Build a sales page for the holidays: Quick Tutorial by PageFly

If you’ve been following the previous reviews, you should have a good idea about what content you need on the product page to make conversions. 


But do you know how these pages are actually made? I decided this week to get hands-on and create a customized landing page designed with elements and content to increase conversions. I did this because in all honesty, if you want to make the most of Black Friday and other upcoming holidays, standard Shopify product pages don’t really cut it.

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You need relevant content and urgency indicators to close the sale and make use of that traffic you paid for. 

So I picked a store in the fashion niche that specializes in glasses. Check out the video on how fast and easy it is to use PageFly to create entire landing pages with ease. All it takes is a matter of minutes. 

Think about what a few hours could do. 



Lookmatic Shopify Store Review

Sales page tutorial

When I see Lookmatic’s product page, all I’m really seeing is the skin and bones of what’s actually needed. The type of meat that makes pages compelling, urging people to take action and buy. 

But as I said in the video above, they’re featured in Shopify Success Stories for a reason. But that doesn't mean changes couldn’t be made to make this page convert even better.

In fact, I know exactly how to spice this bland page up a bit. 

If you didn’t watch the video above, I recommend it. More manageable. But if you have an appetite for words, feel free to read on. You’ll see some elements that I put into a custom sales landing page that could easily replace this product page. 

Key content includes: 

  • High-quality images
  • Compelling headlines
  • Benefit driven copy
  • Multiple calls to action
  • Mobile compatibility

build a sales page

I started off by dragging elements I needed from the left and styling them with the toolbar on the right within the PageFly dashboard. 

Gradients are becoming ever more popular and they’re a great way to give your site a nice design-centric, professional feel. 

build a sales page

I entered some custom code into the Custom CSS box to achieve this background. All I had to do was paste the gradient generated CSS from this site into PageFly. 

The remaining content was just dragged and dropped then stylized for the right dimensions and overall aesthetic. 

Here’s the result. 

build a sales page

Is it perfect? Not quite. But if you watched the video above (hint hint), you’ll know it only took me around 10 minutes to build. Think about the types of high-converting pages you could make in just a few hours work.

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But more importantly, we now have a page with elements that are far more likely to capture sales than the standard product page we saw before. 

There are beautiful images, enticing headlines to reel the reader in, benefits to help them understand how it can impact their lives, and of course a countdown timer for Black Friday that adds a bit of urgency. I don’t like using timers in general, but Black Friday and product launches are an exception. 

And of course, there is another call to action on the bottom to increase the chances of conversions. 

With more time I would add more content, richer content and factors to strengthen the value proposition. But this tutorial was just about showing you how simple it really is to build landing pages. 

You don’t have to waste you money on coding services, just like you don’t have to pay $200 for a logo on Upwork. 

Above all, if you build pages yourself you’ll gain valuable insight into what it really takes to make your content convert. You’re already ahead of the competition. 



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