PageFly Partners With ModeMagic To Empower Shopify Merchants With Stronger Product Customization

PageFly, the advanced Shopify Builder, today announced its partnership with ModeMagic - Top Product Labels and Stickers App on Shopify App Store. By joining hands with Mode Magic, PageFly brings forth a stronger capacity for product pages’ conversion rate optimization.  

ModeMagic Product Customization

As we enter the New Normal, we saw a dramatic change in the global eCommerce landscape:  global online shopping market is predicted to hit 4 trillion by the end of 2020, in the US alone, the “online shoppers club” is expecting to have 300 million members - that's 90% of the population! eCommerce gurus cheerfully announce that the market is a bountiful ocean with plenty of fishes for every hard-working eCommerce merchant -  does it?

Yes and No. Do expect to have more visitors to your online store, but do also expect to have most of the prospects falling through the slip of your fingers - as the marketing is expanding, the competition’s bound to be more fierce - so unless you have winning CRO tricks up your sleeve, this scenario's likely to happen! 

However, conversion rate optimization can be made easy, with baby steps, starting with customizing your Product Pages, using ModeMagic! 

About ModeMagic

ModeMagic is a Product Label Shopify App that empowers Shopify merchants to convert up to 15% more with product stickers & labels. 

With almost 100% customers’ satisfaction, ModeMagic boasts itself on ease of use, excellent support, powerful editing control and an extensive library of stickers, labels and badges highlighting: 

  • Urgency (Low Stock, Limited Period)
  • FOMO (flash sale, discounts, limited edition)
  • Security & Trust (Free shipping, Same-day delivery, COVID Safety)
  • Social Proof (Best Seller, Trending)
  • Features (Vegan, Pet Friendly)

How To Use ModeMagic

With ModeMagic's powerful features, you can easily nudge visitors to make a faster buying decision, in just 03 steps: 

  • Step 01: Select the Products which you want to add labels, stickers, and badges to. 
  • Step 02: Choose a sticker or badge that matches your offer from a library of 1000+ designs that can help you decrease bounce rate using FOMO, sense of urgency, product highlights and many more. 

ModeMagic Design 01

(even better, now you can order badges, stickers, graphics exclusively designed by Shopify experts)

  • Step 03: Save and update store. and Voila - your product pages' glow-up is complete. 

ModeMagic with PageFly

ModeMagic is Free to Install - once you get the app, you'll have 10 Free Credits - Applicable 10 labels and badges free. Subscription plans available on-demand.

ModeMagic Pricing

ModeMagic is now compatible perfectly with PageFly to provide a streamlined experience for Shopify Merchants - with this new compatibility, a 30% conversion rate now sounds much less challenging. Time to give it a whirl! 

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