PageFly Support Explained: Everything You Need To Know (Updated)

Appearing officially on the Shopify apps store since September 2017, it's still somehow hard to believe that we have come this far in this competitive industry. From day one, we always emphasized that providing excellent customer service is a vital part of building PageFly and keeping users sticking with us. Even if the user is a tech-savvy or a skillful designer, there are still times that they will need a bit of help, whether it’s app policies or features, to keep the work going and growing.

That’s why in over 3 years of development with 120,000+ users, not only is the product quality focused, but customer support is also improved and optimized day by day. On the app store page, the overall score reached 4.9/5 with 5423+ five-star reviews.

If you have a quick look, 90% of those reviews mentioned the support as one of the outstanding aspects that made them leave a compliment.


If you’re curious, let’s have a look at some data to explore how PageFly support works and why customers consider our support as one of the top reasons to use PageFly.


Put simply, customer support is a free service provided by the PageFly support team and is the same for all three PageFly plans. Our little Bearie and we will take care of all the issues and questions related to PageFly’s installation, usage, account, and membership for both non-users and app users whenever they need our assistance.

PageFly support

Where can I reach support?

We offer 24/7 live chat support for all plan, whether you're on Free plan or Paid Plan, rest assured the the support quality is consistent.

We also offers a variety of options to support our customers, including Help center, Community group, Video Tutorial. 

Help Center

Consistent support is not just about a ticket helpdesk which can reply to your question in some minutes or hours; it’s also about the self-service options. PageFly, with a rich knowledge base, is a great resource that you can access to find the answer you need on your own.

By accessing the Help Center, you can easily find articles with step-to-step guides and video tutorials that cover all of PageFly’s features or the frequent question about app policy or usage.

The total number of articles reached 93 currently and is always updated to provide customer support in the most up-to-date and holistic way.

PF Help Center

Notably, you can do a quick search for the guide right within the Editor anytime. That means if you’re building the page but are stuck somewhere, you just need to click on the “Help & Support” icon (question mark) and insert the keyword to receive the relevant guide article.

24/7 Live Chat Support

What if you can’t find the right answer after searching in the Help Center?

Don’t worry! Our support team has always got your back and are ready to help. Just click the live chat icon and our support team will jump right in to assist you with any issue you run into. 

    PageFly support

    If you’re a visitor on our site or are already a PageFly user, you can easily notice a small icon on the bottom-right. By clicking on this icon, a chat box will appear and a support agent will attend to you right away.

    It’s the most recommended way to contact us if you’re a PageFly user who is landing on the Dashboard or Editor since your necessary app information will be automatically stored on your ticket, helping the process to be more efficient.

    pf live chat

    Community group

    Our Facebook group was built in December 2017 with a focus on ‘listening’ PageFly users and sharing useful educational content. The group is not only where you can reach app agents to leave your feedback but also where merchants can exchange learning and support each other on PageFly using and eCommerce experience.

    Do you know?

    On the PageFly Dashboard, you can scroll down and find the four ways above are listed for quicker access.

    quick PF access

    Is PageFly support only available during office hours?

    Of course, NO!

    PageFly customer support, especially the ticket support system, is a 24/7 service. That means our support covers all time zones. 

    Our team members, from the marketer to the designer or developer, all spend part of their time each working day on supporting customers as a priority task. It will allow the team members to be closer with app users and gain precious insights for improving PageFly based on the customer’s experience. On the other hand, users will have a chance to get full-scale assistance since our agents not only know the product inside out but also have knowledge in a specific field.

    When the in-house team is not there, we have a dedicated remote support team always available around the clock to provide the most human and helpful experience to our customers.

    PageFly Support timezone

    There is still room for improvement!

    With the mindset of a ‘customer-centric’ team, to ensure the speed and quality of support process, in PageFly, we have daily meetings every morning to look at past workings, learn from experience, and solve new issues. The request and feedback from PageFly users will be discussed publicly to find the most suitable solution and an updated plan shortly.

    It would be a lie if we said processing PageFly customer support is a smooth road. However, it gives us happy to see new reviews from users about their support experience every day. 

    But it’s not enough; we are still trying our best to bring a more satisfying experience to our customers.

    Do you want to accompany us on our journey?

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