[PageFly Case Study] - The pillars of ProbiSolutions success

ProbiSolution - a unique cleaning solutions company hailing from Finland on a mission to create safe working environments using probiotics.

Naturally, hygiene is an issue wherever you go. Germs and bacteria are able to travel across the globe within hours thanks to transport technology developments. This puts many people at risk of infection as well as allowing viruses and bacteria to grow stronger and more resistant to antibiotics each year.

As a business owner, you have a responsibility to keep your employees and customers safe by upholding cleanliness standards. But the traditional way of doing so comes with plenty of risks. Chemicals used to sterilize working environments are harsh, toxic and need their own set of hazard guidelines before they can be used safely.

So what do probiotics have to do with all this?

I’m sure you’ve heard of its benefits for gut health, but how about your countertop health? Well, it turns out that there are bacteria on absolutely everything. Some good, and of course some bad.

But here’s the real kicker. When you kill all of the bacteria present in your home or workspace, you’re actually creating a higher risk environment. Without bacteria, your immune system can be compromised and allergies exacerbated.

So what’s the solution? Well, it’s ProbiSolution.

Products with probiotics fight the bad bacteria and leave behind the good stuff. Safer work environments devoid of harsh chemicals and more importantly, safer schools and better health for the next generation of kids growing up.


The updated PageFly app and customer support is really incredible.” 


When we first featured ProbiSolutions in our best Shopify home pages built with PageFly article, we were impressed by their site's mesh of design and functionality. The typical clean-cut Scandinavian design along with subtle tones of green and blue seemed to fit perfectly with their brand and unique offer.

A company that promises a new-age, advanced solution to hygiene issues must present an online store that reflects that. ProbiSolution were able to do so.

We sat down with them over the weekend to learn more about what they do and how PageFly has impacted their business.

 PageFly Case Study - ProbiSoultions

Please introduce yourself, your role and how long have you been in this business

I am Markus Vainio, the co-founder of ProbiSolution and we launched this business last year.  The website design was outsourced to Keskiö Design Agency where Winnie, a 4th-year graphic design student about to graduate, started to work on the ProbiSolution website and other materials for a few months last year. The answers below are based mostly on Winnie’s experiences.

Define your brand and your target audience

ProbiSolution specializes in cleaning products that utilize probiotics (good bacteria). These probiotics will fight the bad germs on the surfaces and finally overtake them. The probiotics can also remove dirt and biofilm from deep in the surface. The main sales model is B2B, with the target audience being businesses/business owners.

What are some things that make your store stand out in this industry?

The store is unique because of its dynamic and engaging content. The information is set out in a clear and logical, yet diverse way, that breaks the mold of what we usually see of websites in this particular industry. 

Editor’s Note:ProbiSolutions make good use of video content on their homepage, which is becoming ever more important as we blaze through 2019 and beyond. To replicate this, drag and drop the HTML Video element onto your page and upload your files.

PageFly video element

Probisolutions embedded video

Probisolutions mobile

What were your challenges when building the site pages before?

Only a Shopify template was used previously and some limitations were that only the landing page had a drag and drop mechanism, the editing capabilities were extremely limited and the template did not allow new pages to be added to the design.

Editor’s Note: If you didn't know, Shopify templates are well-known for being extremely limited in customization. More often than not, you’ll need to pay a Shopify expert to make small changes that can easily be done by yourself with PageFly. We’re still waiting for the rest of the world to catch on.

When was the moment you decided to try out a Conversion Rate Optimization solution such as PageFly?

As soon as it became clear that Shopify’s editor could not meet the needs and requirements of our design I went looking for a workaround and came across Pagefly.  

Editor’s Note:It’s easy to forget that PageFly is, in fact, a conversion rate optimization tool. Being built with this in mind, there a metric ton of elements that go beyond design, such as countdown timers, social proof widgets, icons, scroll-over animations, expanding elements and much more designed to keep your reader engaged and on-site.

What are the top reasons that you choose PageFly among thousands of Shopify apps?

In my opinion, Pagefly’s editing capabilities are not completely unique. However, PageFly was chosen because it had the clearest user interface, excellent customer support and integrates really well into Shopify’s templates. Lately, it has also had some really effective updates and fewer bugs.

How did you find using PageFly’s features in the beginning?

Pagefly’s editing capabilities are extensive and for this reason, it did take time to get used to it. However, once I was familiar with the basic logic and the whereabouts of everything, I found PageFly was relatively easy to use. It’s also a bonus that Pagefly allows almost all aspects of elements to be customized.

Editor’s Note:Everyday we get requests for features and functionality to be added. At PageFly, we listen and implement. This is why ProbiSolutions were able to customize nearly every aspect of their elements on the page.

What was your best experience when using PageFly?

The updated PageFly’s application and the customer support is really incredible.

Editor’s Note: For reference, here’s a screenshot of PageFly’s typical support service coverage. We try our best to have support staff available at all times to help you through any technical issues or general support.

PageFly support schedule

How did PageFly help you to achieve your goals?

Thanks to Pagefly’s extensive editing capabilities, we were able to replicate the website design that our graphic designer had originally planned for the store and did not have to make a lot of compromises.

Editor’s Note:Hiring someone who is trained in graphic design means you’re guaranteed to end up with something special. But, without a coding expert, how are you meant to put the blueprint to use? PageFly solves this problem by allowing you to easily re-create professional designs yourself using simple drag and drop. Just as ProbiSoutions have done.

Will you continue to use PageFly in the future and recommend to your colleagues or friends?

Yes, we will continue to use Pagefly in the future and depending upon the type of project in question, I would recommend Pagefly as a suitable tool.

 End of interview

No doubt ProbiSoultions realize the importance of the product page for increasing conversions. You’re probably aware that Shopify theme editors allow little customization. ProbiSolutions used PageFly to create a multi-product approach that’s clear and concise, neatly laid out with multiple calls to action.

ProbiSolutions product page

Every case study we do offers unique insight into how you use our app. In ProbiSolutions case, replicating their graphic designers vision for the site was critical. Thanks to continuous PageFly updates over the years, they were able to so with relative ease by tweaking and customizing elements to fit their needs.

Something I noticed ProbiSolutions have done really well - engaging content on the homepage. Animated YouTube videos are embedded on the page. Not only does this help readers conceptualize the products, but it also keeps them engaged and helps with SEO when they perform clicks.

All in all, ProbiSolution’s website inspires trust, a commodity in today’s world of cybercrime and two-bit scammers.

Remember, driving traffic to a store that isn’t ready to convert is like winking at your crush in the dark.

Every problem needs a solution. We’re happy to be a part of ProbiSolution’s success.


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