Introducing the PageFly Affiliate Platform: Better Tracking & More Scalability.

Introducing the PageFly Affiliate Platform: Better Tracking & More Scalability.

Hi guys, it has been over two months since the 1st line of code of PageFly Affiliate Platform. Today, we’d like to let you know that we have officially launched the new affiliate platform to support our partners. This is an important step to improve the partnership collaboration between our partners and the PageFly Shopify app. With the last pricing structure adjustment, you, as the partner will benefit more from the brand new PageFly Affiliate Platform.

The PageFly Affiliate Program Commission Structure: lifetime recurring and competitive share

We still keep the lifetime affiliate structure for existing and new partners. The concept is very simple. For the 1st month, we pay partners 50% of a successfully billed monthly subscription. After the 2nd month, we reward our partners with 30% of the recurring PageFly subscription until it is terminated. With the recent PageFly pricing changes you get significant affiliate commissions.

Let’s do some quick math. As you probably know, PageFly has a Silver, Gold, and Platinum plan. If you successfully refer a Platinum merchant, you’ll get rewarded $79.2 for the 1st month and $23.76 monthly thereafter. Once Shopify merchants subscribe to the PageFly app, they tend to stick with it for a long time. You might be wondering why? Simple: we have monthly product updates and 5-star customer support service - plus 2,500+ five stars reviews from the Shopify app store (Dated June 3, 2020). If the Platinum merchant stays for a year, then the  PageFly Affiliate partner makes $340.

The payout schedule runs on a monthly basis with the balance threshold of $20 via PayPal.

PageFly is one of the most partner-friendly Shopify apps. This means that you can install the app on the development store and use all the PageFly features. There are no trial limitations. This gives you enough time to understand the product (if you’re new) and use PageFly for your clients.

The tracking mechanism: send traffic to or the Shopify App Store

With the old affiliate platform, you could only send the traffic to, then if the merchant installs PageFly from the main site, the conversion would be tracked. With the new Affiliate Platform, you can send traffic directly to the website or to If the merchant lands at and after that visit the Shopify App store, then the affiliate platform can track those commissions.

For the partner’s convenience, we have created unique affiliate links to and Shopify App Store.

 pagefly affiliate tracking

Tracking with Development Shopify Store

You can use the unique affiliate link from the Partner’s dashboard then install the app on your development store. We can track those conversions. This is simple: when you finish your development work, switch the PageFly plan from free to one of the paid plans.

60-Day affiliate cookie to convert lead to customer

PageFly runs on the freemium business model which means merchants can use PageFly with the free plan and update later to one of the paid ones. We understand that it takes time for merchants to use the product and consider upgrading to the paid plan.

The Partner’s Dashboard

The journey starts with the registration affiliate account page.

pagefly registration page

When you get an email about the approval status, you can access the login page of the PageFly Affiliate Platform.

pagefly affiliate login page

Once you’re logged into the Partner’s Dashboard, you’ll see the simple and intuitive navigation.

The PageFly Partner’s Dashboard includes three areas including: 

  1. Total number of referred stores, 
  2. Referral stores with Shopify Plan, PageFly Plan, and referral date
  3. Referral links

With the referral link, you’ll need to make sure that there is a unique referral link for and the Shopify app store.

The Total Number of stores reflects the actual stats. For example, if the merchant upgraded from the Free to the Gold PageFly plan, then you’d see a decrease of 1 store in ‘Free’ and an increase of 1 store in the ‘Gold’ box area.

Any questions?

If you have any questions related to the PageFly Affiliate Program then feel free to drop us an email at Our team would be happy to clarify any questions that you have. 

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