Shopify Branding Tips! Phone Case Store Review by PageFly

You don’t often hear the gurus talk about branding, relevant content and finding your ideal buyer.

Yet these are all the things that make up a complete Shopify store.

One that converts seamlessly with little traffic because they speak directly to the consumer on a personal, relatable level. 

Part of my job helping merchants means I’m involved in multiple forums and chat groups designed for merchants to help each other get results. Yet hundreds of new merchants are throwing thousands of dollars into ads without ever stopping to think.

To think who they’re serving and why they’re serving them. What’s your mission? What’s your brand motto? Why are you different and how are you going to convey that difference? 

Because these questions go unanswered, the money spent on ads is going right down the metaphorical drain - or rather, lining Zuckerberg’s pockets. 

Now branding and all the above-mentioned attributes take time and deep reflection to figure out. And I certainly can’t condense that process into an article. But I can give you some quick tips to implement today, that will help you capture sales tomorrow.

The easiest way is to run through a Shopify store review and pick out the good and the bad to show you the necessary changes to create more impact. 

The site in question this week comes from a Reddit user operating in the phone case niche. A tough cookie to crack indeed, but with the right targetting and content it can be done. 

Watch the video review here. 

Shopify Branding Tips! Phone Case Store Review by PageFly

Shopify branding tips

Starting from the top, the logo would be stronger without the smartphone icon included. Name logos are popular, and with the right font and colors can create a strong brand image. The phone doesn’t add anything to CaseJoys as a brand. 

In addition, I can spot 4 different colors on the page at first glance. There is definitely a correlation between broad use of colors and untrustworthiness in a site, so I always advocate sticking to 2 complementary colors and black. Beyond this, you run the risk of looking spammy. 

Let’s talk about the product title. It’s possible this has been optimized for keywords, but it would be smarter to change the title to speak to a specific audience instead and pay for traffic with ads. Here’s what I mean. 

One glance at these phone cases and a few important words spring to mind. Boho, spirituality, hippie culture, free-spirited, mysticism. These are all words that correlate with the mandala style pattern on the cases. 

So why not tailor the entire content to speak to someone in these niches?

After all, nobody really cares that they’re TPU. But they will have an interest if the title speaks to their cultural or lifestyle preferences. Here’s a list of words that are related to spirituality in some way:

Ethereal, formless, metaphysical, astral, sacred, terrestrial, otherworldly. 

Astral Soul Premium iPhone Case - Eternity Collection

And here’s a name derived from those words, while still being part of the larger collection “Eternity”. Each product needs to have a unique name and identity, and definitely should have its own product page to go with it. 

Next, when it comes to using bullet points under the title, try focusing on benefits rather than features. We know it’s TPU, but how does that perform better than other materials? What impact will it have on people’s lives? 

If you can’t figure out a way to find clear benefits, you can always try invoking emotion with rich storytelling. BlackMilk does this perfectly. 

Shopify branding tips

“We’re taking you to a new galaxy…” instantly hits with a sense of magic and wanderlust. They go on to use abstract terms like “endless aqua waters” and “gummy bears that grow on trees” followed by bullet point benefits. 

Then finally, they include features like materials as a secondary point - not the main focus. People buy for benefits and based on emotions, not features. 

Moving on, this section could be removed completely. 

Shopify branding tips

The formatting is messed up and it doesn’t really add anything to the buying experience. Instead, these benefits should be taken and added to the next section below. 

Shopify branding tips

These product images are strong, but the font is way too large, and definitely not easy to read. By reducing the size, removing the numbers and changing the tone to be more conversational, you’ll have much better chances of converting with this page. 

Here’s an example of a similar layout that’s clean, readable and speaks to the target buyer with direct headings and benefits. 

Shopify branding tips

Keep it simple, keep it clean. 

And finally, there is an upsell strategy that doesn’t serve much purpose.

Shopify branding tips

This is because you need to offer products that complement the one they’re buying. For example, what are the odds someone wants to buy two phone cases? It would be smarter to add an additional product like screen wipes to complement this one at a discounted rate. 

Either way, upsells are definitely needed to stay profitable and increase your average order value. 


Without delving too deep into things, these are just a few ways you can instantly make more impact on your product page. 

Don’t forget to:

- Stick to a clean, minimal color palette

- Make that CTA pop!

- Use enticing headlines

- Transform benefits into features (or use both)

- Figure out your target market and speak to them directly 

- Never stop learning 

And of course, take time to reflect and consider who you serve and why you do it. The rest of the chips will fall into place. 

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