100 Shopify Stores Examples to Inspire You Launch New Business

100 Shopify Stores Examples to Inspire You Launch New Business

If you’re looking for the best Shopify stores examples to gain more inspiration for your business, you’re in the right place. 

About 3 years ago, I was searching for the same thing when I heard about an eCommerce platform called Shopify. My team and I were new to the ecosystem and didn’t know much about stores hosted on Shopify. 

My first question was: “what can I do with Shopify, and what are the possibilities does it present for eCommerce store-building?” 

It took a lot of searching to really grasp the great variety of stores built using Shopify. I took inspiration from so many different sites, and when combining those ideas, starting building something with my own style. 

I want you, the reader, to have the same experience. So in this article I’ll be showing you some of the best Shopify stores from different industries. If you’re a Shopify partner and building a store for a client, or if you’re getting into the eCommerce and CRO game, I hope you’ll find this source a quite useful.

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In addition, at the end of this article, you’ll find the PDF with the list of Shopify stores, the list will be updated from month to month. Also, don't forget to check out the our Shopify store names to how to come up with an inspired name!

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Table of Content

20+ Inspirational Shopify Stores Examples

Nili Lotan


nililotan shopify store

Product Page

nililotan product page

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Collection Page 

nililotan collection page

John Robshaw





getobachan shopify store

If you want to have a more in​-depth analysis to learn their strategy, you can see the article about  Best Inspiring Shopify Store. In that blog, we also provide detailed steps with cornerstones for a successful Shopify store. 



margauxny store




Beard & Blade


Men’s grooming

beard and blade

Bear Walker



bear walker





Wild Smith Skin







Greystone Bakery

Josie Maran Cosmetics



Josie Maran Cosmetics

If you consider starting a new Beauty and Cosmetic Store, you should begin with naming your store now. Get inspired by PageFly's Cosmetic Brand Name Ideas blog post

Epic Watch Bands


Epic Watch Bands

Swell No More


Swell No More

By the way, you can easily re-create the similar page layout with one of Shopify page templates from PageFly App. PageFly has 90+ ready to use page templates for different niches.

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Diaboli Kill



Diaboli Kill

Knack Shops



Knack Shops

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Anecdote Candles



Anecdote Candles




Helen’s Jewels


Helen’s Jewels

Culture Hijab


Culture Hijab

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We've actually tried to recreate Harry's Landing Page - check out how we do it, so that you can create the same high converting Landing Page as Harry's. 

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One Product Shopify Store Examples

#1 keyboard.io


keyboard io

#2 Wiralcam



#3 Mytreepod



#4 Backstrong chair


backstrong chair

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How to Build Successful One Oroduct Shopify Store

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Are you looking for more website examples? Have a look at this cool list with website examples in 116+ niches.

15 Successful Shopify Plus Store Examples

#1 Petal & Pup



#1 Petal & Pup

#2 Emma Bridgewater


Home & Kitchen

Emma Bridgewater


#3 Honey Birdette



Honey Birdette

#4 Pura Vida



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Pura Vida

#5 HiSmile



#6 Beast Mode


Beast Mode

#7 Kylie’s Cosmetics



Kylie’s Cosmetics

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#8 Amazing Lights


Amazing Lights

#9 MVMT Watches



#10 Leesa



#11 Colourpop


 colourpop shopify plus store

#12 Inspire Uplift


www.inspireuplift.com shopify plus store

#13 - Cupshe



#14 - Yeezysupply



#15 - Vici



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How to find Shopify stores using the IP - myip.ms

One of the methods for finding Shopify stores is through the myip.ms website. When merchants sign up with Shopify the whole ecommerce store will be hosted on the platform. Visit this page and you’ll see the “Shopify Inc.” option is selected and the whole Shopify store list is displayed. When I get stuck with finding Shopify inspiration, I use this method first.

myipms website

When you look at the list of Shopify stores you can find the famous Shopify Plus powered stores like Fashionnova.com, Gymshark.com, Mvmtwatches.com etc. By default the sorting process is based on the “World Site Popular Rating”.

myip ms website shopify stores

As a user with not much coding knowledge I’d ask myself how to make sure that websites above are powered by Shopify? In this case, I’d do a manual check with the source code viewing. It’s not really hard to be honest.

Checking the source code with web browser

I’m on the homepage of www.mvmtwatches.com store from Safari browser. In order to check the source code I just press the right mouse click and choose the option “Show Page Source”. Press on that menu item option.

mvmt store - view page source

You’d see Shopify code on the website, and files such as images, Javascript or other are loaded from Shopify CDN. In short, the data are stored on Shopify hosting servers.

mvmt shopify store

Powered by Shopify sites and Google

Another way to find Shopify based stores is by using Google and the right search combination. This technique I learned from paying attention to the small details at the footer of the Shopify store. You might notice in some stores at the bottom the string “Powered by Shopify”. When you click on this phrase, you’ll be redirected to Shopify.com website.

powered by shopify method

I decided to give a quick test and google that phrase. However, I was not satisfied with the result and it gave me plenty of articles around that common phrase. So here is the trick, just scroll below a little bit.

powered by shopify see google dot com

The right combination is “site:myshopify.com powered by shopify” search phrase. You’ll see a list of better results from Google Search engine. Notice that the results now are much better and more precise, but you should still double check with the source code to be certain.

site myshopify method to find shopify stores


Google “site” function and myshopify.com

You might notice that in the search query I have used the “site” command from Google and “myshopify.com” in the search query. Why is that?

Well, let’s start with WHY there must be “myshopify.com”. When you sign up with Shopify there is always the name of your store and .myshopify.com. 

For example, https://stores-demo.myshopify.com. If I register that domain name, that URL will be replaced like https://beariestore.com/ 

Let’s do a quick test.

myshopify search with google

Combination with the “industry niche” check. Some Shopify Niche Stores.

For drop shipping business who are doing in niche target. Let’s say I want to target to dog evergreen niche. So “site:myshopify.com dog”.


And we see some great examples of Shopify dog stores niche.

V-dog Shopify niche Store


vdog shopify store

Dog Quality


dog quality dot com

Small thing to pay attention. Use advanced settings of Google such as the Time of page indexing, so you’ll have the different results for more inspirational examples.

using search filter of google

Woorank Tool checker method

During the process of finding Shopify store inspiration I have found Woorank web app. It allows you to find websites based on technology they have been using. What I list mostly here is they can help you filter stores based on Country.

woorank index

I want to find all Shopify stores coming from Singapore. Just checking “Singapore” in “Countries” field and I get the list of it. When you use this web app please keep in mind that sometimes you can find the outdated result which means the store is no longer available. But in general it fits our initial goal with Shopify store examples in Singapore.

woorank index another search

Builtwith.com Shopify Stores tool

The last but not least, I’d like to mention Builtwith.com website. You can find not only Shopify websites, but stores from other ecommerce platforms as well. More inspiration from different ecommerce platforms and understand the customization possibilities.


[PDF Download] Best Shopify Stores Examples List

We have collected the list of 100 best Shopify stores in different industries for your convenience. For each Shopify store you can find the link directly to the home, product, collection and about us pages. You can also check out these shop name ideas to get some inspiration. These pages are the backbone of any ecommerce businesses with the mindset to build the brand and long-term investment.

Download PDF file (Direct Link)

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