How to write a high-converting Shopify product description with formula

How to write a high-converting Shopify product description with formula

“People screen out a lot of commercials because they’re dull. When you advertise fire-extinguishers, open with the fire.” 

Research shows that people are willing to take risks in states of certain emotions, especially joy. They’re unwilling to take risks when they’re upset. So how do we trigger positive emotions in the reader to capture more sales?

By fanning their flames and making them the hero of the story. But every hero has enemies (values) and we need to call these out along the way, fighting them together.  

Remember: It’s never about us, and always about them. If you maintain this attitude when writing product descriptions and content, you will get more sales. 

Watch the video to understand it more clearly.



Here’s the formula for writing winning eCommerce descriptions that convert.


  • Address the problem
  • Get into the readers head 


  • State what most people believe/a common misconception


  • Tell the truth by making a claim that counters the misconception
  • Show authority and tell them why its the truth with research, examples etc


  • What will happen if they continue with the common belief? Say it


  • Summarize the benefits of your product and call to action

Here’s the quick product description I made based on the above formula. 



Send Ingrown Hairs Running Forever

For Legs That Turn Heads Wherever You Walk


Do you get nasty ingrown hairs after waxing? Most people don’t feel the need for waxing aftercare, and will happily pick at these rebellious follicles to their heart’s content. 


Or, they’ll opt to scrub their skin, which can be equally as damaging to your body’s largest organ. 


Now, we hate these ingrown hairs as much as you do. It’s not only that they hurt and look unsightly, but they can develop into serious health problems. Like bacterial infections, skin pigmentation, and permanent scarring.


That’s why we created Serious Serum - a breakthrough AHA exfoliator that uses glycolic and lactic acids to get rid of ingrown hairs before they ever rear their ugly heads. 

Serious Serum will:

  • Give you smooth, silky skin
  • Reduce redness after waxing
  • Smooth bumps and rough patches
  • Deeply hydrate skin barrier

Free worldwide shipping. Discover new-found confidence and order yours today. 

Here’s the original product page that my video was based around. 

write a product description

And here’s my new and improved page - finished result applied to the new product page I just created.

write a product description

Which page looks more likely to convert? Answer: the one that addresses their concerns, educates them, gains their trust and offers a solution. 

Rooting your descriptions in psychology is how you ‘hack’ the human mind, appeal to emotions and ultimately capture more sales. 

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