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Boosting Sales with Better User Experience: Get Started With ZAGO & PageFly

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01. What’s The Difference Between UX and UI?

UX refers to User Experience and it covers the whole experience that visitors have in your website, both in desktop and mobile versions and it includes all interactions between potential customers and your business. UX focuses on the reactions and actions of the customer while interacting with a website, and it aims to improve the overall site structure and architecture. User Experience consists of UI elements combined with a high level of usability as well as the behavior of the user while interacting with the site.  

UI on the other hand refers to User Interface and it can be understood as a part of UX since it is built around it. UI defines how your website looks with an integrated and stable visual design, an attractive layout and clear and conveying content.  

02. Why Are UX and UI Important To An eCommerce Business?

Together, UX and UI  can turn a plain website into a user-friendly sales-boosting tool, making it easy to navigate for visitors and helping you to highlight your brand. The first few seconds are critical to invite the new visitors to stay and browse the website. If new or repeated visitors find the site not appealing, confusing or with some trouble loading certain information, they won’t bother and will simply leave. Then you have one less opportunity to convert. On the contrary, when a website is clear, appealing and well structured, and provides an interesting, smooth and delightful experience for visitors, these are likely to stay longer, engage with your content and will be more likely to finish a purchase and repeat. 

An eCommerce website is not just there to look beautiful and provide information. The final goal is to convert visitors into customers, and at the same time, improve and strengthen relationships with real people on the other side of the screen. It should be easy for visitors to understand, trust, browse and buy from your website. 

A well established satisfied customer base is the most important factor for success, and one of the key components for this is your website. When it is designed to really match user behavior, an eCommerce website will help you increase your ROI and reduce development and repeatedly fixing issues by using a user and design approach from the start. This will lead to a growth in sales and a decrease in bounce rates.  

03. The Six Levels of UX You Want To Consider

  • Functional level: Make sure your site shows properly in all modern browsers, reduce steps from the Home page and make all clicks and scroll actions work properly, have a simple registration process. You can help customers to easily learn and understand your site with simple things such as emphasizing the CTA you want them to take, showing progress bars, and giving the option for filtering and sorting. 
  • Reliable level: Any website which aims to be successful has to be always available, with accurate and clear information and customers should be able to browse the website using any device. 
  • Usability level: Customers should be able to use the site easily without getting confused or lost, finding the products and content they are looking for as quickly as possible and taking the needed steps to move forward in the sales funnel. 
  • Convenient level: For eCommerce websites are the communication and selling tool that will help the customer to understand how the product works, and what benefits they have. We can achieve this by making sure we get rid of any cognitive barriers and physical barriers that makes the products and our website difficult to use. Improve the user flow and placing the content where it is needed, communicate effectively so the customer has the right expectations and give them the possibility to manage their own experiences. 
  • Enjoyable level: make your website really outstanding, attractive and aesthetic with beautiful images, smooth animations, easy transitions and the right level of conversational interaction. 
  • Significant level: Minimize pain points and eliminate any obstacles for the user. Personalize the experience based on behaviour and needs of each customer. Be constantly researching, testing and improving the user experience. This is an ongoing process.

04. How PageFly and ZAGO Help Merchants With UX and UI?

PageFly and ZAGO, web marketing specialists, have decided to collaborate in order to bring the best tools and the best solutions to their clients, for efficient and pleasant websites. Our common goal is to give customers the keys to make their shop well referenced, intuitive and attractive in order to boost your sales.

Like ZAGO, PageFly’s young and dynamic team, takes every project to heart in order to deliver the best results and make that website and brand become one.

It starts with the landing page and the home page: Just as a customer attracted by a shop window will be tempted to open the door and enter, PageFly and ZAGO make the customers website landing page and home page make you want to "push the door" to enter their online store with a simple click . We make their home page a comfortable place where the customer feels good and confident.

But the keys to success don't stop at the home page or the landing page. Indeed, just as this customer who entered the shop after being attracted by the window hopes to be able to browse the shop easily and in the best conditions (articles clearly visible and arranged in a logical way, advice from the sales staff, choice of payment method and the possibility of exchange or refund), the product pages will also be optimised so that the site's customers can easily find their way around and take pleasure in discovering the items offered.

Our collaboration is based on the same scheme for each step of the projects and each page of the entrusted websites: PageFly provides the tools and ZAGO contains them, always thinking SEO. We know how precious time is and we know how to save our clients time with convincing results.

These intuitive and intelligent tools created by PageFly and ZAGO's proven experience allow us to add value to entrusted e-commerce sites and their products.

We make every visit to the merchant sites we work on a unique experience that will lead to more purchases by customers. Enhancement of the brand identity and products, for ever more sales.

And because the service offered to the customer is just as tangible online as in a physical store, we leave nothing to chance. PageFly has thought through every step of the sale and also makes dropshipping and « pick-up » sales easy.

Here again, just as the customer who leaves the store satisfied with his or her shopping (which includes both the items purchased and the impact on the shop and its customer service) will remember the address, online customers will disconnect satisfied with their visit, their purchases but also the ease with which they made their purchases, perhaps thinking of placing the site in their favorites.

05. Some of Our Previous Projects

Here are a couple of Shopify websites we collaborate with already using PageFly to improve customer’s experience

5.1. BOOM Watches

BOOM, which stands for Brand Of Open Minds,  is a Swedish watch brand that offers a modular and durable watch with interchangeable parts to design your unique watch. As unique and elegant BOOM watches are, the experience and visual design of the website itself has to communicate that as well: a smooth and problem-free performance with a clear path for users finished with a classic and polished appearance. 

Boom Watches

02. Mylla

Myla offers locally produced food and recreates the relationship between those who produce it and those who enjoy it. This concept of relationships between farmers and local consumers has to turn into an easy experience on the website. It is important that visitors easily understand the process, the values and feel connected to local farmers. 


03. Astrid Wild

Astrid Wild creates chic, feminine and functional outdoor clothing for women to express their own style. Astrid Wild customers are active women that value functionality and comfort as well as a beautiful look. The website has to be consistent with these values, connect with the customer’s drives and help her discover and understand the benefits of the products and additional services.

Astrid Wild

Want to start a project? 

As you will have understood, PageFly and ZAGO are the combination of know-how in marketing design and marketing content so that e-commerce sites are more efficient, easy to manage and of course pleasant to visit. We work together to enhance the customer experience in order to increase the sales of the merchant.

Contact us to talk further about your business and specific needs. 


Company info:
ZAGO is a Sweden based full-service Shopify Plus agency. From strategy and design, through re-platforming and ongoing support, they provide the complete range or services to help merchants sell more on Shopify and Shopify Plus. 

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