How To Make Money on Shopify: 12+ Ideas To Get Started In 2021

How To Make Money on Shopify: 12+ Ideas To Get Started In 2021

Shopify is a commerce platform where merchants can build their online stores. This marketplace is now serving millions of users over 175 countries, attracts more than 218 million buyers and creates $34 billion in sales per year. Shopify is the leading e-commerce platform for businesses of all sizes. The greatest advantage of Shopify is that they allow merchants to customize their stores without coding and designing skills, making it an accessible solution for every one who wants to start their ecommerce store.  

Making money with Shopify can be your side hustle, or a career-change, you decide! Before rolling up your sleeves to dive into this list, sign up to use Shopify free trial so that you can explore its features and ecosystem extensively!

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This article will give you straightforward directions on how to make money with Shopify effectively all levels of business expertise. 


I. Grow Sales Both Online and Offline With Shopify POS

Shopify POS is a Point of Sale system that allows merchants to manage all customer-facing activities on brick-and-mortar stores and all retail experiences online. 

With Shopify POS, you can:

  • Download it on Android and IOS smart devices, delegate to your staff all sales-related duties with peace of mind.
  • Integrate with other additional hardwares, such as cash drawers or barcode scanners to easily track your orders and inventory at any location.
  • Create shopping carts and accept online payment methods for each customer, create discounts, taxes management, and do many more amazing tasks with only an app.

Without doubt, Shopify POS (Point-of-Sale) can be an all-in-one solution to simplify your retail business operations, an amazing tool to improve your customer experience, and consequently, effectively boost sales. 

Find more information about Shopify POS features with Shopify Help Center

create Shopify online store

II. Build Your Own Clothings and Accessories Brand

One of the most popular to make money with Shopify is to sell products - and clothing and accessories is a great niche to start with. 

Clothing is a fast-moving industry, requiring brand owners not only to have a good taste at fashion but also be sensitive to slightest market changes. You probably need to be a creative person, have ability to give breakthrough ideas to make your brand unique among thousands of fashion brands in your community.  

Sounds hard, doesn't it? Shopify make its easier - here is How Shopify helps you make money with selling clothes and accessories: 

  • Free themes and templates tailored for Fashion brands
  • Page Builder Apps for merchants to further customize clothing store design. 
  • Built-in integrations with Facebook Ads, Instagram and Pinterest to help you advertise your business effortlessly and provide a better, more streamlined buying experience for your target customer. With a niche that is as competitive as clothing and accessories - online marketing can become your USP and make a difference. 

Create website on ShopifyExample of a Shopify clothing store

III. Sell CBD products

The demand for cannabidiol (CBD) products is expected to grow steadily, estimately valued at $20 billions in the next four years. Leveraging market demand and trends, a CBD business can be a million-dollar idea for you to invest in. 

Cannabidiol can be transformed into different types of products, including:

  • Oil
  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Balms
  • Spray
  • Creams
  • Gummies
  • … and a lot more

This is the right time to start a CBD business - as the industry is still in its dawn so you can easily get a headstart. 

With Shopify, you can start selling hemp-derived CBD business in the US easier: 

  • Flexible payment method: Since CBD products are not supported by PayPal, Shopify partnered with a variety of payment gateways that offer options to scale with your hemp-derived CBD business.
  • Intelligent shipping with location-based settings to keep sales in permitted states only. 
  • Free themes and Page Builder Apps to help you build an amazing CBD store. 

example of CBD store

Example of Shopify CBD Store

III. Dropship As Many Products As You Can

Dropshipping means no more pressure on your inventory.

The business model is simple enough: All you need to do is to find other suppliers who have products which are just the same or familiar to your niche, upload new SKUs on your online store and wait for visitors to buy.

Dropshipping is also a good idea in case you want to test a new product line before starting with a huge and uncertain investment, without worrying about product design, stocking and delivery cost.

Running a Dropshipping business can be summed up in these following steps:

  • Step 1: Your customer places an order from your store
  • Step 2: Your store automatically send the order information to your dropshipping supplier
  • Step 3: Your dropshipping supplier prepares an order, including packaging, labeling (if needed) and completes any customer's request about products as required.
  • Step 4: Your dropshipping suppliers deliver the order directly to your customer. Both cash on delivery and online payment methods are accepted. You may then receive the total variance between products cost plus fulfillment cost and products price. 

How to do dropshippingHere how Shopify make it easier to dropship products around the world.

  • Streamlined integration with the world's most popular dropshipping suppliers - including Spocket, Oberlo and DSer
  • 50+ Shopify apps to help you with order and shipping management, store building and advertising 
  • Hassle-free Integration with other Sales channels - including Facebook Ads, Pinterest, Instagram help you easily manage your marketing and advertising activities. 

Finding what you want to sell can be tricky, however, we already work it out for you: Great Dropshipping Niches and Products To Sell (Always-Updated) 

IV. Sell Print-On-Demand products

The most remarkable advantage of print-on-demand is the elimination of the cost for excessive inventory. Instead of keeping hundreds to thousands items and waiting for sales, you only create them as online orders come in and put more focus on design. Shopify has everything you need to build your own online print-one-demand store.

Ideas for print-on-demand products are unlimited with a variety of product types available: 

  • T-shirts
  • Tank tops
  • Art prints
  • Bags
  • Mugs
  • Books
  • Accessories
  • Gift cards
  • Invitation cards
  • Postcards
  • Phone/laptop cases
  • Towels
  • Hats
  • Calendars
  • Stickers

(Noted: Make sure you don't use rights reserved images for your POD business.

Things can go right even if you don't have factories and shippers for yourselves.

There are third-party partners all over the world to help you complete your manufacturing works and fulfillment procedures, including stores the products and deliver them to your customers as orders are placed. 

So how Shopify help you make money with POD business: 

  • Hassle-free Integration with the best Print on Demand companies, including Printful, Printify, Custom Cat and 24+ other Print on Demand app
  • Free themes and templates to create stunning print on demand store 
  • Buy Button that lets merchants generate embeddable product card and check out that can be placed on any type of website (so if you already have an existing website and don't really want to open another Shopify store - Buy Button is your perfect go-to)

Example of Print On Demand Store

Example of a Shopify Print On Demand Store

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V. Sell Digital Products and Downloads

Another idea for your Shopify store is that you can sell some types of digital downloads and products. It might be ebooks, podcast series, online courses sharing about your experiences, professional skills or simply telling about your brand story. For people who want to invest more in digital products, you might think about selling games, apps, themes and other softwares. 

Here are some common digital products and downloads to help you get started:

  • Ebooks
  • Online courses
  • Apps
  • Games
  • Themes
  • Podcasts
  • Films
  • Photos
  • Songs
  • Beats
  • Powerpoint templates
  • Comics

As long as you have an idea and be ready to start something new, you can always make profit on Shopify. 

So how Shopify help you make money with POD business: 

  • Hassle-free Integration with the best Print on Demand companies, including Printful, Printify, Custom Cat and 24+ other Print on Demand app
  • Free themes and templates to create stunning print on demand store. 
  • Targeted marketing tool: Use built-in SEO tools and blogging platforms to create meaningful content and integrate effortlessly with social media to increase visibility. 

Learn more: How to sell Digital Product and Downloads on Shopify

Shopify POD store

Example of A Shopify Virtual Product selling T-shirt Templates


Now before you can make money with Shopify, you need to be prepared to spend money. 

The good thing is Shopify offer flexible pricing plans: 

  • Basic Shopify plan (29$ per month): Access to all basic features. Limited Staff accounts and selling locations. 
  • Shopify (79$ per month): Same as basic plan, with 02 staff accounts and up to 05 locations, better credit card rates, manual foreign currency exchange, sell in multiple languages and international domains. 
  • Advanced Shopify Plan (299$ per month): All benefits from Shopify plan, with better credit card rates, Advanced Report Builder and 3-rd party calculated shipping rates. 

To be a helpful hand in saving you time and money, check out our Shopify cost calculator to easily know your monthly fee: 

Shopify Pricing Calculator

VI. Sell Your Services as a Shopify Expert 

Shopify has now been developed to be an all-in-one ecosystem, not only a promising market of merchants but also for third-party commerce businesses and experts, who provide Shopify-related services and resources.

Shopify Experts is the marketplace for freelancers and entrepreneurs to leverage their expertise and give guidance for other Shopify store owners in various areas, including but not limited to, SKUs and inventory setups, marketing strategies, SEO, PPC (Paid Per Channel) advertising, store design, data analysis store development, and so on.

By bringing your expertise for Shopify merchants who need your help and consultancy and get rewarded handsomely, you get exposed to a large pool of potential customers. Shopify payments also makes getting paid burden-less so all you need to work on is to provide solution and a qualify customer service to keep them coming!

Shopify expert market

VII. Become Shopify App/Theme Partners  

Being a Shopify app developer, you can create apps for Shopify merchants to help them with various aspect of running an online store and getting sales.  Similarly, Shopify theme developers design awesome themes for a wide variety of industries and sell them on Shopify theme store for merchants to choose from. 

In a big marketplace which serves over 1.000.000 merchants  worldwide with over 500,000 active stores, approximately 25.8 millions apps have been installed , Shopify Partners is perfectly a compelling marketplace for third-party app and theme providers.

Shopify experts

VIII. Become Shopify Affiliate Partners

Shopify Affiliate Program involves content creators, influencers, educators or any individuals who want to inspire their audiences to start and optimize their entrepreneurship with Shopify. To join the Shopify Affiliate Program, partners are required to refer their audiences to Shopify. As your audiences register a paid Shopify Business Plans, you will receive commission. 

It is always free to join and well-designed. Additionally, resources are always available to help partners with their audience engagement strategies, including Shopify online courses, blogs for partners, guidelines, sharings on Shopify community, and so forth. 

Shopify Affiliate form

Shopify Affiliate Program Sign-up Form 

IX. Join Affiliate Programs of Shopify Partners

As a result of the rapid growth of Shopify Partners Program, partners can take more advantages by win-win collaborations within themselves. 

Many Shopify App/Theme Partners have affiliate programs to promote themselves. Operating in a similar way to Shopify Affiliate Program, partners provide affiliate links for publishers (in other words, promoters) to share on their channels. 

Since commission rates may vary quite widely and available methods of promotion will differ depending on each partner, we recommend you to learn about their policies and regulations before initiating partnerships. All information you need will normally appear on partner websites.

Learn more: Earn Money With The Top 18 Shopify Partners' Affiliate Programs

X. Integrate With other Shopify Apps to Promote each other 

Another option for app developers to increase revenue on Shopify is to integrate to promote each other. Through each app focus on a limited number of solutions, integrated partnership allows web builders to use many tool kits from different apps to build their stores.

Integrating with other apps, your products will be recommended on their websites or page editing dashboards without any charge. On the other hand, this will be an advantage for you to satisfy your customers by providing them as many available features as possible.

XI. Become PageFly Affiliate partner

Idea of creating passive money even while sleeping becomes increasingly prevalent. PageFly offers you an earning solution just like this: PageFly Affiliate Program. 

01. Introduction about PageFly Affiliate Program

PageFly is a web builder app to help Shopify merchants to build their online stores by just dragging and dropping elements without coding and design expertise. More than 3 years experience in the industry, PageFly have helped over 60000+ Shopify Merchants globally to achieve ecommerce success.

PageFly successfully remains in the top 5 most recommended apps on Shopify App Store with more than 2000 five-star reviews from Shopify merchants. 

Pagefly Shopify page builder app

02. How PageFly Affiliate Program works?

With PageFly, you are looking at a competitive commission rate.

You can earn 50% commission in the first month of your audience's subscription. Since the second month, your commission will remain at the same rate as 30% and it will be automatically extended FOR LIFE, as long as your audience continues their business plan with PageFly. 

PageFly Affiliate Program

Corresponding to the current pricing plans PageFly offers for their customers, Silver, Gold and Platinum, you can earn up to $49.5 right after your audience registers for our Platinum plan, and up to $20.7 more for the next following months. Just imagine when the number of audience reaches hundreds, earning thousands of dollars per night would not be an unrealistic dream.

PageFly Affiliate Program is an applicable action plan for all types of businessmen. Whoever you are, an individual or a business owners, there are always audiences who need an efficient website builder tool for you to earn from.

03. How To Sign Up For PageFly Affiliate Program

Earning money is just as easy as pie, let's follow these 2 steps:

Step 1 - Contact PageFly and get your affiliate link

To register an affiliate partnership with PageFly, please access, hit "Become our partner" and fill in your information. PageFly will connect to you at the nearest possible time and give you more guidance to get your affiliate links, which lead to PageFly website and Shopify App Store

PageFly affiliate registration form

PageFly affiliate link

Step 2 - Start promoting and earn money

There are many ways to boost your traffic. Here are some common ways:

  • Be a blog writer. Create a Shopify website, use it to share your experience, knowledge, advice, tips, etc. about creating Shopify websites easily with PageFly, then insert affiliate links on your content. 
  • Spread your idea on social media. Create your own communities, a place for people who are fascinated with e-commerce and making money online, especially on Shopify. 
  • Utilize email marketing to spread your massages. Before leading your leads to the final purchasing action, make sure that you offer them enough compelling values to build their trust on the products. 
  • Be a Youtuber. Creating a training course on Youtube would be absolutely awesome if you have excellent video editing skills, a good voice and good-looking appearance. Sharing personal testimonials or specific study cases would be much more visualizing and convincing ways of approach rather than long boring thousand-word materials.
  • Paid advertising. That promotion method would cost you a large amount of money at the beginning and requires experimentation, but if applied properly, it can be extremely profitable in a tight timeline. 

To sum up

In addition to making money directly from Shopify, you can create your second passive income stream by initiating affiliate partnerships with Shopify partners, one of the most trustworthy programs to start with is PageFly Affiliate Program. 

Let us know if this article has delighted you and get started today to create your success stories. 

Best of luck! 

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