Studio Neat Shopify Store Review by Team PageFly

I'd love to sit here and spoonfeed you sweet lies about how easy success with Shopify is. But where's the value in that?

Maybe you've started in eCommerce, and all the promises of riches and glory are crumbling beneath your feet. 

Or perhaps you’ve been in the game a while, but low revenue is threatening your dreams of living the life of a digital nomad, selling stuff online while you vacay across 5 different continents year-round. 

It wasn’t meant to be this hard right? 


It’s always been like this. 

Running a Shopify store is a business, not an easy cash source for dummies. And while Shopify pricing is reasonable, it takes time, commitment and financial investment. 

And smart decisions.

But fear not. I’m writing this article for a reason. I want to help you actually find success with Shopify by increasing your conversion rate. So here’s the good news:

  1. eCommerce, as an industry, is growing at a stupendous rate. It will continue to do so, which means there’s plenty of room for you.
  2. There are a ton of successful merchants living your dream life that you can learn from and use as inspiration for your own store.

We’ve been reviewing niche stores for the past few weeks and touched on a great Shopify site example last week in the fashion industry. 

This week, I’m diving headfirst into a successful Shopify store with a lot of hidden gems to be learned from. 

As we go through each page together, take notes and decide which principles you can apply to your own store to increase your conversion rate. 

Successful Shopify Site Example - Studio Neat Review

What happens when two guys with a love of problem-solving start a business together?

You get Studio Neat of course. 

It’s a one of a kind Shopify store that at first glance looks like a mish-mash of random products. But, this is one of the few cases where having a bunch of products in different niches actually works

That's because Studio Neats entire business model revolves around solving real, practical problems on a website that exudes a slick, premium tone throughout. 

Homepage impressions

Mark One apollo edition

Hero Image: The first thing we need to touch on is this stunning hero image featuring their latest Kickstarter product. The image for the Apollo Edition Pen replicates the surface of the moon, with the pen laying on its side. 

It’s almost as if using it leaves something incredible to be discovered for the first time, just as the astronauts from the 1966 moon landing felt. 

Call to Action: No “Buy Now” or “Learn More”. Just a simple button that tells you whats up - The Mark One: Apollo Edition is “Back on Kickstarter”. 

This call to action works well for new site visitors and returning ones who are already familiar with the brand and their Kickstarter efforts. This is actually a major credibility booster, as when you follow through to Kickstarter you can see just how much has been pledged. 

Apollo Mark one kickstarter

$146,430 out of $20,000? These guys are obviously doing something right, and they want their audience to know about it with a perfectly placed CTA button. 

Navigation: The menu is split into four simple segments - Products, Apps, About Us and Cart. Having the About Us link placed clearly at the top is better than hiding it away in Studio Neat’s case. Buyers love to connect with the brand and the team behind it, and since Studio Neat is a personal 2 man team, this placement makes sense. 

Mark One Apollo Edition

Even better. The About Us tab drops down and shows all the relevant pages to learn more about Studio Neat through a blog, podcast, book and more. 

Like I always say, content is king in 2019 and beyond. It builds trust and improves conversion rates. 

Let’s scroll down. 

Studio Neat

“Here at Studio Neat, we design tools for people. See everything we make below.”

A simple statement sums up their brand mission before they showcase their product range on the homepage. It feels like Studio Neat isn’t trying to overstate things, which falls in line with their products, that on first glance have a minimal, understated design. 

This is known as congruency, when all the elements of your store are in harmony, from the colors to design to the the products and the tone of the brand. 

Studio neat about us

Below the products is another chance to learn more about Tom and Dan, the designers who brought Studio Neat to life. 

You should always look for opportunities to let your site visitors learn more about who you are and what you do.

It’s tempting to fill your store with purchase incentives, but in the long run, meaningful content will create a stronger brand and can even convert better. 

Studio Neat footer

Studio Neat’s footer, albeit standard ar first glance actually has some interesting elements that I love. 

“Join our infrequently used, only on special occasions, non-spammy newsletter.”

  1.  The copywriting used for the email opt-in is priceless. It speaks honestly and addresses the problem with most eCommerce newsletters - that we receive irrelevant emails far too often. Studio Neat promises to only send valuable emails that we want to read.

  2.  There’s clear contact information including email, phone number, and physical address. This helps establish trust. I mean, there’s nothing worse than finally reaching the contact page of a brand, then having to fill in a form with a message that could (for all we know) be sent to float through cyberspace for eternity.

  3. Social links. Providing your brands social accounts is great for credibility. There’s also opportunity to recycle content from your podcast by transcribing it into a blog article or posting a snippet on social sites.

Product page impressions

Studio neat shopify review

This Shopify product page is a great example of long-form content that could also be used as a landing page for an ads campaign

Above the fold, there’s multiple product images and a description that explains the function and benefits of using the pen. It’s a completely unique device that requires a special Shopify product page to showcase it. 

The “Buy!” button is orange, which is a great use of the isolation effect. This is when a color only appears once or twice, and makes your call to action stand out. This is important because it differentiates a simple action from the main call to action

Shopify buy button

Classic exampe of the isolation effect in effect. We all remember the red tomato. 

This makes the choice to “buy” more attractive, making the viewer value it differently from the rest of the content on site

Studio neat product page

Below the fold is a short product video showing the pen in action and explaining the benefits. It’s created using stop motion, making it super enagaging to watch. 

Having video content on your product page is more important than ever. Your customers can’t physically test the product in a brick and morter store, so they need to “feel” it through image and video rich content

studio neat product video

Further down there are stunning close up images of the pen that really showcase the mechanisms behind it. 

It’s an engineer's wet dream. 

Because there’s so much great content, sending ad traffic to this product page would probably convert really well. Especially if you targeted the right audience interests with Facebook ads. For example, interests in the writing, poetry, caligraphy and even engineering students could work effectively. 

Also, Keyword “Mark One” has close to 3000 monthly searches on Google, and Studio Neat top 3 in search results.

Blog page impressions

studio neat shopify blog

Studio Neats blog page is standard at best. The layout is simplistic, and they’ve used the first few lines of the article as a preview. 

A well-written snippet would work better to spark interest and curiosity in the reader. An article image would also make the page more content-rich. 

Studio Neat blog page

The actual article content is very short and snappy. It’s more of a product update than an article, but it does a decent job at relaying the necessary information in an easy to scan format. 

It is, however, a page that’s designed to convert into a sale. Several hyperlinks direct you back to the product, each using different anchor text. 

But beyond just converting, linking internally like this also helps with your SEO efforts. Google bots can follow the links and understand your site's content better. 

Further Reading: 

Conclusion & recap

It’s hard to find success with general Shopify stores (usually dropshipping) that stock hundreds of random products together. Because there’s no direction or specific target audience. 

Studio Neat is different. While an ice-cube maker might seem worlds apart from a retractable ball-point pen, they all have something in common: 

They were created by designers to solve very real, very specific problems. 

Each product is meticulously designed and verified using Kickstarter. The masses want to see these items made, and Studio Neat makes them a reality. Kickstarter is a great way to test the needs of the market.

The site design reflects this, with easy to scan content and product videos.

What they’ve done right:

  • Creative hero images
  • Use of isolation effect
  • Long-form product page
  • Content-rich website (video, podcast, blog)
  • Internal links for SEO
  • Congruent design, values, and tone of voice
  • Strong brand story

Areas of opportunity: 

  • Enticing article snippets
  • Blog page images
  • Richer blog content in general

All in all, it’s hard to cast a negative light on any aspect of this Shopify store. Even the product page speeds were better than most sites we review - 45% on mobile and 82% on desktop.

page speed insights

If Studio Neat’s blog content was more dynamic and optimized for search engine results, they could probably bring in a ton of organic traffic. But this is something that takes time and effort that these two designers might not have.

You know, between making products and podcasts. 

If you want to make a high-converting Shopify site like Studio Neat without hiring a designer, start your PageFly Advanced Page Builder free trial below. 


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