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[Exclusive] Shopify Employee Discount - 50% OFF PageFly Shopify app plans: Silver, Gold, Platinum.

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Shopify supports new independent businesses a lot through different initiatives like free Shopify subscription. It’s not a surprise when the part of new businesses is Shopify Employee. They work with Shopify and run their own business based on Shopify platform.

At the PageFly team we love to support new Shopify employee businesses as well. Since today, we are launching the Shopify employee discount program. If you have the “Shopify Staff” business plan of your store, you can automatically get a 50% discount on any PageFly plans. They are Silver $9.5 ($19), Gold $19.5 ($39), and Platinum $49.5 ($99).

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How to get the discount?

Step 1 - Login to your Shopify store

Login Shopify store

Step 2 - Use the unique discount code link for Shopify Employee

Use this magic discount link or click on a button below.

Install PageFly Now 

You’ll be redirected to the PageFly app listing page. Once you are there, click on the “Add app” button then finish the installation process.

Install PageFly app

Step 3 - Navigate to the “Explore pricing plans” page

You can find it at the top left area of the PageFly dashboard.

Explore PageFly pricing

Step 4 - Choose the PageFly plan

Suppose your Shopify store currently uses the “Staff business” plan. In that case, the discount automatically applies to your store, and on the pricing plan charge page, you’ll see a discounted price of PageFly like a screenshot below.

For any issues with the pricing not being displayed correctly, please don’t hesitate to reach our 24/7 chat support team.

=> Click here to get instant support.

PageFly pricing page

The final step is to confirm the charge, and you’ll have access to all features of selected PageFly plans. With the discount applied, we recommend you to pick the Gold plan to build your brand. As usual, a 30 Days money guarantee is effective for any plans you choose, so there is no risk at all.

Have a great Shopify store customization experience

Tony | PageFly Team.

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