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Top 12+ Shopify Jewelry Stores For Your Inspiration (+ Analysis)

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Thinking of starting a Shopify jewelry store? Or are you running one already without much luck? Don’t worry, we got you covered. In this article, we will walk you through the basics of any successful Shopify / dropshipping store. What makes a good Shopify jewelry store? How does one look? 

And if you’re running short on inspiration, scroll down to see our list of 13 up-and-running jewelry stores. Learning from the big guys is always a must, and you can see how to recreate that success for your own store!

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I. The 5 Pillars of Successful Shopify Jewelry Stores

1. Niched products

To compete against a plethora of jewelry sellers on Shopify, your own store must have a unique selling point (USP). Sure, you want to sell jewelry, but how do your products stand out from the rest? Here are some common types of jewelry for you to try. 

  • Hand-made jewelry: Trinkets crafted by yourself or with the help of other artisans. 
  • Occasion Jewelry: Accessories for occasions like weddings and prom. 
  • Sticking to a specific style: Something boho or goth style is usually seen. 
  • Jewelry made from a specific material: The most practical option if you’re passionate about saving the environment, mostly made from recycled waste. 
  • Selling 1 or 2 particular accessories: Dedicating your store to selling just bracelets, for example. 

Playing to your strong suit will make it easier for your Shopify jewelry store to succeed. It’s a smart move business-wise, and since you’re making something you’re interested in or even passionate about, the fun and rigor will help you through the most difficult of times. 

2. A great facade 

Presentation matters, especially when you’re selling fashion accessories! Who would want to buy something to beautify themselves from a website that looks like it was built in 2003? It’s essential that your Shopify store is clear and simple to navigate. Cut the mumbo-jumbo and avoid looking like this: 

A great facade is very important for Shopify jewelry storesSource: The Big Ugly Website

Instead, aim for simplicity and straightforwardness, something that looks like this: 

Let's try tobe simple and straighforwardSource: QALO

Moreover, a good-looking website can portray a sense of identity, which a lot of store owners might overlook. So how can you make sure your store stands out? 

  • A custom logo
  • Custom fonts
  • A custom website design
  • Your own photography

One effective way to achieve a stunning and highly functional facade is by using the Shine theme. Shine is ideal for image-centric products like fashion accessories. While it is easy to manage and set up, Shine offers unmatched customization, ensuring your store stands out and attracts customers effortlessly.

    Bonus tip: to make it easier for visitors to navigate around your site, as well as boost your sales, add sections like “You may also like” or “This would go well with”, or “From the same collection”. QALO also deployed this tactic, take a look: 

    add sections like “You may also like” to sell moreSource: QALO

    3. Social media 

    89% of marketers advertise their products on Facebook, while an astonishing 90% of US marketers deem Instagram the most important social media platform for influencer marketing. Not only do they help you increase a massive audience base, but they are also testing sites where you can gather all sources of valuable information to see what you’re doing right or wrong. 

    Moreover, there’s Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, all of them are optimized for image sharing - what you should be doing when running a Shopify jewelry store. That said, not all platforms can do your specific niche justice. Find out what works best with your products and start ASAP!

    4. Cheap, if not free shipping

    Low-price or free shipping has become the new norm of online shopping now. If you can’t match the price your competitors are offering their customers, you’re already behind.

    Now, this doesn’t mean you have to pay the entirety of the shipping costs yourself, especially when you’re just starting out. Instead, there are 2 things you can do: 

    • Increase the product price and lower the shipping cost. 
    Should increase the product price and lower the shipping cost.

    Source: Upsellit

    • Offer free shipping when customers bulk buys. 

    Of course, if your profit is high enough, you can even cover the shipping fee with it. The more you grow, the lower your shipping costs can be. 

    5. Great SEO performance

    Everyone is fighting for the top spots on Google search so that when customers look for something, their Shopify jewelry store will be the first thing they see. It’s a vast topic, however, so we can’t cover it entirely in just this short section. So, here are some bullet points you should look into: 

    • Install an SEO add-on: Shopify has a wide variety of SEO plug-ins that analyze your store’s performance and offer great suggestions. If those add-ons don’t satisfy you, there are tons of third-party programs to accommodate your needs.
    • Deploy keywords: Find out what keywords your potential customers are searching for, and try to include them on your site while sounding natural. 
    • Post a lot of photos: The more original photos you have on your storefront, the more likely your site will rank higher on Google.
    • Write a blog: With a blog, you can show that your store has an identity. Many customers look for brands with a voice, a personality. 

    II. Top 13 Inspiring Shopify Jewelry Stores

    Now that we’ve covered the basics of what makes a good online jewelry franchise, we can move on to the fun bit of window shopping. It’s always a good idea to learn from the greats. Moreover, we will dive in a bit deeper to see what these top Shopify jewelry stores are doing right, and you can try to emulate their success. 

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    So without further ado, here are 13 popular Shopify jewelry stores for your inspiration:

    1. QALO

    We’ve mentioned this brand 2 times before, so it’s right to start the list with it. 

    So, what makes QALO a successful Shopify jewelry store? 

    A unique product

    They predominantly sell silicone rings, ideal for people with active lifestyles. Their customer roster even features LeBron James and Stephen Curry, who wear QALO wedding rings. How cool is that? 

    Their web design is simple and urgent 

    They feature large images of their rings, which look bold and strong, just like their target audience - the active people. Their logo is minimalistic and edgy, and the custom font is typical for sports products. Everything about this storefront screams “Active!”. 

    Great social media presence

    They have a whopping 217k followers on Instagram. That’s a lot! Moreover, they upload photos and stories pretty regularly. 

    QALO has a great social presence

    Shipping policy

    They communicate very clearly that they offer free domestic shipping on all orders over $40, right on their homepage.

    The shipping policy of QUALO

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    2. SHASHI

    SHASHI is in the top 25 most successful Shopify stores worldwide, which include stores of all kinds of niche, not just jewelry. It’s a very simple store, but somehow managed to raise all to the top; there must be an explanation for their success, isn’t there? 

    Synchronized products

    Their products technically aren’t niched at all, they sell all kinds of accessories from necklaces to bracelets. However, there are 2 main color schemes you can find in their store: rose gold and rainbows. Most of their metal jewelry, which includes rings and necklaces, is rose gold, while bracelets are full of popping colors!

    SHASHI Shopify jewelry stores

    Source: SHASHI

    Simple web design 

    Their store is extremely minimalistic, and they have this cool feature where the price of 1 product won’t appear until you hover your cursor over it. And when you click on a product, you will find all the information you need, and you’re able to choose the color and size for it. 

    SHASHI Shopify Jewelry StoreSource: SHASHI

    Social media presence

    It’s a bit surprising they aren’t on Instagram, but they have close to 8,000 followers on Facebook nonetheless.

    Shipping policy

    Now, this is a smart move from them. They offer free shipping for orders over $75, which will encourage their customers to buy more and more. What’s more, they state their shipping policy very clearly with its own section.

    3. King Ice 

    Bling bling! King Ice is the 24th most successful Shopify store worldwide. And this is a most intriguing store with a really cool niche aimed at the cool rappers and hip hop enthusiasts. 

    A niche like no other

    This Shopify jewelry store sells hip hop accessories. And it’s exactly what you would expect a rapper nowadays to wear - dazzling rings and pendants with chains. And of course, the color must be predominantly gold or silver. Thanks to this choice of products, they have struck deals with famous rappers like 2pac, or even a TV broadcast station - MTV. 

    King Ice Shopify Jewelry StoreSource: King Ice

    A really catchy web design 

    It’s bold, it’s gold, it’s hip hop. Their logo is strong with a lion in the middle. Their featured collection photos are what you’d typically see in a modern rap MV. Everything is about luxury and abundance, so their choice to go against minimalism was right on!

    King Ice Shopify Jewelry StoreSource: King Ice

    They do great on social media

    They have a staggering 405k followers on Instagram, and are very active there, too. King Ice’s bio is even more interesting. “New release every Thursday”? Sounds exactly like a rapper’s bio announcing new records. 

    King Ice does a great job in social media

    Shipping policy

    Their shipping rates are incredibly thought out, where they offer up to 5 options for domestic shipping (which include free shipping) and 2 for international. The terms are also well stated. This is a paragon to learn from.  

    The Shipping policy of King IceSource: King Ice

    4. Metal Marvel

    Why wear something generic when you can decorate yourself with a bold statement? We’d say proudly wear a bangle that says “I am that bitch”, literally. 

    Metal Marvels Shopify Jewelry StoreSource: Metal Marvels

    Metal Marvels is a jewelry line that celebrates feminism and individualism, crushing expectations on how a woman should behave. And it’s really refreshing to see something so different and bold. 

    A bold niche

    Where else can you find jewelry with such rebellious statements? These custom-crafted accessories destroy any stereotype of soft feminine women. “For bold women who break the mold.” - that’s the brand’s slogan. And the products are cheap, too. What’s more, there isn’t just jewelry, you can find even drinkware and other accessories that are full of surprises.  Metal Marvels Shopify Jewelry Store has a bold design

    A bold design

    Everything about this website screams “Strong!”. It’s for people who have a sense of humor, definitely. Even the discount code is humorous too. 

    Active on social media 

    This Shopify jewelry store has gathered over 93k followers on Instagram, which is really a sustainable fan base. They post stories daily and also feature feedback from their customers. Metal Marvels's instagram

    Reasonable shipping

    All US shipping is free! And if you’re buying internationally, it’s free if you buy over $115 worth of amazing products. 

    5. Rebel Nell

    Rebel Nell’s slogan is “One of no other kind”, and frankly, we cannot think of any slogan that fits them better than that. What makes them so special then? 

    A unique selling point

    Rebel Nell’s aim is to employ, educate and empower women. It was started in 2013 with the mission to help women facing barriers to employment. That means for every product you buy from them, you’ve made an impact on someone else’s life. 

    Take a guess what material they use to make their jewelry. Scraps of Detroit Graffiti. Their designers have learned to craft unique, wearable pieces of art from layers of graffiti. You can never find 2 products that look exactly the same. How unique is that? 

    Simple web design 

    Although their jewelry was inspired and made from graffiti, their web design is fairly simple and minimal. 

    Rebel Nell Product pageSource: Rebel Nell

    That said, you have to give them points for their creative logo, it’s really creative and rebellious as well. 

    Social media coverage

    They have amassed over 10k followers on Instagram. It’s not much, but with their focus and mission, that number will surely go up in no time. 

    Rebel Nell Social media coverage

    Free shipping 

    Free standard shipping is available for orders that exceed $100. 

    6. Paolo Costagli

    Paolo Costagli is both an artisan and a trendsetter, and this store that’s named after himself is definitely the representation of both those things. The brand has been recognized for its sophistication and uniquely bold products. 

    A USP

    As Paolo is an artisan himself, all products featured in his store are hand-made. There’s no need to boast about your craftsmanship when your avant-garde work is clearly the embodiment of expertise. 

    A simple design

    Paolo Costagli Shopify Jewelry StoreSource: Paolo Costagli

    The website’s design has class, accommodating all the glory of the products featured. And there’s more than enough information for customers to make up their minds. 

    Social media presence 

    Paolo Costagli is on Instagram, as expected, with more than 43k followers. The photos on the brand’s account are premier and clean, exactly what is to be expected from a high-end jewelry franchise. Paolo Costagli has a quite larger number of customers who follow them on Instagram

    Free shipping

    Since all his products are sold at a premium price, it’s not too surprising to find Paolo offers free shipping and returns on all of them. 

    7. Vivien Frank

    The brand’s founder is Simona, who resigned from the hectic life in the film industry to be a stay-at-home mom. She has succeeded in creating an empire from her jewelry design hobby, and later to be featured on magazines like Vogue UK and Glamour. Vivien Frank is an homage to her 2 children. 

    A USP 

    Their jewelry is a product of experimenting with fusing Urban Bohemian Glam with every material that can be used. And yes, all pieces are hand-made. 

    Immaculate design

    This Shopify jewelry store is designed similarly to a magazine’s site - premium and classy, without compromising any finer details and product information. 

    Vivien Frank Shopify Jewelry StoreSource: Vivien Frank

    Social media

    As expected from a veteran in the film industry, Simona has made a name for her brand on social media. The franchise can be found on Instagram with 9k followers. What’s more, they also blog!

    Vivien Frank Shopify Jewelry Store

    Reasonable shipping costs

    Free shipping is available for orders over $150. 

    8. Gwen Delicious

    Gwen Delicious is another Shopify jewelry store founded by a stay-at-home mother. It started out as a hobby that the founder - Bonnie - had ever since she was a kid watching her dad craft jewelry, only to become her full-time business fun by her and her husband. Although not a traditionally successful business, Gwen Delicious still made the list thanks to its unique quirky jewelry pieces. 

    A unique line of products

    If you log on to her online store, you can see a collection of necklaces with pendants looking like wax seals. It’s because Bonnie’s work was mostly inspired by her love of adventure as a kid. That said, she does create more modern-looking pieces. 


    The website is pretty standard in its simplicity. Though lacking in shimmer, the design does get points for being intuitive and informative enough. 

    Gwen Delicious Shopify Jewelry StoreGwen Delicious Shopify Jewelry StoreSource: Gwen Delicious

    Social media presence

    Gwen Delicious can be found on Instagram, but with only a bit over 400 followers, which is really low. But the brand is also on Facebook with 2k followers, so for a business run by 2 people, it’s not too bad.  Gwen Delicious social media


    Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t offer any free shipping, but the costs aren’t too bad either. 

    9. Missoma

    Missoma is the most visited Shopify jewelry store in the world, while ranking at 19th on the list of top Shopify stores. 

    A niche?

    Unfortunately, as Missoma is a really large brand, it doesn’t fit in a niche. But, its mission can be considered a USP - to inspire confidence, spark creativity, and fuel collaboration. 

    Elegant design

    There’s no need for too much twinkling when your web design is fashionable enough to look like a magazine. Missoma’s design certainly follows this lesson, keeping it simple and easy to navigate. 

    Missoma Shopify Jewelry StoreSource: Missoma

    A massive audience base on social media

    They have 438k followers on Instagram alone. What else needs to be said? 

    Missoma Social Media

    So many options for shipping costs

    They offer a ton of shipping options, depending on whether you live in the UK or just about anywhere else. Their shipping policy is well thought out, and yes, they do offer free shipping. 

    10. CRAFTD London

    A UK-based jewelry business founded with supporters from over 100 countries, CRAFTD London aims to cut the senseless space created by fast fashion and focus on quality, original products. 

    A manly niche

    Founded by 2 guys, Alex and Danny, their jewelry is made up of mostly pendants and chains, while also featuring other pieces for men like rings and earrings. It’s always good to see that men are now more open with jewelry. 

    Straightforward design

    Their website looks clean, with an interesting custom logo that you won’t see anywhere else. And they also put in icons for basic requirements like shipping and warranty. 

    CRAFTD London Shopify Jewelry StoreSource: CRAFTD London

    What about social media? 

    They are on Instagram, with a whopping 240k followers worldwide! Well, it’s not really surprising when you find out they’re the second most popular Shopify jewelry store, just after Missoma. 

    CRAFTD London Social Media

    Free shipping?

    Yes, they do offer free shipping options, alongside many others. 

    11. Ana Luisa

    This brand has earned 47th place in the top Shopify stores worldwide and has been featured on Elle and Vogue, along with many other magazines. And from the first look, you might not notice anything special about it. But you might just be wrong. 

    A quest

    Ana Luisa is a US-based jewelry brand that is super conscious about the environment, and it’s the first direct-to-customer brand to become carbon-neutral. Most of their products are crafted sustainably, and they don’t leave any CO2 behind. 

    A simple design 

    Their logo is as minimalistic as can be, and so is their web design. No excess colors, just black and white with a dash of grey. 

    Ana Luisa Shopify Jewelry StoreSource: Ana Luisa

    They are big on social media

    They have amassed almost 500k followers on Instagram, and that’s huge. And they constantly feature customers’ review and feedback photos on their account. 

    Shopify Jewelry Store Social Media

    Free shipping? Yes.

    They offer free shipping for orders over $100, so that’s neat. 

    12. Miansai

    Founded by Michael Saiger, Miansai is a successful brand that has set up its flagship stores in New York’s Soho neighborhood and Venice Beach. Along with that, it’s also one of the top 500 Shopify stores.

    What’s their niche?

    They specialize in high-end jewelry made from fine metals like 14k Gold or 18k Gold. All of their pieces are handmade by over 30 skilled craftsmen and artisans. What’s more, they sell both men's and women’s jewelry, so another point for diversity. 


    The successful Shopify jewelry store’s design is simply top-notch. Easy to navigate, easy to browse while keeping it simple. 

    Miansai Shopify Jewelry StoreMiansai Jewelry StoreSouce: Miansai

    Social media presence

    They are doing pretty well on social media with over 124k Instagram followers; and they’re also on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

    Miansai social media

    Yes to free shipping

    They offer free 2-day shipping for orders above $125. 

    13. PDPAOLA

    Also one of the top Shopify stores, PDPAOLA is a brand that aims to empower women, to give them the chance to express themselves in their most authentic way. 

    What makes them special

    Their USP isn’t their products, but rather in their promotion. As a brand that prioritizes women's empowerment, they feature models that don’t necessarily conform to beauty standards. Flaws? Nope, it’s just a beautiful woman in her own element. 

    PDPAOLA Shopify Jewelry StoreSource: PDPAOLA

    Their design is *chef’s kiss*

    They utilize big, high quality original photos to make their homepage pop and impressive. It’s simple, yet elegant, exactly what you would find in a fashion catalog. 

    PDPAOLA storeSource: PDPAOLA

    Their social media presence is huge!

    They have 1.3 million followers on Instagram alone, and they are on 5 other platforms as well, including Spotify!

    PDPAOLA social media

    Free shipping

    To add the cherry on top, they are currently offering free shipping for all orders with the code FREE. 

    In a nutshell

    We’ve covered 13 really cool, successful Shopify jewelry stores to surprise any visitors. We hope our list has given you some inspiration and motivation to start your own. For further information, feel free to check out our site for more content like this, as well as tips and lessons on running a Shopify store of any niche, not just jewelry!

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