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5 Shopify Hoodie Stores To Use As Inspiration For Your Business

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When thinking about business ideas, one of the top things marketers consider is going for an apparel line — hoodies, shirts, joggers, and such. 

No doubt about that as the global online clothing industry is anticipated to reach a total value of $1.2 trillion by the year 2025, a massive advancement compared to the 2021 overall market value of $668 billion. 

But, what does it take to build the best Shopify store?

The following Shopify hoodies stores will serve as inspiration for your eCommerce journey. Each store comes with unique features and design elements that help differentiate it from the rest of the market. 

In this blog, I will talk about the 5 Shopify hoodie stores for your first store inspiration along with the things you should consider when starting a Shopify page.


Guide to Entering The Industry of Hoodies in Shopify

1. Focus on market research

Market research 

Market research will serve as your foundation in starting this entire process of venturing a business. You have to allot several hours for data collection and customer observation — knowing their preferences and needs.

All of these will assist you in choosing what kind of hoodies they are interested in. You can base it on their geographical location, gender, lifestyle, fashion attitude, age, and previous online behavior 

After gathering and finalizing the needed data, you can start the planning and analyzing process for clearer insights and perspectives. The more accurate and specific you are, the quicker you will be able to assess the clothing industry and the competition. All this information will also guide you in exploring your brand identity and future marketing strategies.

You can actually outline your own research by monitoring other companies that have the same niche as you, or you can try buying expert market research from well-known firms for more detailed studies.

Another option is to use Shopify's insights and analytics tools for real-time customer data. This will provide you the industry trends that will guide you in building concrete and targeted marketing campaigns.

2. Finalize business ideas

Finalize business ideas 

Thorough and proper market research will allow you to discover and establish your niche — from the type of hoodie to the style you plan to go with.

Of course, you'll need a business name and a logo, something creative and catchy that resonates with your vision and mission. For the logo, you can inquire with a graphic designer for convenience. 

Other than that, you'll need a mission statement, brand description, and social media accounts. This will help you build a community around your brand. You have to carefully settle all these important details in order to move to the next step. 

3. Identify the business model

 Identify the business model

The business model is the strategy for how you will profitably manage your business. It simply emphasizes all the products marketers plan to sell, its target market, and the expected expenses to execute the business plan.

It's important to decide whether you would want to control the entire process or take some assistance from third-party service providers. The decision will be based on your business model.

Some of the business models to study for your hoodies business in Shopify includes the following:


Dropshipping is the most cost-effective out of all. Here, you don't necessarily need to keep track of your inventory; you only need to find a partner or clothing supplier.

Then, you can immediately post and list their products on your Shopify store. In every sale you make, your supplier will only get the amount you both agreed upon while the remaining will be yours. 

The only disadvantage is that you won't be able to personally brand the clothes you release on the market, which can make it challenging for the product to stick out. But, if you have a limited budget and time, this can be the most workable solution.

AliExpress is a great example. AliExpress assists its clients in finding products for their store. You can pick and share your preferred products and sell them to your target buyers. You will have the chance to receive a huge commission when new users make their first order on AliExpress.

Again, all you need to do is pick, share, and earn. This is best for those who have other jobs or businesses, and just want to add a side hustle to their daily lives. 


The print-on-demand business model is quite similar to dropshipping; the only difference is that you have the capacity to add your own custom designs to the clothing items. 

You don't have to buy and keep the products; all you need is to have a print-on-demand supplier. 

Graphic designers, cartoonists or influencers who want to start a merch store for their supporters or just to simply put their arts into fabric are the ideal target of this type of business model.

However, note that you might be limited in generating hoodie designs and types of clothing as you will have to solely base it on what your partner can provide. It can be a bit expensive and the quality of the hoodies may not be up to your standards. But, with patience, there is for sure a high possibility that you can find the perfect fit for you. 

After closing deals with them, you can now upload your designs to your Shopify store and when the time comes that your supplier receives orders, they will be the one who will proceed with printing the custom hoodie design and ship it to your customer. 

Famous in Real Life is an example of a print-on-demand business. Aside from their funny and good vibes designs, which they are known for, their website speaks to their brand. They are full of visuals to easily cater to customers’ preferences.

It's like they're giving you all the answers you need by scrolling on their site. The fun doesn’t stop there as they have mystery products if you cannot seem to decide what to purchase. You will definitely be surprised upon the delivery.  

Don’t forget, there are available Shopify print-on-demand apps for your reference.

Private Labeling

Private labeling gives you more power to establish your brand. This type of model requires a manufacturer who creates goods to be sold and rebranded by other marketers. They will supply the products so you can sell them as if they were your own. 

For people who want to try renovating something that is already in the market, then private labelling is the perfect model for you. With this, you will somehow be sure of its solid quality background. All you need are unique branding, a little creativity and smooth marketing techniques.

You will work hand in hand with your own chosen marketing team to promote the product. Here, you can manage and control the overall manufacturing in terms of materials, design, and even production rate.

You are also the one who will plan your pricing strategy and how you will create profit. It can be quite expensive to start a private labeling business since you need to invest in the production and marketing team. 

Most marketers in the cosmetics business are using a private labeling model. By working with manufacturers, they are able to build well-conceptualized and ready-made makeup products for their consumers.

With this, they don’t need to establish factories and find experts on their own as there are available manufacturers that will supply them with the right and safe items.


The word is in line with its description, cut-and-sew is like establishing a business from scratch. This business model allows you to be in full charge of the design, colors, quantity, pricing, and material to be used — you can even release different types of hoodies based on the season.

This is suitable for those who prefer doing everything on their own, from buying the fabrics, cutting it, putting designs and flaunting it to the public.

However, keep in mind that this is the most crucial and challenging compared to other Shopify clothing store business models. To accurately execute this model, you must have the knowledge, resources, and skills to design hoodies. Well, you can also hire experts if you prefer to do so. 

Decide whether you will opt for a domestic manufacturer or an overseas manufacturer. All of this requires a longer time of preparation and tons of capital investment. The same with private labeling; you are the one who will manage the order and customer deliveries. 

Contrado, which is a brand known for its fabric printing and manufacturing lifestyle, is using the cut-and-sew business model. They cater to retailers, wholesalers and even starting entrepreneurs. Contrado has its own machines and tools for efficient working. They are indeed an expert in fashion and their knowledge is relatively visible in their products. 

4. Set Up and Build Shopify Store

 Shopify Store

Sign up for your Shopify store for as low as $19 monthly, which can be billed annually. Fortunately, they offer a three-day free trial for those who are still in the midst of deciding and experimenting with different solutions. 

Once you set up your store, you can explore and customize your template with Shopify’s wide variety of available templates for a less hassle experience. You may then list your products and complete the remaining step for your store launch. When everything's good, publish your store whenever you want.

You need to build an e-commerce platform where you can showcase and sell your products, and make sure your Shopify website is customer friendly. It should be visually appealing and easy for customers to navigate — both the look and feel of your store should match the aesthetics of your brand.

Shopify also has a wide range of payment gateways to choose from. This gives your customers the convenience and ease of paying for their orders. All in all, we can say that Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms out there with its feature-packed plans and excellent customer service.

Note that you need to continue growing your store even after its launch. You must handle it with dedication and consistency with your efforts in building a successful business. Make the necessary changes and improvements, if needed.

Shopify Hoodies Stores For Your Inspiration

Shopify Hoodies 

The idea of wearing hoodies in summer may seem quite strange, maybe, some of you are thinking, "Can potential buyers still be interested in purchasing hoodies when it is hot outside?" However, with the continuously evolving fashion industry, there is no room for such limitations. 

You can actually adapt to different kinds of weather if you are planning to enter the business of hoodies. There are lighter-weight hoodies built from materials like cotton or linen, which is perfect for sunny days. You can also play with colors, prompt to neutrals or lighter ones, and avoid dark colors as they tend to absorb more heat. 

In reality, hoodies have been popular for many years, and their popularity has not faded. Below are store inspirations that still live up to this fame:

1. Zanerobe


What sets Zanerobe ahead?

Sustainable-centered product ideas. The brand doesn't only deliver sleek designs but they consistently try to work on a deeper meaning of what a clothing brand is. An example of this is their recycled polyester fabric, which requires less energy than using virgin polyester. It helps in soil contamination reduction, as well as air and water pollution as the recycled polyester can be continually recycled. 

Though clothing helps people in terms of comfort, I believe that it should not hinder our mission to save the world we are living in. That is why its unique style and its aim to preserve the Earth is where the brand stands creates an impactful first impression to customers.

Their pieces include a wide variety of hoodies, joggers, and tees with the vision to continue incorporating sustainability in material sourcing and even packaging to reduce the harmful contributions of fabric to environmental resources; all the fabrics they use are recycled and organic.

2. Gildan


What sets Gildan ahead?

Enhance your ideas. Gildan stands out from other apparel brands due to its extensive selection of high-quality blank hoodies for men, women, elders, and teenagers, plus products that are available in various sizes and colors. Furthermore, their products are perfect for dropshipping ecommerce stores looking for affordable yet stylish options that are easy to customize. 

Gildan is a go-to source for many drop shippers. Each piece is made from superior, durable, and stylish materials. With billions in revenue earned worldwide, Gildan is one of the most trusted brands in wholesale apparel. I mean, who doesn’t want a well-established brand? So whether you're looking for adult hooded sweatshirts, midweight fleece adult hoodies, or full zip hooded sweatshirts, Gildan has the perfect item to help create a unique and stylish store.

3. District of Clothing

 District of Clothing

What sets District Clothing ahead?

Notable business initiative. For those looking to make a statement and stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, District of Clothing is an excellent choice for inspiration, they have been running since 2014. It provides stylish clothing and accessories that make a meaningful impact on society.

District of Clothing stands out from other print-on-demand clothing companies with its striking slogans; the messages incorporated on each hoodie really help draw customers’ eye to the company's garments. Each item in their collection has its own story to tell, and customers can be sure they are buying something made with care and quality materials. 

In addition, the company also donates proceeds from selected items to various social causes, allowing customers to make a meaningful impact with their purchases. Having a kind of business like this will surely make every owner proud, they don’t just earn but they also give big in order to address social issues that are continuously arising. 

4. Bee Inspired Clothing

 Bee Inspired Clothing

What sets Bee Inspired Clothing ahead?

Customer-centered practice. Bee Inspired Clothing is known for its superior quality and unrivaled fit. Most importantly, the company puts the customer first, taking on board feedback and comments for continuous improvement, with a total customer reviews rating of 4.5 out of 5. 

The brand puts a priority on students as well through its student discount program, which offers premium streetwear at an affordable price. They also have an ambassador program in place, where you can get a 10% sale every time you refer your friends with a unique code. Well, like a business that thinks about me and not just how much money I have in my pocket, Bee Inspire Clothing is definitely an inspiration.

5. Craft Clothing

Craft Clothing  

What sets Craft Clothing ahead?

Broad array of services. Craft Clothing, a supplier in the Philippines, is committed to its quality, customer service, and satisfaction. Craft Clothing guarantees on-time shipment and free shipping for large orders. The company has developed an expert team that can handle any customization requirement.

They offer a wide range of customization options, such as silkscreen printing and embroidery, as well as no minimum order quantity. All of their fabrics are sourced from the best suppliers across the globe, ensuring that every item is made with top-notch materials designed to last. 

Craft Clothing also provides flexible payment options such as bank deposit, cash, check, or credit card and a customer-friendly return policy for any issues or reviews that may arise. With Craft Clothing's expertise in apparel production, you can be sure that your custom clothing orders will be handled with care, ensuring that you get the best products and value for your money.

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These five companies are just a few of the many clothing companies available today. Each company has its own unique features and services, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your e-commerce store.

Whether you’re looking for quality products, cost-effectiveness, customization options, or charitable initiatives, these companies offer something for everyone. By considering the features and services each company provides, you can make an informed decision when selecting a supplier for your e-commerce store.

Remember, when it comes to choosing an e-commerce platform and supplier as your inspiration, you want to choose a company that offers quality products and services that meet your needs. With the right choice, you can create a unique and stylish store that will make a lasting impression on your customers.

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