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Shopify Conversion Tips: Fillin Matcha eCommerce Store Review

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How do you increase conversion on your Shopify store? 

After a quick post on Reddit asking users new to eCommerce for stores to review, we filtered through the responses and settled on Fillin Matcha.

For this week’s review, I’ll be covering their product page and making a few suggestions to implement that should increase sales and engagement. 

Feel free to check out the video review here. 

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 Fillin Matcha Shopify Store Review

Shopify Store review

First impressions from the homepage are strong. The branding is strong and the site design is sharp with complimenting colors and illustrations. 

But as always, the conversions take place on the product page. 

Shopify Store review

Offering subscription purchases is a great way to bring in consistent revenue, especially when you’re selling health food or supplements. 

As far as CTA’s, only one is really needed, so opting for a larger, single button with a unique tone/color helps draw attention and increase the chances of a sale.

Keeping the button green is fine, but with a brighter tone of green there’s more opportunity for it to pop out from the page. 

I also found sticking to a single call to action helps to make the purchase process easier with less confusion from multiple options. Readers need to be held by the hand and shown exactly which steps to take to purchase. 

Any sign of confusion, no matter how small, and they're gone forever.

Shopify Store review

Let’s talk about the description, arguably one of the most important aspects for sales. When trying to capture sales, product pages need to have enough information to convince the visitor that your brand and product is the right fit for them. 

This means descriptions that prioritize benefits over features. They connect with the reader, keep them engaged, educate them and ultimately convince them that your product is the solution to their problems/pain.

Here’s how to spice up an average product description. 

  • Reel them in with a headline and give them a reason to keep reading
  • Condense the product benefits into bullet points immediately after
  • Use images, video or GIFs to highlight key points and increase engagement
  • Inform the reader with relevant information such as the history of matcha, how its made and how it can impact their life

Here’s an example of the types of headlines and benefits I use in my store. 

Shopify Store review

And here’s an example of some custom content I use to further detail the product and position it as the solution by strengthening my value proposition. 

Shopify Store review

I use PageFly to make these sections just because Shopify themes tend to be limited in this regard. It means I can replicate the style and layout of popular stores in the same niche that are converting well. 

Shopify Store Review

The only change I would make here is using gold for similar to Amazon ratings. It helps instill a sense of familiarity in the visitor and commands a little more attention than green. 

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Overall, what this product page really needs for conversions is... Content. More content to inform the reader, educate them, reassure them and convince them Fillin Matcha is the right fit for them. 

To recap the top suggestions for capturing more sales: 

  • Use a single call to action and isolate the color for more attention
  • Use seductive headlines to get the reader to go further down the page
  • Highlight the key benefits in bullet points
  • Add custom content sections with content to further inform the reader and strengthen your value proposition
  • Change rating stars to the familiar Amazon yellow to create more trust around your brand

Overall this is a store with tons of potential. A few adjustments and some fine-tuning could turn this into a brand worth scaling. 

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