You Need To Know

When it comes to choosing a theme for your Shopify store, the Showcase theme offers a lot of great features and benefits. However, like with any theme, the Showcase theme also has a few drawbacks to consider, which is essential for you to know to provide your customers with a good shopping experience and to run your store smoothly. 

What we liked:

  • The Showcase theme is designed to showcase your products in the best possible way, with full-width images, stylish typography, large grids, and a modern layout.
  • The theme comes with tons of customizations and features to enable your store to be designed the way you like it. You can even go above and beyond it to customize by connecting with their support team for more insights. The built-in features include advanced product filtering, performance, flexible sections and grids, and conversion-focused tools.
  • The seamless video integration from Vimeo or YouTube is definitely a highlight of this theme. You can even add animations to your images and videos for a refined shopping experience.
  • The website will look great on big and small screens, as it is fully responsive.
  • The multi-level menu makes navigation easy and hassle-free for customers, which is extremely important for providing customers with a convenient experience. 

What we didn't like:

  • Though the theme offers five pre-designed styles to choose from, they don't come with any distinctive features for themselves except for font and color changes.
  • In order to customize the theme further, you will need the help of a designer or leverage a platform like Taskhusky.
  • The mobile responsiveness was not up to the mark with a slight delay and drag on mobile devices. Plus, the homepage video does not play on it, which impacts the overall engagement and interactive element of the theme.
  • While the Showcase theme is not the most expensive theme on the Shopify Themes store, it is certainly not the cheapest. Though it supports smaller catalogs, and newer businesses, $300 for a theme is quite high. 

Shopify Showcase Theme Performance Review

A slow-loading website can lead to lost customers, in addition to negatively impacting their user experience. When a website takes too long to load, customers lose interest and end up visiting a competitor's website instead. This can lead to lower conversions and, of course, fewer sales. To understand how well the Showcase performs, we analyzed the performance of, a store built using the Showcase theme. 

Mobile pagespeed check 

Image Credits

Desktop pagespeed check 

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According to Google's PageSpeed Insights tool, the Shopify Showcase theme scored decently in terms of performance. On desktop devices, the theme scores 78, indicating that it loads quickly and efficiently. On mobile devices, however, the theme scored only 28, which is not the most optimal performance delivery.

Shopify Showcase theme on mobile 

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However, these scores can vary with different websites. Certain factors that influence the score include the size of the images, third-party apps installed, the speed of the web host, and much more. There are steps you can take to ensure your website's speed and performance are optimized for the customers. Once you start an eCommerce store, remember to monitor its performance continuously to spot mistakes and rectify them at the earliest. 

If you are looking for a similar Shopify theme with improved page speed performance, then check out the Blum theme created by Sales Hunter Themes. It has got scores over 80, with the best customer experience guaranteed. It is a mobile-first theme and enables customers with an optimal user experience. 

If you want to learn more about the theme, check out this blog → Blum Shopify Theme Review.

4 Shopify Stores That Nailed The Showcase Theme

Want to know what the brands who have used the Showcase to design their website look like? Here are four brands that have nailed the theme:

1. Cools Club

 Cools Club

Image Credits

Cools Club is a versatile fashion brand from Australia that sells coastal-lifestyle clothing. The website features large, high-resolution images for product catalogs with bold typography and a clean yet modern design look. The homepage includes a slider showcasing their latest collections that customers can purchase directly from. It also has a multi-level menu with sticky navigation for customers. Cools Club also has a customer loyalty program, which is placed on the other corner of the sticky header.

2. Erasa Skincare

 Erasa Skincare

Image Credits

Erasa Skincare is a premium beauty brand that sells just two exclusive products. With elegant typography and subdued color palettes with simple design elements, the theme has managed to create a sense of luxury and exclusivity, even for an extremely small catalog. The homepage opens with a video followed by high-resolution product images and customer testimonials to attract new customers. This website too, features a sticky header with a short menu.

3. Swim Research

Swim Research 

Image Credits

Swim Research is an American swimwear brand that has used the Showcase theme to build a highly engaging and user-friendly online store. The full-width video banner catches the attention of customers as soon as they enter the store and pushes them to explore their products for both men and women through easy product collection grids with CTAs to redirect customers to their interested pages. It also takes the customers through an emotional journey to connect with their brand through brand and experience stories.

4. Catherine Rowe Designs

Catherine Rowe Designs 

Image Credits

Catherine Rowe Designs is a popular home furnishings brand that sells premium-quality products, such as silk cushions, table runners, aprons, etc., with unique designs. The website features an elegant design with vibrant product images on white space to highlight their minute details and intricacies. The website also features a quick and easy multi-level drop-down menu for easy navigation throughout the entire website. 

Final Verdict

After analyzing various features and performance, along with real-world examples of successful Shopify stores that have used the Shopify Showcase theme, we can conclude that it is a reliable choice for many businesses. With good performance and customization features, the Showcase theme can help create an engaging storefront for a dynamic and effective online presence. Still doubtful? Don’t forget about the unlimited free trial!

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