Illustration Optimization for Shopify Product Pages [5 Tips]

So you are about to open an online business on Shopify. Everything seems great but as time goes by, even when your store is filled up with traffic, there are not enough customers who actually add things to their cart. The problem could be found in your product pages’ appearance.

Maybe their cats climb onto the laptop and accidentally hit the ‘x’ button; maybe all customers experience a bizarre electricity shutdown when they are about to add products into carts, or maybe it’s just that your product pages are not appealing enough to drive conversion action. 

In this article we focus on five illustration optimization tips that would make your product pages become more visually pleasing.

I. What is a Shopify Product Page?

Product page is a sub-page on an e-commerce website that provides information on a particular product including its price, variables, offerings, and more. Product pages also serve as active advocates that convince buyers to purchase, by creating the urge to gain benefits that the product brings. 

Having product pages is a must when building a website. It is easy yet challenging when it comes to product pages since all websites might have them, but do not optimize them. 

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II. Why is illustration vital for a great product page?

The final destination customers visit before making their order is product pages, therefore, no one should look down on curating them when dreaming of a successful business.  Not only being an information-providing agent for your website, product pages also serve as a visual gateway to your brand and add value for your overall website. Make sure you:  

  • Arrange information in an effective way
  • Form a coherent, professional look
  • Create a long-lasting impact on users 

Arranging information in a logical way is key to creating a great product page. In that page, the product is obviously presented at the center with its information. However, when defining a product, there are tons of things that can be added to convince customers to buy it. When you know how to arrange these information effectively and attractively, it surely can help to boost the conversion rate, in turn, bring money to your pocket

Forming a coherent look is one thing you can find in any branding 101 class. Every brand has its own illustration guideline including color code and many other things that create strong brand identity for the firm. With these guidelines, customers can catch the vibe and feel connected with the company’s style. A good brand identity is like an anchor, which ensures customer loyalty and values, therefore, the act of integrating brand identity into illustration is crucial.

Creating a long-lasting impact on users is the fruitful outcome when one successfully develops an effective product page. It forms a valuable experience for customers when visiting the pages and even if they don’t implement a purchase, they still have positive feelings towards the brand, in turn facilitating the word-of-mouth effect. 

III. 05 Tips for Optimizing Your Product Pages’ Optimization

Don’t lose the fish when it’s already on the hook. Here’s what you can learn to optimize your Shopify product pages’ illustrations. 

1. Use Big and Professional Images

shopify product page big picture pagefly

Template: Lista/PageFly

40% of people respond to visual information better than text and 65% of people are visual learners. These facts speak a lot on the role of pictures in helping consuming information, especially in the context when we want to deliver as much information about the product’s benefits as possible.  

Using high-resolution and zoomable images is a must when creating product pages. The product is the star and people want to take close look at it, so make sure that no 240p pictures are added into your pages and customers don’t have to strain their eyes to look at your tiny images 

Don’t be half-hearted. Take big professional photoshoots that match the vibe of your products and display its strengths.  

2. Provide a 360° View of Products

sintex shopify product page pagefly

Template: Sintex

A single image or a photoshoot that only captures a monotonous angle has a major weakness: lack of visual information. Show as many images as you can and make sure that they come from different angles. 

You don’t want customers to leave because they couldn’t look into the details of your product.

 3. Add Product Videos

shopify product page pagefly video

Image credit: jakobowens1@Unsplash

In a 2018 HubSpot survey, 54% of consumers wanted to see more video content from a brand or business they support. That fact lays the foundation for the third tip which is to add video onto your product pages. The more vivid your product pages are, the better they get. 

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Videos contain both visual and audio, therefore, they create an even more profound effect for potential buyers. Well-completed marketing videos will compress a wide variety of complex facts and short stories into 1-2 minutes and make your product pages more lively and professional. 

You can even create greater impact when display it in full-width:

4. Add Picture Social Proof

testimonial shopify product page pagefly template

Template: BFCM Fashion

Now your products look fancy but all the good things are coming from the provider’s side. 84% of millennials don't like ads - they trust customer reviews a lot more because they’re more authentic. So the next step to boost up your product pages’s effectiveness is to add recommendations from happy post-customers. 

Products with ratings from consumers have been shown to be 12.5 percent more likely to sell, and it is obvious that shoppers are more willing to buy when they see what other buyers say. By adding social proofs, your product pages are more-human and reliable. 

5. Optimize for Different Types of Devices

shopify product page pagefly devices

Image credit: Lauren Mancke@Unsplash

It’s 2020. Computers are not the only way to surf the web.  There are three main devices: laptop, tablet, and mobile and you should learn to optimize the experience of users regardless of whatever device they are using. 

For example, for the laptop/personal computer device, a picture might be below a paragraph. However, when that website page goes on a mobile platform, it might be more appealing for the picture to be placed above text (since the long paragraph on mobile screen looks unattractive and push your potential buyers away). 

IV. Finest Examples for Product Pages 

Enough theory, here are some finest examples for inspiration for your soon-to-come product pages:


active 5 shopify product page


goop shopify product page example

3. All Birds

all birds shopify product page example

If you are a beginner and looking for an easy way to create an appealing Shopify product page, it is best to use templates. Without coding and brain-wrecking information, a non-tech merchant can choose various templates from Shopify Theme Store, or try templates from some Page Builder apps. 

shopify product pages template pagefly

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