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Shopify Brooklyn Theme: Features Reviews and Tutorials [Updated]

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Shopify has become a famous platform to do businesses on. It’s an easy way to craft your online store and set up your products. Shopify theme store offers many themes to use for your website that brings out the significant features of your business.

If you’re a merchant on Shopify and have been meaning to find a free Shopify theme to build your online business, this article is for you. We’re going to explore a free Shopify theme called Brooklyn. We will look at how the theme is fitted for the purpose of your business, what are the advantages and disadvantages and how to use it.


I. Shopify Brooklyn Theme Overview

1.1. Introduction

Brooklyn theme can be found in the Shopify Theme Store and is a free theme for you to start with. It is tailored to suit your modern business which focuses on your brand image. The Brooklyn theme allows you to upload your products easily with several choices of elements to build a beautiful page that converts.

This theme seems the best to build a home page or product page for your business which looks simple but standouts with its design.

1.2. Who should use this Shopify Brooklyn Theme?

If you have already loaded your inventory on Shopify, you can start working on this theme to give your store a fresh and attractive look.

1.3. The Brooklyn Theme is ideal for you because it:

  • Shows your customers clearly what products or service they’re looking for, and what you have to offer
  • Displays perfectly on all devices such as desktops, mobiles or tablets;
  • Easy drag and drop system to help you build your site without any technical knowledge;
  • Provide all features to help you build your perfectly designed page.

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1.4. Brooklyn Theme Styles

The Brooklyn Theme offers users 2 styles of Classic and Playful. They both are simple and can be displayed with important information of your business as well as coherent images of the products.


shopify brooklyn theme

The classic style gives you a simple look with all your collections, and seems extremely appealing for the customers when they visit the page. The customers would know what you’re selling in the very few first seconds staying on your page which would definitely help in their decision making process. Plus, the call-to-action buttons helps urge the customers to take action to look more into your store.

Brooklyn Classic Theme Preview


shopify brooklyn theme

Again, this theme style allows you to create pop-up product images and direct the customers to be interested in purchasing your products with call-to-action buttons. Moreover, this style also gives you the option to create links to your blogs.

Brooklyn Playful Theme Preview

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II. Brooklyn Theme Features

The theme offers you many advantages to build your store. You can set your outstanding products in the slideshows at the top of the page, showing your products as a branding image. Moreover, you can tell your business story by featuring a video (YouTube or Vimeo) in the center as well. Next, the layout of the products will change automatically with a dynamic product grid. One of the highlights of this theme is that it has a slide-out cart that allows your customers to stay on the page while adding the product to the cart.

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III. How to get Brooklyn Theme on Shopify?

Debut Shopify Theme is available on Shopify Theme Store. To download and use this theme, you can go to the Shopify Themes Store.

Login to your Shopify store account. Click “Add theme”.

shopify brooklyn theme

If you don’t have a Shopify account yet, start an online store with a free 14-day trial.

Shopify free trial

IV. Start building your page with Brooklyn theme

Let’s start building your Shopify page with this beautiful theme. Remember, you have three modes to edit and see how your page looks: mobile, desktop and a full view. You can also preview the page, edit the theme’s code and language by clicking on the Theme Actions.

shopify brooklyn theme

You can build any page that you want with the clear section arrangement in the theme, and easily edit the header and footer right on that page.

Header & Footer

These sections include many items that are essential to impress the customers the second they first enter your store. Moreover, when they’re at the bottom, it is easy to lead them to pages of their interest. They are the announcement bar, the brand logo, header, a sidebar menu and a footer menu.

brooklyn theme shopify 

This allows you to create a good impact on customers, showing them what you have to offer. You can change the logo image on the page, announce your sales, help the customers navigate through the page and show them other links around your webpage.

shopify brooklyn theme

You can edit the header and footer individually for each page type, or just edit one and it’ll be the same for the other pages.

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Homepage Sections

The sections for applying this theme to the homepage, in order, are slideshow, rich text, collection list, featured collection, featured product and newsletter. You can always add more sections or remove any section listed.

You can add more images in the Slideshow to display a range of products to impress your customers when they visit your page. The slideshow can be put on auto-rotate mode with timing and adjustment of size.

shopify brooklyn theme

Next, the Rich Text below helps to quickly let the customers know more about your business. You can modify the font size and the text to be in the center or spread out easily with a tick, or even add heading to the text.

After that, you can list out your Collections, one Featured collection and a Featured product for a better insight of what your products are. You can of course, add more to the collections, show the variants with the products, the layout of the images and adjust the call-to-action buttons so they fit your purpose.

shopify brooklyn theme

Finally, you can add and edit a Newsletter with a subscription button to collect customers data for your marketing plans in the future.

shopify brooklyn theme

Product Page Sections

There are at least two sections in this page. Of course you can always add more or remove any section of choice.

The Product Pages give you the option to list out a specific product with images and details. You are only a click away from setting up the products feature, sharing button, add to cart button and how the product images are displayed.

shopify brooklyn theme

Lastly, the Product Recommendations section is added to the page to help increase the engagement of the page with customers. You can choose to show your dynamic recommendations which are changed and improved with time. Moreover, it is easy to change the heading to any phrase you prefer. Here it is kept as “You may also like”.

shopify brooklyn theme


To sum up the Brooklyn theme, it is perfect for new merchants who are looking to learn more about setting up a website for their products. It is easy to use and focuses on making your business stand out. The theme makes sure to provide a simple but chic way to improve your brand and helps gaining attention and new customers to your store.

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