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Shopify Holiday Landing Page: 25+ Ideas, Examples, Templates To Get Your Store Ready

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A holiday is always right around the corner, and that means business for a Shopify store owner like you. Shoppers will be hunting for holiday deals like predators, creating golden opportunities for you to gain much more traction on your site. 

One of the very cornerstones of a good holiday marketing campaign is the Holiday landing page. It is one of the very first steps of the customer journey funnel, and if done right, will bring you many precious leads that you can later convert to loyal customers. 

Here at PageFly, we fully understand how crucial a good landing page is to your online business. This article will be THE starting point for all your future holiday marketing campaigns. So read and memorize all the information we will be providing you, and you are one step closer to success.


I. Why Is the Holiday Landing Page Important? 

In case you aren’t familiar yet, a landing page is a standalone page that visitors are directed to after clicking on a link or an ad from your store. This means that, for many shoppers, the landing page will be their first touchpoint with your Shopify store. 

Because you are running a Shopify store, you most likely rely on lead generation to start the customer journey. A good holiday landing page will capture lead information like names and emails from holiday shoppers, which you can utilize for future campaigns, no matter the occasion. In other cases, landing pages can get visitors to click through to an offer that will suck them into your ecosystem. 

Leading an eCommerce business is no joke these days when you have to compete against thousands of other aspiring entrepreneurs. Thus, you have to stand out among the crowd and capture the attention of shoppers. 

Be it Christmas, Halloween, or Black Friday, a good holiday landing page will always be the inception of success. And you have come to the right place to learn all about it. This article will go through many effective ideas, successful examples, and templates that you might want to incorporate into your next holiday marketing campaign. 

II. The 5 Best Landing Page Design Best Practices

For this holiday season, let’s express our gratitude for our predecessors, the marketers who had tried, failed, and succeeded. They have left us with years of knowledge of shoppers’ psychology, from which we can learn what makes them tick and whip out their credit cards. 

And so without further ado, here are 5 incredibly simple, yet effective design ideas for your holiday landing page. Prepare to see your Shopify page become a sales booster

1. Instill a sense of urgency and trigger FOMO

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a great driving force for humans. We all know how companies give their employees a ton of work to finish before every big holiday so as not to fall behind when they go back to work. And when everyone is busy, they will become urgent shoppers frantically browsing online stores to buy gifts and decorations in time for the big day. 

In fact, 7 out of 10 millennials are deeply affected by FOMO. You can drive up the conversion rate significantly if you tackle the right pain point. All the best holiday landing pages know best to utilize this power. 

And here are a few ways you can employ FOMO on your landing page: 

  • Countdown timer: “Only 3 days and 5 hours left for this deal!”
  • View counter: “127 shoppers are currently viewing this item!”
  • Stock scarcity: “Only 10 left in stock!”
  • Early buyer rewards: “First 100 buyers get 50% off!”

Can you feel the pressure of seeing those lines on your screen? Because we sure do! Holidays don’t last forever, and neither do your deals. If shoppers want to get aboard the sales train, they need to do it fast.

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2. Enable social sharing 

Social media integration is now a necessity in every holiday landing page. Word-of-mouth marketing has been proven to work over and over in this day and age, and you certainly want more and more shoppers to visit your Shopify store, don’t you? 

Enabling social sharing will allow your shoppers to do the promotion for you! In fact, if you know your way around setting the landing page, you can even customize the default sharing message. If the message is poignant and memorable enough, you can keep Internet surfers curious enough to click on the referral link to find out about your steal deals!

Honestly, not enough stores have carried this tact out, so we cannot find a good example for you. But look on the bright side, you can be the pioneer in this department!

3. Showcase your best deals and promotions

It all has to start with your ads. It’s a holiday, and deals are exactly what shoppers are looking for! Prominently display promotions and specials in the Google Ad copy, and do the same on the holiday landing page. 

Shoppers will be happy to know precisely what they are getting into, and that they have made the right choice because the promotion they clicked on (the ad) is clearly still in stock. Now all they have to do is follow through, fill out their emails and wait for you to send them the coupon, or lead them through the shopping option. 

4. Use the holiday’s colors and images

Color psychology is an integral part of marketing and it is embroidered into every promoting material. And for a holiday landing page, it has to look festive and appropriate for that very holiday. 

For example, when you think of Christmas, you think of red, white, and green; when you think of Halloween, you think of orange, green, and purple. Most big holidays have a signature palette, which brings everyone a sense of familiarity and peace. Don’t take too big a risk and put some unrelated colors in your landing page, or shoppers will not realize you are offering holiday discounts

In addition, images will help remind visitors that your store has what they need. It is best to include real photos of your products, and even better if there are real people modelling with them. 

5. Show, don’t tell

This is what every marketer has to keep in mind when writing content for anything. People don’t have time to read proses on your holiday landing page, they need something short and digestible in 10 seconds, or else they might feel overwhelmed and look for some other Shopify store. 

Furthermore, a landing page with few words and many images can look much more professional and luxurious, which can be extremely beneficial if your niche calls for such characteristics. 

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III. 10 Holiday Landing Page Examples To Learn From 

Now that we have covered the fundamentals of brewing the perfect holiday landing page, let’s start stirring and find the best examples from the great to learn from!

1. Mulberry - The Christmas gift collection 

mulberry landing page holiday marketing
Source: Leverage Marketing

From the first look, we can already gather that this is a landing page for Christmas. The background is pure red - plain and simple, and the main attraction is merely 4 purses of the same model in 4 different colors. 

But this holiday landing page’s simplicity is what makes it so special. It radiates elegance, class, and luxury - all the right adjectives you should use to describe the brand Mulberry. There is no need for a mouthful of words, you need only 3 and an “Explore button” to make visitors curious about what else the brand has to offer. 

2.  Victoria’s Secret - Mother’s day gift guide

discount for holiday landing page shopify

Using the landing page to showcase a gift guide is an ingenious idea, for it shows exactly what visitors can expect to get from the store. The careful spacing among images and typography makes sure that viewers don’t get overwhelmed, even though there are up to 11 products plugged into this page. 

The products’ mockup images look incredibly clear and classy, while the short descriptions perfectly encapsulates the “vibe” of the items. If you are looking for something to get for you mom, trust Victoria’s Secret for they know women best.

3. elf Cosmetics - something 4 you

email marketing for elf cosmetics

Source: Sleeknote

While you are choosing gifts for your loved ones, why not get something for yourself too? This landing page comes in two parts: the section for exploring the gift guide and the promotion for orders £40+. While flashy, the images are as simple as can be, and so are the descriptions. 

It’s never a bad idea to include a gift guide in a holiday landing page. It’s what most visitors are there for, so of course they will not miss it even if it is not the center of attention. The spotlight was reserved for the discount, a bonus point of a price cap to encourage shoppers to spend more to get a free brush collection. 

And, they sure knew how to sound urgent. 4 simple words “We never do this!” clearly indicates this can be a once in a lifetime opportunity to get free stuff. And who doesn’t like free stuff? 

4. Anthropologie - This Merry Concierge

anthropologie landing page example

This is by far, hands down, our favorite holiday landing page. It is so vibrant and clean that some might mistake it for a wall poster. And each color is a different section for gift categories, which can profoundly help visitors estimate their budget. 

The “Shop all gifts button” takes you to their gift guide page, which is another eye candy. 

landing page for shopify example

To put the cherry on top, they included a short promo video welcoming visitors. It’s not much, but it certainly sticks to the concierge theme. 

This landing page is brilliant because it is visually captivating, which can very easily drag a shopper down the rabbit hole of the sales funnel. 

5. OnePlus - Black Friday just got brighter

Aside from being one of the leading smartphone companies competing against the giant Samsung, OnePlus should also receive an applause for this Black Friday landing page. 

black friday website example

Source: Pinterest

Despite having a simple black (for Black Friday) and white background, this landing page has surprisingly ticked many boxes. It has a countdown clock, not for the end of the sale, but for its start - signifying double urgency! It also features an option to share the products on Facebook. And just in case you didn’t notice, the deals take up the entirety of the landing page!

There is also a mysterious measuring clock that counts shares, which we don’t know exactly what for. Our hypothesis is that the more times a product is shared, the lower the price. But whatever it is, OnePlus has earned itself the right to be obscure about one little detail. 

6. Banana Republic - Egg hunt!

Can you guess what this holiday is?

easter landing page example for shopify sales

Source: Pinterest

Bingo, it's Easter! This holiday landing page made their marketing campaign “Egg hunt” the center of attention while also including a big 40% sale! The page color choice, on the other hand, is not as captivating. 

What this landing page got right is they highlighted their two big promotions - the egg hunt and the discount code. Their description and copy are short and to the point, there is no nonsense and the focus is on the big egg that takes up half of the page. 

And they get a bonus point for including the menu for easy navigation in case you want to browse right away. 

7. Missguided - Get psyched for cyber

For this Cyber Monday, Missguided seemed to go all out with discounts. You can see right away up to 3 different discounts for different items on the landing page.

missguided landing page example for holiday

Source: Pinterest

They also gave the spotlight to the countdown clock to let visitors know that they need to be fast if they want to get their hands on those discounts. Prioritizing the urgency over the promotions themselves is certainly a risky move, but it sure made clear to visitors that they won’t get another chance like this soon. 

There is also a little box below to fill in your email and opt for the brand’s newsletter. This holiday landing page pulled all the big vacuums in to suck every last drop of leads down their tunnel, didn’t they?

8. Stop Aging Now - Get carving

This is one of the more creative landing pages that reel shoppers in with the element of suspense. They first sent an email that looks like this:

halloween example for landing page holiday season

 Source: Uplers

When you click on the link, you will be redirected to this site where you can carve the pumpkin to reveal how much you can save on that Halloween deal. 

halloween landing page example

Source: Uplers

This landing page is incredibly out of the box, and the minigame will in fact absorb visitors to your Shopify store. If we are talking about highlighting the discount, what other pages can possibly top this? 

9. Kate Spade - Holiday shopping

kate spade landing page example

Source: kate spade

This is a perfect example of “less is more”. kate spade went straight for the main attraction - their 60% off code. There is no nonsense, only the crucial information. 

If you are low on budget and you don’t have a lot of time to design a new landing page for every holiday, you can employ a similar design as it can be applied anytime. You stick with the theme of your Shopify store and color scheme, and it should last you until the design become obsolete. 

10. The North Face - Adventure gift guide

Christmas is the perfect occasion for The North Face to showcase their cold weather gear, which is exactly what they did with this holiday landing page. 

north face landing page

The design is utterly simple, and they didn’t have to include the discount code for everyone already knows and trusts the brand. For ‘tis the giving season, a gift guide would be perfect to nudge visitors into becoming buyers.

IV. 10 PageFly Holiday Landing Page Templates You Might Want in Your Campaign

You are only one step away from creating the perfect holiday landing page for your next marketing campaign. Because Christmas is right around the corner, and it’s also the biggest holiday of the year (going hand in hand with New year’s eve), we will give it a bit of special treatment

Let’s revise what a good template should contain: 

  • Seasonal color schemes
  • The background and foreground should be in perfect harmony 
  • Cute graphics and icons (the images should be for you to choose)
  • Countdown timers

And a little reminder that when you have picked your favorite template, check out how you can use Pagefly to make the landing page even better

1. Christmas Sale Campaign - Free

christmas holiday landing page

The good: 

  • Clean design that utilizes both images and videos.
  • Countdown clock and sales buttons to trigger FOMO.
  • Free!

  • The bad: 

  • The default color scheme is limited and needs to be tweaked to match your brand colors.

  • 2.  Plantmore Christmas Landing Page - $48

    plantmore landing page example

    The good: 

    • Lively background with falling snow.
    • Product highlight to draw visitors’ attention to one flagship item.
    • Countdown and reviews

    The bad: 

    • A bit costly.
    • Text needs a lot of realignment.

    3. Sparkling - Free

     christmas holiday makreting holiday campaign

    The good: 

    • Consistent seasonal color scheme.
    • Countdown timer. 
    • Benefit highlighted. 

    The bad: 

    • Backgrounds are a little bland

    4. Olivia - Free

    christmas template shopify

    The good:

  • Really systematic product listing for easy browsing.
  • Benefits highlighted.

  • The bad: 

    • No countdown timer.
    • The default color scheme is a little limited
    • Texts need to be tweaked a lot. 

    5. Black Friday Fashion sales - Free

    template for holiday campaign shopify

    The good:

    • A lot of space for product listing.
    • Visitors can add products to cart on the landing page 
    • Countdown timer

    The bad: 

    • The backgrounds are bland. 

    6. Black Friday Fashion Upcoming - Free

    website holiday campaign

    The good: 

    • Countdown timer
    • A lot of space for product listing.
    • Visitors can add products to cart on the landing page 

    The bad: 

    • Might not be fit for luxurious brands

    7. Comfy - Free

    cyber monday campaign

    The good: 

    • Benefits highlighted
    • Shows products’ :sold” status
    • Features testimonials
    • Vibrant, playful color schemes

    The bad: 

    • No countdown timer 
    • Elements are a bit squared and rugged

    8. GetSales Black Friday and Cyber Monday Landing Page - $17

    cyber monday and black friday landing page

    The good: 

    • Title images move with the cursor
    • Great discount animations on buttons 
    • Clear countdown timer 

    The bad: 

    • Color scheme is a little dark 
    • Text is fairly small and limited in fonts

    9. PartyMaker Halloween Landing Page – $59

    holiday landing page

    The good:

    • Vivid colors.
    • Looks professional.
    • Great text animations.
    • Halloween-centric icons. 

    The bad: 

    • Texts need a bit realignment

    10. Father day - Free

    father day landing page

    The good: 

    • Features a lot of images and categorizes products based on the personality of the recipient.
    • Visitors can add products to cart on the landing page.
    • Features testimonials 

    The bad: 

    • There is no background
    • The default fonts aren’t modern

    In a nutshell

    You are now ready to create your own holiday landing page. While there sure are a lot of stuff to remember and learn from, with practice and help from PageFly, you will make a perfect landing page for your Shopify store in no time. If you want to see more ideas for holiday landing pages, check our our article on Black Friday Cyber Monday.

    Christmas is coming in less than 2 months, so maybe we will get to see your very own landing page nudging us to buy something?

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