Alitura Naturals Skincare: Shopify Store Review by Team PageFly

With skincare being such a behemoth of a niche, it seemed to make sense to review one of the top-performing stores that came up in the past few years. If anything, it may inspire you to start your own. And I’m not talking about Kylie Cosmetics or KKW Beauty, which both operate using the Shopify platform. 

But rather, Alitura. A brand with a heartwarming backstory of rapid rise to success, founded in passion and scaled through care. 

Put short, founder Andy Hnilo was left scarred after a serious car accident, and changed his stars and skin by concocting his own special clay face masks at home. So effective they were that he was invited onto Dave Asprey's (founder of Bulletproof) podcast to speak about it. 

After seeing and believing, Dave Asprey was all in and backed Andy through a major investment to become what is today known as Allitura Naturals - healing skincare with food-grade ingredients. As usual, I’ll be reviewing their Shopify store and giving an analysis of how they excel, and where they could improve.

Further Reading:

Let’s jump straight into the most important of all eCom pages for conversions - the product page. 

But first: Feel free to watch the video breakdown of this Shopify store review if you don't feel like reading. Or do both. The more you understand, the better you can take action on your own store. 

Alitura Natural Skincare: Shopify Store Review  

The product page

Alitura Naturals SKincare

Above the fold, the first thing that’s evident is the color palette. A clean teal with black. Although it's not a hard and fast rule, I always recommend sticking to two colors/tones to convey a slick edge.

Color crowding can make your store look spammy. The aim is to make your visitor realize you care about all the details, right down to the intricacies of design. 

The call to action to buy contrasts nicely. They could’ve used black, but the teal is more unique and appears less frequently which commands attention.

Alitura Naturals

Check out the unique differentiator and the way they address concerns surrounding synthetic chemicals. The “all-natural” skincare train has been zooming around the globe for years now and shows no signs of stopping. 

This short snippet about their “obsession” to use natural ingredients speaks directly to a clear market need and is backed by a transparent ingredient listing that looks good enough to eat. While this isn’t anything groundbreaking, it shows that Alitura understands their audience and craft content compelling enough to warrant conversions. 

The best part: each ingredient is backed up by clear benefits. Do you care about Calcium Bentonite Clay composition or do you care about how it can make you look and feel? That’s what benefits tell us as consumers. 

Alitura Naturals

Every store needs an upsell strategy, and while this isn’t the most aggressive one, recommending products to compliment the purchase can elevate your average order value and help you profit. 

You’ll notice by now however that a sticky add to care banner has been following us down the page. It’s up to personal preference whether you use these or not, but many agree that they help with conversions. A sticky element like this can easily be dragged and dropped onto any Shopify product page if you're using PageFly. 

Feel free to take advantage of the 14-day risk-free trial if you’re looking to optimize your store.


Alitura Naturals

You simply cannot get away with running an eCommerce store without reviews as social proof. They’re essential, and photo reviews like these will show even more promising conversion results. 

When it comes to buying online, remember that the consumer can’t physically hold or touch your product. You need to pull out all the stops to reassure and convince them that they’re gonna love getting their hands on your stuff. One of the ways buyers seek this validation is through the opinions of other people. 

Let’s recap

Where they excel and how you can too

  • Two-tone color palette: It’s clean. It’s professional. It doesn’t induce a migraine. What more could you want?

  • Call to action pops: Use your brand colors for your call to action against the white background of your product page. People aren’t as smart as you think. Show them what to do.

    • Audience understood & concerns addressed: If you do your research, just like Alitura with their all-natural approach to business, you too can infiltrate the visitor's mind and heart and ultimately capture that sale.

    • Benefit orientated ingredient breakdown: Alitura doesn’t rant on forever about how rich their kelp powder is in sodium alginate. Instead, they mention it once then explain how that particular ingredient can benefit your skin for the better.

    • Strong social proof: An absolute necessity. There’s a slew of review apps on the Shopify store, some of which are free. Use them to help your store visitor comfortable in their decision to buy from you instead of the competition. 

    • Areas for improvement: My only critique (and it's a minor one) is that a product video would complement this product page perfectly. Again, it comes down to not being able to physically see and touch the item in question. Video helps in this regard, even if it's a simple demonstration of application steps. 

    There you have it folks. Entering the skincare niche gives you an opportunity to provide real value to the market with standout products that help boost peoples confidence and change lives. 

    What could be better than that?

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