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Shopify Plus Partner Day 2019 - Update, Network And Create More Opportunities

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On October 8th just passed, those working in the Shopify ecosystem had a chance to come together in Singapore. It was Shopify Plus Partner Day, hosted by the Shopify Plus Partner Team and attracting partners from many countries.

The venue was 13% Gastro Wine, a small pub located at Killiney Road, Singapore. The place intrigues a sense of warmth and chill right from the moment you see it. 


The event turned out to actually be a close, warm meetup. With nice food and wine, everyone enjoyed small talk with long-time-no-see peers, made new friends and discussed valuable e-commerce topics.

There was the Shopify Plus Partner team, all cool in black tees. You can also find familiar faces (and outfits) like Xavier Lee in the red t-shirt, as well as familiar brand names like Dotdigital, Jumpstart, Disco Lab, and… PageFly.  

What’s interesting

Shopify Flow

The Shopify Plus Partner Team Introduced Shopify Flow with interesting automation features. Auto-creating support tickets when 1-star reviews are given, auto-tagging customers as VIP when an order of $100 or more is placed are to name a few.

Shopify LaunchPad

Another solution for Shopify Plus customers, Launchpad focuses on Shopify admin, helps schedule assets like product visibility, scripts, themes and more for promotion events.

Shopify Scripts

Some highlights on Shopify scripts, specifically shipping script and payment script.

Shipping Scripts:

  • Products: Show or hide shipping rates based on the products in a customer cart.
  • Locations: Show or hide shipping rate based on a customer's shipping address.
  • Customer Groups: Show or hide shipping rate based on customer group or tag.

Payment Scripts: 

  • Reorder to display preferred payment methods first.
  • Prevent discount code from being used when certain payment methods are selected
  • Restrict payment options based on products, customer group or tag, or a customer's shipping address.

Current State and Opportunities in Asia

A session with 3 funny regional partner managers.


Brand Stories

In this part, brands share their stories, insights and case studies with customers. There were different cases from different brands but the lessons learned are confirmed valuable and applicable by mostly everyone. 







Just like any meetup you’ve ever joined, this is the most expected part where anyone can share their insight and experience, get help about problems and get to know more people in the ecosystem. 

Valuable e-commerce chats were started, new and healthy business relationships were built, potential partnerships began. Many people left the room with an appointment scheduled. 

You can’t expect more than this ending for a business meetup.


After the event, PageFly had a one-on-one meetup with Engine Studios to discuss our up-coming partnership.


Shopify partners from Vietnam gathered up the next day at E-commerce Expo Asia. Shopify partners on the photo include JumpstartCommerce, BoostCommerce, Avada.ioHamsa, Reload Media.


Along with Shopify Plus merchants and partners, there are also a notable number of merchants who are switching from other platforms. This, somehow, signals tremendous market growth in the near future. 

The future though is yet to come, and regardless of how clear the evidence is, it’s all up to us - the Shopify partners. Experiences were shared, lessons were learned, relationships and partnerships have been developed. Now it’s time we take action. Let’s work hard and seek growth. We’ll look forward to the next meetup, sharing and enjoying progress!

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