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Welcome back to another Shopify store review where we analyze the good, the bad, and the ugly to equip you with insights for increasing conversions on your own store. 

If you’re new to Shopify or sitting on the fence wondering whether to take the plunge into the eCommerce space, the best push comes in the form of inspiration. 

When starting out with an idea, I usually recommend you focus on a real gap in the marketplace or a passionate niche (hobbies) that will excite consumers enough to spend their money on. This week I’ll be reviewing a store that solves a real problem with a thoughtful approach. 


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Not Another Bunch of Flowers does exactly what it says on the tin. It offers customers alternatives to generic flower offerings in times of celebration or sickness. The business idea was spawned during the founder’s time spent in hospital after being diagnosed with cancer. 

Annikka quickly became overwhelmed with the number of gifts she received that were (to put it bluntly) seemingly useless. This inspired her to start an online store for truly thoughtful gifts that can be used during times of treatment and surgery. With meaning and purpose. 

Annikka turned to Shopify for its reliability, ease of use and low start-up costs. 8 years later, Not Another Bunch of Flowers has gained international fame, impacting lives in times of need. 

I’ll briefly analyze the homepage then dissect the most important area of the site for conversions - the product page.

Not Another Bunch of Flowers Shopify Store Review

Homepage impressions

Because this brand has such a strong backstory, it’s important to relay that as much as possible throughout the site. Storytelling remains as much a human necessity today as it did during biblical times, and even as far back as the first cave paintings from 36,000 years ago. 

They’re our primary tools for teaching and learning. And of course, selling. 

With great stories, we can make a deep connection with the brand or product at hand. 

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

The homepage opens like any good eCommerce store - with a high-quality hero image. Immediately after I’m met with Annikka’s story of struggle during her years with cancer. I can instantly grasp what the website is about, what it offers and how it came to be. 

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

Next, I’m met with brand collections and a small section that shows off some notable mentions in the press. Having been featured across multiple popular news and media outlets like this is a major key for credibility. It gives your site visitors a solid reason to trust your brand.

With trust being the most important commodity in eCommerce, it’s always a good idea to display press features like these if you have them. 

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

What special guarantees can you offer your customers? If you have can effectively outline what makes you special and why people should buy from you, wear it with pride on your site with custom graphics like these. 

It can be easily scanned when scrolling and have a direct impact on your store's conversion rate.

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

Displaying social proof in the form of testimonials is another trust and credibility factor that will have a huge impact on how users view your brand. 

Why? People trust other people, and will nearly always look to various forms of social proof for validation that they’re making the correct purchasing decision. 

The lesson: User-generated content trumps branded content when it comes to building trust. 

Cut to the product page. 

Product page impressions

Check out the video version of the product page review if you don't like reading.


With so many products to choose from, I clicked through to one that seemed to solve a real problem - a beanie designed for chemotherapy patients. 

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

Nothing fancy about this product page, but enough relevant content to convert well. 

The headline speaks to the user casually while proudly stating the benefits too. Wool can be a problem for skin, and this is addressed in the product description with an emphasis on how practical and comfortable the beanie is.

Always aim to state the benefits of your offer rather than the features. 

A great copywriter will be able to do this for you, but every eCommerce merchant should understand this principle if you want to really get inside the mind of your prospective buyers. 

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

The product description ends with some additional statements and benefits, as well as two “testimonials”. Considering the weight of user-generated content for conversions, I’m not sure why they don’t include actual user-written reviews with a simple Shopify app. 

A name, image, star rating and description of how the product has impacted their lives will always lead to more sales long-term. 

Below the title we and call to action, there’s a Shipping Information button that prompts a pop-up window. 

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

Shipping times and fees are one of the main reasons people abandon checkout and skip to a competitor's site. Displaying all shipping information upfront like this is a necessity in 2019 and beyond. 

It’s also important to display it on the product page, whether it be a pop-up like this, or a section further down. Making your visitors navigate to a separate page for shipping information gives them a reason to leave the product page and potentially get distracted. 

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

The product page ends with additional items to compliment your purchase. Unless you’re a one-product dropshipping store, I always advise upselling to increase your Average Order Value (AOV) and stay profitable long-term. 

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Why does work so well?

It turns out that when your customers make the commitment to buy, their mind-state is altered, and are much more perceptive to a soft upsell or additional product recommendation. 

Just make sure your upselling benefits your customer, not your company. 


To recap, here’s what Not Another Bunch Of Flowers have done well with, and what you can consider implementing on your own store to increase conversions. 

  • Strong storytelling - if your brand has a great backstory, tell it and let your visitors connect with your values and mission. If you don’t have a decent backstory, make one.
  • Press features - Trust is precious in the eCommerce space. Display your press features and mentions wherever you can on-site. It positions you as a brand with credibility that can be trusted.
  • “What makes us special?” - What is our guarantee and why should people buy from you? You need to differentiate yourself from the competition. Use custom badges and graphics to display your guarantees in an easily scannable and digestible format.
  • Benefit driven product description - the majority of your site visitors don’t care about features. Show them how your products can benefit and impact their lives on a micro and macro scale.
  • Upsell with your customer in mind - Take advantage of the unique mind frame your customer enters when they commit to a purchase by offering an additional item or service. Just don’t forget to tailor your offer to benefit your customer, not your brand. 



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