Halo Shopify Theme Review: A Great Theme For Your Store

Are you looking for a Shopify theme with beautiful design, premium features and dedicated support service but the price is also suitable for your budget?

There are thousand themes out there but Halo - Multipurpose Shopify Theme OS 2.0 is an outstanding example to be mentioned and must be the best one.

The Halo Shopify Theme is no longer a stranger to merchants who often seek a Shopify theme on the Themeforest site. It's one of the weekly TOP SELLERS on the marketplace at the moment.

In this article, we’re going to give you a genuine review of the Halo Shopify Theme to help you find out if it's a theme that is worth investing in for your online shop.


I. A General Look At The Halo Shopify Theme

Halo - Multipurpose Shopify Theme OS 2.0 is designed by the HaloThemes team who is the Power Elite Author in the Envato marketplace and the owner of #1 Themeforest best selling Shopify theme - Ella.They specialize in the BigCommerce market and now on Shopify market. 

Halo theme is the popular Shopify theme on Themeforest, as mentioned before. It has nearly 2.000 sales (and counting) and is in TOP 2022's Best Selling eCommerce Websites Templates – Updated weekly.

halo theme on shopify themes market

Credit: Themeforest

Halo theme is compatible with many browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge, and so on, this theme is fully compatible with the newest technology from Shopify platform: Online Store 2.0, provides the maximum customizability.

For the new updates, latest versions, changelog, and other documentation related to the Halo theme, you can find the information here.

01. Who is suitable for use with the Halo theme?

We understand that the theme selection depends on personal style, brand, and many other factors, but the Halo theme is ideal for:

  • Those who want a theme with more customization features and don’t have to add too many Shopify apps to your store. It helps you Save More Money.
  • Merchants who seek diversity in which a theme can offer.
  • Those who need a multi-feature theme to support their demands.
  • Those who prefer making their site become nice and friendly-mobile templates.

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02. Let’s see the price!

Halo only comes at the price of $49 (limited offer). It’s a very low amount you can see on the Themeforest and very cheap compared with a theme on Shopify marketplace. As we know, it’s slightly lower than the average price, so it’s an affordable theme.

So, let’s look at the main layouts/ functions the theme can offer you at this price.

  • 10+ Stunning Homepage Layouts (many more coming soon and update regularly)
  • 05+ Layouts Options for Category Page (more coming soon)
  • 05+ Layouts Options for Product Page (more coming soon)
  • Fully Compatible with Shopify OS 2.0
  • Ajax Add To Cart, Quick Add To Cart, Quick Edit Cart, About Us, Lookbook, FAQs, Contact Us, etc and so on.

II. Halo Shopify Theme’s Main Features

Okay, what about features? Does Halo have any highlight features that can compare to the Shopify Premium themes? Let’s take a look!

01. Multiple layouts and styles options

There are a variety of layout and styles options that allow you to create different structures and satisfy any specific styles for different kinds of business. Halo is fully compatible with Shopify OS 2.0, and offers maximum customizability.

In the Theme settings, you will find the Multiple Layout section such as Header, Footer, Password Page, Product Card Style, Product Page,…It allows you to choose different styles and transform your site to become more suitable for your business. We can see that the Halo theme focuses on the customization experience of users, making the user get the best experience.

02. Product card

A product card is an excellent sign to guide their journey. And it’s really nice when Halo has this powerful feature. At this time with the Halo theme, you will have 06 Product Card Styles.

 product card styles


product card styles

The Halo theme has many options for to merchants customize their card features such as:

  • Product Quick Shop: This helps customers add the product to the cart quickly. They can purchase the item immediately on the home page or collection page without visiting the product page.
  • Product compare: Determines if customers are able to select and compare two or more products.
  • Product Media:
    • Product Image Swap is a feature that allows adding a product image hover effect. In other words, it flips or changes a product image on hover.
    • Product Video Swap is a feature that allows adding a product video hover effect. In other words, it plays a product image on hover.

03. The Section On Every Page

If you want your site to be more creative and more relevant to your store then this is a great tool to help customize your site simply and precisely. 

Online Store 2.0 introduces a new JSON template format that lets you add new and existing sections to most pages in your theme, and add and remove sections from any page directly in the Shopify theme editor.  This feature lets merchants personalize many more aspects of a store without relying on a developer. 

04. Quick View 

It’s good that the Halo theme can bring this feature to your site. I have to tell you that Creating a good shopping experience is one of the most important factors that the team design Halothemes is aiming for. 

Quick View allows your customers to see more details about a product and add it to their cart without having to go to the individual product page, leading to a more fluid checkout flow.

quick view

05. Calculator free shipping message

You want your site to automatically calculate the total shipping price, and create the experience of good shopping. Let Halo theme help you. 

This tool will show progressive bar with a message when customers put more items in their shopping carts.

Calculator free shipping message

06. Product recommendations

Having a cool feature is essential for improving your site. One of the solutions that helps increase your sales is to make the new customers see good reviews of old customers’ products.

The product recommendations that display in the section are based on products that are commonly purchased together or products in related collections.

07. Product countdown 

This is a feature for your products when you want to set up to support your flash sales event. It's great to have this feature in the theme settings because you don't have to find a Shopify countdown app to help you with that.

product countdown

08. Sidebar

Halo theme has powerful sidebar filtering for your site. You can set up the sidebar with tags (the tags created when adding their products), so when people browse the page, they can find what they want by color, sizes, brand, etc.

side bar

side bar

09. Super fast loading speed

I have to say it’s great when your website has a fast loading speed. In our opinion, the theme feature is a factor that can affect the loading speed of a site such as:  Shopify apps, Image sizes, the way you edit complex theme code, etc. but Halothemes team has fixed, so now the Halo theme is friendly with your site's speed.

super fast loading speed

Read more: 

III. What Do People Say About The Halo Theme?

Of 90 Reviews for the Halo theme on Themeforest, 90% of them are rated 5-star and they are mostly about Halo’s feature availability, design quality, flexibility, and customer support. 

However, there are some complaints about bugs, and setting but team Halothemes is improving to better 

halo theme review

IV. Halo Shopify Theme Pros

NOW, let us show you all the pros of the Halo theme that we think it’s really cool. 

  • The theme provides multiple layouts, sections, multiple options, and other stunning features that allow you to create different structures.
  • The price is affordable, overall on Shopify this price is very low, but it’s a theme feature-rich so merchants can save more money. 
  • Support customers’ enthusiasm and responsiveness, any problem with the setting, technical are answered and supported quickly.
  • They have detailed and step-by-step support documentation and image support files when you download the theme package.
  • Friendly-mobile template, Halo has many setting options for the mobile version and the layout design is responsive as well.

V. Conclusion

Until now, the Halo theme is always an affordable choice for merchants. We want to recommend it to you who are looking for a theme that has great features and affordable price. Moreover, when you purchase this theme, you will get more benefits than its drawbacks and outstanding support. So, what are you waiting for without owning this theme right now. 

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