Build professional looking Shopify pages - FutbolMarkt Case Study.

Shopify is a great e-commerce platform. It’s like “all in one” package solution that gives you easy access when building an online store. It has the essential functionality needed to help you get started with building your business.

However, if you want to go further with customizing your store, you might run into some serious challenges.

What if you want to build professional looking Shopify Pages? In this blog post, we have a short interview with FutbolMarkt store owner who shares his thoughts on “how” PageFly helped him to solve this challenge.

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FutbolMarkt - building the marketplace with Shopify

FutbolMarkt is a football resale marketplace built with the Shopify e-commerce platform. The company has positioned itself as the UK’s unique football resale marketplace, with staff based across all continents. The first time I visited the store I got a great impression with a clean and easy to navigate layout. The first thing that caught my attention was the main banner telling me what type of website I’m on.

In short, it’s the marketplace for anything related to football. 

shopify home page - futbolmarkt

Crucial e-commerce pages that create trust and represent brands effectively are the Contac Us and About Us pages. With the first page, the goal is to tell the readers who you are and start building a “relationship” with your customers. As for the second page, it’s about the way you, as the customer, can reach the business in the case you need support.

FutlbolMarkt has both pages and they contribute to the whole store’s conversion rate from “trust aspect”.

Shopify About Us Page

FulbolMarket About us page looks clean and easy to read. From top to bottom you can see each content section answers specific questions the visitor might have. For the information section, you can see a Call To Action (button) to help visitors navigate to the right page.

shopify page about us

At the end of the page, you can find a “More Questions?” section with two CTAs including “FAQ” and “Contact Us”. Let’s click on the “Contact Us” button.

Shopify Contact Us Page - Futbolmarkt

We landed on the FutbolMarkt Contact Us page. There’s clear contact us page information with form submission to the owner of this website. There is necessary contact information such as an address, phone, email and opening hours.

shopify page contact us - futbolmarkt

Now, let’s listen Alex Protsenko, founder of FutbolMarkt and his story with the PageFly app.

Alex Protsenko

--- Interview stars from here ---

Finding the solution to build custom Shopify Pages

“When we first started building FutbolMarkt, we researched and tried a few different solutions and honestly none of them even came close to what we wanted except for Pagefly. We saw the good reviews, and tried it out in building a few pages - it was excellent. However, what really was outstanding was the customer service. Whenever we had an issue or something that didn’t work, we could get through to the team at any time of the day and they would solve it for us immediately. They even followed up with us a few days later to make sure all was fine!”

A reliable and trustworthy business is one that seriously takes care around Customer Service. The PageFly team provides 24/7 and all time zones support like FutbolMarkt company. Our team is International and we have a problem-solving mindset. As Alex mentioned, we follow up each conversation to make sure that the problem is completely solved and there are no more questions.

Learn more about PageFly Support and how it works.

How has PageFly helped you to showcase the value of your products/services to your customers?

“In today’s world, a clean and speedy website is key for success - especially if it is a multivendor eCommerce business like FutbolMarkt is. We use Pagefly to build complementary pages for our site, such as the About Us, our Instagram showcase page, and the various guide pages. While our main offering is a website where people can buy and sell things, knowing how to do this and reading the story behind the FutbolMarkt brand is what helps us attract and keep our users.”

Shopify is great for providing essential things to build your online store, but what if you need to build complementary pages to increase trust in your brand? PageFly came at the right time and helped FutbolMarkt solve this problem.
Sell With Us page is one of the best examples of how FutbolMarkt used PageFly to build a professional and clean Shopify page.

Shopify pages - Selling with us Futbolmarkt page

Shopify pages - Futbolmarkt on mobile device 

Screenshot iPhone XS

Let’s not forget one important thing - how the page looks on mobile devices. The Sell With Us page the layout looks great and is fully mobile responsive. It creates a great User Experience and increases the store’s overall Conversion rate.

The visitor might start the customer journey with the mobile device but later on, end with purchasing on his laptop. It’s critical to make the shopping experience smooth and “fun” for the shopper.

About the role of SEO for your Shopify Page. Getting traffic from search engines.

“Definitely. It’s a fast service, it keeps the pages clean and allows us to build as many templates and types of pages as we want. It’s helped expand our FutbolMarkt website in terms of SEO and search terms which in return generates traffic.”

SEO takes time, from several months up to 1 - 2 years to see clear results, but will bring a great ROI (Return On Investment) for your Shopify store. In some cases, merchants overlook this free traffic source, but this is not the case with Alex. He’s clearly aware of how important SEO is for store pages and building content optimized for SEO.

Thankfully, if you’re new to SEO, Shopify Academy has a great free course.  You can learn the basics of SEO and how to optimize your Shopify store to get traffic. Learn Shopify SEO with Shopify Academy

shopify seo course from Shopify

What specific problem has PageFly helped you fix?

“As we’re always growing and we’re not exactly elite-level developers we’ve run into many different issues and problems. Aside from the technical problems that we always run into, however, on a macro-level, PageFly has helped us build the About and Seller Guide pages, something that is absolutely critical to running a multi-vendor football store where people can buy and sell. Without PageFly we would’ve been hiring a coder and doing these from scratch which would’ve cost us both time and money.”

Shopify themes are a great starting point. Has PageFly enhanced your store’s design?

“We purchased a custom theme for FutbolMarkt in the beginning, and it is honestly really great on its own. However, since we are a multi-vendor store, we need additional content and pages, and some of this was limited in the template or possible but quite complicated without previous coding experience. I would say that the Shopify themes, in general, are excellent, however, PageFly just lets us go the extra mile and add something complementary.”

What were your pain points before using PageFly as your solution?

“Our main problem was creating professional-looking pages, that integrated seamlessly with our website. As a startup with limited resources still, if we built something of our own, it usually looked quite unprofessional. PageFly helped us with this, and I was easily able to navigate it especially as I had previous Wordpress experience which made this job quite easy.”

Were there any other advantages you discovered when using PageFly over time?

“There’s lots of features and elements in the PageFly toolbox which we’re discovering all the time. Some of them we don’t need now, but will be useful. Others we stumble upon randomly and implement them right away. So there’s a lot in the App which helps FutbolMarkt and also the customer service, always superb.”

What top 3 favorite things do you love about PageFly?

“The top three features? First is definitely again the customer service. We need to implement our solutions quickly and efficiently and the team always helps us within minutes. Second, would be the flexibility of the editor, we’re able to change, correct and design elements exactly as we would like them with no if’s or buts. And third is the templates. We always like to browse and take the best parts from each template to then create our own FutbolMarkt-specific pages.”

Side Note:

PageFly has over 50 Shopify page templates for merchants to choose for different purposes. Let’s say you want to build the home page from scratch, there are great layout options for that. Or if you want to build a Shopify About Us page for your store, there are 2 default ‘About Us’ page templates available.

The main purpose of PageFly templates is to help you to save time on building great looking Shopify pages. You don’t need to be a designer or think much about the page structure layout. Instead, use one of the default options and add custom content sections that match your business idea.

View Shopify Page templates

 Shopify Page templates

Would you recommend PageFly to a colleague or friend?

“Definitely, it’s a great solution for FutbolMarkt and I think it would be a great solution for all Shopify stores on the market. It does the job, it does it well - no complaints and five stars from us.”

What would you say if we told you our product would soon be unavailable? What would this mean to you?

“Well, quite a problem - since we have quite a few pages built using PageFly. It would mean hours of finding a new supplier, rebuilding the apps and getting to know new software. And then hoping the customer service was up to scratch as well. So hopefully that’s not the case!”

And on this note, it’s time to end the interview. We’ve learned so much about Alex from FutbolMarkt. Big thanks to him for his time and insights. Building a business is not simple, but with “solutions” like Shopify and PageFly, the whole process becomes easier. If you haven’t opened a store yet, start your free 14 days trial with Shopify (you just need an email address, no contracts).

P.s. we’ll be rolling out more real merchant stories from time to time. See you next week ;)

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